From the Wray Rattler

August 2, 1917


  Can't You Arrange to Make Your Homes in Wray ?

Anyway, All are Glad You are Here, Even if Only for a Short Time,

and that the Normal is the Splendid Success that it is.


    The teachers are here.

    Whole bevies of them

    280 of them are registered, but all have not  yet arrived.  Will be on hand next week.

    Thus did the Normal Institute for this district open last Monday for the two weeks session.

    To Miss Clara Tegner, County Superintendent, is due the bringing to Wray of these splendid people, and Wray has, in the mental sense, opened her arms to them.  They are of us and ar us, for the two next weeks. The town and all its accessories belong to these bright young ladies and gentlemen upon whom for the next year at least, and possibly for many years to come, rests the responsibility of directing the minds of the youth of Northeastern Colorado to higher and nobler ideals.

    Second to the home only stand the teachers in responsibility and liability for the growth and expansion of youthful minds.  And it may well be said that the teachers as a whole, devote more real labor toward qualifying themselves for the responsibility that rests upon them than any other agency, not even excepting a majority of the homes.  That is why they are here for two weeks, entering upon their daily grind at 7:45 each morning and continuing until 4:00 in the afternoon, through the heat of this heated season.

    The Normal is under the direct supervision of Prof. Mooney, of Greeley; H.M Barrett, of Denver; Mrs. Jane Louise McGrath, of New York, and Mrs. Grace Ellen Shoe Smith, of Denver, assisted by county superintendents of most of the counties of the district.  And they do say that wonderfully helpful courses are being followed.  But the work is interspersed with other things of a helpful nature that make the sessions most interesting.  One of these is the chapel hour each morning at ten, when educational lectures and discussions are given.  Then, outside the regular normal work Prof. Mooney and others plan to enliven things, such as last night they had a story hour on the rocks south of the school house.  These things all contribute to enlivening the occasion.  Tomorrow morning, under the auspices of the Commercial Club, if a sufficient number desire to go, they will be taken to the Vernon Chautauqua.  This will be another pleasant feature.  And as soon as it can be arranged the gentlemen will give an entertainment for the ladies of the Normal.  And here will be another grand time.  All these things taken together contribute in a wonderful way to the pleasures of the occasion and smooth the knots of the hard problems they encounter in the school room.  Next to Yuma county, Logan county has the largest enrolment, and this paper violates no confidence when it states that Miss Flora Allison, superintendent of Logan county, is highly gratified that this is true.

    Among the superintendents, besides the resident superintendent, is Miss Flora Allison, of Logan county; Miss Emma Carlson, of Sedgwick county, and Charlie Cochrane, of Morgan county.  Rosa E. Bachman, of Washington county, and all the other superintendents of the district are expected to be present before the sessions close.

    Following is the list of the enrollment to date:


    Fern Allison, Ethel Akey, Vivian Ambler, Pearl Anderson, May Atkinson, Olive S. Basquin, Beulah Briggs, Rosa Beezley, V.H. Bishop, Ruth Baker, Virginia Bruce, Anna Bolender, Frank Bower, Lena D. BUchanan, Fannie Bushford, Fay Breckenridge, Julia Brophy, Ina G. Crum, Ida Crews, Fannie Crews, Maggie Calhoon, Mary B. Carter, Cora Conway, Fern Coston, Bessie Conway, Lulu Coston, Foster W. COe, Corrine Conrad, Louise Davidson, Grace Daniela, Leo Devlin, Lorine Darling, Nina Dickson, Vera E. Devine, Ora Elliott, Maude Essig, A. Mary Emanuel, Jennie E. Funk, Edith Gimer, Gertrude Gilleland, Mrs. N.J. Gilleland, Ettie Galbreath, Amelia Gordan, Matilda Gerber, Ruth Groves, Isabel Grigsby, Francis K. Hall, Minnie Hubbard, Elsie Hughes, Mary Heinrichs, Goldie a Hedman, Catherine Hyatt, Pauline Hill, Ellen Jones, Doris Jordan, Margaurite Kellman, Beatrice Kriemelmeyer, Wayne Kohlman, Dorothy Klein, Anna Klein, Minnie E. Lewis, Callie Lawrence, Mabel Lohman, Gladys Leininger, Clara Leininger, W.B. Mooney, W.O. McCullack, Bryan J. Monley, Jessie Lee Moore, Edith Morford, Jane Louise McGrath, Mrs. M.M McClelland, Lillian Martin, Lee Maags, Stella May, Anna Mercer, Margorie Nordahl, Verda Polly, W.A. Post, C.E. Patton, Blair Roush, Belle Roush, Atla Ramsey, May Rice, Elsie Rose, Ruth Rowley, Goldie M. Shell, Mildren B. Shell, Elenor Shirkey, Lorena Stewart, Harriet E.Short, Bessie Stewart, Lila Sisson, Clifton Smith, Glen Soper, Dorothy Smith, John C. Starnes, Clara V. Tegner, Vernon C. Trunde, Austine Turman, Ronald Wilson, Fay Wooley, Agnes Watson, F.B. Williams, Nellie G. Wilson, Donna Willmeyer.


