May 20, 1920 Akron Pioneer Press

   In spite of the inclement weather last Friday, May 14, about four hundred people were served lunch in the gymnasium of the grade building in Otis, after which the primary pupils of Miss Campbell's room gave several folk dances; the second room taught by Mrs. Allen, gave a hoop drill and flour drill; Miss Pick's girls gave the Highland Fling and the boys a Clown Drill.

All the work was excellent showing the untiring efforts of the present faculty which is to be commended for their excellent work this year.

In the evening at the Presbyterian church, which had been tastefully decorated by the Class of 1920, in their colors red and white, twenty-five boys and girls from the Eighth Grade received their diplomas.  The graduates were:

Hazel Oldhausen, George Wright, Bruch Mollison, Lowl Mollison, District 30;

 Bernice Holsclaw, Margaret Lauck, Norma Preising, Mildred Miller, Lois Louise Dillingham, Alma Wells, George Bell, Orval Rehder, Ruth Dowding, Mary Flattery, Orville Moore, Arlene Dillingham, harold Steele, Gladys Gregg, Orlanda Hutchinson, John Flatgterry, Viva Wheeler, Ella Fackrell, Elsie Gross, District 3;

 Ray Emick Ray Caper, Gladys Etter, District 16.

The following program was rendered:

Class Song, Otis Graduates

Invocation, Rev. Griffin

Class Song, District 30

Recitation, Louise Annabel

Song, Girls' Chorus

Recitation, Helen Oldhausen

Duet, Opal Bollman, Irene Skinner

Address, Rev. Dapp

Song, Men's chorus

Presentation of Diplomas, Mrs. Crawford.

Benediction, Rev. Griffin.

Prof. Virgil Allen has been principal of the Grade this year and is retained for next year with other members of his faculty.  Three new teachers will be added making seven teachers for Otis grades.  Two wings will be added to the present building to relieve the already congested condition.





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