Anna May Erb

Birthday Party May 23, 1902

Upwards of 50 persons were the guests of Miss Anna May Erb at her home at the B & M Hotel to assist in observing her birthday.  Mr. and Mrs. Erb had prepared everything that could have been wished to make the evening pass off pleasantly for the happy company that assembled and the invited guests did the rest.

The refreshment tables were spread on the east side of the eating house and on them was placed the most tempting viands, both substantial and palatable, and to which those present did ample justice.

After supper the young folks indulged in games, romping on the green and other forms of innocent amusement.

At a later hour they were invited into the dining room where an hour more was taken up in music recitations, etc.  It was a late hour when the company dispersed and they all voted it a most delightful evening.

Mrs. Erb was ably assisted in her duties by Mrs. Harwood, Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Jamison and other ladies.

Miss Anna May received a large number of useful and valuable presents as well as innumerable congratulations from her assembled friends.

Those present were:

Mrs. Kenton, Misses Maggie Eschelman, (might be Eshelman) and Celestine Kendon of McCook, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. McCollister, Misses Alize Meinhodt, Anna Bancroft, Margaret Butts, Hattie and Mildred Pickett, Emma Jamison, Guidotta Muntzing, Lena Wittlake of Yuma, Leona and Esta Warner and Willis Warner of Fort Morgan, Wanda Ball, Hattie and Lola Dunton, Gertrude Irwin, Floy Yeamans, Mazie Davis, Annie Nelson, Ethel Smith, Mary Moore, Messrs. Geo. Ball, Isaac Pelton, Elmer Whitlake, Jacob Smith, Lett, Walter Payne, Alonzo Wilcox, Master Albert Llewellyn, Harry Jamison, Will Yeamans, Reginald Davis.

Akron Weekly Pioneer Press - May 23, 1902

Anna May Erb and Worth M Miller

Anna May Erb is in the 1900 Akron census, born May 1887 in Nebraska.  Her father L.A. Erb is a hotel keeper, his wife S.S. is a "landlady", and his sister L.C. Erb (47, single) is a chambermaid.

Theodore and Susan Summerfield Payne Erb are buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver.  Their infant son died in 1911 and is buried in Akron Cemetery.

In 1910 Worth M. Miller, Anna M., and Susan J (2, born in Nebraska) live in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, a railroad town like Akron, Colorado and Hastings, Nebraska.  Worth is a printer at the Scottsbluff newspaper

From 1911 to 1914 W.M Miller was editor of the Broadwater News (Morrill County, Nebraska)

In 1914 Worth M. Miller who had been employed for some time by the Morgan Estate, purchased the Keith County News in Ogallala, Nebr.  from a Mr. Nichols and continued in the ownership until December, 1918.

In 1920 in Akron, Colo. Anna May Erb is married to Mark (Worth) M. Miller, proprietor of a grocery store.  They have children Sione, 14, and Marcellus, 8, and live in Susan S. Erb's hotel.  Susan's daughter Ruth, 14, is also there.

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Beginning in April 1923, Worth M Miller is an employee of the Akron News owned by Charles M Cockrum.

In 1928, Worth Miller bought the Akron News from Charles M Cockrum and operated the newspaper until Feb 28, 1929 when it was bought by R.B. Cooley who combined the News with the Akron Reporter, a competing newspaper. The resulting Akron News-Reporter was first published Mar 7, 1929.

The history of Akron newspapers may be found at

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In 1930 Worth M. Miller, Anna May Erb, and Marcellus Miller, aged about 18, are in Hastings, Nebraska where Worth is a job printer, and Marcellus is a janitor at a church.

Worth M. Miller, founder of the Broadwater News dies. News 23 Dec 1937

In 1940 Hastings Marcellus Miller is married to Alice Lucille, also 28, and they have five-month-old Lee Ann.  Marcellus Miller died in 1988, Alice Lucille in 1999. Both are buried in Parkview Cemetery, Hasting, Nebr.

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