Early Families of Teller County

This page is devoted to the early families of Teller County. Not all of them stayed, and I have tried to trace where they went when they left Teller County by using available census records. Many families moved to other areas of Colorado. Some went further west. And some returned from whence they came.

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Cripple Creek Early Families Families

Harvey Calvin Neese

Shirley Farris Jones has written a biography of her great-uncle, Harvey Calvin Neese. There are also photos of Harvey "Cal" and his brothers, some of whom worked the mines in and around Cripple Creek. I have posted this biography separately, along with photos. Other photos contributed by Shirley can be viewed on the Teller County Photo Project page. "Cal" Neese was killed in the line of duty while serving on the Police force of Cripple Creek in July, 1920. To read Harvey Calvin Neese's biography, click here

Gillett, Colorado Early Families

Early residents of Teller Co., taken from the 1900 Federal Census of Teller Co., with additional information from The Cripple Creek District Directory, 1900. The introduction to the Gillett listings follows:

A nicely located town on the Midland Terminal railroad, five miles northwest of Cripple Creek by wagon road and ten miles north of Victor by railroad. The location of large ore reduction works and the home of many miners and prospectors. Gillett has good churches, schools and public improvements. From the names given below 1,200 people would be a fair estimate of population.

Gillett town lists the following residents and families:

1. Eugene B. Younkman & family

Eugene B., born Nov. 1860 in MI, married 13 years
Sarah W., born April 1864 in MI, married 13 years, mother of 5 children, 5 living
Leroy E., born Nov. 1887 in KS, son of Eugene
George C., born June 1889 in KS, son of Eugene
Lanta E., born Jan. 1891 in KS, daughter of Eugene
Inez E., born Feb. 1893 in KS, daughter of Eugene
Kent E., born Feb. 1897 in CO, son of Eugene

Resided on Lillibridge Ave. in Gillett, Eugene's occupation was laborer & reduction worker. Lived in a home (as opposed to a farm), and it was rented. All but the youngest child were in school during 1900. Eugene's parents were both born in Ohio; Sarah's were born in New York. 1900 Cripple Creek directory lists E.B. Younkman as a millman. In 1910 this family had returned to Lenawee Co., Michigan. Two more children were added to the family. Evelyn, age 8, was born in Colorado. Ruth, age 4, was born in Michigan. Eliza J. Stevenson, mother-in-law, was also living with the family. She was a 71 year old widow who was born in New York.


2. Chauncey F. Owens & Family

Chauncey F., born Oct 1843 in IN, married 32 years
Amanda, born Jun 1847 in IL, married 32 years, mother of 2 children, 1 living
Fred B. born Dec 1870 in NE, single

Resided on 5th St. in Gillett, Chauncey's occupation was a Grocer. Lived in a home, rented. Fred was a banker. Chauncey's parents were born in New York & New Jersey; Amanda's parents were born in Ohio. 1900 Cripple Creek District directory has two listings for Fred B. and F. B. Owen: Under Fred B. is Groceries, east side of Parker, resides on 5th St. Under F.B. is cashier at Gillett bank, resides 5th St.

Additionally, a C.H. Owens is listed as president of Gillett bank, resides on 5th St. Family not found in 1910.


3. Burton Blowers & Family

Burton, born Feb. 1857 in Wisconsin, married 17 years
Jennie C. his wife, born July 1865 in Wisconsin, married 17 years, mother of 2 children, 1 living
Hattie P., daughter, born June 1885 in South Dakota

Resided on Colbran Ave.. in Gillett, Burton's occupation was a Foreman. Lived in a home, rented. Hattie was a student. Burton's parents were born in New York and Vermont; Jennie's parents were born in Ohio. Additionally, a niece of Burton's also resided in this household. She was Sarah E. Savage, born July 1879 in Wisconsin. She was single, no occupation listed. Cripple Creek District's 1900 directory indicates "B. H. Blowers," a foreman for the Gillett Gold Extraction Company. In the 1910 census this family was residing in California Mesa, Montrose Co. Colorado and had added two more daughters to the family. Florence was 7 years old, Cornelia was 2.


