Anna Bancroft, Guy Bullock, Gordon Bullock


In 1900 Anna Bancroft was a seventh-grade pupil in the Wray school.

In 1912 the Wray Rattler said that "Miss Anna Bancroft was attending the wedding of a friend at Akron.  From there she will go to Mankato Kansas to visit her mother, Mrs. Bishop.   Another article said "Mrs. R. H. Bishop." and that Mrs. Bishop had a daughter Mrs. Lois Vaughn who was graduating from Denver University.

The 1911 Akron article about "Tobe Bishop of Mankano, Kansas visiting his brother, Harry" hints that Anna might might be related to Harry.

The 1900 Jewell County Kansas census of Harry D, --15- - son of Robert H. and Catherine Bishop matches the WWI registration of Harry in Washington County.

In 1920 Akron Harry is married to Grace B., and they have Beatirce (sic) , three months old.

Wray March 1918

A 1911 Akron article said that she had been schoolmate with Miss Nannie Mills - now of Brush, Miss Mary Kincheloe, and Miss Ethel Annable.

Guy - 24 - and Anna -31- are in Wray in 1920 - Son Gordon is three months old, and Guy is a postman on a star route.

In 1930 they're in Los Angeles - Guy is a mechanic at a garage, and son Gordon is ten years old.

One 'net genealogy board said Anna died in 1933.

Guy is in San Francisco in 1940 - no occupation - married to Maud - five years younger than he.  And in WWII draft registration he's married to Gertrude.

It looks like he's buried in Louisburg, Dallas County, Missouri - gravestone has a birth date of June 22, 1895 - and FindAGrave has a death of December 29, 1979.  But an Ancestry family tree has him dying in 1978 in Springfield, Missouri.

Gordon is a deliveryman for an auto parts store in Los Angeles in 1940. With him are brothers John J- 18, born Colorado and Donald R, 15, born Missouri? - and cousin Richard Bullock, 21, born Colorado.  John is a laborer at a CCC camp.

Gordon Bullock was lost at sea in 1943 while flying an Air Force mission in the South Pacific.

Failed to return from mission on June 30, 1943

B-24D-40-CO Liberator Serial Number 42-40254
Pvt Gordon P. Bullock, Armourer-Gunner aboard

Take off from Carney Field on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands in the South Pacific 0705 6/30/1943 on shipping search mission "X-Ray" to the northwest, then return to the same airfield.

It was good weather but this bomber failed to return and the crew was declared Missing In Action (MIA).
Possibly, this airplane was shot down by 251st Kōkūtai J1N1 Irving piloted by Satoru Ono with observer Okado who claimed a B-24 shot down.

Aircraft History
Built by Consolidated at San Diego. When lost, engines R-1830-43 serial numbers 41-14753, 42-44079, 42-44119, 42-44031. Weapon serial numbers not noted in MACR.

USAF, 13th AF, 307th BG, 370th BS Members Lost

The crew was officially declared dead on January 21, 1946 and are memorialized on the tablets of MIAs at Manila American Cemetery.

1. MACR (Missing Air Crew Report) #30
2. Pacific Wrecks*, June 30, 1943

*Pacific Wrecks is a free, non-profit organization devoted to sharing information about the Pacific Theater of World War II and the Korean War. "Our mission is to document Missing In Action (MIA) personnel and protect remaining sites and artifacts to preserve their legacy for future generations."

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