World War II Servicemen, Washington County, Colorado

Names for this list were contributed by Arlene Glenn and Lee Zion.

Note from original County Coordinator, Lee Zion

The starting point for this list of veterans was compiled by Bud Wells for "The War Years, A 50th Anniversary Album", a photo album of Washington County WWII veteran's pictures. Mr. Wells acknowledged that his list was not complete and your additions are needed.

I would also like to add a short service note to each name. I.E. Edwin Joseph Conrad CPT USA 1942 - 1945, 65th FA (Armored), ETO (N. Africa, Sicily, France, Germany), Legion of Merit

I did not distinguish between the basic military services, the reserve components and the women's services in the listing.

Lee Zion SGM, USA (Retired)

Please contact me if you have additions or corrections DBC


     Branch of Service
 USA - US Army
 USN - US Navy
 AAF - US Army Air Force/Army Air Corps
USMC - US Marine Corps
USCG - US Coast Guard
MMar - Merchant Marine

  GS - Listed as died in service. No further information at this time.
 KIA - Killed in Action
 DOW - Died of Wounds
 DNB - Died (Non-battle)
 POW - Prisoner of War
 WIA - Wounded in Action
 MIA - Missing in Action
 POW - Prisoner of War

 ATO - American Theater
 CBI - China-Berma-India
 ETO - European Theater  (Includes North Africa)
 PTO - Pacific Theater
 SWA - Southwest Asia
 SWP - Southwest Pacific

_____________________________________ A ________________________________________

John Abersold

Violette Clarke Abramson  SSgt USA 1944 - 1946, ATO, SigC & MedC
                   Walter Reed Army Hosp

Frederick W. Adolf  PFC USA

Donald L. Alexander

Harold Alishouse  Ens USN

Frank DeWitt Allen Jr.  Rdm USN, PTO (USS Palau, USS Lexington)

Gerald L. Allen  USA 1945-1947

Wayne D. Allen  1Lt USA Nurse SWP New Guinea

W. Lynn Allen  M1 USN

Robert W. Amberger  Tec5 USA Jun 1942-Nov 1945, 440 AA Bn ETO,
                 Normandy, France, Rhineland, Germany

Donald P. Amick

Wallace I. Amick   Pvt USA Jan 1942-Jul 1943, England

Alfred Anderson

Clarence Anderson

Dale B. Anderson   USN joined 1943 
                   also served in Korea, Vietnam

H. Louis Anderson  PFC USA, 3789 QM Truck Co

Ivan A. Anderson

Lloyd W. Anderson

Perry A. Anderson  Sm2/C USN, joined Nov 1 1943 KIA May 13 1944 South Pacific
           buried Akron Cemetery  

Bernard "Pat" Andrews

Donald W. Andrews

Frank E. Andrews  CMMM USN Jun 1942-Jan 1946, PTO, Mindow, Batten, Borneo, CHina

George N. Andrews  Sgt USA, 500th Bmb Grp, ETO  Dist Flying Cross, Air Medal/5 OKC

Harold L. Andrews

Elmo C. Appenzeller

Eugene E. Appenzeller

Ted Appenzeller

Clifford A. Arthur  PFC USMC, joined 1942, PTO CO D. 2nd Bn, KIA July 10, 1944 Saipan

Melvin E. Arthur  PFC USA, Jun 1944-Mar 1946, 142nd Gen Hosp CBI, Calcutta 

James B. Asmus

Joseph Neal Aspey  AvS1 USN Mar 1941-Sep 1945, PTO, USS Neal, Aleutians

Joe M. Attebery   Pvt USA, 48th Inf Bn 7th Armd Div, joined Jun 1943, 
      Died of wounds Sept 17, 1944 France, Bronze Star Purple Heart
      buried Lorraine American Cemetery, France

Louis E. Atwood

Clarence M. Axtell

Manley Axtell  PFC USA 1942-1945, ETO

Ralph Axtell

Vernon R. Axtell

_____________________________________ B ________________________________________

Forrest Thomas Bacon  USA

James E. Baggley  Tec5 USA

Charles W. Bailey  SFC USA

Leonard C. Bailey

Clarence Lee Baker

Pax D. Baker  Sgt AAF Jan 1941-Aug 1945, PTO, New Guinea, 
              Bismark Archipelago, Philippines

Lloyd S. Baldwin

Eulus E. Ballard

Herschel E. Ballard

Ophir J. Ballard

Walter G. Barnhart  Cpt USA May 1943-Sep 1946, Veterinary

Robert V. Barnhouse  PFC USA Sep 1944-Feb 1946, ETO

Louis Barry  USA 

William J. Barry

William J. Barton  Pvt USA, Surgical Tech Medical Corps

Joseph E. Bassett

Johnston I. Bates

Luther W. Bates

Merlin L. Bates  Fm2/c USN

Paul B. Batterman

Floyd W. Bays  Pvt USA

Grant L. Beach

David M. Bean  Sgt UMSC May 1942-Oct 1945, SPTO

Wayne James Becker  USN Sep 1942-Jan 1946, PTO

Willard L. Beebout

William K. Beedy

Ralph E. Behr  USMC 1942-1946, PTO, Wake, Tarawa 

Albert Behrendsen

Willie H. Bell  Fm1/c USN

Ellis M. Belveal

Robert Benish  USA 

Charles J. Benedict  USA 1942-1945, ETO 5th Armored Div, Germany, Purple Heart

Delilah Rose McGuire Beethe  USN

Ray P. Biby

Robert Bicek

Harold M. Bingham   PVT USA 128 Inf 32ID, MIA Apr 6, 1945 Luzon, Philippines
             Memorial marker Manila AC, Philippines

James A. Bird Jr  Tec5 USA Apr 1945-Dec 1946, SigC PTO

Delbert L. Bishop

Eugene L. Bishop

Winifred E. "Pete" Blackburn  USN 1942-1945, PTO Bougainville, New Caldonia,

John D. Blake

Paul E. "Ed" Blake  USA 1943-1945, ETO, Purple Heart

Bernard H. Blauser

Robert C. Blauser

Charles F. Boltjes  USA Jun 1943-Jan 1946, 112th Cav Reg
                PTO, New Guinea, Luzon, Leyte, Japan
                Purple Heart

George F. Boltjes  Sgt AAF

John Albert Boltjes  USA Oct 1941-__, 185h Eng Bn, 1st Arm Div, ETO
                       North Africa, Italy

Howard Bonser

Floyd Raymond Bose  Cpl USA Nov 1943-Jan 1946, Inf ETO
             Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Edwin B. Bosley

Leonard Bosley

Norris N. Bowland   1Lt AAF 1943-1946, PTO

Kenneth Forrest Bradney  USN 1944-1946, PTO PT Base 17 Philippines

Russell L. Brady  Tec4 USA Sep 1942-Oct 1945, Co F 255th Inf, ETO
             Africa, Italy, France, Rhineland, Central Europe

Joe Brandon Jr.  Lt AAF/USAF 1943-1945.  Recalled Apr 1951 for Korea
             Died in trainer crash October 1, 1951 at San Angelo, Texas
             buried Fort Logan NC

Wayne Brandon   USN 1944-1947, PTO

Glen E. Brannan

Albert Brant

Glenn E. Brant

Kenneth Brant

Bert Bicker

Paul T. Bourquin   USA 1941-1945, ETO

Marion "Bud" Bramhall  USA 1943-1945, PTO Philippines

Burdell Guy Brinkley  Sgt AAF, B17 Radioman, 15th AF, ETO Italy

Brice L. Brinkley  AAF

Floyd Brouhard

Forrest Brouhard

Dwane Alfred Brown  Rdm1 USN Mar 1942-Oct 1945, PTO

Everett E. Brown

James O. Brown Jr.  PFC USA Sep 1944 - Aug 1946, Inf, PTO
               Philippines, Ryukus

Laureston C. Brown  TSgt USA Jul 1942-Jul 1945, ETO Medic,
                    Africa, Middle East, Central Europe, Rhineland 