4. Edwin A. Elliott & Family

Edwin A., born April 1872 in Kansas, married 0 years
Mabelle, his wife, born Sept 1879 in Kansas, married 0 years, no children

Resided on Colbran Ave., in same dwelling as the Burton Blowers family. Edwin's occupation was a preacher. Lived in a rented home. His parents were born in Michigan & Pennsylvania. Mabelle's parents were born in Ohio & Louisiana. The Cripple Creek District Directory (1900) indicates that Edwin Elliott is the pastor of the Congregational church in Gillett. In 1910 this family was residing in Montrose, Montrose Co. Colorado. Edwin was a carpenter and Mabelle was a nurse. They had two children: Vern L. was 9 years old, Hellen was aged 2.


5. Charles J. Mullen & Family

Charles J., born May 1865 in Iowa, married 9 years
May, his wife, born Aug. 1871 in Iowa, married 9 years, 2 children, 2 living.
Beulah A., his daughter, born April 1892 in Kansas
Ruby G., his daughter, born Sept. 1894 in Kansas

Resided on Colbran Ave., Charles' occupation was an Expressman, lived in a rented home. His parents were born in Kentucky & Ohio. May's parents were born in New York & Iowa. Beulah was in school. The 1900 Cripple Creek District directory lists Charles' occupation as a teamster, and he resided on Colbran Ave. In 1910 this family had moved to Colorado Springs, and Charles' occupation was a laborer for the railroad. Three more children were added to this family: Charles, age 6; Joseph, age 4; and Geneive, age 2.


6. George Ricken & Family

George, born Aug. 1862 in Iowa, married 15 years
Francis, his wife, born March 1868 in Colorado, married 15 years, mother of 4 children, 3 living
Dora E., his daughter, born Nov 1885 in Colorado
Minnie E., his daughter, born Oct. 1889 in Colorado
George L., his son, born Nov. 1899 in Colorado

Resided on Colbran Ave. George's occupation was a Teamster, lived in his own home. His parents were born in Germany. Francis' parents were born in Germany & Indiana. Dora & Minnie attended school. Listed as a Teamster in the 1900 Cripple Creek Directory, resides on Colbran Ave. Family not located in 1910


7. Andrew Olson Family

Andrew, born June 1861 in Sweden, married 11 years
Ida M., his wife, born May 1861 in Sweden, married 11 years, mother of 5 children, all living
Carl O., his son, born June 1889 in Sweden
Annie C., his daughter, born Aug 1890 in Sweden
Olga C., his daughter, born Jan 1893 in Sweden
Elida J., his daughter, born Jan 1895 in Colorado
Sigrid, his daughter, born June 1897 in Colorado

Resided on Colbran Ave. Andrew's occupation was Lab-Reduction Worker. Lived in his own home. Immigrated to the US in 1892, indicates his first papers were taken out. Ida & the three children born in Sweden immigrated in 1893, nothing in the Naturalization column to indicate where they were in the naturalization process. The three older children attended school.

In 1910 this family was living Colorado Springs. Andrew was a concrete worker. Another son was added to the family: 7 year old Arthur. The Swedish-born family members were all naturalized by 1910. All of the children were still living at home. Carl was a painter and Olga worked in a laundry.


8. Louis J. Siegrist Family

Louis J., born Sept. 1874 in Pennsylvania, married 2 years
Irene B., his wife, born April 1876 in Colorado, married 2 years, mother of 1 child, none living

Resided on Colbran Ave. in Gillett. Also residing in the household was Louis' brother-in-law, Ernest A. Taggart. Ernest was born in July 1877 in Colorado. Both Louis & Ernest were Lab-Reduction workers. Louis' parents were born in Switzerland. Irene & Ernest's parents were born in Massachusetts and Canada. Evidence is strong that Irene & Ernest were brother and sister. Will be searching the 1880 Colorado census for the Taggart family. Residence is rented. 1900 Cripple Creek Directory lists Louis as a miner. Have not located Louis & Irene in 1910 yet, but believe that her brother Ernest is living with his parents in Weld Co. Colorado in 1910.


9. Thomas E. Binner Family

Thomas E., born May 1867 in England, married 10 years
Emma J., his wife, born May 1867 in England, married 10 years, mother of 2 children, both living
Frederick E., his son, born July 1891 in Colorado
Richard H., his son, born Nov 1893 in Colorado

Family resided on Colbrun Avenue in Gillett. Thomas is listed as a Stationary Engineer. Living in a rented home. Thomas immigrated to the US in 1882 and is Naturalized. Emma immigrated in 1887. Both children attended school. Both Thomas & Emma's parents were born in England.

In 1910 this family is living in Littleton, Arapahoe Co., Colorado. Also living with the family is Elizabeth Pope, age 78 and born in England. Her relationship to Thomas is listed as "aunt."


