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Old Queries

Dena Chavez  November 13, 2001  SHAW
I am desperately seeking info. about my grandmother Hazel Shaw & her relatives. She passed away in 1970 and was quite the mystery woman. She wouldn't tell us a darn thing! It always seemed as if she was hiding something. I suspect that her first daughter (my aunt) my have been born out of wedlock. Which I know was quite a scandal in those days. She was born on January 29, 1901. She had always told us that she had been born in Steamboat Springs. I am having a very difficult time finding ANYTHING. I swear, if I weren't sitting here typing this I would think that she hadn't really existed! ANY info. would be greatly appreciated.

Janet McElhinney Givens  July 8, 2001  McELHINNEY HOBBS
I'm seeking information on Charles Tupper MCELHINNEY b. 7 Jul 1870 Port Huron, MI d. 24 May 1931 Oak Creek, Routt Co, CO, married 5 Mar 1897 in Ft. Huron, MI to Daisy Myrtle WEBB b. 19 Jan 1872 Mineral Point or Wales, WI, d. 15 Jan 1968 Denver, CO. Their son Charles Raymond MCELHINNEY b. 29 Sep 1898 Denver, CO, d. 22 Jun 1973 Bend, Deschutes Co, OR married Oct 1919 to Mabel L. HOBBS b. 19 Aug 1901/1908 Honeygrove, Tarrant Co, TX, d. 21 Jul 1965 Berkeley, CA. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Janet McElHinney Givens  July 8, 2001  ECKSTINE
Charles Lawrence ECKSTINE b. 31 May 1893 Tazewell, IL, d. Dec 1975 Steamboat Springs, CO, married Mary BECK b. 5 Mar 1903 Vienna, Austria(?). I'm looking for ancestors, descendants and extended family members. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Grant Ralston  December 23, 2000   JONES
I am seeking information on William "Grouse Creek" JONES . His daughter Neva Clair Jones married Wallace RALSTON in December 1905. It is believed William was born in New York, possibly in 1870. We believe William Jones ran the "Grouse Creek" stage station.

Doug Fitts  December 23, 2000   MISHORK
I am looking for the MISHORK family who lived in Routt Co. early 1920s until unknown. Walter Mishork and wife Virginia Mishork/Fitts came from Sheridan Co. Wy.around 1922 with 2 infants,Caroline and Alice. While there in Routt Co there were 2 children born,John and Margaret (Margie) Mishork. Would appreciate any info on this name MISHORK, please send to Doug Fitts in Mt Ida AR

 Stephen Jones  November 14, 2000 JONES

Looking for information on Harry David JONES who lived in Oak Creek. He was married to Jessia SUMMERFIELD. He most likely lived in Oak Creek from 1920 to 1940s. He was a coal miner. In addition, I am curious if there are any records of miners, the mines they worked in or mining companies for the area.

 Rose (Hamilton) Kaps  October 25, 2000 HAMILTON

Seeking information on Eben Winchester HAMILTON born 16 June 1857 in Terra Haute, Vigo, In. Died 3 Sept 1939 Craig Colorado married Ella Tabitha Cahill 17 Sept 1882. Would like information about Eben and Ella's Children. Also would like information on Eben (Ebenezer) Hamilton father Dr. John F. Hamilton or his mother Laura Taylor. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

 Jesse Thayer Barnes  October 15, 2000 COOK

I am searching for information regarding my grandmother Jessie Thayer Cook. Last known alive in Steamboat Springs, June 18, 1900.... She was the wife of Frank H. Cook. Frank and his brother Willard had a ranch at Sidney.... On the Census 1900 it is listed as Sidney Precinct of Steamboat Springs. The state has no record of her death, and this was information that the family withheld from my father, her only son. I have traced her family back to the 1600's but can't find anything about her..... I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. I would also like to find a death record for Willard Cook. He dropped dead of a heart attack after just leaving the Barber Shop in Steamboat Springs... in the 1920's or early 1930's..... Jessie's parents and an uncle lived in Steamboat springs William F. And Lorinda Thayer......

 Kris Johnson  September 17, 2000 MINGEE

I am searching for information on the family of John Mingee (1893-1968) of Flat Lick, Kentucky, who moved to Phippsburg, Colorado in about 1913. As far as I know he spent the rest of his life there. He was married to a woman named Mimie Bray, and was missing his left leg. John was my grandfather Ben Mingee's brother. Their mother Dora Townsley (also known as Rose) and sister Ruby Alice Mingee also moved to Colorado, we think, but aren't sure where. Dora and Ruby may have had their names changed to McLister or McAllister. The family split up about 1906, and we are trying to connect with this branch that moved west. We have pictures of these individuals and are anxious to share information.

