Akron 1911 High School

From the Akron News Reporter

May 12, 1911

                             Mrs. Smith Entertains.

  Mrs. R. M. Smith  entertained the graduating class of High School at 6 o'clock dinner at her home, Wednesday.  Those present were Mary Clare, Frances King, Glenn Wells and Elmer Smith, who will be graduated this month.

    Georgia Annable and Joe Dole, former members of the class but who left school, the former to accept a position in the County Clerk's office and the latter to go in his father's store were also guests.

    The dinner was served in courses, 1st, Orange shells, filled with punch, two straws tied with the class color, old gold and black, were in each shell.

    2nd.   Tomatoes filled with Waldo (sic) salad, also crackers, pickles and olives.

    3rd.  Pork roast, gravy, potatoes, bread and coffee.

    4th.  Sherbet, angel food and fig cake.

    Raffles was much enjoyed by the young people who left for home at a late hour.

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