Marion Edward Brown   Sgt USA Sep 1942-Dec 1945, Eng, PTO
             Morati, Jackanau Bay, Lingayan Bay

Maynard Roy Brown  USA

Robert D. Brown  Sgt USA Apr 1942-Dec 1945, MedC

Thomas B. Brown  Sgt USA Feb 1943-Nov 1945, ETO

Verner V. Brown

George A. Brungardt

Norman L. Buckmaster  Pvt USA

Ferdinand M. Buhr

Relph Eldon Buhr

Everett Burgess  USA Oct 1941-Oct 1945, SigC ETO

Chester A. Burke  USA 1942-1946, ATO, PTO (Philippines)

Edmund J. Burke

Bernard G. Burkholder

Burton D. Burkholder

Maynard Burkholder

Wayne Burkholder

Gail H. Burley

William Joseph Burns

_____________________________________ C ________________________________________

John O. Cable

John J. Cain  Mailman2nd USN 

John C. Campbell  Tec5 USA May 1942-Sep 1945, Radio Op ETO
                 Africa, Italy, France

Warren H. Campbell

Lewis C. Cantrell  AAF

Everett Eugene "Gene" Cantrell  Ssgt AAF Jul 1941-Oct 1945, 15th AF,
                PTO Coral Sea, Guadacanal - ETO Italy, France
                Commissioned 2Lt Oct 1945
                Purple Heart, Air Medal

Donald J. Carlsen  SSgt AAF 1940-1946, ETO B-17 Top Turret
                   Distingished Flying Cross, Air Medal (3 OLC)

Henry Harrison Carpenter  PFC USA Apr 1944-Jan 1946, 1262nd Eng Bn ETO
                Rhineland, Central Europe

Timothy C. Casey  USA, PTO  
               Survivor of the Bataan death march in the Phillipines

William Preston Cass   1SGT AAF, Joined 5/30/1940, Captured 4/10/1942,
                Killed as POW 9/7/1944 when Japanese transport 
                was sunk.  Purple Heart  Memorial marker Manila AC.

Junior Fred Cawthra  Tec5 USA Sep 1944-Apr 1946, PTO Okinawa

Allen Cecil  USA, Philippine Is, Captured by Japanese, POW May 1942-Aug 1945

Edward W. Cecil  USA 1942-1946, PTO Guam 

Jack R. Cecil  Sm1 USN Jun 1944-May 1946, PTO

Lee A. Cecil

Waverly Cecil   POW

Dale Chandler  Rdrmn 3/c USN 1944-1946, USS Thetis Bay (CVE-90)

Loren L. Chandler   USMC Oct 1943-Nov 1945, 3rd Mar Div, PTO
     New Caledonia, Solomons, Peleliu, Okinawa

Ray W. Chandler  Cpl USA Feb 1945-Jul 1946, PTO Hawaii, Philippines

Yale B. Chapin  AAF 1942-1946

Clyde W. Chaplin  Lt AAF

Franklin R. Chaplin

D. William Chappell  PHM3 USN

Calvin C. Christiansen

C. Norris Christiansen  CSK USN, Feb 1942-Jan 1946

Floyd Christiansen

Harold Christiansen

Ivan F. Christiansen

Warren M. Church

Kenneth W. Churchwell

Richard W. Churchwell

James D. Clark   1LT AAF, KIA Nov 9, 1944 France
                 Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal w/4OLC, Purple Heart

Leland D. Clark

Charles Clayton

Dorwin B. "Shorty" Clayton  Tec5 USA 

Orin W. Cleveland

Earl R. Clevenger

John A. Cockrum

Kenneth L. Cole  USN 1943-1946, PTO LST-244, 519th Const Bn and 82nd Const Bn
                   Bora Bora, New Caledonia, Okinawa

Robert L. Conrey

Leslie J. Cooper   USA 1942-1945, ETO 337th Inf, North Africa, Italy

James Cope

William G. Cope

Carlton E. Cossey  SAD3 USN Nov 1942-Feb 1946

William Grant Cossey  Sgt USA Oct 1944-Oct 1946, PTO Luzon

Carl L. Cowan   Cpl AAF Apr 1942-Jun 1945, ETO

J D Cox   USN, PTO USS West Virginia Pearl Harbor, later USS Missouri
             Retired from Navy as CPO 

Ted Cox     AAF, ETO Tail Gunner

Roy M. Crabb  PFC USA

Jeanne Crabb

Floyd V. Craig  WT2 USN Dec 1941-Oct 1945, PTO Midway, Saipan

John T. Craig  MM1 USN 1943-1945

William F. Craig

Melvin D. Cross   Pvt USA, Joined Nov 1942, Co A 81st Tank Bn 5th Armd Div
                 KIA Sept 1 1944 France, Purple Heart, Buried Cope

Raymond O. Cross  USA 1942-1946

Clarence Cure

George A. Cure   S2/c USN, joined 2/20/1942, USS Gwin, Reported MIA 1943, Status changed to KIA 1945.

Virgil L. Cure

Kenneth L. Curtis

_____________________________________ D ________________________________________

George F. Dalgett

Marvin F. Daniels

Connie Lee Dannar  T3 USA, PTO 4th Gen Hosp Philippines

Earl L. Dannar  PFC AAF, ETO

Harry L. Dannar  USA ETO

Clinton T. Dansdill  TSgt AAF

Robert K. Dansdill

Barry Darby

Calvin A. Darby  USN 1943-1946 PTO

Cleo J. Darby  AM 3/c USN 1942-1945, PTO USS Henderson, USS Meredith

Delbert Darby

George Charles Darby  Pvt USA 1942 (medical discharge after 2 mos)

Glen Phillips Darby  CPL USA 1941-1943, PTO 41st Div, New Guinea

Robert Nelson Darby  Pvt USA 1942-1945, ETO Normandy, Rhineland, Ardennes

James E. Darrell

Harry F. Davis

Jack F. Davis

Roy Glen Davis  USA Sep 1940-__, ETO Africa, Middle East, Sicily, Italy

David H. Davisson

Roy E. Davisson  USCG

Willard E. Davisson

Fred S. Dayton

William T. Dayton

Oliver Russell "Bud" Dean

Tommy L Dean

William Doyle Dean  Pvt USA

John H. A. Dehnbostle  Tec5 USA, 895th MP CO Avn

Frank W. Delaney Jr.

Gerald E. Diamond

James Diamond Jr.   Fm 2/c USN 06182966, joined 3/16/1942, USS Pensacola,
                    KIA 12/1/1943 Battle of Tassafaronga. Purple Heart
Margaret M. Diamond  Cook 2nd USN Sep 1943-Nov 1945, ATO

Rita Diamond Bender Schrader  StoreKeeper 1/c USN Sep 1943-Feb 1946, ATO

Jerry E. Dodge  Cpt AAF O-731839, 419th Bomb Sqd 301st Bomb Group, 
                    MIA 11/16/1943, memorial marker Rhone AC France
                    Air Medal w/7 OLC, Purple Heart 

Ivan H. Doman

James J. Donnelly   Maj, USA, 1941-1945, 167th Combat Engineer Battalion
                    ETO France, Holland, Belgium, Germany

Royal C. Donnen  SSgt AAF Mar 1943-Dec 1945, ETO

Lawrence L. Dooley

John A. Dorrenbacher   USN

William L. Dorsey

Roby Eugene Douglas

Raymond W. Downing  Tec4 USA Nov 1944-Mar 1946, 41st Qm Co PTO

Calvin A. Draegert  PFC USA Jun 1945-Dec 1946, Inf

Charles Dean Draegert  USA 

Robert D. Drescher  ? 1940-1945, PTO

Hollis Dressel

Lloyd Dressel

Harrison "Rex" Drullinger  Pvt USA Mar 1945 - Oct 1945

Ray H. Drullinger  SSgt USA, joined 1941, 157th Inf Reg 45th ID, 
                  KIA 7/10/1943, Sicily, Purple Heart, buried Cope

Raymond J. Drum

W. Clyde Dunaway

John V. "Jack" Duncan Tec4 USA Apr 1943-Feb 1945

Robert Lewis Duncan  Pvt AAF Feb 1945-Nov 1945

Loral Dunn  Lt USN PTO

Lyle Dunn

Dwight C. Dutton  USA ETO

_____________________________________ E ________________________________________

Carl D. Easter

Owen Ebendorf

Eugene L. Edkins

Howard Leland Edwards  Tec5 USA Jun 1945-Jan 1947 ETO

Lennie O. Edwards

Floyd E. Eichler

Lloyd I. Eichler

Milton W. Elder  USA, ETO 10th Arm Div

Richard R. Elder

Robert Paul Elder   SGT USMC, joined 1940, PTO KIA 2/19/1944, Eniwetok Atoll
               buried Ft McPherson NC, Neb.