 Debbie  September 11, 2000 McCROSKEY

I am looking for any information regarding my ggparents Rellman McCroskey and Alice Kitchens McCroskey. Alice was born in Hayden in 1891, the daughter of Lemuel and Mary Modena Kitchens. I believe that Rellman and Alice married in the Routt County area, but don't know any information about him. Alice is buried somewhere in the Hayden area. Any help at all would be more appreciated.

 John Jenkins  July 25, 2000 HOWE

I am trying to locate the connections and descendants of Rosa Dickinson Howe, of Yampa, Routt County, Colorado, who was left a sum of money arising from the sale of a house in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England in 1909. The house was bequeathed to her in the will of my gggfather, James North of Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, England. Any information gratefully received.

 Ashley  May 3, 2000 ROCKHILL

We are trying to find information on our great grand father who settled in Egeria Park at Hunt Creek in the late 1800's. His name is William "Billy" C. Rockhill.

 Jeannie Fredricks  March 8, 2000 DALLAS, MEACH
I am looking for any information on Cleo Dallas or Andy Meach who lived in Oak Creek from 1920 until about 1955. They both died in the mid-50's. Andy Meach is my grandfather and Cleo Dallas is a step-grandfather. Andy was a coal miner and Cleo owned and operated a restaurant and boarding house. They are both buried in Oak Creek but I am curious about their lives. I'm especially interested in how Cleo came to the US. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

 Stephanie Bertics  March 1, 2000 GOULD
I am searching for information regarding my 2nd great grandfather, a dentist by the name of Dr. Earl GOULD who was practicing in Steamboat Springs around 1900. Dr. Gould appears on the 1900 Routt County census. His wife was Belle Brown and he had two children, Helen Vera Gould and Earl Gould Jr. Any information will be appreciated.

 Marie Hall  January 23, 2000 HALL
I am trying to find out some information on my husband's family. I am told his father and mother lived in Oak Creek in 1937-38. Howard Donald HALLis his father's name and was supposedly killed in a bar fight during that time. He is supposed to be buried in the Oak Creek Cemetery. If you have any information about this man or dates about his untimely death I would appreciate them.

 Jim Middleton  January 5, 2000 GEER PULLIAM
John and Kate PULLIAMlived in the Deep Creek area near Steamboat Springs from about 1910 to 1950. Kate's sister Caroline GEER died in Yampa in 1931. My mother Reva Louise TEETS was born in Steamboat Springs on 26 Sep 1910. Her brother John Maurice Teets died in Steamboat Springs in Dec 1920 age 12. I am looking for information on any of them, particularly Caroline's husband John GEER .

 L. Greenhow  December 21, 1999 GREENHOW KENNY
I am looking for any info on William James GREENHOW or mary jane KENNY . william is burried in pagoda .I have very little info on him and even less on her they were my 2nd great grandparents.

 Lisa LeDonne-Stan  November 2, 1999 LE DONNE
My family lived in and around Mt. Harris from the early 1900's through the 1930's any information about the LE DONNE family would be appreciated. I have a lot of information myself, and would be happy to share it with other LE DONNE seekers. The BEEN family still lives in Colorado, but would love to share any history you may have.

 Jackie Nielson  August 22,1999 BEER
I am looking for info on Mary Ann RUTTAN BEER. She was the wife of James BEER.They married in 1898 in Mahaska Co., IA. She might also be connected to the surnames of SMITH. According to her father's obit she died in Bear River, Routt County in March of 1931.

 Nadine Allen  August 19,1999 
Interested in information on Maggie Arcana JORDAN born 18 Nov 1870 in Deloit City, Crawford County, Iowa and d: 05 Dec 1947 in Steamboat Springs, Routt, CO. She married Lawrence H. DAVIS18 Mar 1889 in Kingsley, Plymouth, IA.Maggie was the daughter of Hartwell and Nancy (Cokeley) JORDAN and Lawrence was the son of John and Nancy (Armstrong) DAVIS. Thanks for any help you can give.

 Sue Zulevich  August 5,1999 
I am looking for living relatives of George A. ROPER and / or Mary E. ROPER. The Ropers owned property and lived in Routt County from at least 1919 through 1935.

 Shelburn and Rita Walker Wilkes  July 6, 1999  WALKER
Looking for descendants of Daniel Walker of NC who died in Routt County in 1898. At least three of his sons ended up in Routt County in the early 1880's: William Riley Walker (1833-1906); Jesse Martin Walker (1837-1898); Absolem Walker (1839-1910). We have a good bit of info on the descendants of another son (Jonathan Clarke Walker) who lived in Union County, GA. Thanks!