10. Martha Gunsul Family

Martha, born Aug. 1849 in Illinois, widowed, mother of 4 children, all living
Myrtlle L., her daughter, born June 1874 in Illinois, single
Ermine J., her daughter, born June 1876 in Illinois, single
Bernard W., her son, born May 1881 in Iowa, single

Family resided on Parker Ave. in Gillett. Martha's parents were born in Pennsylvania & Illinois. Martha's husband was probably from Michigan, as all three chilren list Michigan as their father's birthplace. No occupation is listed for Martha, whose residence is rented home. Myrtlle's occupation is a Bookkeeper at Red Works; Ermine's is listed as a physician, and Bernard's occupation is a postal clerk. In the Cripple Creek Directory (1900), Miss M. L. Gunsul is listed as the bookkeeper for Gillett Gold Ex Co.. There is also a listing for Maynard & Bernard Gunsul, cigars & confectionary, 5th & Parker. Was Maynard the deceased husband of Martha?

Family not located in 1910 at this time.


11. Dwight Woodruff Family

Dwight, born Aug. 1849 in CT, married 18 years
Cynthia F., his wife, born Jan. 1854 in Indiana, married 18 years, mother of 4 children, 3 living
Dwight B., his son, born May 1882 in Indiana, single
Cr**** F., his son, born Aug 1883 in Indiana
Emma G., his daughter, born Jan 1889 in Indiana

Family resided on Parker Ave. in Gillett, on a farm which they owned. Dwight Sr.'s occupation is a farmer. Dwight Jr.'s occupation is a grocer. The other children attended school. Dwight's parents were born in Connecticut & Massachusetts. Cynthia's parents were born in Indiana & Kentucky. This residence is the first farm listing in Gillett.

In 1910 Dwight is living with a son in Olathe, Montrose Co. Colorado.


12. Mary MacDonald Family

Mary, born August 1859 in Scotland, widowed, mother of 6 children, all living
Christine, her daughter, born June 1886 in New Zealand
Agnes C., her daughter, born Nov. 1891 in Utah
Walter, her son, born Nov. 1892 in Utah

Family resided on Parker Ave. in Gillett, in a rented home. Mary's occupation is listed as a Lodging house keeper. All of the children attended school. Mary & Christine immigrated to the US in 1890, nothing else listed in the naturalization columns. In the 1900 Cripple Creek Directory for Gillett, Mrs. R. McDonald is listed as the proprietor of the McGilven Block Rooming House on the east side of Parker Ave. Lodgers include the following people:

Charles E. Marvin, born Dec. 1861 in Fr. Canada, single, occupation Provision dealer, Immigrated 1863, naturalized
John A. Maupin, born Feb 1853 in Missouri, single, occupation Lab Reduction Worker
Henry M. Searle, born Feb 1862 in Minnesota, single, occupation Lab Reduction Worker
Ulysses B. Grace, born July 1856 in Tennessee, single, occupation Lab Reduction worker
Albert C. Dewey, born Nov. 1876 in Massachusetts, single, occupation Lab reduction worker
Charles N. Ostrander, born March 1848 in New York, Single, occupation Lab reduction worker

In the 1900 Cripple Creek Directory for Gillett, the following are listed which are probably descriptive of these lodgers: C. E. Marvin, Marvin & Co., res. 5th
Lowell Marvin, of Marvin & Co., resides near Church
Marvin & Company (C.E. Marvin, Lowell Marvin, Geo. Newby), meat market, east side Parker
J.A. Maupin, millman, the Gillett Gold Extraction Co.
Charles Ostrander, millman, the Gillett Gold Extraction Co.
Henry M. Searle, millman, rooms McGilvrin block
A.C. Dewey, millman, Gillett Gold Extraction Co., resides McGelvin Bldg.


13. Jessie Ellis

Jessie Ellis, born April 1861 in England, married for 19 years, no children.

Immigrated in 1890, no other information in the immigration columns. Her parents were both born in England, and she was a dressmaker. Resides on Parker Ave., she is listed in the directory as Mrs. J. Ellis, dressmaker, rooms east side of Parker.


