Akron 1920  School

From the Akron Weekly Pioneer Press

November 26, 1920

The officers of our Junior Red Cross are as follows - President, Garnett Scott; Vice-president, William Sloane; Secretary, Oralee Salley; Treasurer, Herbert Names.

Mr. Deal's civic class is drafting for the government of the organization.  These rules will be submitted to the student body for adoption.

The girls glee club of our school is giving us some real musical treats.  They have several dates to be filled in the near future.  We are proud of them.

We were glad to have so many of our friends with us on last Friday afternoon.  It does both the teachers and pupils good when you show an interest in our school.

Ray Humerickhouse, who is teaching in Pinneo, visited us last Friday afternoon.

On last Friday afternoon Dr. Dooley vaccinated about twenty-five pupils and teachers here at school.  We only wish that more would take this precaution which protects not only self but others.

The following pupils made highest grades in the subjects indicated in their respective rooms for the second period ending November 19th:

Spelling: Fifth grade, Aladean Laymen, 99 per cent; Sixth grade, John Cochrum, 95 per cent; Seventh grade, Goldie Clark, 97 per cent; Eighth grade, Dorthy Wilcox (sic), 98 per cent.

Arithmetic: Fifth grade, Nellie Irwin, 93 per cent; Sixth grade, Myrle ??, 93 per cent; Seventh grade, Goldie Clark and Helen Galbraidth, both 9? per cent,; Eighth grade, Her?? ???, 96 per cent.

he following pupils have neither been tardy nor absent the first three months of the year:

Kindergarten - Irene Borth, Gertrude Turner, Eva May Wilson.

First Grade - Marian Rowland, ?? Stevens, Oscar Fallert, Earlo Bumley, Harriette Palmer, Boby Blaeser, Fay Sears.

Second Grade - Dale Gray, Earlyoa Griffith, Elmer Hare, Donald McClure, Glenn Rowland, Lila Elam, Wilma Grooms, Grace Hackett, Gudrum Herigstadt, Elsie Smith, Ruby Stevens, Thelma Stout, Eva Weaver, Juanita Weaver, Woodrow Wilson, James Harris.

Third Grade - Alpha Duncan, Lucille Gilett, Pearl Lumley, Helen McCabe, Margaret Sears, Leona Stevens, Olivia Wynne, Elmer Fritz, Ronald Howe, Marcellus Miller, Morris Cross.

Fourth Grade - Russel Borth, Merle Gray, Theodore Hackett, John Palmer, Scott Palmer, Chalkley Wilson, Myrnia Borth, Grace Fallert, Mildred Groom, Leona Madison, Marie Wright.

Fifth grade - Gertrude Adair, Alva Sears, Mabel Parks, Newel Dole, Thelma Fallert, Lola May Clifford, Dale Borth, Vera Cramer, Roy Kopish, Hugh Cuoley, Carl McGuire.

Sixth Grade - Ochal Wilson, Suone Miller, Muriel Shirle, Imogene Trovlager, Luster Hyder, Patricia Davis, Myrle Parks, Edgar Andrews, Edward Steinbrink.

Seventh Grade  Margaret Bogart, Goldie Clark, Violet Clark, Oralee Salley, Jessie Wilson, Norris Cross, Elmer Gillette, Eugene Little, Earl Waldron, Dennis Wright.

Eighth Grade - Vera Gray, Blanche Keicher, Mabel Layton, Thelma Schmidt, Blanche Wright, Frances Wright, Beuford Blauser, Alfred Duncan, Elden McCabe, Herbert Names, William Sloane, Otto Steinbrink, Ray Turner.


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