Private First Class Robert Carl Deel

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US Army
127th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 187th Airborne Division
Service Number:
Born: February 2, 1933
Killed in action March 25, 1951 in Korea
Buried: Otis Cemetery

Purple Heart, Recommended for Silver Star

Son of Andrew A. Deel of Otis

RC Deel Military Marker

Thursday April 12, 1951 - The Akron News-Reporter

   Bobby Deel, son of A. A. Deel of Otis, was killed in action in Korea on March 25, while serving in the 187th Airborne Division. The Deel family formerly resided north of Otis, when Bobby was a youngster. Memorial services will be held at the Otis Presbyterian Church Sunday, April 22, in connection with the morning services.

April 26, 1951 - The Otis Independent


   Mr. A. A. Deel received the following letter from General Douglas MacArthur, regarding the death in a Korean battle of his son Bobby Deel:

General Headquarters,
United Nations Command,
Office Commander-in-Chief
9, April, 1951

Dear Mr. Deel:

   The untimely and tragic loss of your son, Robert, who met his death on the field of battle in Korea, has shocked all of us deeply. Some measure of comfort may be derived from the knowledge that he died in the service of his country and in the defense of a peace-loving people.

   I am confident that his devotion to duty, at the cost of all he held dear, will hasten the day when ruthless aggression shall disappear from the face of the earth and free men everywhere will live together in peace and harmony.

   Our faith enables us to withstand the shock and grief of death. It is my earnest prayer that Almighty God will sustain you in this hour of trial. While the loss of your beloved one will be a hardship, we know that no life is really lost for those who have faith in God.

      Sincerely yours,

   A memorial service was held Sunday at the Presbyterian church at which a large gathering was in attendance. Several of his youthful friends took part in the services, conducted by Rev. W. L. Schmalhorst.

May 17, 1951 - The Otis Independent

Fine Letter Received by A. A. Deel From Son´s Commander

   The following letter was received this week by Mr. A.A. Deel, from his son Robert´s commanding officer. We believe our readers will enjoy seeing what he had to say:

   Vernal, Utah, 9 May 1951

   Dear Mr. Deel:

   Though this is not the first letter of this nature that I have written, it is just as difficult to compose as the first.

   Your son Robert served in my platoon prior to leaving the States, and up until the time of his death.

   I have never commanded a finer, braver soldier. To serve with such a magnificent man on the field of battle, was a privilege and honor.

   On the 25th of March near Parun-ni, South Korea, Company “G” was hit by an over whelming force of enemy troops. Our disposition was such that we could not observe them crawling up on our right flank. Showing complete disregard for his safety, Robert climbed to a position which commanded a view of our flank, and from which he was also exposed to a cross-fire from enemy machine guns.

   Robert was hit in the left arm immediately, but remained in position and rained grenades down on the approaching enemy troops. I personally credit his with stopping three “Banzai” attacks, and keeping our position from being over-run.

   As the third and final attack was ceasing, Robert was hit again and instantly killed. I have never witnessed a more heroic act. If ever a man died a hero´s death, your son did that day.

   It is of little compensation, but Robert has been recommended for the Silver Star, for gallantry in action. He gave his life that we might carry on. We survivors of the 2nd Platoon, will always remember that.

   The personal effects, I felt sure you would like to have. *

   If there are any questions that I have failed to answer, please feel free to write.

      Sincerely and humbly yours,
      1st Lieutenant Infantry

* Reference to personal affects, was to a watch and wallet belonging to Robert, which Lieutenant Woolley enclosed to Mr. Deel.

Thursday October 25, 1951 The Otis Independent

   The last rites for Pfc. Robert Carl Deel were held last Sunday at the Otis Presbyterian Church and the graveside services were conducted by V. F. W. Post 3961. Robert Deel was born on February 2, 1933 and died for his country in the Korean War on March 25, 1951.

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