 Renee Kerr  June 21, 1999  KERR
I am researching my husband's family tree. There was a Walter H. KERR born December 21, 1911 in Steamboat Springs and died May 8, 1927 same town. We are interested in finding out what happened to him and if there were more relatives in the area.

 Brenda Wallace May 31, 1999  DURBIN
I am looking for information on the family of Philip DURBIN, born 1875 Pennsylvania died Oak Creek, Routt, Colorado Oct. 21, 1950. Does anyone have census information or an obit on this man?

 Carol Stevens  April 29, 1999   SUTTLE GROESBECK
Horace Harrison SUTTLE and his wife Icabinda Ann lived in Steamboat Springs. They were there in 1890, gone by 1900. Some sources say they left there by 1892/3. They had 4 children, Orissa, Mary, John H. and Lucietia Belle. In 1913 when Horace died in California one of his survivors is listed as Mrs. J. Q. GROESBECKof Steamboat Springs. Looking for information and descendants of Horace and Mrs. J. Q. Grosebeck.

 Theda Miner April 9, 1999   MINER
I am searching for information on John Christopher MINER who lived in Routt county around the 1930s.

 Robert Wynn Roberts March 7, 1999   ROBERTS
My father was born in February 1905 in Steamboat Springs. His name was Wynn Richard ROBERTS. His brothers were Hugh and Homer. There father work on or in a stone quarry to built the court house.

 Arleta Galloway February 28, 1999   GALLOWAY
I am looking for information on Jesse Galloway. He was born 1835 in Indiana, married Ms Medlock place /time unknown. He died 1905. I assume Slater as a letter says that is where he lived. Does anyone know if he had children/grandchildren? Are there any of his descendants in that area? If so please contact me. I may be leaving CA soon so I will leave my daughters snail mail in case you cannot get me via email. Thanks Arleta Galloway or in care of: Deidri Nielsen 43 N 3rd E Hyrum, UT 84319

 Randy DeLonge February 16, 1999   DE LONGE
I am looking for information on the DE LONGE Family. My Grandmother is Iva DeLonge and I know my family came from around Steamboat. Also any information on the Squire family would be great too.

  Cheryl Meyer February 1, 1999   BLANK
I'm interested in finding the grave of Chauncey BLANK. He's supposed to be buried in a cemetery at Steamboat Springs. I've been told he died in 1939. Can anyone give me information on the cemeteries at Steamboat Springs?

  Ken Hitchens December 9, 1998 We are researching HITCHENS that were early ranchers in Routt Co. We have a lot of information on these families.

sisc39211@aol.com  November 10, 1998 LARSON Searching for Carl Alfred Larson, b 25 june 1886, d 12 sept. 1955. Lived most of early life in Routt County, ran the Hahns Peak Hotel. This is my husbands grandfather, and we know very little about him. He married Gertrude Merrill. Thank you for any help.

Larry Green  July 20, 1998 ABBS Father was William Samuel ABBS, Mother was Clarice Annibel WOOD. Children born to them while living in Oak Creek, Routt Co. are, Everett Samuel ABBS (25 August 1922), Wallace Scott ABBS (18 June 1925) Dial Gilbert ABBS (21 February 1928) and Wilda Belle ABBS (15 September 1932). Especially looking for any information on Father of William Samuel ABBS. His name was also William ABBS and was born 1 June 1870. Looking for place of birth for him. Any help or information will be appreciated.

  Jim Karr  July 20, 1998 CLATTE I am a beginner in the field and am trying to find more information on my family tree. I am researching the surname CLATTE. They lived in Steamboat Springs from the early/mid 1900's (I believe) until the 1980's. Thank You.

 Roger Green  July12, 1998
SELLS William Sells born 1855 born in Henderson Co, Illinois son of William Sells relocated to Routt Co, Colorado where he had the children named Johhnie who married Susan __?__, Raymond Sells, and Florence Irene. William worked as a logger and resided in the city of Yampa, Colorado. I am seeking any information on the above.

Brent Clarke  June 30, 1998 BEMIS. Looking for information on my gg-grandparents, Daniel and Annette Bemis, who owned a ranch in the Yampa-Toponas area beginning sometime in the early 1900's. A couple of their descendants who I believe also resided there were Clarence and Jervis Bemis. I am planning on visiting the area later this summer and would appreciate any leads as to the location of their ranch and of any cemeteries in this area.

