Rufus Emery Bartholomew

World War I

U.S. Army
Inducted: 9 Aug 1918

Born: 1 Oct 1899 in Blue Earth City, Faribault County, Minnesota
Son of Daniel Lamont Bartholomew (1876-1943) and Bertha Cordelia Averill (1879-1946)
Died: 1 Nov 1918 in Fort McArthur, California
Buried: Otis, Washington County, Colorado, Cemetery

Rufus E Bartholomew
The Otis Independent
November 7, 1918

A gloom was cast over the community Sunday morning when word was received that an Otis boy, Rufus Bartholomew, had died at Ft. McArthur, California of influenza. He was young, aged just 19 years, 1 month, and 1 day at the time of his death.

He gave up his life for his country just as much as though he had fallen on the battle front across the sea.

Rufus was determined to join the fighting forces of his government, first offering services to the Navy, where, for some minor deficiency he was rejected. Later on August 9, 1918 he joined a heavy artillery unit of the U.S Army and was training at at Ft. McArthur the time of his death.

Rufus was of the fourth generation of the Bartholomew family that have served their country in time of war. His father fought in the Spanish-American War and his grandfather and great grandfather fought in the Civil War. Rufus was the only one to make the supreme sacrifice.

Daniel Bartholomew, Rufus's father, heard of his son's sickness and left for Ft McArthur Saturday morning shortly before the message announcing the death of his son was received in Colorado. Although an effort was made to stop him enroute, he could not be located and he reached his destination after the body of his son had been shipped back to Otis.

Rufus Emery Bartholomew was born at Blue Earth City Minnesota, October 1, 1899 and died at Ft. McArthur, California, November 2, 1918. He came to Otis with his parents January 30, 1914 where made his home until the time he enlisted. He is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Bartholomew and besides his parents he leaves to mourn his loss, two sisters, Leora and Bertha and numerous other relatives.

At Rest
The funeral of Rufus Bartholomew was held in open air Sunday, November 10th [1918] in Otis, Colo. A large crowd was present to pay last tribute to the soldier boy who gave up his life for humanity's sake. Rev. Kilpatrick of the Presbyterian church spoke words of consolation to the bereaved relatives.

A long train of automobiles followed all that was mortal of a brave lad to his lasting resting place in the cemetery south of the town.

The services were of a military order and beautiful floral offerings covered the casket

Rufus Emery Bartholomew Gravestone in Otis, Washington County, Colorado
Thanks to Arlene Glenn

RE Bartholomew Marker

100th Anniversary Memorial Services

Memorial day services were held at Otis cemetery for Rufus Bartholomew on the 100th anniversary of World War I.

Otis VFW Post 3961 joined with the Akron Boy Scouts to present the annual tribute to all the fallen comrades who served in the wars to protect and defend the United States of America.

Randy Feather, Minister of the Otis Presbyterian Church gave the invocation. Services were held at the grave of Rufus Bartholomew who was enlisted in the US Army and died of "Spanish influenza"

Ed note: That horrible, worldwide pandemic of 1918 was misnamed "Spanish Flu". It had nothing to do with Spain nor the Spanish language. As best as can be determined from modern-day forensics, the 1918 influenza virus originated in Haskell County, Kansas, USA, and was spread round the world by US troops going to war.

A poignanant letter home shortly before his death expresses his desire to fight for his country in Europe.

RE Bartholomew Marker

A picture of him and his family and the articles published here paint a historical picture of life in America as our Country joined the Allies in World War I.

RE Bartholomew Marker

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