14. Elias Mosher Family

Elias, born Dec. 1872 in Russia, married 0 years
Estelle, his wife, was born in Dec 1872 in Michigan, married 0 years (newlyweds)

Elias immigrated in 1890 and was naturalized. He was a merchant of men's furnishings. His parents were born in Russia. Estelle's parents were born in Michigan and New York. This family lived on Parker Avenue. The city directory lists him as "E Mosher," general merchandise, east side of Parker and residing in the same place. I have not located this family in 1910 at this time.


15. Owen W. Keith family

Owen W., born Oct 1852 in Maine, married 19 years
Philena A., his wife, born January 1852 in Illinois, married 19 years, mother of 1, living
Montagne W., his son, born June 1882 in Colorado, single.
Crawford, Blair, boarder, born July 1875 in Ireland, single

Family resided on Parker Ave in Gillett, in their own home. Owen was a druggist. Montagne was in school. The boarder, Blair Crawford was a clerk in a drug store. Nothing in the immigration columns. The 1900 Cripple Creek directory lists this family as O.W. Keith, manager, P A Keith Drug Store; Mrs. P.A. Keith drugs, manager O.W. Keith; M. W. Keith as a student. All residing east side of Parker. Blain Crawford is also listed as a clerk, Mrs. P.A. Keith, residing on Parker.

Owen & Philena are in San Diego, California by 1910. Owen is the proprietor of a social club. There are several boarders residing in their household, I have not located Montagne. There is a Blair Crawford living in Pueblo who is about the right age to be this Blair Crawford. He is married to May, and they have a daughter Lura. The birthplace for Blair does not match what is listed in the 1900 census, however.


16. Charles Adams Family

Charles W., born March 1843 in New Hampshire, widowed.
Wilbur C., his son, born May 1884 in Kansas

Family resided on Parker Avenue in Gillett. Father and son were grocers. Charles parents were born in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Wilber's parents were born in New Hampshire and Missouri. According to the Cripple Creek Directory for 1900, Charles W. Adams was a Justice of the Peace, and resided on the east side of Parker, between 5th and 6th. Charles was still in Teller County in 1910, living alone. His occupation is listed as bookkeeper.

Wilbur appears to be in one of two places in 1910, or perhaps both: Either in Denver, living as a roomer in the home of Hattie Lawrence, along with his wife and daughter (Bernice and Irma); or in Sheridan, Wyoming, again as a roomer, but with no wife and child. The census in Denver was taken on April 21st, in Sheridan it was May 4-5th. Could the unemployed Wilbur have left his family in Denver while he went job-hunting up north? Birth date and place for both records indicate this could be the same person. The Wilbur in Sheridan is married, although the Sheridan Wilbur says he has been married for four years, while the Denver Wilbur says five.

Did a quick check of the 1920 census index for Colorado and Wyoming and did not find Wilbur or the wife and child/children.


17. William H. Frantz Family

William H.. born January 1867 in Germany, married 8 years.
Millie, his wife, born August 1870 in Wisconsin. Married 8 years, 2 children, 1 living
Elenora, their daughter, born September 1894 in New Mexico

Family resided on Parker Avenue in Gillett. William and his parents were all born in Germany; Millie's parents were also born in Germany. William was a merchant of dry goods. The 1900 City Directory lists "W. H. Frants" in general merchandise, business and residence on Parker Ave. Also in the household is Edward Lueck, a brother-in-law to William, born October 1881 in Wisconsin. Edward's occupation is a grocery salesman.

In 1910 this family is living in Boulder County, Lafayette twp. Two more children have been added to the family: Herbert W., age 8 & born in Colorado; Dalies (this is what it looks like), a son, age 2, also born in Colorado. William is a retail merchant (difficult to read) and his wife, now listed as Amelia, is a vocal teacher. They have a servant in their household, 17 year old Alise Lyles, born in Colorado.

William, "Emelie," and sons Herbert & Dalies are in Denver in 1920, on Downing St. William is still a merchant, Emelia has no occupation.


19. James R. Strock Family

James R., born April 1853 in Pennsylvania, married 28 years
Mary J., his wife, born January 1853 in Pennsylvania, married 28 years, 1 child
William T., their son, born October 1872 in Pennsylvania, single.

Resides on Parker Avenue in Gillett. James' father was born in Pennsylvania, his mother in New York. Mary's parents were both born in Pennsylvania. James is a carpenter and William is a hardware salesman. Also residing in this household is a boarder, 17 year old Elsie J. Vaughn, born in Missouri. No occupation is listed for her. She was born in Missouri, as were her parents.

