Standard Atlas of Yuma County Colorado

Published 1922 Geo. A. Ogle & Co., Chicago

The Standard Atlas of Yuma County contained land ownership maps for each of the County's 70 townships, town plat maps, a "Patrons Reference Directory", a half page of local ads and five pages of photographs of Yuma County people and places.

Index to Names on the 1920 township map plates.

Compiled by Lee C Zion, email, April 2002.

A-K Names (below), L-Z Names
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  NAME                          MAP  
Aagasen, S.                  T2S R48W
Abbot, Viola                 T2N R47W
Abbott, Sallie               T5S R43W
Abraham, Andrew H.           T3S R42W Res
Abraham, Malinda             T3S R42W
Acott, A.P.                  T5N R48W
Acott, John                  T5N R48W
Adams, Fred C.               T4N R47W Res
Adams, J.E.                  T3N R43W
Adams, John                  T3N R45W
Adams, L.C. Mrs.             T2N R48W
Adams, L.C. Mrs.             T3N R48W
Adams, L.C. Mrs.             T5N R48W
Adams, V.J.                  T2N R43W
Adams, W.J.                  T3N R48W
Adcock, John                 T1S R48W
Adkinson, Edw. F.            T4N R43W
Adkinson, Frank W.           T4N R43W Res
Adkinson, Ollie E.           T4N R43W Res
Adler, Grover                T1N R46W
Akey, Belle                  T1S R44W
Akey, Dora V.                T1S R44W
Akey, G.L.                   T1S R44W
Akey, Geo. L.                T1S R43W
Akey, Ida                    T1S R43W
Akey, Ida                    T1S R44W
Akey, J.C.                   T1S R44W
Akey, J.C.                   T2S R44W
Akey, J.C.                   T3S R44W
Akey, Mary                   T1S R43W
Allard, Leon                 T2N R48W
Allen, Albert W.             T2S R48W
Allen, C.W.                  T2N R44W Res
Allen, Glen                  T2S R43W
Allen, Ira W.                T4S R42W
Allen, Lillie E.             T4S R42W
Allen, R.E.                  T4S R42W
Allen, R.S. Est.             T1N R46W
Allen, W.R.                  T5N R47W
Allen, Wm. Est.              T1N R47W
Allen. Wiley P.              T1N R46W Res
Alley, Guy Heirs             T4N R45W
Allison, Alva                T2S R44W
Allison, Alva                T2S R45W
Allison, G.W.                T1S R44W Res
Allison, Geo. W.             T3S R46W
Allison, H.S.                T2S R44W Res
Allison, Harry S.            T2S R44W
Altman, C.W.                 T2S R48W
Altwater, G.W.               T4S R43W
Ambler, Buell                T5N R44W
Ambler, E.L.                 T4N R44W Res
Ambler, E.L.                 T5N R44W
Amborse, J.E.                T1N R48W
Ambrose, O.                  T1N R48W
Amy, Elizabeth               T5S R47W
Amy, F.W.                    T3S R47W
Amy, F.W.                    T5S R47W Res
Andersen, Herman             T1S R44W Res
Andersen, Peter              T2N R47W Res
Andersen, Peter              T4N R48W
Anderson, A.A.               T2S R44W Res
Anderson, Alice D.           T4S R47W
Anderson, Alice D.           T4S R48W
Anderson, C.C.               T1N R43W
Anderson, C.P.               T5N R47W Res
Anderson, D.T.               T1S R43W Res
Anderson, David              T3S R46W Res
Anderson, E.J.               T5S R42W Res
Anderson, Frank              T1S R44W
Anderson, Hazel              T3N R46W
Anderson, R.J.               T1N R42W Res
Anderson, S.E.               T2N R46W