James H. Elliott   USN

Richard W Elliott  USA 1944-1946, ETO 

William Elliott

Lyle D. Ellis

Verne R. Ellsworth

Glenn R. Erickson  Tec5 USA

Lawrence A. "Si" Eskew  Pvt USA, MP Plt 5th Arm Div

Milton W. Etter  Sgt USA Aug 1943-Jan 1946, Artillery ETO
              France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Harry O. Evans  AAF

Roy O. Evans

_____________________________________ F ________________________________________

Delbert Bruce Fallert  TSgt USA

Oscar J. Fallert  Lt Cdr USN

Cecil R. Farley  SSgt USA, 807th Chemical Co.

Howard "Archie" "Bud" Farley  Pvt USA

William H. Farley

William Chester Farris

Kenneth E. Fender  PFC USA, Co M 112th Inf

John L. Feyereisen  Tec5 USA

Robert Frank Feyereisen  SSgt USA, 1943-1946, 1st Field Artillery Bn, PTO New Guinea, Luzon.
                         Re-enlisted 1949, MIA 8/11/1950 Korea, Died while POW 10/20/1950

Charles Fiechter

Edward A. Fiechter

Elmer Fiechter   USMC

Norbert B. "Kayo" Filla  AAF, SWP

Albert I. Fincher

Elery Fine

Frank Fine

George E. Fine   PFC USA, 99th FA Bn 1st Cav Div, KIA Jun 21 1945, Philippines
                Purple Heart, buried Manila AC

Alva L. Finkner  Maj USA 1942-1946, PTO ASC Leyte, Manila, Yokohama

Kenneth W. Finkner  Lt USA 1942-1946, 96th Inf Div

Morris D. Finkner  Cpt USA 1943-1946, PTO 80th FA Bn, 6th Inf Div, Philippines, Korea

Ralph E. Finkner   USN 1945-1946, PTO USS Savo Island

Verne C. Finkner  LtJg USN 1943-1945, PTO LST 544

John E. Flattery

Rex H. Foltmer   SSgt AAF May 1942- 

Rufus H. Forbes  USA Purple Heart

Ivan Leroy Force  Pvt USA

Cecil S. Foree  USN Mar 1944-Dec 1945

Burton Max Foutz  Sgt USMC 1942-1945, 133 Sqd 24MAG 1st MAW, PTO
                   Bougainville, Bismark Archipelago 

Eldred Eugene Foutz  USA 1942-1945, ATO, ETO

Lyle A. Foutz  2LT AAF 1942-1945, ETO North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Normandy

Roy Dale Fox  USA 1941-1944

Phillip F. Foy  Sgt USA, Co K 12th Inf

Ernest L. Franklin

Charles W. Fredericksen

Theodore Fredericksen

Joseph A Frenzel  USA 1944-1946

Malvin D. Frick  MMar

Virgil M. Fridrich  Pvt USA, Med Dept, died 7/1/1943

Claude Friend

Elmer E. Friend

Harold C. Frink  Tec5 USA ETO

Ernest E. Fritts

Lewis A. Funk

_____________________________________ G ________________________________________

Matthew J. Galard  PFC AAF

James C. Galbreath  Pvt USA, 359th Arty

Marion B. Gartin  Sgt USA 1942-1946, 6th FA 37th Inf Div, PTO Guadalcanal

Eugene A. Gasser  PO2 USN 1943-1945

Alfred Jesse Gates  Tec5 USA Sep 1944-Jul 1946, 102nd Cav Sqdn, ETO Rhineland, Central Europe

Beuford C. Gates  PFC USA Sep 1942-Dec 1945, Infantry, PTO New Briton, Luzon

Brice Gates

Albert W. Gebauer  USN 1942-1946, PTO

Alfred Heiman Gebauer  Cpl USMC 1941-1945, SWP

Charles August Gebauer  USN Sep 1945-Jun 1946

Chester William Gebauer  S1c USN 08768327, joined 1943, KIA 10/24/1944
                         PTO LST-695  buried at sea

Wilferd Paul Gebauer  MM 3/c USN 1944-1946, PTO USS Hades

Rex L. Geiger

Fredrick J. Gemaehlich

William H. Gemaehlich

William Jake Gemaehlich  Cpl USA, joined 1940, 157th Inf 45th Div ETO
                       KIA Oct 5 1943 Italy, Purple Heart
                       Buried Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Italy

Leroy Oliver Gentz  SF2 USN, Seabees PTO

James F. Gertson Jr.  Tec5 USA Aug 1942-Dec 1948, 531st AAA, ETO
                    Normandy, France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Robert "Bob" Geske  Cpl USA, Radar Instructor

Earl E. Gibson Jr.  Cpl AAF

Glen L. Gielenz  PFC Jun 1944-Apr 1946, PTO Leyte, Mindano, Korea

Jared E. Gieske

Melvin K. Gilbert

Vernon E. Gilbert

Wesley G. Gilchrist

Charles J. Giles  Sgt USA

Bruce Frank Gill   Capt  USA Field Artillery,  airial observer pilot

Charles Donald Gill  Lt USMC, SWP,  fighter pilot

Otis William Gill  USN, PTO

Eugene F. Gilmore

Catherine E. (Gilleland) Staples  Cpt USA

Glen L. Glelenz  PFC USA 1944-1946, PTO Mindanao, Leyte, Korea

Lee W Goble  PFC USA Feb 1944-Feb 1945, Wireman HHC 15th Inf Reg, 3rd ID, 
            ETO Italy, France, Germany, Two Purple Hearts

Dale R. Golgart  USN 1943-1946, PTO  USS Neshanic

John Fred Golgart  Sgt USA 1942-1945, ETO Normandy, France, Ardennes, Rhineland

Norval Goodloe

Donne C. Gordon  CPHM USN Jun 1942-Oct 1945, PTO

Simbo W. Goto

Dale F. Graham  USN May 1945-Dec 1946, SWP - USS Implicite (AMS-246)

Bentley W. Greb  SSgt USA

Byrl I. Green

Lyle T. Green

Howard E. Griese

Emerson C. Griffin  PFC USA, Co C 38th Inf Reg, ETO Belguim, Germany, WIA Apr 1945

Dale O. Grooms  USN

John S. Grooms  Coxn USN 1941-1945, USS California, USS Fingey 

Leonard C. Grooms

Claude Geurtner

Frank Guertner

James H. Guertner  USN 1942-1945

John Guertner

Arthur M. Guida

Manley Guida

Cecilio Gutierrez

Elburn V. Guy  Tec5 USA

Rawlings B. Guy  Sgt USA Nov 1945-Feb 1947, Pacific Occupation

_____________________________________ H ________________________________________

Royce V. Haden  USA, ETO Italy

John A. Halcomb  Cpl AAF, ETO 8th Air Force

Frank A. Hale

Harold Hall

James Fred Hall

Terry J. Hall

Thomas P. "Pat" Hall Cpt USA 1943-1945, ETO - Battle of the Bulge

Raymond A. Haller  Sgt USA Oct 1945-Nov 1946, Inf, PTO, Luzon

Charles W. Halsey

Leo M. Hann

Robert J. Hann

Oliver E. Hansen  PFC USA 1943-1946

Eugene A. Hanson

Carl M. Harbert  PFC USA Sep 1942-Dec 1945, Med Co, ETO
                Normandy, France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Charles W. Harbert  Cpl AAF Feb 1946-Feb 1949

