Pioneer Photos
Nels and Josie Oman

Nels Oman and half-brother Eric Rodin with their father Olof Johan Oman and Eric's mother

Eric Rodin married Annie Wiklund - sister of Hulda Wiklund that Olaf Oman married. The Rodin family lived near Cope, but moved to Cameron, Missouri in the 1920's

Josephine and Nels Oman with Olof, Lillie, and Reuben

Reuben Oman in 1894

This photo was mailed to a relative in Sweden, and the scan sent us in 2013

Olof Oman in Nebraska

Olof in Nebraska - also sent from Sweden in 2013

Lillian Oman in Nebraska

Lillian and husband Charles Swanson

Their son Martin Swanson

Nels and Josephine Oman's 25th Wedding Anniversary

Nels and Josephine Oman were married in 1878 and Martin was born in 1901 so this must have been their 25th, in 1903 in Lyons Nebraska

Nels and Josephine Oman's 35th Wedding Anniversary

Then ten years later, in 1913, they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary.  They were all still in Nebraska at the time.

Nels Oman in Sweden 1900

Nels made a trip to Sweden in 1900  It's very likely that he's the one seated with the hat. Margareta wrote with the photograph "The little girl  putting her hand on his, is my  mothers sister Anna, and the girl standing near is my mother Sigrid, and behind her mother Anna, my Granma."

Nels and Josephine (Chezem) Oman, mid-1920's near Cope

Eli Heath Family circa 1907

Lillie Oman Swanson, Anie Tureen Swanson, Mrs. Oscar Swanson

This above photo is Lillie OMAN Swanson and her sisters in law, sent to her aunt in Sweden. Mrs Anie Swanson is Anna A. Tureen, b. 1887 Nebraska, d Apr 1968, married to Victor Emanuel Swanson, b Dec 27, 1886, d Apr 4, 1946. Mrs. Oscar Swanson would be Hilma Sophia Kristina, b Sept 5, 1885, d Dec 5, 1968 who was married to Oscar Edward Swanson, b Apr 9, 1885, d Oct 11, 1929.

Lois Swanson, Grace Swanson, Lillie Oman, Jennie Oman,
Annie Oman, Esther Oman, Helen Swanson, and Ruth Swanson

This photo, probably taken in 1919, shows their eight granddaughters, all living close to them.  Charlie Swanson sold Buicks for a while, and the car is either his or Nels'.

Strattons, Omans, Hassigs


Nels and Josie and son Reuben moved around 1916 to Cope, where their son Olaf had homesteaded. They bought a farm about five miles northwest of Cope. Their daughter Lillie and her husband Charles Swanson, also moved from Lyons, Nebraska (after 1916, because the 1930 census said Lois was born in Nebraska). Nels/Josie's son Reuben also homesteaded near Cope.   Later Nels' half -brother Eric Rodin (who married Hulda's sister Annie) also lived near Cope for a time.  Reuben married Priscilla Stratton December 21, 1916. - From the History of Cope

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