Anderson, W.A.               T3N R48W
Anderson, W.E.               T2N R46W
Anderson, W.O.               T3N R46W
Anderson, Wm.                T4N R47W Res
Andrews, C.L.                T2N R48W
Andrews, F.A. Mrs.           T2S R45W
Andrews, F.A. Mrs.           T3S R45W
Andrews, G.A.                T1N R45W
Andrews, Geo.                T1S R42W
Andrews, Geo.                T2S R42W Res
Andrews, Geo. A.             T2N R45W Res
Andrews, Imogene             T1N R42W
Andrews, J.L.                T2S R46W
Andrews, Joseph A.           T2S R45W
Andrews, Marion              T5S R44W Res
Andrews, Mary A.             T2S R46W
Andrews, O.M.                T2N R44W
Andrews, Sylvester           T2N R42W
Andrews, Walter              T5S R44W
Antens, Henry                T1S R45W Res
Appenall, Jacob              T1N R47W
Armknecht, Henry             T3S R44W
Armknecht, Henry             T4S R44W Res
Armknecht, Henry             T5S R43W
Armknecht, Phillip           T4S R43W
Armknecht, Phillip           T5S R43W
Armknecht, Wm. H.            T4S R43W
Armknecht, Wm. H.            T5S R43W Res
Armstrong, A.E.              T1N R46W
Armstrong, Chas. J.          T3S R48W Res
Armstrong, Chas. J.          T4S R48W
Armstrong, E.                T2N R43W
Armstrong, Frank              Wray
Armstrong, W.                 Wray
Arnold, Chas.                T5N R48W
Arnold, R.B.                 T1S R48W Res
Arnold, R.F.                 T2N R42W
Arnold, R.F.                 T2N R43W
Arnold, Raymond              T1N R43W
Arnold, Raymond F            T1N R42W Res
Ashford, Arthur              T2N R47W
Ashford, H.E.                T1N R48W
Ashland, Mary Est.           T2N R46W
Ashliman, Carl               T4S R44W
Ashliman, Carl               T5S R44W
Ashton, Thos.                T1N R42W
Atherton, Chas. F.           T4N R47W
Atkinson, G.W.               T1N R48W
Atkinson, Geo. W.            T2N R48W
Atkinson, L.W.               T2N R48W Res
Atwood, D.E. Mrs.            T1S R43W
Atwood, D.T.                 T3S R42W
Atwood, Sidney               T4N R44W Res
Aubert, Johnson              T4S R48W
Aughe, Wm. H.                T2N R46W Res
Auman, W.E. Est.             T2S R47W
Awtry, Lottie                T2N R45W

  NAME                          MAP  
Babb, H.                     T4S R47W
Babb, M.J.                   T1N R48W Res
Babcock, F.W.                T4S R48W
Backus, E.A.                 T2N R44W
Bacon, A.H.                  T5N R45W
Bacon, John, W.              T5N R45W
Baer, H.A.                   T5N R42W
Bagan, W.J. Mrs.             T5N R47W
Bagley, A.                   T2S R45W
Bagley, A.W.                 T2S R45W
Bagley, Arthur               T1S R45W
Bagley, Arthur W.            T2S R46W
Bailiff, B.F.                T2S R48W
Bailiff, Jessie M.           T2S R48W
Bain, T.G.                   T4N R44W
Baker, Geo. H.               T1S R42W
Baker, Geo. H.               T1S R43W Res
Baker, Ida Ward              T2N R44W
Baker, Ida Ward              T2N R45W
Baker, J.H.                  T3S R46W
Baker, Lee                   T5S R43W
Baker, Ruth                  T5N R45W
Baker, S.G.B.                T2S R42W
Baker, Thos. R.              T2N R45W Res
Balderston, J.N.             T4N R48W
Baldwin, B.J. & A.R.         T2N R43W
Bales, W.L.                  T2N R44W Res
Baley, C.G.                  T2S R43W
Ball, A.R.                   T2S R48W