Forrest Keith Harbert SSgt USA Jan 9142-Jul 1945, PTO
                New Guinea, Philippines

James W. Harbert

Robert L. Harbert  SSgt USA Oct 1944-Nov 1946, 7th Cav, PTO, Luzon

Wayne Harbert  MOMM 2/c USN 1942-1945, PTO  USS Tirante

Leo D. Harman  USA 1942-1945, 34th Cav 34th Div, ETO N.Africa, Italy

Donald S. Harper  MMM1 USN Oct 1942-Dec 1945, ETO Sicily, France,
                  PTO Okinawa

Richard R. Harper  Tec5 USA Nov 1941-Oct 1945, SigC, ETO 
              Sicily, Italy, France

Duane G. Harris  USA, ETO  France, Germany

LaDean G. Hart

Homer Harvey

Howard Harvey

Donald K. Hassig

Lewis E. Hatch

Glen R. Hatch

C. A. Hathaway Jr.

Wilbur C. Haver

Gerald C. "Bud" Hayes  Tec5 USA

Leland G. Hayes  1Lt AAF

Dean L. Headley

Donald Heater

Elmer D. Heater Jr.  AAF 1943-1946, ETO Italy, B-17 Crew
                    Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart

Gerald W. Heater

Lyle C. Heater   USA 1942-1946, ATO

Ronald Heater

Robert H. Hedges  Hm1st USN Feb 1945-Dec 1946

Spencer Hedges  Sm USN Jul 1944-Sep 1944

Thomas E. Heggs

Herbert H. Heidemann

Conrad Helmut Jr.

Walter Raymond Heltenberg  SSgt, USA, 17th Arm Inf Bn, 
                     KIA Germany Apr 1, 1945, buried Yuma Cemetery

Joe Heinrich

Andrew J. Hendrix  SSgt USA Sep 1944-Sep 1946, PTO Luzon

Doyle W. Henry

Frances E. Henry  USA 1941-1946, Nurse, PTO Australia, New Gunea

John "Kit" Herman

King W. Herrington

Samuel H. Herrington

Newell A. Herron

Frank Hicklin  MoMM3/c USN

Rex Hickman

Robert N. Highland  TSgt AAF

Wayne B. Highland

Harley F. Hinton

Eugene Hisam

Merle L. Hodges

Conrad Hoffman Jr.  Sgt AAF

Warren G. Hohnstein

Emlen V. "Slim" Holden USA 1942-1945, PTO Attu

Helen K. Holt

Horace H. Holt Jr.

Clarence R. Hooker  Tec4 USA 1942-1946, PTO 3rd RR Service Bn

Lawrence Hooker

Robert W. Hooker  Tec4 USA 1941-1945, Sig Corp, India/Burma

Edgar Hooper

Paul Hooper

Alva Hoosier

Robert Hoosier

Virgil Hoosier

John W. Hopton

Clarence Eugene Horan  USA ?-1947

Lester J. Horn   PFC USA, Joined Nov 1940, 9th Inf 2nd Inf Div, ETO
                 KIA D-Day Jun 6, 1944 Normandy, Purple Heart
                 buried Normandy AC, France

Roy E. Horn  Pvt USA

Roy A. Howard Jr.

Warren V. Howard

Clarence E. "Gene" Hoyer

James W. Hulburd

Darth Daryle Hurlburt  Sm1 USN Oct 1944-Jun 1946, Philippines

Thomas E. Hurt  PFC USA Nov 1942-Sep 1945, 58th Field Arty, ETO
               Sicily, Normandy, France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Willard C. Hussey

Carl A. Hutchinson Jr.

Donald K. Hutchinson

_____________________________________ I ________________________________________

Reuben Ickes  USA, 1943-1946, 12th Arm Div

Howard L. Ingalsbe  USA

Bernard Dale Ison  AAF 1943-1946, 519th Arial Svc Group, ATO

Charles Ison Jr.  SM1 USN 1944-1946, ATO

_____________________________________ J ________________________________________

Jake A. Jackson  Pvt USA, 118th Eng Bn, 43rd Inf Div

James L. Jackson  PFC USA, 1955 Svc Comd

Kenneth Jacobs

Eugene W. Jaeger

Samuel G. "Gary" Jamison  AAF

Edgar Jay

Merton E. Jefferies

Charles Andrew Jefferson

Max R. Jefferson

Ernest E. Jenkins

Eugene E. Jenkins

Alfred Jesse

Francis A. Jesse  SSgt USA 1941-1945, PTO Alaska, Aleutians

Howard G. Jesse  SSgt USA 1942-1945, ETO 12th Armored Div

William R. Jessen

Paul L. Jewett

Vernon John

Arthur M. Johnson

Carl H. Johnson  USA

Charles Johnson

Donald A. Johnson  Tec5 AAF 1942-1945, ETO Africa, Europe

Donald E. Johnson

Donald J. Johnson

Erick C. Johnson  Pvt USA Oct 1942-Dec 1945, Co C, _ QM Reg
                  Alaska, helped build AlCan highway.

Glenn L, Johnson   Pvt USMC, Joined Jan 1942, PTO 
                  KIA Jan 28 1943 New Brittain
                  buried Manila AC, Philippines

Gilbert E. Johnson  Sm1 USN

Gunner O. Johnson

Holger V. Johnson

Joseph E. Johnson

Orville S. Johnson  Cpl AAF 1943-1946, ATO

Sherwood A. Johnson  MSgt AAF 1943-1945, Italy, Geramny

Wilmer Johnson

Marion Johnston

Dale R. Jones

Dennis D. Jones   Sgt USA, Died of Wounds Feb? 1945, Luzon Philippines

Lonie E. Jones

Robert R. Jones  PFC USMC 1942-  , PTO Sarawa, Saipan, Mariannas

Roger F. Jones  Cpl USA Apr 1945-Dec 1946, Japan Occupation

Walter R. Jordan   Sgt USA, Died Jun 6, 1942
                   buried Ft. McPherson NC, Neb

Laurel Jump

Bud Justice  USA

_____________________________________ K ________________________________________

John R. Kalous

T. Joe Keenan

Kenn J. Keim  Sm1c USN

Max R. Keim

Robert K. Keim  Cox USN

Robert E. Kelley

Francis E. Kelley

J. Linley Kelly

Charles S. Kern  AAF, Pilot 14th AF, China

Wayne Edward Kern

Karl C. Kessinger  PFC USA

Chester H. Kincheloe

Jesse Harry Kincheloe  PFC USA Jul 1943-Feb 1946, Infantry, PTO

Harley B. King

James R. Kinnison  USA 1252nd Cmbt Eng, ETO

Jens Kjellerup  USA 1944-1946 PTO

Paul C. Klassen  USMC  PTO

William C. Klassen  USA ETO

Erhardt E. Klein  Lt USA 1941-1945, PTO 
                Air Medal, Silver Star w/OLC 

Norbert Klien  USA 1945-

Adolf Earnest Klinzmann  USA

Walter Henry Fred Klinzmann  USA 1942-1945, Co B, 753rd Trans Bn, 
                    ETO North Africa, Italy; PTO Philippines

Wilbur O. Kloefkorn

Floyd R. Knapp  USA 1940-1945

Marvin E. Kniese  1Lt AAF, 8th AF, ETO

Robert K. Knight

Donald G. Knutzen

Robert L. Knutzen  MM1c USN, Jan 1942-Oct 1945

Fred Edward Koch Jr.

