Standard Atlas of Yuma County Colorado

Map Legend:

The Standard Atlas did not have a legend page to show the labeling conventions used on the owership map plates. What follows is my version of a legend page for the Atlas.

Lines -

Solid Lines indicate section lines and show the boundary lines between different landowners. The cartographer who drew the plate may (or may not) have used different line weights to indicate the difference between section lines and ownership lines.

The section lines may also be represented by a solid (or dashed) double line indicating a road as are three sides of the example section. However, the roads drawn on the maps were not always on section lines and they may not indicate a break in ownership!

Dashed Lines indicate land survey lot borders and do not indicate a change of ownership across the dashed line border. Don't confuse the dashed survey borders with the dashed double lines used on the maps to indicate a secondary road.

Note that the size (in acres) of the internal parts of the section need to be added to determine the total number of acres each person owned. D.J. Smith owned 570.52 acres (360 + 40.24 + 40.17 + 43.46 + 43.37 + 43.28 ) in our example section. E.L. Waters owned 83.68 acres.

Continuation of Ownership -

The continuation of land ownership across section lines was indicated on the map plates by three methods. The cartographer who drew T2N R46W used all three methods:

The main indication of plot ownership continuing across a section line or a road is a "double headed arrow" shown circled in green on our example map.

A second method is to continue the owner's name across the boundary line as was used for R.A. Potter, J.G. Mansur and W. Clyde Godsey in the example.

The third method is to inscribe the name in both sections as shown for J.L. Christie. Note that the cartographer did not use a "double arrow" to indicate an ownership continuation for D.J. Smith across the border between sections 6 & 7 leading the reader to wonder if they were the same person.

Marked Residences-

The map plates are marked to show the residence of the individuals who paid George Ogle & Co. an advanced purchase fee for the privilege of being listed in the Patrons Directory of the Standard Atlas.

One such residence is shown in our example from Section 6, T2N, R46W. Circled here in red, it shows Chas. Smith residing on the land owned by D.J. Smith.

It is likely that J.L. Christie, R.A. Potter and J.G. Mansur lived on the farmsteads shown on the map in the previous example. They just didn't pay George Ogle & Co. for the privilege of having their homes distinctly marked or for being listed in the Directory.

Other Notes -

The owner names on the map may be followed by notes. This is what I understand them to mean:

Lease - Used to indicate that a parcel of land is leased by the State of Colorado to the individual named.

Cont. - Used to indicate that a parcel of land is under a purchase contract from the State to the individual named. (I am not positive that this is the correct interpretation of the abbreviation. However, with only one exception that I found, the notation Cont. appears only on State Lands.)

Est - Used to indicate the land is owned by the Estate of the named individual.

Heirs of - As in "Heirs of Mrs. Roy Chrisman."

H.E. - No idea what this is.

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