Washington County, Colorado

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Waitley Post Office circa 1924

Waitley Post Office circa 1924

Waitley Post Office 1924.
Photo donated by Pat Grudzinski

This photograph shows the Waitley post office when it was located about 16 miles north of Akron on the Owens farmstead. Daniel Owens was postmaster from 1919-1930. That is Mr. Owens proudly holding his new son. The back of the photo is labeled "About March 1924, Daniel G. Owens and D.B. Owens."

The Waitley PO opened in 1915 apparently named for the second postmaster Frank Waitley. It moved from farmstead to farmstead until 1930 when it landed in the Midland, a.k.a Ross, store 14 miles north of Akron. The post office closed in Jan 1936 when mail service for the area shifted to a mail carrier that traveled between Akron and Burdett.

     The Midland Store, Waitley PO's last home, circa 1925, this photo is from the book 100 Years in Pictures.
      Local lore relates that when the Waitley PO moved into the store in 1930, Mrs. Parks, the new postmistress, applied to have the name changed to Midland but was refused by the Postmaster General.

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