Doctor Calvin C. Chapman 1839-1896 - Otis

Dr. C.C. Chapman
Doctor Calvin C. Chapman,
born March 17, 1839, in Ohio; died August 9, 1896, in Otis, Colorado.
Buried in the Otis Cemetery.

Circa 1895 photograph by H.V. Rothberger studio in Denver
donated by grandson Samuel Chapman,

Samuel Chapman relates - Calvin C. Chapman was a medical doctor (degree from University of Cincinnati medical school in 1871). He married and moved with wife to Iowa, and practiced in a small town about 15 miles due south of Des Moines.

His first wife passed on suddenly, and at about age 33. CCC was left to rear two daughters.

I cannot trace him during the years approximately 1880 to early 1890s. He shows up in Iowa County, Iowa in Marengo, single but still raising the two girls. About 1891 he and the girls move to Yuma, CO and he buys some property. Then quickly sells it and moves to Otis, CO.

In Otis, he purchases a bank and also practices some medicine in Otis, Akron, Yuma and who knows where else. But he was mainly a successful banker.

He married Lucy Peterson (age 25; CCC was about age 55) in Denver on February 6, 1895. They return to his place in Otis and on a hot Sunday morning in August, 1895, CCC dies very suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack leaving Lucy about two months pregnant with a male child who is named Calvin C. Chapman and who was born on March 7, 1896 in Otis. This child became my father.

Samuel adds that Lucy Peterson Chapman was returned to Otis to be buried beside her husband and the family has now added her name to the Chapman tombstone.

From the book LEST THEY BE FORGOTTEN, A guide to old Otis graves.
By Roger Hawthorne, Presbyterian Minister

Dr. C. C. Chapman March 17, 1839 -- August 9, 1896

Dr. Calvin C. Chapman arrived in the area in 1888 and originally planned to locate in Yuma where he purchased a home in addition to buying a quarter section of land east of town. However, that fall of 1888 he and Mary Chapman, possibly a maiden sister, filed on adjoining quarter sections south of Otis as pre-emptions, and he began a farm loan business. Late in 1889 he purchased a town lot on the northeast corner of the intersection of 2nd and Arapahoe where he built a part two-story, part one story house: the one story portion still stands and now serves as a garage. In January, 1890 the James Pruyn family, possible anticipating the impact of the drought of 1889 and the coming drought of 1890, decided to return to Hastings and sold the First Bank of Otis to Dr. Chapman although it seems their feed and seed business went to other interests. By that time the bank was located in the area now serving as a parking lot for today's bank. Whether in the same or another building in unclear, but in 1894 Dr. Chapman's son-in-law, John Kutch, opened a grocery store in Otis; Mary Chapman served as cashier of the bank. The Chapman's joined the Presbyterian Church and it was on a hot Sunday afternoon when Dr. Chapman quite unexpectedly died leaving behind a pregnant widow who later gave birth to his only son who was also named Calvin C. Chapman. It took Kutch six years to finish administering his father-in -law's estate; Dr. Chapman had invested heavily in various properties, especially in town lots in Hyde. Dr. Chapman's widow Lucy, remained in the area for several years serving in various capacities in the Presbyterian Church. Cemetery records suggest she is buried beside her husband although no burial is shown. If she is, the grave is totally unmarked.

The Bank of Otis died with Dr. Chapman who was the community's third doctor; after his death, medical care in Otis either was provided by Dr. William D. Otis, the community's second doctor who had since moved to Ft. Morgan and had to come to Otis by train if he was summoned by telegraph or by a Brush doctor whose services were also obtained by telegraph.

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