Washington County

Akron Grade School

Akron 1924
List is from right to left. Numbers are on the photograph.

1st Row: 1- Bruce Fallert, 2- Newell Dole, 3- Hugh Cooley, 4- Roy Kopish, 5- Delman Yaskle and 6- Russell Howlett.

2nd Row: 7- Harry Little, 8- Cecil Force, 9- Jack Watson, 10- Alvar Sears, 11- Delmar Burkhart, 12- Eugene Stewart, 13- Jack Hickenbotham, 14- Carl McGuire.

3rd Row: 15- Robey Parriot, 16- Wilby Mason, 17- Hazel Johnson, 18- Bertha Shivley, 20- Lola Madegifford, 21- Mable Parks, 22- Ruth McCabe, 23- James Gould, 24- George Peipmire.

Apparently missing from the photograph but listed on the back are: 25- Earl Wilcox, 26- Aladean Layman.

Back Row: Teacher is 19- Owen Bradley.

Photo donated by Jack Dole.

Note: The names were apparently copied to the back of the photograph by Newell Dole from a list on the school blackboard. I'm sure some of them suffered in the double transcription. If you have corrections please send them to Lee Zion; Subject: 1924 Akron 8th Grade Names.

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