Ball, G.A.                   T2S R48W
Ball, Samuel                 T2S R43W Res
Banaka, August               T5N R43W Res
Banaka, H.H.                 T2N R44W Res
Banaka, Wm.                  T5N R43W Res
Bannick, Peter               T1S R48W
Bannister, Hannah            T2N R43W
Barber, C.J.                 T2S R43W
Barber, C.J.                 T3S R43W
Barber, W.F.                 T3S R43W Res
Barber, W.F.                 T3S R44W
Barber, W.M.                 T5S R48W
Barbezal, A.F.               T2N R47W
Barger, L.A.                 T4N R45W
Barger, L.E.                 T4N R43W
Barker, Fred                 T1N R45W Res
Barker, John & Wm.           T5N R43W
Barnes, F.W.                 T3N R46W
Barnes, Geo. H.              T3N R46W
Barnes, W.                   T5S R44W
Barnes, Wallace              T5S R44W
Barnett, J.B.                T1N R47W
Barnhart, Henry              T5N R46W
Barr, Harry                  T3N R45W
Barr, Harry                  T4N R45W Res
Barr, J.F.                   T4N R45W
Barrett, Jesse               T2S R46W
Barrett, L.B.                T3N R43W
Barrett, L.E.                T2N R43W
Bartholemen, J.F.            T5S R48W
Barton, Edw.                 T3S R45W
Bascue, E.F.                 Laird    Res
Base, Cornelius              T3N R47W Res
Bash, I.O.                   T3N R48W
Bash, Walter                 T2N R48W
Bashford, M.C.               T1S R42W Res
Bashford, T.E.               T5N R48W
Basquin, Olive               T2N R42W
Bassler, John                T3N R45W
Bates, B.F.                  T5N R43W
Bates, C.W.                  T1S R48W
Bates, Chester               T5N R46W Res
Bates, Daniel Est.           T5N R43W
Bates, E.E.                  T1N R48W
Bates, H.C.                  T2N R43W
Bates, H.C.                  T2N R44W Res
Bauder, Wm.                  T5S R45W Res
Baugh, Selba, H.             T2N R42W Res
Baxter, J.F.                 T4S R42W
Baxter, J.F.                 T4S R43W
Baxter, John                 T3S R42W
Baxter, M.                   T5S R42W
Baxter, Mary                 T3S R42W
Baxter, W.L.                 T3S R43W
Bayer, M.M. Mrs.             T5S R45W
Beach, F.S.                  T1S R45W Res
Beach, F.S.                  T2S R45W
Beach, J. Vonida Mrs.        T2S R46W
Beach, Sidney                T2S R46W
Beachley, A.                 T2N R45W
Beachy, F.P. & Richard       T1N R42W
Beachy, F.P. & Richard       T1N R43W
Beale, Ernest D.             T3N R46W Res
Beam, Pearl                  T1N R46W
Bearley, John A.             T3N R43W
Beasley, L.D.                T3S R48W
Beasley, W.J.                T3S R48W
Beaver, F.M. Mrs.            T2N R43W Res
Beavers, W.R.                T3S R48W
Beck, S.E.                   T3S R43W
Beck, W.W. Est.              T3S R43W
Becker, August               T2N R47W Res
Becker, Louis                T2N R46W
Becker, Louis                T3N R46W
Beckman, F.H.                T4S R46W
Beckman, H.W.                T4S R46W
Bedford, Frank               T2S R45W Res
Beecher Island               T2S R43W
Beechley Alba                T3N R45W
Beehler, Ella                T3N R48W
Beeson, W.P.                 T3N R47W
Beeson, Walter               T3N R47W
Beickman, Edw. C.            T5S R44W Res
Beickmann, F.H.              T4S R44W
Beickmann, F.H.              T4S R45W Res
Bell, M.A.                   T1N R46W
Bell, Virgil G.              T2N R43W Res
