Hyde School Dist. #2, Washington County
by Arlene Glenn

Hyde was established in 1884. Besides the post office, there was a newspaper, a bank, hotel, lumberyard, 2 livery barns, a saloon, several stores, and a large school building. This was Hyde when it was a thriving town in eastern Washington County. The original school was built in 1888. The first school had been upstairs over the hardware store. The new school had three large rooms, two being on the ground floor. The upper room was all-in-one, and it was a great place to play on cold and stormy days. It was a building of the community and was used for church, Sunday school, funerals, dances, elections, and entertainments.

However, there was but one term of school when both rooms were used. Mrs. Petty taught the upper and Zuie Bish the lower grades. The large bell that called students to school could be heard for miles. For several years, the old school house stood like a sentinal, a landmark of the past. Some of the first teachers who taught at Hyde were Daisey (Jeffries) Lewis, Mrs. Lon Petty, Nellie Becktel, Clara Ensminger, Alice Black, Alta Irwin, Zuie Bish, and Mr. Gentzler. Nellie Becktel wore the largest bustle and Alice Beck astonished the women of the neighborhood by paying $40 for a coat. Teachers got a salary of about $30 a month.

This building was not used very long until a heated argument took place at the schoolboard meeting. In the end, the motion was made to tear down the original Hyde School and use the lumber to build schools in more convenient locations in the large district. Anyway, the result of this meeting was the establishment of schools called Center Hyde, East Hyde, West Hyde, North Hyde, and South Hyde. These schools gradually closed and Hyde District joined Otis District in the late 1950s.

Records show the teachers at Hyde Schools to have been as follows: Seldom is the actual name of the school given.

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