    Nell Allen, Flora Allison, Grace Allison, Ada Arnett, Nada I. Bullard, Leona Beahn, Jela Beahn, Nellie Beattie, Hazel Bradley, Lulu Brooks, Mrs. Louisa Cole, Helen C. Crichton, William Crichton, Celeste Donnelly, Nettie Damm, Verne Elliott, Grace L. Fisher, Thela Gossage, Louise Hager, Eva B. Hitt, Goldyn F. Horney, Adeline Jamison, Ruth M. Kelsey, Marie Mehl, Minnie Mitchell, Ina McMahon, May Munson, Opal North, Hoberta Odor (sic), Mary O'Rourke, Olga Ourecky, Myrta J. Pantall, Mrs. S. R. Parvin, Mildred M. Patterson, Jennie Richardson, Evlyn Robirds, Lucile Reynolds, J.A. Sexson, Anna B. Shackley, Georgia M. Smith Nettie Smith, Ethel M. Snider, Hazel Souders, Bessie Stout, Clara Sutherland, Emma B. Scott, Grace Ellen Shoe Smith, Bessie Schneider, Emma Teller, Sarah Williams, Vira Wittwer, Minerva Waterfield.


    Pearl Andries, Irma Bennett, Hazel Byron, Lavena Carpenter, Mary Carpenter, Eloise Carre, Marly L. Crosby, Daisy Dyer, Allie Emick, Florence Frederickson, Helen Faris, Ruby Galloway, Clara Gerunse, Edna Gramse, Gwendolyn Halladay, Joy B. Hamlin, Leslie Lee Harris, Lilly Jacobson, Alta Johnson, Lucile Kriemeyer Lucille (sic), Julia M. Keenan, Florence King, Grace McBride, Lulu Murray, L. Opan Payne, Gladys Roberts, Walter Ransom, Martha Shane, Lillie Shane, Anna Shane, Lettie Sutton, Carrie Thompson, Eva Wisdom, Mary M. Young.


    A.B. Anderson, Ethel M. Allison, Miriam Braden, Nellie Brawler, Frances Brown, Mrs. C.P Cochran, Elsie Elliott, Jeanette Edwards, Bernice Fay, Gladys Groves, Ruth Henderson, May Leise, Lillian McVey, Bessie T. McClintock, Helen E. Rose, Pattie Roberts, Laura Resch, Stella Stafford, Mrs. Pansy Smiley, Alice Short, Mrs. Anna L. Sherwood, Jennie M. Tucker, Bessie Weber, Minnie Wisroth, Pauline Woodward.


    Rose Bennett, Emma Carlson, Louise Dunlap, Grace Dutton, Helen Engelhardt, Olga L. Everson, Pauline Froid, Archie V. Hinds, Eva Hiatt, Earle Johnson, Martha J. Kissack, Ethel Kissack, Doris Kinsman, Stella Smelser, Carolyn Sherman.


    Adelphia Brown, Ruth Collins, Freida Dudden, Bertha Guy, Ethma Harmon, Martha Hyers, Elizabeth Kropp, Pauline Lyon, John Moore, Eliza A. Thompson, Ruth Weheirmeier, Ruth Webb, Ethelyn E. Zoll.


Although the session was held in Wray, it's on the Washington County site because of its more central location within the district.


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