Bell, W.C.                   T5N R47W
Belzer, Ed.                  T3S R44W
Belzer, Edw.                 T3S R43W Res
Benedick, H.G.               T3N R46W
Benjamin, Bert W.            T4N R45W Res
Benkelman, B.F.              T4S R42W
Bennett, A.E.                T3S R48W
Bennett, J.R.                T3S R48W
Bennett, Wm H.               T5N R46W
Bennett, Wm.                 T4S R48W
Benson                       T5S R43W
Berg, F.G.                   T3N R44W Res
Berg, F.G.                   T3N R45W
Berg, R.S.                   T3N R44W
Berkard, Jacob               T5S R46W
Berry, Emma                  T4S R48W
Berry, Mason                 T4S R48W
Berry, Sarah                 T1N R48W
Bertrand, Joseph             T5S R46W Res
Bertrand, Phillip N.         T5S R46W Res
Bessie, Bert                 T1N R47W
Best, Awilda                 T2N R46W
Bettex, E.T.                 T4S R45W Res
Bickel, Allen                T1N R47W Res
Bickel, E.                   T1S R47W
Bickel, Ezra                 T1N R47W Res
Bickel, George               T1S R47W Res
Biddinger, H.R.              T3N R44W
Biddinger, S.W.              T3N R44W
Biehn, Jas.                  T1S R46W
Billesbach, E.J.             T2N R47W Res
Billesbach, J.A.             T2N R47W
Bingamen, Wm. Mrs.           T1N R47W
Bird, Lilly                  T5N R48W
Bird, S.                     T5N R48W Res
Bird, S.L.                   T5N R48W
Bird, Samuel                 T5N R48W
Bireley, Wm. H.              T3N R44W Res
Birley, Emily                T1S R43W
Bischoff, Joseph             T3N R48W
Bishop, L.H.                 T4S R43W
Blach, Ambrose               T3N R48W
Blach, Wenzel                T4N R47W Res
Blach, Wenzel                T4N R48W
Blachburg Ranch              T4N R47W
Black, J.G.                  T4S R48W
Blacker, B.C.                T1S R45W
Blacker, G.W.                T1S R45W
Blakeslye, Elija             T5N R46W
Blakley, C.D.                T1N R47W Res
Blank, R.W.                  T2S R47W Res
Bloom, J.A.                  T3S R47W
Blue, Celia                  T2S R48W
Boals, G.L.                  T5N R48W
Bock, Wm.                    T4N R48W Res
Boden, Brunke                T5S R44W
Boden, Chas.                 T5S R44W
Boden, Edward                T5S R44W
Boden, Harm. E.              T5S R44W Res
Boden, Herbert J.            T4S R46W Res
Boden, Kate                  T4S R43W
Boden, Kate                  T4S R44W Res
Boden, Katie                 T5S R44W
Boden, Nanne E.              T5S R44W
Bodie, Townsend & Reynolds   T2N R47W
Bodle, Solomon               T1N R47W
Boggs, A.S. Est.             T2N R45W
Boggs, B.F.                  T2N R45W
Bohan, R. Mrs.               T2N R48W
Bohn, Rozena                 T3N R48W
Bolander, C.D.               T1N R43W
Bolander, Noah M.            T2N R43W Res
Boldt, Dessie M.             T5N R48W
Boling, E.W.                 T4S R44W Res
Bollong, Amanda B.           T1N R45W
Boone, Harriett L.           T5S R48W
Boone, O.L.                  T5S R47W Res
Booze, David                 T5S R42W
Boreland, A.H.               T1S R44W
Boren, Frank                 T2N R47W
Bortz, Jacob                 T4N R46W
Botkin, J.M.                 T2S R44W Res
Botteron, Leila M.           T2S R47W
Bougher, C.E.                T3S R47W
Boughman, Ida Mrs.           T2S R46W
Boughman, Wm. P.             T2S R46W
