St. Joseph's  School

From the Akron Weekly Pioneer Press

December 29, 1922


The members of the Senior class were agreeably surprised last Friday evening when they were invited to the parochial residence and moreover when they were escorted to the dining room to find it tastily decorated with their class colors, maroon and gold.  As they took their places a beautiful pennant, also in the class colors and bearing the inscription: "S.J.H.S 1923, Akron, Colo.," was presented to each member of the class of 1923 by their kind pastor.  A five course dinner was served afterwards, which was certainly enjoyed by all  The Seniors accompanied by Rev. Father Koch and Rev. Father Steidie wended their way to St. Joseph's Hall, which was brilliantly illuminated with lights, decorated with Christmas bells, holy wreaths and mottoes bearing teh inscription: "Merry Christmas."  Here another surprise awaited the Seniors, as the Juniors, Sops and Freshies had prepared a Christmas program in their honor.  Following are the numbers:

Christmas Chimes (song) by Juniors and Freshies.

The Real Christmas Spirit, B L. Vosburg '25.

Yuletide Chorsu (instrumental) Marshall Gillette, '24

Christmas Weather, John Sullivan, '26

Instrumental Duet (Noel) L. Foursell '24 and L. Vosburg, '25.

The Millionaire's Christmas, Marshall Gillette, '24.

Trio (instrumental) violins, Miss V. Lantzer, '26, Master J. Sullivan,'26.  Piano, Miss B. O'Dell, '26

Teddy's Christmas Surprise, Miss L. Gusser, '26

Santa Claus March (instrumental) Miss I Gardner

Giving and Getting, Floyd Schinkel, '25.

Minnie's Christmas Sermon, Minnie Newman, '26

Snowbirds and Mistletoe (Valse) instrumental.  By Miss L. Fournell, '24

Christmas Bureau of Information, Miss A. Gasser, '24.

Peach on Earth, Good Will to Men, Esther Pieper, '24.

Shine On, Christmas Star (Vocal) by 9th, 10th and 11th grades.

The Origin of the Christmas Tree, by Ione Gardner, '23.

Joy Bells of Christmas (Vocal) High School pupils.

The Christmas tree was well laden with Christmas gifts were then disposed of and we certainly felt honored when Father Koch was our Santa Claus and we all know he could not be beaten.  He presented the high school with a large pennant in the school colors, purple and gold.  After the gifts had been presented Father Koch congratulated the members of the high school on the beautiful program they had rendered and also on  the efficient work done by them since September.  The Rev. Pastor then called on Father Steidie who by his witty remarks entertained us for quite a while and was certainly enjoyed.  Both faculty and students take this occasion to thank Rev. Koch for the deep interest  he has taken in our school, also his generosity, and we all sincerely hope that we will enjoy his kind co-operation for many ears to come.


St. Joseph's Hall presented a very pleasing appearance last Friday evening, the color scheme being red and green throughout.  The Xmas colors, wreaths bearing the inscription, "Merry Christmas" and large Xmas bells being scattered profusely thru the hall, and a large Xmas tree loaded with presents, toys and candies (the gift of our good pastor, Revd. J. Koch) was observable at the rear end of the hall.  At 2:30 p.m. the grade pupils marched to the hall and gave the following program:

Opening song, Christmas Carol, by the grades.

The Angel's Message, by Rose Fournell

Daddy's Waltz, by Edward Wagner.

Welcome, by Primary girls.

Holly March (instrumental) by I Hottinger and A. Heer.

The Light of Bethlehem, by Mary Mehring.

Christmas Controversy, by Primary pupils.

Christmas Star, song, by four boys.

Xmas Recitation, Conrad Heer

Don't You Think So?  James Diamond

Mistletoe Waltz (instrumental) B Kaltenbach and B. Heer

Merry Christmas, Rosemary Sutton

Xmas Dialogue, three girls

Just Christmas Fun, Herbert Mehring

Piano Solo, Eugene Sullivan

In Santa Claus' Workshop, Primary pupils

Christmas Bells, Eugene Sullivan

Good Tidings, Bernard Heer

The Christmas Child, Mary Mathis

Christmas Child, by the Grades

At the conclusion of the program bells were heard ringing in the distance and suddenly Santa Claus made his appearance.  He was gladly welcomed by the young folks, altho the wee tots were badly scared and for some time were in a state of bewilderment, but when Santa treated them to candy their fears all diminished and their little countenances beamed with joy.  After all had been treated to candy and given their presents, we enjoyed a very nice by our good pastor, Rev. J.Koch.  He congratulated the pupils on the fine program they had given, also on the splendid work they had done during the semester.  He then told them to play sleep and eat until January 3rd, so as to be ready to return to school in good condition for another semester's work.  Shortly afterwards all departed for their homes, sounding the praises of their good pastor, who, by his great generosity, made it possible for them to have such a grand Christmas celebration.



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