1934-35 Routt County Directory
Town of Hayden


Hayden, Colo.
Population - 558

Mayor - B.A. Long    Clerk - S.R. Brock
Trustees - William Kleckner, Jack Mills, H.C. Hurd, J.C. Purcell, E. Wagner, N.R. Brock

"The central trading point of large territory in west end of County. Cattle and hay are chief crops, coal mines close by.

Owns its water works. Has lights and sewers. Named for an early-day geological surveyor, F.V. Hayden. Incorporated in 1908. Hayden was a trading post in the early days, established in 1874. In 1878 it became the county seat of Routt County. A threatened Indian raid in 1879 caused the removal of the county records to Hahns Peak. First postoffice established in 1882, with Mrs. S. B. Reid as postmaster. The townsite was laid out in 1894 by W. and W. P. Walker. Has grade and high school and the town has more college graduates among its citizens than any other town of similar size in that part of the state. Pride of citizens centers in the Solandt Hospital, and its fine school."

Aber, Carl
Ackerman, Ted trucker
Albers, V. G. dentist
Allen, Harry rancher
Anderson, Mrs. George P.
Annand, Geo. 1-6-88*
Armstrong, Alzina 33-6-89*
Austin, George laborer
Baierl, Albert blacksmith
Baierl, Chris blacksmith
Bailey, H. K. sheepman
Baird, O. E. teacher
Barber, Marten 33-4-88* laborer
Barber, Lyle rancher
Barnard, Mrs. A. F. S. rancher
Barkley, Frank rancher
Barnes, Marvin B. 30-8-87*
Barnes, Melvin 20-8-87*
Barnes, R.L.
Barthelmew, O.C. rancher
Bartyzel, Elizabeth rancher
Bates, I. A. rancher
Becker, Thelma nurse
Benson, Sam rancher
Bernard, J.B. teacher
Bell, Lomis
Bent, Ray mechanic
Besondy, E.L. forest ranger
Birkett, C. M. Hayden Grocery & Market
Bishop, G.O. rancher
Blake, A. H. 4-6-88*
Blake, Floyd O. laborer
Boloten, Isadore sheepman
Bozard, J. K. attorney
Boren, Leonard 35-8-88*
Bowen, Algia rancher
Bowen, L. M.
Bowen, Ernest rancher
Bradley, Arleen clerk
Bradley, Don Hayden Garage
Bradley, Pat rancher
Brimble, Elizabeth 21-4-85*
Brimble, Geo. 36-5-87*
Brock, N.A. manager drug store
Brock, Mrs. Jennie Brock's Style Shop
Brock, Stanley R. clerk
Broughton, H.B.
Brown, L. rancher
Bruner, J. E. 29-7-88*
Bruner, Jim Jr.
Brunt, Cain Hayden Lumber Co.
Buckley, Leona
Burback, Harold 18-6-88* inspector
Burgman, Guy C. laborer
Burke, R. R. 4-6-88*
Cantril, N. E. superintendent school
Carlin, Wm. shoe shop
Carpenter, F. R. attorney
Cary, H. J. laborer
Cary, Marvel
Cawlfield, Wm. marshal
Chambers, Mrs. L. M. 30-4-85*
Chambers, John rancher
Chavis, Larry
Chavis, Max
Childress, John M. Jr.
Childress, Mira A. teacher
Claire, James rancher
Clark, John F. pool hall
Clark, R. W.
Cobb, L.
Cochran, Curtis C. 30-7-88*
Collier, E. F. depot agent
Corbin, Frank road maintainer
Cork, Archie
Cork, Lloyd K.
Costello, Bert 35-5-88*
Coverston, Clarence rancher
Coverston, Helen 7-7-87*
Covert, Lerch C. 9-8-88*
Cowan, Wm. 7-7-86*
Cozzens, Chas. 12-5-88*
Cozzens, W. H. 19-6-87*
Cramer, L. J. 18-7-88*
Cramer, D. C.