Boughner, C.K.               T5S R46W
Boughner, Clara R.           T4S R46W
Boughner, Clara R.           T5S R46W
Boughner, Clara R.           T5S R47W
Bourn, Robert                T3S R48W
Bourquin, Perry W.           T2S R45W Res
Bowden, C.R.                 T4N R46W
Bowden, C.R.                 T4N R47W
Bowen, Bertha E.             T1N R46W
Bowen, C.E.                  T1N R47W
Bowen, Carrie G.             T1N R46W
Bowen, H.N.                  T1N R46W
Bowen, W.A.                  T1N R46W
Bower, Alfred C.             T5S R45W Res
Bowers, Walter               T5S R48W
Bowman, E.E.                 T1S R42W
Bowman, Katie                T2S R47W Res
Boyd, C.C.                   T5S R48W Res
Boyd, J.E.                   T5N R47W
Boyd, S.P.                   T5N R47W Res
Boyd, W.A.                   T5S R48W Res
Boyd, W.L.                   T3S R47W
Boyd, W.L.                   T4S R47W
Boyd, W.L.                   T5S R47W Res
Boyd, W.M.                   T5S R48W
Boyes, Addie                 T1S R43W
Boyes, Addie                 T2S R43W
Boyes, Addie                 T3S R43W
Boyes, E.L.                  T2S R42W Res
Boyes, H.D.                  T1S R43W Res
Boyes, Millie J.             T2S R42W Res
Bradford, W.S.               T5N R43W
Bradford, Walter S.          T5N R43W
Bradley, Amanda E.           T1N R47W
Bradley, Amanda E.           T2N R48W
Bradshaw, J.B.               T2S R47W
Brady, A.L.                  T2S R46W
Brady, Geo. C. Mrs.          T1S R45W
Brady, O.S.                  T1S R43W
Brady, Paul                  T3N R42W
Brady, Paul J.               T1N R43W Res
Brady, R.F.                  T1S R44W
Brady, Sarah                 T2N R45W
Branaum, Wiley W.            T1N R47W
Brand, H.H.                  T2N R47W
Brand, H.T.                  T3N R47W
Brand, Herman H.             T3N R47W Res
Brand, J.H.                  T3N R47W
Brandon, Arthur              T2N R46W Res
Brandon, D.N.                T5S R48W
Brandon, O.H.                T5S R48W Res
Brandondale Place            T2N R46W
Brant, F.A.                  T2S R44W Res
Brant, H.C.                  T2S R44W
Branum, J.M.                 T1S R46W
Branum, Jewett               T2S R46W
Brattain, Lemmons            T2S R45W
Braun, P.A.                  T5S R47W Res
Brebber, Jno. Sr.            T4S R44W
Breckenridge, W.L.           T1N R48W
Breedlove, Mary              T5N R48W
Breinger, A.A.               T3S R42W Res
Brelsford, A.B.              T5N R46W Res
Breninger, Chas. R.          T3S R42W
Breninger, F.W.              T3S R42W Res
Breninger, Geo. P.           T3S R42W
Brenner, Chas.               T4S R45W
Brenner, Chas. L.            T4S R44W Res
Brenner, Jno. Jr.            T4S R44W
Brenner, John                T4S R46W
Brenner, John                T5S R44W
Brenner, John                T5S R47W
Brenner, John & Wm.          T5S R44W
Brenner, Wm.                 T4S R44W
Brenner, Wm.                 T5S R44W
Brethouer, B.B.              T5S R43W
Brethouwer, Everett, J.      T5N R44W Res
Brethouwer, Otto             T5N R44W Res
Briggs & Crews               T1N R42W
Briggs, C.F.                 T1N R43W
Briggs, C.F.                 T3N R43W
Briggs, Chas. B.             T3S R43W
Briggs, Chas. F.             T1S R43W
Briggs, J.S.                 T2N R47W Res
Briggs, M.C. Est.            T1N R43W
Briggs, Matilda              T3N R44W