Francis Wayne Koger  T5 USA

Lloyd J. Kopisch

Robert L. Krause

William J. Krause

Corry C. Krebs  CM1 USN

Oscar Krien

Tony Krien

Everett J. Krier

Norbert J. Krier

Joseph H. Kroeger  PFC USA

Arthur A. Kroger

Martin H. Krueger

Fred Kuecke Jr   Army 1942-1965, ETO 116th Inf Reg, 29th Inf Div
                 Purple Heart (with OLC)

Richard C. "Bud" Kuecke  CYm USN, 1940-1946, ATO
                         USS Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, Mississipi
                         USS Wisconsin, Lake Champlain and F.D. Rossevelt

Lewis H. Kundert  SSgt AAF Jun 1942-Sep 1945, ETO Africa, Sicily, Italy
                  Air Medal w/8 clusters

Alfons George Kuntz   PFC USA, joined 1942, KIA Jul 3 1944 France
                      ETO 90th Inf Div, buried Normandy AC France
                      Purple Heart

Clarence E. Kuntz  USA 1945-1946, PTO Japan Occupation

Edward C. Kuntz  SSgt USA 1944-1946, PTO 341 Inf Reg, 86th Inf Div

Henry F. Kuntz  Cpl AAF 1943-1946, ATO 1389th AAF Base Unit

Joseph C. Kuntz  USA 1941-1946, 86th Ord Bn, Blackhawk Division

Leo Edwin Kuntz  Army 1942-1945, ETO Med Corps North Africa, Italy

Louis A. Kuntz  MSgt USA 1943-1946, ETO 288th FA, 3rd Army

Norbert Kuntz   USN 1945-1949, PTO Occupation

Richard Kuntz  USMC 1944-1946, PTO 6th Marine Division,
               Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Guam  WIA 6/1/1945 Okinawa

_____________________________________ L ________________________________________

Orval J. Lair

Everett J. Lambertaon  PFC AAF Oct 1942-Dec 1945

George K. Lane  Tmn1 USN, Dec 1941-Mar 1944, ETO 
                 N.Africa Invasion, Mediterranean Patrol

Marice Langley  Lt USN Sep 1942-Jan 1946, Aviation, PTO
               Guadalcanal, Rendova, New Georgia, Vella LaVella
               Pakoi Bay, Bougainville

Michael N. Langley

Harold Lanning  Tec5 USA Jun 1945-Nov 1946, Berlin Occupation

Jess J. Lanning

Elbert O. Lantzer

Jack Lantzer  Pvt USMC

Samuel Lantzer  Pvt USA

Billy Lathrop

Francis M. Lathrop

Robert Layher

D. Baker Lenox

James B. Lesher  2Lt AAF, Joined Feb 1943, died Sept 1 1944 Abilene TX
                buried Akron

Donald N. Lewis  Cpl USA Sep 1940-Sep 1945, ETO Sicily, Italy, France

Merle W. Lewis  M1c, USN Jul 1943-Nov 1945, Seebees, PTO Okinawa

Verle B. Lewton   SGT AAF, 1942-1945, ETO England, B-17 & B-24 Gunner

Henry Linker

Alvin G. Lisle  Tec4 USA, Jan 1943-Jan 1945, SigC, CBI

Robert C. Lisle  Lt USN, Sep 1942-Nov 1945, Carrier Aviator, PTO
                 Tokyo, Iwo Jima, Okinawa

Walter E. Lockard

Lester William Long  2LT USMC, died Jul 20, 1944 in crash at New Bern 
                    Marine Air Station, North Carolina, buried Centerville IA  

Americo J. Lorenzini

Johnny F. Lorenzini

Willard J. Losey

Robert H. Lowry  EM1 USN Apr 1942-Oct 1945, 5th Const Bn, PTO
                 Pearl, Midway, Philippines

Glen A. Ludwig

William Leroy Ludwig

Milford B. Lundquist

Carl Lykkehoy   USA 1941-1945, ETO France, Germany

_____________________________________ M ________________________________________

Lawrence Dale Mack  USN 1943-1945, PTO

Richard M. Mack  USCG 1941-1945

William Lee Mack  USN, USS Hudson

Walter R Madison  MOMM 2/c USN 1942-1945
                  PTO USS Snook, USS Trigger, USS Pampanito

Blaine Maggard  AAF 1944-1945, PTO 230th AA Art SchLgt Bn Saipan

Dennis F. Mahaney  SSgt USA Feb 1943-Jan 1946, Infantry, ETO
                  France, Rhineland

Lundgren T. Main

Rudyard W. Manley

Joe Manzanares

Garold F. Marick  USA 1942-1945

Harold R. Marick  SSgt USA 1942-1945, ETO France, Belgium, Germany

Paul L. Manick  PFC USA 1944-1945, PTO Okinawa, Saipan, Guam

Curtis Markham

Alfred Marshall  Sgt AAF Oct 1942-Jan 1946, B-29 crewman, PTO

Laymon R. Marshall  Tec5 AAF Jul 1942-Oct 1945, Eng, PTO

Dudley Martin

Paul H. Martin  USA 1942-1946, SWA CBI

Alan Maser  USA

Harold Mason

Robert D. Mason  Sgt USA, Co F 120th Inf

William J. Mason

Elmer H. Massengale

Clyde E. Matthews

Darvon E. Matthews  AAF

Elmo E. Matthews

Francis M. Matthews

Gordon H. Matthews  Army, ETO  German Occupation

Louis W. Matthews

Melvin E. Matthews

Lawrence M. McAlister

Everett P. McBeth   2Lt AAF, joined Jun 1942, died 4/1/1943 California
                   buried Akron

Ray L. McBeth   USA 1942-1946

Harold McCallmont   Tech Sgt AAF, Joined Oct 1941, 
                    320th Bm Sqdn 90th Bm Gp 5th AF
                    KIA Jul 20, 1943 New Guinea  
                    buried Yuma Cemetery

Louis A. McClung

Otto J. McClure  USA 1943-1944

Charles H. McConkey

William W. McConnell

Bud McCracken

Ivan Arthur McFarland  Tec4 USA Apr 1942-Jan 1946, MedC, PTO
                 Bismark Archipelago, New Guinea, Philippines

James R. McFarland  Pvt USA

Howard L. McFarlane

Dale D. McFarlin  1Sgt USA 1940-1945, ETO Co L., 157th Inf, 45th Div
                  Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, Germany

Gerald G. McFarlin  USA 1940-1945, ETO Co L., 157th Inf, 45th Div
                  Sicily, Salerno, WIA Anzio, Silver Star, Purple Heart

Charles LeRoy McGee Pvt USA, joined Feb 1944, 23rd Inf
                  KIA Jan 18, 1945 Belgium, Purple Heart
                  buried Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver

Fern McGonagle

Delilah Rose McGuire Beethe  USN

Erwin H. McGuire

Joyce McGuire      USN

Noland M. McGuire

Ted H. Mclrvin

Lauren J. McKenzie  AAF ETO

Robert Lee McKie  QM3 USN

Glen D. McMillan  Cpl USA

Jack McMillion  TSgt USA 1940-1944, Co L, 157th Inf Reg,
                WIA 5/23/1944 Anzio, Italy PH, BSM, SS

Marion B. McMillion  USA 1940-1945, PTO Luzon, New Guinea, New Britain

Carl McMullen  USN 1945-1946, PTO

Glenn A. "Mickie" McMullen

Orville B. McMullen  USN 1943-1946

Rex McMullen  USCG 1942-1945

Harlond B. McMurphy

Herman C. McSwain  USA 1935-1956, ETO 13th Cav Reg, 1st Arm Div
                   Also served in Korea, Retired as Sergeant Major of 41st Tank Bn
                   Silver Star, Purple Heart

Norvan Lawrence McTaggart

Hugh W. Mefford  AAF

Louis B. Mehring

Arnold O. Mekelburg  USA 1941-1945, ATO

Raymond C. Mekelburg  Tec4 USA Sep 1940-Feb 1946, Arty, ETO

Kenneth Melendy

Richard Mengel

Frank Mercer  2Lt USMC, Joined Mar 1942, PTO
              KIA Sep 19, 1944 Peleliu, Palau Islands
              Purple Heart w/OLC

Glen B. Mercure

Charles Joseph Meyenberg  USA 1942-19943

Edwin John Meyer

John T. Middlebrook  AAF

Charles Henry Miller  USN

Clive Barlow Miller USA 1943-1946, ETO 3rd Army

Durwood Bert "Bud" Miller  USA

David Miller Jr.