Cuber, Joseph music teacher
Dale, C. M.
Davis, Nate engineer / rancher
Davis, Walter J.
Davis, Wm. laborer
Daugherty, Howard clerk
Diamond, Sam rancher
Dickinson, W. C. rancher
Dinwiddle, Chas. T. 12-5-89*
Dinwiddle, Thos. H. 24-5-89*
Doggett, Frank
Dowling, Mrs. Guy
Dow, Fred teacher
Dowell, F. manager, Colo. Utah Supply Co.
Drifeuse, Jack
Dubeau, W. S.
Dunckley, John J.
Dunckley, Emma 28-4-87*
Dunckley, John F.
Dunckley, George W. 32-5-87*
Dunckley, Nelson
Dunckley, Ralph
Dunckley, R. C . 28-4-87*
Dunckley, Tom E . 22-4-87*
Duquette, M. S. 20-5-86*
Eckman, Pete 17-6-88*
Egry, Wm.
Elillifritz, Delbert rancher
Elliott, Blanche P. teacher
Elmer, Sam 13-5-88*
Erwin, A. E. manager Hayden Mercantile Company
Erwin, Howard rancher
Evans, Albert E. 28-6-89*
Evans, Gilbert rancher
Feldt, Wm. 23-7-89*
Ferguson, Dick
Ferguson, Mrs. J. M. 13-8-88*
Fink, Carl barber
Fink, Mrs. Carl beauty shop
Fisher, A. V. White Cash Grocery
Fiske, Erma M. 21-5-88*
Fiske, Wm. B. mechanic
Flannagan, Earl B. mechanic
Ford, J. W. 34-6-89*
Ford, Jack mechanic
Forsland, Mrs. Randolph
Foster, Fred county sheriff
Frederickson, A. A. 29-8-88*
Frederickson, Lewis rancher
Frentress, Glenn 13-6-89*
Frichtel, Harry
Frichtel, P.J. 9-3-88* baker
Fulton, Charles L. rancher
Funk, James D. teacher
Gale, Louis minister
Gammil, A. H.
Gardner, Faith telephone manager
Giboney, George R.
Gilmore, Mrs. Jane Hayden Inn
Goosman, W. R. 4-5-88*
Goree, Ray Water commissioner   23-4-88*
Greer, H. L. rancher
Hahn, Lu rancher
Haley, R. W. 29-8-88*
Haller, R. R. trucker
Harrison, Frank rancher
Haxton, T. J. 12-7-89*
Haxton, Roscoe
Hayes, W. C.
Heaton, Alton P.
Heaton, J. G. rancher
Hein, Paul painter
Helm Eddie mechanic
Helwig, Maud T.
Hendricks, Robert W. mine operator
Hindman, Elmer
Hindman, Henry rancher
Hockett, Sumner
Hockett, W. L. 13-6-88*
Hofstetter, M. F. manager, Colo. Util.
Hofstetter, Melvin postmaster   25-6-89*
Holderness, Fred rancher
Holderness, Jack B. 24-6-89*
Holderness, Ward S. 18-6-88*
Honnold, George W. retired
Hood, James laborer
Hooker, G. W. 12-6-88*
Hope, Robert pumpman
Horton, Arthur B. 29-8-88*
Horton, Otto C. 34-8-88*
Horton, Reese 28-8-88 *
Howell, Eber
Howell, E. F. rancher
Hughes, Mrs. Geo. B.
Huguenin, L. C. cafe
Hurd, H. C.
Ingersol, Wm., well driller
James, Clifford rancher
Jestes, Jim carpenter
Johnson, Dr. C. L. dentist
Johnson, John F. rancher
Johnson J. P. rancher
Johnson, Otto A. 33-4-87*   sawmill
Jones, Alva 20-8-87*
Jones, George E. 8-5-89* plumber
Jones, J. Melvon teacher
Kagie, Ed, 29-4-87*
Kamp, Joe, laborer
Kelso, O.P. dairy 9-6-88
Kiddie, Mrs. Andrew J.
Kimball, A. G. carpenter
Kimsey, M. G. realtor
Kiser, Harry, mechanic
Kiser, Louise 18-6-89*, telephone operator
Kiser, Viola, rooming house
Kitchens, Geo. F.
Kitchens, H. W.
Kitchens, H. M.
Kleckner, George, Kleckner Store
Kleckner, Wm. 32-8-86* Hayden Transfer Co.

  *Numbers denote Section-Range-Township of ranchland.

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