Washington County, Colorado

1920 Panoramic View of Platner

From the left - Platner station and RR Express -- Church -- Post Office

Classic "two boxcar" station and freight office. Note distant boxcar has windows for the Platner C.B.&Q Station Agent's office. The near boxcar apparently served as RR Express office and freight storage. Note the boxes of freight unloaded beside the tracks in front of the station. The signal stand outside the station allowed the agent to stop trains when he had orders, passengers or freight.

The building at the end of the cross street is one of Platner's churches. Can you identify it?
The nearer building with the flat roof would appear to be a garage.

That "tar paper" shack in the foreground is the 1920 Platner Post Office. Perhaps in the middle of a new siding job.

Platner 1920 Panorama