Harold D. Miller  Sgt AAF 1942-1945, ETO England

John P. Miller  USA 1942-1946, 579th AAA Bn, PTO Philippine Occ

Kenneth Burl Miller  USA 1944-1946, ETO

Lester E. Miller  USA 1940-1942
                  USN 1942-1946 PTO

Lorenzo G. Miller

Lyle I. Miller

Paul J. Miller  PFC USA, Co E 385th Inf

Vern A. Miller

Frank M. Mitchell

Jim Mitchell

Jerome R. Mock  Tec5 USA Jun 1942-Jul 1944, CBI 

Donald H. Mollohan  GM1 USN Mar 1942-Oct 1945, Naval Armed Guard

Adolph M. Monard

Constance Monard

Fritz Monard  USA PTO Eng Bn

Robert Monard

Harold T. Morman

Paul A. Morris

Gordon F. Moss

Edward L. Mountain

Walter W. Mountain  AAF 

Edward L. Muchow  USA

Randall H. Muchow  T5 USA 1942-1945, ETO/PTO 494th Armd FA Bn

Robert E. Muchow  SGT USA 1942-1945, ETO 97th Inf Div

Ivan E. Mustain

Nordean A. Mustain

Bob Myers

Delmar L. Myers

Raymond L. Myers  Fm1 USN Jan 1944-Oct 1944, PTO

_____________________________________ N ________________________________________

George Martin Nadolph  Pvt, USA Nov 1943 WIA Luxembourg Sep 28, 1944,
     Died from wounds England Feb 9, 1945, buried Cambridge American Cemetery

Alvin A. Nelson

Myron E. Nelson

John D. Nickell Jr.

William Lee Nickell

John C. Niemeier

Leonard H. Nitzel  AoM1 USN

Vernon Nitzel  USN 1945-1947, PTO

Victor Nitzel  USN 1945-1947, PTO

Walter G. Nitzel  CPO USN 1942-1945, USS Kilty

Peder J. Norbye

Denzel D. Norman

Glen E. Norman

Kenneth D. Norman  Sgt USMC Oct 1942-Dec 1945, PTO
                 Munda, New Georgia, Vella Lavella, Green Island

Vern Norman  USN 1942-1945

Cecil D. Norris  USA 1942-1946, PTO

Clyde G. Norwood Jr.

Carl R. Nuttleman

Henry Junior Nuttleman  USA, ETO  Captured - 33 months in German POW camp Stalag 7 

Lyle G. Nuttleman

_____________________________________ O ________________________________________

James F. O’Brien  PFC USA, Joined Mar 1941, 357th Inf 90th Div, ETO
                 KIA Jun 12, 1944 France, Purple Heart

Henry Ochoa  MMar and USCG

LeRoy S "Scott" Odell USA 1944-1946, 658th FA, ETO France, Germany

Francis Kermit Ogg  USA May 1942-Dec 1945, PTO

Donald L. Oman  MSgt AAF 1941-1945, ETO B17 Crew Chief

Lee E. Oman  RCAF 1940- ?, 2Lt AAF abt 1942,
             killed Jul 27, 1943 in crash at Biggs Field, El Paso, Texas

Daniel L. O’Neall

Albert E. Orth

Fredrick W. Orth

Marvin Osman

Melvin H. Osman

O. Robert Osman

_____________________________________ P ________________________________________

Archie G. Painter

Charlene (Phillips) Park  USA Nurse

James Cyril Parker  USA ETO

Robert E. Parker  USN & USCG

Virgil S. Parks  GM1 USN Oct 1940-Dec 1946, PTO
                 Pearl Harbor, Gilberts, Marshalls, Makin Is

Donald M. Parrish  USA

Laverne Parrish   Sgt USA, joined Mar 1941, KIA 1/24/1945 Luzon, P.I.
                  Medal Of Honor, buried Ronan, MT

Emory W. Patterson

Archie Carl Paulson  USN 1944-1946, PTO USS DuPage

Chester M. Paulson  AvOM 1/c USN 1941-1947, PTO USS Saratoga, USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise

Prentice T. Paulson  USA 1942-1946, PTO

Victor W. Paulson  USA 1944-1946, 16th Inf Reg, ETO Germany

Otto A. "Bud" Pautsch  PFC USA 1943-1946, PTO New Guinea, Philippines

Byron G. Peacock  PFC AAF, joined Apr 1942, ETO 92nd TC Sqdn 9th AF
                  Died Nov 19, 1944 England, buried Crown Hill, Denver

Jerry E. Peck

William Earl Peck   PTO

Chester K. Peek  Tec5 USA Apr 1944-Nov 1945, Field Arty

William A. Pentek

Manuel Z. Perez

Charles Perkins Jr.  FM1 USN 1940-1946, PTO
                     Assigned to USS Pennsylvania at Pearl Harbor
                     CPL USMC in Korea, retired SFC USA   

Gerald F. Perry  AAF 1942-1946

Joe I. Perry   USA, Aug 1942-Oct 1945, 95th Inf Div, ETO Germany
               Purple Heart

Alvin E. Peterson

Varlen Peterson

Ivan Pickett  USN 1944-1946, PTO

Leroy T. Piggott

C. James Pipes

Robert V. Pipes

Gordon Pishna

Carl Spencer Plant

Dale E. Plant

Ernest V. Plant  SSgt USA 1942-1945, PTO Aleutians

Charles H. Polzell

Bert E. Pribble  Sm1 USN Nov 1944-Jun 1946, PTO Philippines
                 Reenlisted Jan 1947 as a Coxswain

Emmett A. Pribble  PFC USA Sep 1939-Jun 1945, Field Arty, PTO
                   Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Luzon

Frank W. Pribble  Tec5 USA Feb 1941-Sep 1945, PTO
                 New Guinea, Philipines, Luzon

Harold Glenn Pribble  Cpl AAF Nov 1942-Oct 1945, PTO
                   New Guinea, Solomons, Bismark Archipelago

Ralph Eugene Pribble  Sm1 USN Apr 1943-Mar 1946, PTO
                   Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Tokyo

Walter J. Pribble  Sm1 USN May 1943-Feb 1946, PTO USS Garrard
                   USN Mobile Hosp #3

Harry Dean Purdy  USA 1943-1945, ETO 508nd Inf, 82nd Abn Div
                  Purple Heart, Bronze Star

Vests Pursell

Jess E. Purvis   USA Mar 1942-Sep 1945, PTO

_____________________________________ Q ________________________________________

Joseph A. Queen  PFC USA May 1943-Dec 1945, PTO
                Bismark Archipelago, New Guinea, Philippines, Luzon 

Virgil Query  USA

Andrew J. Quint

Tony Quint

_____________________________________ R ________________________________________

Verdis L. Rambat  AAF, MP

Edward M. Rapp  FC3 USN Oct 1944-Jun 1946, PTO USS Casco - Seaplane Tender

Archie R. Raulston

Clyde Read

Fred D. Reed   USA, PTO, retired as Army COL

Kenneth T. Reed  SSgt USA, joined Apr 1943, 61st Armd Inf 10th AD, ETO
                died of wounds Mar 1, 1945 Luxembourg, Silver Star
                Purple Heart, buried Auburn, Nebr

Noel W. Roes

Norman E. Rees

James W. Reese

Fred N. Reid  MM2/c USN 1942-1945, PTO Pearl Harbor

George H. Reid  SSgt USMC Aug 1942-Nov 1945, PTO

Preston Reid  PFC USA Dec 1942-Feb 1946, Infantryman, ETO Purple Heart
              Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Ina Renkel

James E. Retherford  Tec5 USA Apr 1945-Dec 1946, PTO

Arthur D. Reynolds

F. Clifford Reynolds

Sidney L. Reynolds

Robert L. Rhoads

George W. Richards

Mark H. Richards

John D. Riggs  PFC USA 1940-1945, 157th Inf 45th Div, ETO Sicily, Italy
               Purple Heart, Bronze Star

Chester Ritz  USCG 1942-1943, USN 1943-1946, PTO New Guinea, Admiralty Is.