Dennis Parmer  May 31, 1998 My father, CLIFFORD D. PARMER, was born Dec 27, 1910 in Steamboat Springs. His father, JOHN WESLEY PARMER, b. Stone Co. MO and his mother MYRTLE (MATTOCKS) PARMER, b. Des Moines, IA. and brother, MILTON PARMER may have lived in town, but John's occupation was listed as "farmer". Myrtle died about 1920 (date and place unknown). If anyone knows anything about this family, I would appreciate hearing from you. The Parmer surname was also spelled Palmer at some times. The hand-drawn map of "Steamboat Springs in 1910" which hangs in their museum shows a "Palmer" house just down the street. It is now a boutique (or was about 10 years ago when I was there).

Laura Montel  May 31, 1998 Erskine H. Hamilton b. 1847 in North Troy, Vermont. Married Sara Miner Morrill 1876 in Kewanee, IL. died 4/7/1918 in Steamboat Springs. Daughter was Mary Jane Hamilton b. 1882 in Farragut, Iowa d. 1939 in Craig, Co. Mary Jane married James Lafayette NORVELL 1902. James died 1936 in Steamboat Springs. James and Mary Janes children: Katherine Belle Norvelle b. 1919 Steamboat Springs, Dorothy Norvell b. 1913 Steamboat Springs, Ruth Norvell b. 1903 Steamboat Springs, Edith Norvell b. 1904 Steamboat Springs, James Norvell b. 1907, Mary Norvell b. 1910 Steamboat Springs. Any information would be appreciated.

B Everhart  May 27, 1998 ALLEN, REYNOLDS I am looking for my ggrandparents Linda Melissa Allen and William Reynolds. Linda was born in Boulder September 30, 1874 and had a brother George. They were married in Salida July 26, 1892. Linda and William had Lila (b. 1893), Minnie (b. 1895), Ethel (b.1897), Nellie (b. 1899), Linda (b.1901), Bill (William?) (b. 1904), Margaret (b. 1906), and Bertha (b. 1909) in Salida. They had my grandmother Myrtle (b. 12AUG1916) in Steamboat Springs. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Miles   May 19, 1998 Searching for information or photos - Harry KAWIN, he operated a general store in Yampa from about 1910 to 1940. His wife was Sadie and they had 1 child Phillip. Did Sadie die in Yampa? Is she buried there? Harry went back to Chicago and died in 1946. Children from first wife who died of TB would visit Yampa, they lived in Chicago with relatives. Children were Agnes, Lucille, Ruth.

Launa Kitros  March 1, 1998 BIRD WILSON CHOATE PHILLIPS LAUGHLIN GIBBS I would like to hear from descendants researching these early pioneer families in Yampa/Oak Creek area of Routt Co., CO. Happy to exchange information.

Melanie Hollett Feb. 2, 1998 BALL, Albert. Looking for Albert Ball, owned and operated a resort in Steamboat Springs. Wifes possible first name Ann. Sometime between 1885 and 1900 first settled there.

Mary Anderson Nov. 12, 1997 MALLOT, Harry. Born in France in July 1869, married Katherine ____ in 1892, probably in Kansas. Lived in Aguilar City, Las Animas County in 1910. In 1922 he was in Mount Harris, Colorado, according to his mother's obituary. Probably worked in mining, as all of the family were miners. Looking for any information on Harry and his family.

Kathleen Anderson Dec. 16, 1997 NICHOLSON, Frank. I am searching for my GGrandfather,Frank NICHOLSON and my Grandfather, James Wallace NICHOLSON. His siblings were-Emma, Frank Jr.,Jack or John, Margaret, William, Robert and Andrew NICHOLSON. They may have settled in Routt Co. sometime after 1910. Wallace married my Grandmother Wahna (HAMILTON) SMITH of Loveland,CO in 1920 Steamboat Springs in 1920. Any information would be appreciated.

Toni Harper Jan. 9, 1998 HARRIS, James C. My Great grandfather died Nov. 23, 1935 in Steamboat Springs. His name was James Click HARRIS. I would like to know if anyone knows which cemetary he is buried in. Also I am looking for any info on my grandfather John Brackney (Red) HARRIS who married my grandmother Oscha Opal HOWERTONon March 12, 1928 in Inglewood. Does anyone have any info on their families. They moved to Boise, Idaho where they raised their families.

Missouri Ann (CROSS, ELLIOTT, PETTIT) WILLIAMS, lived in the Elk River Valley with her sons, James CROSSborn1868, Charles D.CROSSborn 1870, and William F. Cross b.1872. Charles and William married sisters Emmaline and Alice CAYTON1896-1900. Charles and family moved to California in 1913. William and Alice stayed in Steamboat Springs. Their children were Emery b. 1897, Emeline b. 1898, James b. 1901, Julie b. 1904, Leon b. 1906, Alice b. 1908, and twins Roy and Ray b. 1912. Would like any information on William CROSS and his family or his brother James Cross.

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