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Queries, Message Boards and Mailing Lists

One of the most valuable benefits for genealogists that stem from the Internet is that it increases the ability to share problems and answers on a broad scale. It makes it much easier to get in touch with other researchers that share our ancestry and interests. We can lay out our problems and brick walls for others to review and respond to. Likewise, we can use the information we have found to help others. Below are linked resources that help us with this sharing. The top section includes forums where we can post and review queries. The bottom section includes mailing lists, which uses email to communicate the details. For mailing lists, detail mode delivers each message to all subscribers; digest mode sends you one email per day will all messages for the day. All of these are specific to the Grainger County area. And note, that in all cases you can go back and review what has happened historically, whether or not you have posted queries or joined mailing lists. They are a great resource.

Now a few tips follow if you are new to this sort of thing:

  • When you post a query, give as much detail as you know (names, dates, places, parents, children, siblings) so those reviewing your query might learn something, as well as to increase their likelyhood of giving you a useful response.
  • Do come back and review what others have posted from time to time.
  • Keep in mind that these queries and discussions are completely public - it's best not to include your address, phone number, SSN, etc.
  • And know that if you publicly post your email address you will likely receive some spam as a result. I choose to include mine in all postings; but I've counted the cost and decided it is worth it. You should make your own specific decision on this issue.

If you have corrections or additions for this list please contact the County Coordinator.

Message and Query Boards
Mailing Lists
Note that there are two mailing lists that might be of interest to those with ancestral connections with Saguache county. One is just for the county. The other is in the name of Alamosa county, but it is used for the San Luis Valley in general, which includes Saguache. For each mailing list, you can choose to subscribe in either Digest Mode (no more than one message a day) or List Mode, where you receive each message as it is sent.
  • Subscribe to the San Luis Valley Mailing list - Detail Mode
  • Subscribe to the San Luis Valley Mailing list - Digest Mode
  • Browse the Archives for the San Luis Valley Mailing List
  • Search the Archives for the San Luis Valley Mailing List
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