Briggs, Mattie               T4N R44W
Briggs, S.E.                 T1N R43W Res
Bright, Wm.                  T1N R44W Res
Brinkhoff, Henry C.          T4S R43W Res
Brinkhoff, Herman            T4S R44W Res
Brinkhoff, Herman B. Sr.     T4S R43W
Brinkhoff, Herman H.         T4S R45W Res
Brisco, J.R. & Son           T4N R48W Res
Bristow, H.T.                T1N R46W
Broadsword, G.W.             T5S R42W
Brockmeier, Fred             T2N R48W
Brockmeier, Henry Sr.        T3N R48W
Brockmeier, Wm. A.           T3N R48W
Brokaw, T.G.                 T2S R44W Res
Brokaw, W.G.                 T2S R44W
Brokaw, W.G.                 T2S R44W
Brooks, J.J.                 T4S R42W
Brooks, Roy D.               T4S R42W
Brooks, Roy D.               T4S R43W
Brooks, Roy D.               T5S R42W Res
Brooks, Roy D.               T5S R43W
Brookshier, J.S.             T5S R48W Res
Brophy J.P. Jr.              T3N R46W
Brophy, Honora Heirs         T5N R45W
Brophy, J.J.                 T5N R45W
Brophy, J.P. Jr.             T4N R46W
Brophy, James                T4N R44W
Brophy, James                T4N R45W Res
Brophy, James                T5N R45W
Brophy, Joe L.               T3N R44W Res
Brophy, Julia                T4N R44W
Brophy, Julia                T5N R44W
Brophy, Michael J.           T5N R44W Res
Brower, Gerry                T4N R46W Res
Brower, Gerry                T5N R45W
Brower, Jenison              T3S R46W
Brown, A.E.                  T1N R47W Res
Brown, A.E.                  T5S R48W
Brown, Amos                  T2N R46W
Brown, Andy M.               T4S R45W
Brown, Anna                  T3N R44W
Brown, C.L.                  T2N R44W Res
Brown, C.L.                  T3N R44W
Brown, Cecil A.              T3N R44W Res
Brown, Clara                 T1S R45W
Brown, D.C.                  T2S R47W Res
Brown, Effie Fitch Heirs     T3N R45W
Brown, F.A.                  T4N R44W Res
Brown, Francis E.            T2N R47W
Brown, Frank                 T1S R43W
Brown, Frank                 T2S R44W
Brown, Fred                  T1S R43W Res
Brown, Fred V.               T1N R43W Res
Brown, G.C.                  T2S R42W
Brown, Henry                 T1S R47W Res
Brown, Henry                 T2S R47W
Brown, I. Mrs.               T5S R43W
Brown, J.E.                  T3N R44W Res
Brown, Jas. D.               T4N R42W Res
Brown, Jessie J.             T5S R47W
Brown, Jno. L.               T1S R43W
Brown, John                  T1N R43W
Brown, John                  T2N R43W
Brown, John L.               T1S R42W Res
Brown, John Logan            T3N R44W
Brown, John S.               T2S R42W Res
Brown, Josephus              T1S R43W Res
Brown, L.                    T1S R43W
Brown, L.D.                  T1N R43W Res
Brown, L.D.                  T1N R44W
Brown, L.D.                  T1S R43W
Brown, L.D.                  T2N R43W
Brown, L.D.                  T2N R44W
Brown, L.D.                  T2N R46W
Brown, L.D.                  T3N R42W
Brown, L.D.                  T3N R44W
Brown, L.D.                  T4N R42W
Brown, L.D.                  T4N R44W
Brown, Lottie E.             T5S R47W
Brown, Nina A.               T1N R44W Res
Brown, O.H.                  T3N R45W
Brown, O.J.                  T2N R44W Res
Brown, P.T.                  T4N R44W
Brown, Pearl                 T1S R43W Res
Brown, Ruhama                T2S R42W
Brown, S.                    T5N R47W
