Newsom and Hill families

The first Negro newspaper to appear in Nebraska, the Western Post, edited and published by Horace G. Newsom, was established at Hastings in 1876. It survived for only a little while.

Emancipation Day 1878

Celebrations were organized in a number of Nebraska communities. One of the earliest was the 1878 fete held in Lincoln. There were parades to and from the special railroad coaches bringing speakers and celebrants to the city, a Lincoln brass band concert, a picnic, and a ball at the "Academy of Music." Featured orators included Horace G. Newsom of Hastings, publisher of the state's first Negro newspaper.

Andrea's History says
A company was formed called the "Hastings Town Site company, "and was composed of Walter Micklen, W. L. Smith, T. E. Farrell, W. B. Slosson, Samuel Slosson and J. D. Carl. The company then laid off Micklen's land into town lots and this formed the original town of Hastings. Micklen was the first to break the monotonous prairie scene by the erection of a sod house, at a point near where H. G. Newsom's residence has since been erected."

H.G. (Horace Greeley) Newsom was a barber in 1880 Hastings, Nebraska. From the 1880 U.S. census, HG Newsom, wife A.G, 28, son A.S., 4, niece S. Sherwood, 17, in school, one servant and three boarders. A.G. might be the Agnes Davis in 1870 Council Bluffs, Iowa.  She's 20, a laundry worker, born in Missouri

The Hastings, Nebraska census of 1885 has H.G. Newson (that's what the index has) as a bank clerk, born Ohio ?, with Agnes born MIssouri.  Arthur, Victoria, and Della

There's a Vieta Newsom in the Akron primary school in 1888, so they must have moved between 1885 and 1888.

In 1900 H.G. is a barber in Akron, with Agnes D., wife, Lettie A, daughter, 16, and Paul H., son, 12..

Agnes Delia Newsom was the valedictorian of the 1902 graduation class - see the page in the School section for a description of her oration.

The 1902 listing of Akron alumni said that Vicie Newsom was in Omaha, Nebraska, a graduate of 1899.

In 1910 Horace is a real estate dealer in Akron with Agnes D., 58 (midwife), Arthur S., 35 (real estate), Paul H., 22,(no occupation)  Della A., 35 (teacher in public school), Arthur C., 10 (adopted son), and Susie J. (daughter-in-law) 32.

In 1920 Horace is a barber in Akron, with Agnes and Paul.   With them is an adopted son - Arthur Coleman, 18, born Colorado, and two boarders.

Arthur Coleman was with them in August 1912, too, and has to be the Arthur C. Newsom adopted son in 1910.

The 1900 census of Lawrence has Isaiah Silvers, 57, wife Tanny 57. , with daughter Anna, 24.  Anna has no occupation..  Son Grenville, 19  is at school.  May is 17, a house helper.  Matthew, 12, and Otis, 9, are in school.

Susan Silvers is a 22-year-old servant - born Alabama, in the Herbert Bullard household in Lawrence.

In 1880 Isaiah and Fannie are in Carthage,  Alabama.  Isiah is 11, Joe 9, and Annie Irene is 7. Daughter Susan Jane 2, and Maria Elizabeth, 4.

The 1915 Lawrence, Kansas directory has Fannie as the widow of Isiah, living at 1906 New York.  Also listing that address are Otis and Opal, and Joseph.  Granville W (wife is Ammie) live at 1810 Tennessee,.

There's an Isiah Silvers, born June 3, 1842, dying June 2, 1904,  buried in Lawrence.

Paul Horace Newsom, born February 10, 1888, died February 1926, and Horace Greeley Newsom, born March 4, 1852, died July 19, 1926.  Both are buried in the Akron cemetery.

Agnes is widowed in Akron in 1930, 74 years old, with COUSINS Hellen Newsom, 17, and Mary Newsom, 14.  Hellen and Mary both born in Virginia.

Agnes (80)  is living with daughters  A. Della Newsom (46, school teacher) and Victoria (40, also a school teacher)  in 1940 in Kansas City.  Niece Mary Newsom, 24, born Ohio, no occupation, is also living with them.

She was living at 2428 Park Avenue in Kansas City in 1933, also with Victoria and Della.  Victoria and Della both teach at W.W. Yates School, Mary is a student,

Agnes Della, born in Hastings, Nebraska May 18, 1884, died March 9, 1959 in Kansas City of lobar pneumonia.  She had lived 49 years in Missouri and was a school teacher living at 2701 Garfield.  Information provided by sister Victoria N. Newsom of Kansas City.  Death certificate said "removed to Denver, Colorado."

Arthur homesteaded 320 acres near Pinneo - about seven miles west of Akron - and was living here in 1917 when he registered for the draft.  He was farming  there when registering for the WWI draft  - medium height and build.  He was married to Susie J..

In 1920 Arthur and Susie are still farming at Pinneo.  Susie's 77-year-od mother Fanny T. Sliver  and 45-year-old sister-in-law Anna Silver, both widowed and born in Alabama, are living with them.

It looks like Arthur and Susie are in Tucson, Arizona in the 1927 city directory, living at 646 S. 6th.

Arthur and Susie Newsom are working at a hotel on Hillcrest Avenue in Pasadena, California in 1930.  In 1938 they were mentioned in the Pasadena section of the California Eagle newspaper.  The Eagle in 1942 mentioned Mrs. Newsom as an active member of St. Barnabas Church i Pasadena.

The California Death Index has Arthur S. Newsom, born June 25, 1873 in Nebraska, dying June 17, 1951  in Los Angeles.  His mother's maiden name was DAVIS.

The Index has a Susie Newsom, born May 28, 1880 in Alabama, dying June 28, 1961 in Los Angeles.  Her mother's maiden name was Murray.

In 1899

George Dungan was the Congregational minister in Otis, and also served the Hyde church.

In 1900 James, 29, born March 1871 in Missouri and Lelia S., 26 and Christina L., 10 months, are farming in Otis precinct.

In 1910 Otis precinct has James A., 38, born Missouri, farmer and Lelia S. 36, born  October 1873 in Virginia, Christina C., 10 and Gladys M., 1, both born in Colorado.

The Pioneer reported in January 1902 that a girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Hill of Otis - wonder if this is the same family

They're still farming in Otis in 1920 - Christina is 20, with no occupation.

James died May 27, 1922, per the grave marker in the Otis cemetery.

Gladys married Ellis Parsons, and they live in Detroit in 1930, with 9-month-old Charles born in Michigan.  Lelia, widowed, is living with them.

All four are still in Detroit in 1940 - with six more children.

SSDI has Ellis, born January 10, 1908, dying December 14, 2002  - that matches the Romulus Memorial Gardens near Detroit - of Ellis and Gladys (died 1953).  Lelia S. Hill, dying 1962, is in the same cemetery.

A daughter of Gladys Parsons said "Christine died young  - about thirty years old."  and one Ancestry family tree has Christine dying in Pinckney, Michigan in 1942.

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