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Burdett Sod Post Office, circa 1910

Burdett PO

This post card photo of the Burdett post office is titled "Mail Day - Dec 24, 1910". The Burdett PO was established in 1888 and operated until 1937. The back of the card has a note reading "The first car in Burdett, Colo. Bertha Lair in car." A second note, quoted below, relates that the other arrow points toward Bertha's brother, Walter Lair.

My keepsake of the prairies when I was 15 and 16 yrs old.
(Link is image of original note).

This is a picture of our mail day at Burdett, Colo. on the praires of Colo. My folks took a homestead a few miles from this little store and post office. All buildings are of sod. Very nice inside and very warm in winter and cool in the summer. On mail day, almost everyone would go to get their mail and a few groceries, as we just had mail day twice a week, sometimes just once, carried by a team of horses and carriage. My sister was in the car at the time, as she was working in the store helping at times, and my oldest brother (Walter) who is 94 now, is by her side on the right. The little child is some of neighbors. The first car in near Burdett Colo. years ago.
                                                       By Maude Barnes.

Maude Lair married Elmer H Barnes in 1916 near Kelly.

Donated by Linda R.F. Arnold - granddaughter of Maude Lair Barnes.

This 1910 Burdett Mail Call post card was published in the Akron paper during the Washington County centennial observance. The list of names with the card in the paper was donated by Arlene Glenn.

Identified as being in the picture but not necessarily from left to right, are: Dressel boy, Jake Dressel, Grandpa Dressel, Julius Behrendsen, Herbert Stanley, Fred Tinkham, Ben Smith, Mrs. Gardner, mail carriers, Mrs. Dorcas Harvey, Mrs. Jake Dressel and baby, Grandma Dressel, Mrs. J.J.S. Harvey, Zella Behrendsen, Mrs. Lon (Bess) Felkey, Cora Gardner Brown, Jesse Nitzen, Perl Barnes, Carl Behrendsen, George Kennedy, Bernard Lair, Bertha Lair Blackmore Smith, Lon Felkey (Standing by his first chain-drive car), Walter Lair and three Jake Dressel children.

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