Gaylon Ritz  USA ?-1945, ETO Normandy, Belgium, Ardennes

Robert Roark

Crandall O. Robbins

Granville F. Roberts

Eugene H. Robertson  Cpl USA

Donald A. Roderick  Lt AAF ETO Bomber pilot

Juan Rodriquez

Keith M. Rogers   MMar 1944-1947

Marvel D. Rogers  Sm1 USN, Joined 1940, U.S.S. Boise (CL-47)
                 died Oct 12 1942, PTO  Purple Heart 
                 Memorial marker Otis

Robert M. Rogers  PFC USMC, Joined Dec 1943, 28th Reg, 5th Marine Div, 
                  PTO KIA Mar 6 1945 Iwo Jima 
                  buried Glen Cemetery

Gerald D. Romine  USN 1944-1946, PTO USS Cowell

Lawrence Eugene Romine  MM3 USN, SeeBees, PTO Phillipines

Levern Romine

Virgil E. Romine  USN 1942-1945, PTO USS Golbert

Elliott B. Rose

Glenn M. Ross  USA SWP 

Duane Rountree

Walter L. Rountree

Roy Stanley Rowland  PFC USA May 1943-__, Para Inf, ETO
                      Normandy, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Charles Rudnik

Charles J. Runnells

Earl L. Runnells

Charles Eugene Rushton

Elbert L. Russell

Max W. Russell

Robert E. Rutz  AAF

_____________________________________ S ________________________________________

Clayton A. Sack

Ross David Saffer  Pvt USA Aug 2, 1944 - Aug 30, 1946, PTO Luzon
                   169th Regiment, 43rd Division.  
                   (1925-2005, buried Arriba)  

Glen O. Salley

Paul D. Salley

Dennis R. Salling  Sm1 USN Mar 1945-May 1946, PTO

Frederick Don Salling  svc? 1944-1946, PTO

H. Dale Salling  T5 USA 1944-1946, PTO Philippines

Joyce McGuire Salling  StKp2c Dec 1943-Apr 1946, ATO

Basil Samples

Helmer G. Sampson  TSgt AAF 1942-1945, ETO England, France, Germany

Victor S. Sampson  Ships Cook 1/c USN 1942-1945, Atlantic, Pacific

Albert K. Sapp

Chester E. Saxton Jr.

Wayne D. Scarbrough

Floyd S. Scharnow  PFC USA Sep 1944-Nov 1946, Inf, PTO Okinawa

George John Schenk  GS  (Must be John Henry??)

John Henry Schenk Jr.  Pvt USA, joined June 1942, 750th Tank Bn ETO 
                       KIA Dec 1 1944 Germany, Buried Akron

Robert Lewis Schenk  EM2 USN Feb 1946-__

Clarence V Schlechte USN Jun 1944-Jun 1946, USS Lander

Donald H. Schlechte  Sm 1/c USN

Earl Schmidt  USN 1942-?, PTO

Henry Eugene Schmidt  Rdrm2 USCG Jun 1943-May 1946, N.Atlantic, Artic, Canada

Leonard E. Schmidt USN 1942-1945, USS Pocomoke, PTO

Roy Orville Schmidt  Rdm1 USN Dec 1942-Feb 1946, USS Sarasota, PTO
                    Linguayen Gulf, Philippines, Okinawa

William P. Schmidt  USA 1942-1945, ETO 12th Armored Div, 3rd Army

Hazel Schneider

George H. Schreiber  USN 1944-1946

Ruth Schreiber

Maurice D Schroeder   USA 1941-1945, ATO

John E. Scovill  AAF

Theodore W. Scribner

Wilbur L. Scribner  SSgt USA Aug 1942-Dec 1945, Inf, ETO
                   France, Rhineland, Central Europe

Alva R. Sears  Pvt USA, ETO

Samuel C. Seeman

Robert F. Selby

Floyd W. Seward

Harold W. Shafer  PFC USA 1943-1945, ETO,  Purple Heart 2 Awards

Gerald J. Shannon  Tec4 USA Dec 1944-Jul 1947, PTO Philippines
                  Japan Occupation

Dayton Sharp   AAF 1943-1945

Charles F. Shaw

Glen O. Shepard  AMM2 USN Sep 1942-Feb 1946, PTO Marshalls, New Guinea, Saipan

Herbert D. Sherman  AAF

Charles A. Sherer  Tec5 USA Apr 1943-Nov 1946, CBI

M. Arnell Sherer  SSgt AAF Mar 1942-Nov 1945

Claude R. Sherwood  PFC USA 1943-1946, ETO

Orris E. Sherwood  PFC USA 1943-1945, ETO 676th FA Bn

Donald P. Shockey   Coxswain USN 03722887, Joined Mar 1941, USS Vireo (AT-144)
                    PTO, MIA Oct 14 1942 when ship was sunk, Purple Heart
Robert L. Shook  PFC USA

Alva O. Siefkas

Alvin G. Siefkas  PFC USMC Feb 1942-Sep 1945, CO E 18th Mar Reg, 
                  PTO Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian

Harold G. Simpson  Cpl USA 1942-1943, ETO 1st Arm Div, Africa
                    WIA 1943 Purple Heart  Med Discharge

Raymond H. Simpson  Sgt AAF 1941-1945, PTO 33rd Sqdn 22nd BG, 5th Air Force

Harold L. Sisson  USA

Ralph E. Skaggs

Thomas L. Slater

William Carl Slater

Charles H. Sloane

Floyd H. Sloane  Tec5 USA Jun 1942-Dec 1945, MedC, PTO
                 New Caledonia, Okinawa, Korea

Robert Clarence Slyter  SSgt USA
  (aka Clarence R. Slyter)

Ralph F. Small  Tec5 USA Nov 1941-Nov 1945, Field Arty, PTO

Arnold E. Smith

Gilbert A. Smith

Floyd Randall Smith  Pvt USMC, joined 1941, KIA 11/20/1943 Tarawa,
                     PTO Co A, 1st Bn, 8th Marines, 2nd Mar Div
                     buried Ft Levenworth NC, Kansas

Virgil Francis Smith TSgt AAF, Dec 1940-Nov 1945, PTO, BSM

Ernest F. Snuggs

Coyne Snyder

Manford V. Snyder

Margaret Faye Snyder

Clarence J. Souser Jr.  Sgt AAF 1942-1946, ATO

Robert L. Souser  Sgt USA 1944-1946, PTO Okinawa

Warren L. Spangler

Lee Roy "Jack" Sparling

Robert Thomas Sparling  Cpl USMC Sep 1942-Nov 1945, Arty, PTO
               Ryukyus, Saipan, Tinian, Okinawa

Gerald E. Spear  Tec5 USA, 1770th Svc Cmd

Orman Scott Spear  1Sgt USA, Mar 1943 - Apr 1946, ETO Co C 7th Arm Inf Bn

Carl Spencer

Paul N. Spencer

Robert W. Spencer  PFC USA

Roy J. Spencer  Pvt USA KIA Flamizoulle, Belgium Jan 12, 1945, Silver Star
                buried Luxembourg

John W. Spiker  SSgt USA Mar 1942-Nov 1945, ETO

Stephen D. Spiker Jr.  CPO USN Feb 1941-Oct 1946, PTO Pearl Harbor

George L. Springston  MMar  (retired MMar)

Paul E. Stadden

Glade W. Stansfield 

Catherine E. (Gilleland) Staples  Cpt USA

Merlin E. Steele  Pvt AAF

Thomas V. Steele

Edward Steinbrink

Otto Steinbrink

Edward Stelk  USN 1943-1945, PTO Okinawa

Richard H. Stelk  SSgt AAF 1942-1945, ETO
                  re-enlisted Dec 1945 served in Korea and Vietnam

Wilber W. Stelk  AAF 1942-?, ETO

Morry M. Sterling

Albert D. Steuben   USA

Everett W. Stewart

Wendell A. Stewart  PM1 USN Jul 1941-Nov 1945, PTO Tarawa, Gilberts, 
                    Saipan, Marianas, Tinian

James L. Stinson Jr.