The city directory lists James as a carpenter for Gillett Gold Excavation Co. and William as a clerk at Western Woodware Supply. Resided on Parker Avenue in Gillett.


20. Benjamin F. Brown

Benjamin F., born Feb. 1842 in Pennsylvania, married 21 years.
Mary J., his wife, born Aug. 1847 in England.
No children in the household, nothing under the column for number of children born to mother. However, one John John Miller (is this really the name, or did the census taker write it twice?) is a 10 year-old grandson living with Benjamin and Mary. He was born in Colorado, his father born in Pennsylvania and his mother born in England. John-John's birthdate is listed as October 1889. A boarder resides with this family: Newton E. Boggs, born Sept. 1867 in Iowa. Benjamin and Newton's occupations are as Lab Reduction workers.

Ben F. Brown and Nute E. Boggs are both in the city directory, living on 4th & Parker. Their occupations are "samplers" for Gillett Gold Excavation Co.

Benjamin and Mary Jane were living in Gray Creek, Los Animas County Colorado in 1910. Their grandson John Miller is still living with them. Under the number of children category, Mary Jane says she had 7 children, with one child living.

Newton E. Boggs has removed to Cochise, Arizona in 1910. He is still single, and his occupation is listed as a miner.


21. Edward C. DeSellum

Born October 1874 in Ohio, parents born in Ohio. He is single and lives alone. His occupation in the census is a Lab Reduction Worker. In the Gillett city directory Ed DeSellum is a sampler for Gillett Gold, and lives on 4th & Parker.

Have located Edward DeSellum in Los Angeles, California. His wife is Viola.


22. Doc. A. Patterson & Family

Doc was born in October 1856 in Pennsylvania, as were both his parents. He was an "Amalgamator."
Rhoda, his wife, was born in Indiana in October 1862. Her parents were from Indiana and Ohio. Doc and Rhoda were married for 14 years and were the parents of one child.
Son Alexander was born in February, 1889 in New Mexico.

In the 1900 City Directory, "Dock" Patterson resides on 4th & Parker, no occupation listed.

This family has not been located in 1910 at this time.


23. George M. Barnes & Family

George M., born November 1859 in North Carolina; married 15 years.
Cora L., his wife, born March 1864 in North Carolina. Mother of 5 children, all living.
Charlie M., their son, born February 1887 in North Carolina.
Claudia B., their son, born October 1888 in North Carolina.
Emmet B., their son, born June 1891 in North Carolina.
Eugene H., their son, born May 1894 in North Carolina.
Lillie J., their daughter, born April 1900 in Colorado.

George is not listed in the City Directory in 1900. His occupation is miner, according to the census. George's father was "born at sea" and his mother was born in North Carolina. Cora's father was born in Indiana, her mother in South Carolina.

Cora and four of her children are living in Cripple Creek in 1910. No sign of George. Claudia is not listed, possibly married by 1910. Under "marital status," Cora still lists "married," at 22 years. I believe that George passed away before 1910, possibly as early as 1907. ----------------

24. Frank L. Kelly & Family

Frank was born March 1862 in Wisconsin, married 13 years.
Mary E., his wife, was born November 1866 in Wisconsin. Mary had 5 children, 4 living.
Hazel M., their daughter, was born April 1889 in Wisconsin.
Harry N., their son, was born January 1894 in Colorado.
Frank R., their son, was born February 1897 in Colorado.
Arthur R., their son, was born October 1899 in Colorado.

Frank's occupation is a Railroad conductor, and both of his parents were born in Ireland. Mary's parents were born in England and New York.

There is no listing for Frank in the city directory.

Checking the 1910 census, this family appears to be residing in Divide, Teller County. The handwriting is poor so it is difficult to decipher the names of the children, but Harry N. is clearly listed. The remaining children's names are difficult to read. Hazel is not listed, so she has probably married. The number of living children for Mary E. Kelly remains at five.


25. Ralph Brown & Family

Ralph was born April 1868 in Iowa, married 5 years.
Jula S., his wife, was born October 1869 in Kansas. She was the mother of two, one living.
Jean, their daughter, was born March 1900 in Colorado.
Ralph's father, Webster Brown, was born September 1831 in New York.

Ralph's occupation is listed as a lumber manufacturer. His parents were born in New York and England. Jula's parents were born in Iowa and Kansas. Webster was born in New York, his parents in New York and New Hampshire.

Neither Ralph nor his father are in the city directory.

Have been unable to locate this family with certainty. in the 1910 census.

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