1934-35 Routt County Directory
Town of Yampa

    Yampa, Colo.
    Population 354

    Mayor - Chas. L. Arnold    Clerk - Robert R. Crossan
    Trustees - H.F. Allen, Joseph Montgomery, J.B. Roup, Henry Page, John Hughes, C. C. Wheeler

    "Founded in 1884, in the very shade of the giant Flattops, it was first called Egeria, later changed to the same name as the river. Yampa was incorporated on February 25, 1907. Altitude 7,884. It has municipal owned water works costing $20,000. Livestock and agriculture principal industries, head lettuce being a leader. Masonic, W.O. W. lodges, Ladies Aid, Woman's Club, Woman's Union, WCTU, Nazarene and Congregational churches, grade and high schools."

    Alfred, Lee 
    Alfred, Mrs. L.E.rancher
    Allen, B.F.retired
    Allen, Howardpartner M&A Grocery & Market
    Adams, Jesse
    Adams, Sidney25-2-85*
    Alfred, Brucenight marshal
    Allen, Fred B.Iceman
    Ames, IdaTelephone manager
    Anderson, William E.lumberman
    Angell, A.D.laborer
    Ariola, Clyde H.Yampa Service Station
    Arnold, Mrs. C.B.
    Arnold, Harry36-3-86*
    Barnes, N. F. rancher
    Beach, Stephenrancher
    Bird, E. L.12-21-86*
    Bird, Frank
    Bird, J.A. 10-2-85*
    Bird, J.F. 27-2-85*
    Bird, Rileylaborer
    Bird, Lou
    Bird, R.E. laborer
    Bishop, V.R.Bish 's Service Garage
    Bolen, Ernest I. teacher
    Bomgardner, Leonardrancher
    Bomgardner, Emmatelephone operator
    Bowlus, W. A.rancher
    Brown, L.S. rancher
    Burgus, Chas. A.28-2-85*
    Cain, Wesleyrancher
    Carnahan, Pollard rancher
    Chapmann, F. S. 17-3-86*
    Chilton, N. E. laborer
    Chivington, A. H. rancher
    Choate, Lewis rancher
    Choate, Mark rancher
    Clatte, Georgerancher
    Cole, John W. 10-2-85*   justice of peace
    Cole, Markrancher
    Colt, B.D. 26-2-86*
    Crossan, J. C. 24-1-85*
    Crossan, R. R. rancher
    Crowner, Williamlaborer
    Davis, Earlrancher
    Davis, Wade S. 27-2-85*
    Demorest, F. L. Red & White Store
    Demorst, George A. carpenter
    Demorest, William A. decorator
    Dixon, Lon rancher
    Donald, Richardlaborer
    Durham, R. A. rancher
    Easterly, Ben W.23-4-85*   laborer
    Easterly, C.I.1 & 2-1-86*
    Easterly, J. P.1-2-85
    Easterly, W.L. laborer
    Edmisson, Geo.rancher
    Elgin, Clyderancher
    Elward, Miss Katherineteacher
    Ewin, Mrs. Mabel
    Fillippi, Theodore15-2-85*
    Finley, Frankrancher
    Francis, Mrs. May
    French, A. E.cook Antlers Cafe
    Funk, F. O.clerk
    Gabriel, Johnmail carrier
    Gibson, W. L. 25-2-86*
    Gray, Cecillaborer
    Green, C. E.3-2-86*
    Gray, Mrs. Jean
    Grant, B. A. rancher
    Green, E. A. proprietor Grand Hotel
    Greenwood, W. T. 2-2-85*
    Grier, J. R. 32-2-85*
    Guthrie, John F.rancher
    Hadley, Hulda
    Hamilton, Jameslaborer
    Hamilton, H. H.rancher
    Hemmerle, Grant8-2-85*
    Hervey, W. V.laborer
    Hogen, Geo.laborer
    Hopf, Augusta3-2-86*
