Leslie straddled Washington-Yuma county line

Leslie was a small community in northeast Washington County. The Leslie main street ran along the Yuma County line. The Leslie post office operated from 1888 to 1896. (Dates in descriptions have been culled from postal information).


Leslie had two newspapers:
  Colorado Cactus, 1888-1889
  Leslie Republican, 1888-1891
(From "100 Years in Pictures", 1992, Washington County Museum Assoc).

Railroad line from Holyoke to Akron never built

Some years previous to the year 1887, there was a survey from Akron (Washington County) to Holyoke (Phillips County) and along this survey the Lincoln Land Company laid out town sites. There were Curtis and Burdett in Washington County; Leslie both in Washington and Yuma counties; Rockland in Logan County; Bryant and Emerson in Phillips County. - History of Burdett, Colorado written by Dorcas A. Harvey in 1919

Lincoln Land Co survey Holyoke to Akron

Remembrance from Richard Johnson

The ghost town of Leslie Colo was about two miles north of the Johnson homestead. Part of the Leslie was in Yuma County and part in Washington County. Old timers state that for a short time in the late 1800s Leslie had two merchandise stores, a post office, a deep well where all those in the general area could get water, and a newspaper shop that printed "The Cactus". The well was right in the middle of the road on the county line between Yuma and Washington counties.

Father bought the store from a Mr Larson in the summer of 1894. It was located in Washington County. The other store across the road was in Yuma County and had already quit business. The newspaper located in Washington County had stopped publication also. The remaining evidence of Leslie is the foundation of the store, and the cellar of his house. - From a Denver Post article of Jan 4, 1987 by Richard Johnson that included Last Chance memories.

Spanger property in Yuma County near Leslie

Edus Estella Paine married John Spanjer in Johnson County, Nebraska. In 1920 A. Spanger owned the north half of 6, 5N 47W - the furtherest northwest corner of Yuma County. A church - that would be near the site of the Leslie post office and store - was in the quarter south of him. - From Yuma County CoGen website.

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