Lone Star School
High School

Class of 1924

The Yuma Pioneer - 22 May 1924
First Graduating Class Lone Star High School

     The first Commencement Week of the Lone Star high school, northwest of Yuma, will be observed next week. All the exercises of the week will be held in the Lone Star high school auditorium. The Baccalaureate sermon will be delivered at that place Sunday morning, May 25, at 10 o'clock. Class night is set for Monday, May 26, at 8 o'clock. The commencement exercises will commence at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. The salutatory will be spoken by Merle Whittenburg and the valedictory will be delivered by Glenn Stenson.
     There are twelve members of the graduating class as follows: Hazel Margaret Olhausen, Francis Elizabeth Keenan, Merle Whittenburg, Glenn Elmer Stenson, Arthur Denzel Deering, Bruce W. Mollison, Ruth G. Whittenburg, Helen S. Olhausen, Nadine I Wheeler, Grace Hattie Deering, Loel M. Mollison and Claude Sweger.

Class of 1924
(Left to right.)
First Row - Grace Deering, Bruce Mollison, Ruth Whittenburg
Second - Glen Stenson, Nadine Wheeler
Third - Frances Keenan, Loel Mollison, Helen Olhausen
Back - Hazel Olhausen, Claude Sweger, Arthur Deering, Merle Whittenburg

Donated by Arlene Glenn and the Yuma Museum

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