    Huffstettler, J. A. rancher
    Hughs, John10-2-85*
    Jenkins, V. R. laborer
    Jones, Melvon supt. schools
    Kauffman, R. C. rancher
    Kawin, H.merchant
    Kelsay, Wm.25-2-85*
    Kennedy, W. N. 19-2-84*
    Kinkead, James J. rancher
    Knutson, John
    LaFon, Clark
    Lamb, L. M. pool hall
    Landon, G. M. 31-2-85*
    Laughlin, Frances E.
    Laughlin, Gordonjanitor
    Laughlin, Mrs. Alice35-3-85*
    Leslie, Frank B..
    Lindsey, Lem
    Lindsey, Thos. P. 32-2-85*
    Long, Cecil M. 34-3-85*
    Lowe, H. D. rancher
    Luckett, T. A. 12-2-86*
    Macfarlane, George H. rancher
    Macfarlane, James H. 28-1-85*
    Macfarlane, William filling station
    Male, Mrs. Miles rancher
    Male, Dr. J. T. Yampa Drug Store
    Manning, Donald rancher
    Manos, Wm. section /
    Markland, Hugo L. rancher
    Margerum, C. E. 10 -2 86*  Cont. Oil Manager
    Marshall, Lawrence 35-2-85*
    McClure, E. H. blacksmith
    McFall, W. W. lettuce buyer
    McFarland, Alice F.
    McFarland, Don barber
    McKinney, C. L. 34-7-84*
    Meyer, Warren B. rancher
    Mahr, F. H. 30 -2-85*
    Male, Florenceteacher
    Medina, Frank laborer
    Montgomery, JoePartner M & A Grocery & Market
    More, Ila Montgormeryteacher
    Moore, Herb 14-2-85*
    Morris, J. A. pool hall
    Morris, Helen proprietor, Hotel Royal
    Murray, John W. rancher
    Murray, J. W. 8-1-85*
    Neiman, Chas. 30-2-85*
    Nelson, Arvid 15-2-86*
    Off, Ted 1-2-86*
    Olson, Chas.
    Orr, Fred
    Outland, J. E.
    Page, Henrylaborer
    Palmer, W. A. depot agent
    Parks, J. M. minister
    Patton, Mrs. M . E.
    Phillips, Betty J.
    Pidcock, Mrs. Louise26-3-85*
    Powell, W. A.
    Read, Felix E. forest ranger
    Reid, D. G. rancher
    Rigney, William laborer
    Rockhill, W. C. 26-3-86*
    Rossi, Marino 35-3-86*
    Roup, J. B. 19-2-85*
    Roup, Mrs. Nancy
    Rundle, Lillian C. 61-1-85*
    Shadley, W. H. rancher
    Shindorf, Bob mechanic
    Simon, Chas. laborer
    Smith, H. M.
    Smith, Mrs. J. C.
    Southers, J. B. 12-2-85*
    Squire, Ruben 11-2-85*
    Strine, Annie L. 14-2-85*
    Sublette, J. T. laborer
    Terhune, J. G. 30-2-84*
    Thomas, Edith
    Tisdel, A. A. garage
    Tomlinson, Wiley rancher
    Trantham, Levi 10-2-85* dairy
    Trantham, Martha P. teacher
    Van Camp, Mrs. L. M. 11-2-85*
    Wannamaker, Iva nurse
    Wells, Harry laborer
    Welty, M. L. rancher
    Whaley, James D. rancher
    Wheeler, C. C. ice
    Wheeler, K. W. ice
    Wheeler, Nancy A.
    Williams, R. L. laborer
    Williams, Sampson rancher
    Williams, Virgil C.
    Wilson, E. T. laborer
    Wilson, J. C. postmaster
    Wolsey, Jack rancher
    Woods, T. C. 8-2-85* carpenter
    Wright, Mrs. J. D. 17-2-85*
    Wright, Frank E. rancher
    Wright, J. L.
    Yoppke, C. B. 2-2-86*

      *Numbers denote Section-Range-Township of ranchland.

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