Maurice G. Stivers   AAF 1942-1946

Lyman Stone

Milford Strand  svc? 1944-1946, PTO

Roy A. Strand  USA 1943-1946, ETO 907th Gldr Arty 101st ABN

Clarence E. Stratton  Cpl AAF 1942-1945, ATO Canada, SWA India

Douglas M. Stratton  USN 1943-1946, PTO

Robert A. Strauch

Albert LeRoy Stump   USN

James Lee Stumpff  Sgt USA

Jack Sutton

Kenneth E. Sutton

Orval V. Sutton

Wesley K. Swan

Howard Swanson   Cpt USA, Med Corps, ETO (North Africa, Italy)

Glenn Swopes  USA Jun 1945-Aug 1946

_____________________________________ T ________________________________________

Lewis Taper  USA 1945-1948

Ralph E. Tate

Samuel J. Tedford  Tec4 USA

Richard H. Tedrick  USA & AAF

Dale Eugene Templeton

Jesse D. Templeton

Edward J. Theurer  USN 1945-1946, PTO

Joseph Theurer  USN? 1943-1946, PTO Philippines, Japan Occ

Glenn Eugene "Gene" Thim  MM3 USN Jun 1944-Apr 1946, LST 1104, 
                 PTO Okinawa, Japan

Kelly R. Thomas  Tec4 USA Sep 1942-Oct 1945, TransC, ETO Africa, Italy

Jake Thompson  Sm1/c USN

Melvin V. Thompson

Gene L. Thorson

Euena Thostesen

Bernard Thurtell

Frank A. Thurtell  USN, at Pearl Harbor, Naval Academy class of 1947.    

Robert D. Thurtell

Robert Tinkham

Orville A. Tisdale  PFC USA 1942-1945, ETO France, Belgium, Germany  
                    WIA 11/15/1944  BSM, PH

Leland L. Trautman  F1 USN

Robert D. Travis  TSgt USA Oct 1944-Dec 1946, PTO Luzon

Bill Traxler

Jesse J. "Jim" Traxler  PFC USA

Averill Turnbull

Roy Turnbull

Howard B. Twiss

_____________________________________ U ________________________________________

Alex Jerome Unger  Sgt USA, joined Oct 1942, 722nd Eng Depot Co PTO
                   KIA Oct 25, 1944, Leyte, Purple Heart
                   Buried Manila AC Philippines 
_____________________________________ V ________________________________________

Fred F. Vance

LaDene Vance

Ralph Delmar Vance  MM2 USN Sep 1944-Jul 1946, Philippines

Lloyd D. Vosburg  USN  PTO

Robert Van Matre  AAF

Ray VanWinkle   USN 1943-1945, PTO

Norman Varney

Arthur L. Vaughn  USA

Ira H. Vaughn

Roy E. Vaughn   USN Dec 1943-Dec 1945, PTO - USS Widnham Bay

Clark Vincent

Florence V. (Payton) Volberding  Sgt USA, 1857th WAAC

Gearld Vorce  AAF 1944-1946, ATO

Loyd D. Vosburg

_____________________________________ W ________________________________________

James A. Wakefield

Max H. Wakefield

Anton F. Walczyk

Emil S. Walczyk

Paul F. Walczyk

Sylvester A. Walczyk  Tec4 USA Dec 1941-Jan 1946

Ernest Waldvogle

Verne V. Waldvogle

Carl L. Walker  USA

Ray P. Walker

Wayne D. Walker

Gerald W. Walraven

Kenneth E. Walsworth  Cpl USMC, PTO

George H. Walters

Donald S. Warren

George S. Warren

Delbert E. Washington

George V. Wecker

Vernon Wecker

Clayton D. Weir  Tec5 USA

Allen R. Welch

Clarence William Weld

D. Delton Wells  Tec5 USA

William L. Wells  Sgt AAF May 1942-Oct 1945, ETO

George A. Wenig  1Sgt AAF Nov 1941-Dec 1945, ETO

J. Howard Wenig

Arlin George Wenz  Sgt USA, Joined Apr 1942, 134th Inf 35th Inf Div, ETO
                   KIA Jun 18, 1944 France, Purple Heart
                   buried Normandy AC France

Elmer L. Wenz

Bill Werner

Bill Westover

Paul A. Westover   1LT USA, joined Sep 1940, KIA 1945 Germany

Dale P. Wheeler

Eugene Wheeler

Alton C. Whitaker  Tec5 USA Sep 1942-Nov 1945, TransC, CBI, Military Railway Service

Orville A. Whitehead  Tec5 USA Aug 1942-Oct 1945, 379th Inf Reg 95th Div, ETO

Herbert D. Wickham

Homer C. Wickliffe  Cpl AAF

Cecil Wigfield

Doyle Wigfield

Russell J. Wilhelm  AAF 1944-1946

Cecil Charles Williams  RDM USN 1941-, PTO, SBD Dauntless crewman 

Claude E. Williams  USN 1943-?, USS Alabama

Earl R. Williams  AAF 1943-?, SWA India

James Edgar Williams  Cox USN

Leo L. Williams  USA Jul 1942-1945, 18th Abn Corps

Melvin H. Williams  Capt AAF 1941-1947, ETO 453rd Bomb Group (B-24), 8th Air Force 
                    England, POW 1944-1945, 
                    Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal w/4 Oak Leaf Clusters

Wilson W. Williams

Frank P. Willis

Alden R. Willis  GM USN 1943-1945, PTO USS Peirce APA-50

William C. "Chuck" Willmott  AAF 1942-1945 ATO 

Bert O. Wilson

Merl B. Wilson  PM3 USN Apr 1945-Oct 1947

Rita V. Wilson

William R. Wilson

Clifton Vern Winger  USA 1942-1946, ETO

Frank H. Winn

Harold M. Wise  AAF 1943-1945, ETO 15th Air Force, B-17 tail gunner

Valentin E. Wohlauer  Cpt USA Feb 1943-Dec 1945, MedC, ETO
                   Normandy, France, Ardennes, Germany

Lyle F. Wolfe   AAF 1941-1945

Donald F. Wood

Ellis W. Wood

Lewis B. Wooton  PFC USA Aug 1942-Mar 1943, Cook MedC

Leo Wm. Worthley

Harold L. Wright  AAF

Robert B. Wright  1Lt AAF Jun 1943-Sep 1946, CBI Burma, China
                  and PTO Philippines
_____________________________________ X ________________________________________

_____________________________________ Y ________________________________________

Max Yeamans  Tec USA, 4890th Sig Depot Co

Arba N. Yost

Frank L. Young  Sm2 USN

Ralph A. Young  Cpt USA Feb 1943-Sep 1946, Field Arty, ETO
                Rhineland, Centeral Germany

_____________________________________ Z ________________________________________

Domingo O. Zapien

Listed in the War Years but other sources indicate service was not WWII Campaign Medal award dates: ATO, PTO, SWA, SWP: 7 Dec 1941 - 2 Mar 1946 ETO: 7 Dec 1941 - 8 Nov 1945
Vern Golart USN 1948-1950 Robert B. Alexander USN 1946-1947 Ernest "Mac" McMullen (Scv?) 1940-Sept 24 1941 Edwin Erb Spicknall PFC USA Apr 1946-Apr 1947

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