From the Akron Weekly Pioneer Press

May 23, 1902



    A gentleman who has attended many graduation exercises stated to a Pioneer Press reporter last Friday night that he never attended exercises that were better planned and more successfully carried out.

The Presbyterian church was well filled with patrons of the school and many friends came from a distance to share in the pleasures of the evening.  The class was not large but what was lacking in numbers was made up in other directions.  As for the musical numbers they were simply splendid and those ladies and gentlemen who favored the audience with their art in music are entitled to thanks for the excellence in which the various solos were rendered.  Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Jones, Miss Floy Yeamons Messrs Seely and Ferry.  They all elicited praise for the correct way in which music of high grade was rendered.  It has again been demonstrated that Akron is musical.

The raised platform was almost a solid bank of flowers which added to the attractiveness of the occasion, and behind them sat the graduation class, consisting of Misses Mazie May Davis, Mary Alpha Bailey and Agnes Della Newsom, and the little flower girls - Margaret Butts and Gladys McCue.  The teacher, Mr. Howe, also occupied a seat on the stage.  As each member of the class finished an oration the ushers passed through the audience and gathered presents and flowers that were given with lavish hand.  A number of beautiful presents were carried to the platform while the hot houses of Denver contributed their choicest roses, carnations, etc.

"From Nebula to Now" was the title of MIss Mazie Davis' oration and in both matter and manner of its delivery was all that could have been desired.  Her delivery was excellent and showed that much care had been exercised in its preparation.  It is useless to attempt to outline the oration, the title itself giving an idea of the subject.  It was received with applause as the young lady took her seat.

Miss Alpha Bailey chose for her oration the subject "Life is What We Make it."  Miss Alpha showed that great diligence had been used in perfecting herself for this the most trying ordeal of her life, but she acquitted herself with credit and showed a mind carefully trained which reflected the application and attention she has always given to her school work.

The honor of class valedictorian was assigned to Miss Delia Newsom and right well did she perform her task.  Her oration, "Ulysses" was rendered in a way that showed that the last weeks of her school life had not been idle ones.  Her delivery was good and the remarks addressed to her teacher and the school board were touching.  It is fortunate when scholars realize that life in earnest has only begun and that childish things have been put away, and henceforth life is a struggle and victory comes only to the strong of heart.  It is no wonder then that the good man who for four years has trained the minds of the class should be remembered by the young ladies who have just entered the battleof life.

May their victories be great and the blessings coming through the victory be many.

When this part of the program was concluded Rev. J.> Cameron in a few appropriate remarks presented the diplomas, and the benediction by Rev. W.E. Perry followed.  Many of the audience lingered to tender the congratulations and well wishes to the young ladies whom we have all known as little girls and in whose future welfare we all feel the greatest concern.



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