Brown, W.H.                  T1N R42W
Brown, Wm.                   T1N R42W
Browning, C.                 T4S R42W
Browning, C.                 T4S R43W
Browning, Edward             T4S R42W
Browning, Lucia              T4S R42W
Browning, R.C.               T4S R42W Res
Brownlee, B.M.               T3N R45W Res
Brownwood, John              T5S R48W Res
Brownwood, Nicholas          T5S R48W
Bruce, A.                    T1N R44W
Bruce, J.A.                  T1N R44W
Brueggeman, Fred Est.        T1S R44W
Brueggeman, Fred Est.        T1S R45W
Brueggeman, Fred Est.        T2S R45W
Brumabend, Otto              T4N R43W
Brumley, M.M.                T1S R42W
Brumly, M.M.                 T1S R42W
Brundige, Ernest             T5N R46W
Brunner, C.A.                T4N R43W
Brunner, Maria L.            T5N R44W
Brunswick, E.F.              T3S R46W
Brunswig, A.H.               T2S R42W
Bryan, Chas.                 T4S R42W
Bryan, Frank                 T5S R47W Res
Bryan, Geo. Est.             T5S R46W
Buchanan, C.F.               T3N R47W
Buchanan, Jennie M.          T3N R46W
Budgeman, C.J.               T5S R42W
Buell, J.E. Mrs.             T2N R48W
Buettel, Louis               T1N R47W
Bugenhagen, Frank            T3S R47W
Buhler, Wm.                  T3S R43W
Buhler, Wm.                  T4S R43W
Buhr, Ferdinand              T4N R45W
Bullard, Elmer               T1S R42W Res
Bullard, Fenner              T1S R42W Res
Bullard, Geo. B.             T1S R43W
Bullock, R.M.                T2S R48W
Bundy, Frank                 T5S R46W
Bunger, Mrs. (?)             T5N R43W
Bunn, P.A. Mrs.              T2N R45W
Buraker, M.H. Mrs.           T5S R43W Res
Burcher, W.S.                T5S R47W
Burchett, Claud              T5N R44W Res
Burge, M.E.                  T1N R44W Res
Burge, M.E.                  T5N R45W
Burkard, George              T5S R46W
Burkart, Albert              T5S R47W
Burkart, Jacob Sr.           T5S R47W
Burke, Albert                T4N R45W
Burke, Geo. L.               T1N R47W
Burkhard, J.C.               T4S R48W Res
Burnham, Benj.               T1S R44W Res
Burnham, L.E.                T1N R43W Res
Burns, John C.               T1S R45W Res
Burns, L.J.                  T5N R48W
Burns, Timothy               T1N R43W
Burns, Timothy               T1S R45W
Burnside, J.E.               T2N R44W
Burrell, Davis               T2S R46W
Burrows, G.F.                T1N R47W
Burt, Martin W.              T3S R47W
Busby, Chas.                 T4S R42W
Busby, James                 T3S R42W
Busby, John                  T2N R48W
Bushmer, F.W.                T4N R48W
Bushong, Ira K.              T3N R43W Res
Buster, C.E.                 T3N R45W
Button, L.M.                 T4N R48W
Byer, T.A.                   T5S R48W
Byrd, Henry B.               T5S R47W Res

  NAME                          MAP  
Cabtree, H.A.                T1N R46W
Cade, W.H.                   T3N R48W
Cadwalder, Guy               T3N R43W
Cain, Fritz                  T2S R46W
Cain, Goldie                 T2N R43W
Caldwell, G.S.               T1N R46W
Caldwell, J.H.               T1S R48W
Calhoon, Frances E.          T2N R43W
Calhoon, Roy E.              T2N R42W
Calhoon, Roy E.              T2N R43W Res
Calhoun, J.G.                T5N R48W
Calkins, L.                  T4N R44W
Calloway, Mary B.            T1S R44W
Cambest, J.C.                T1N R47W
Campbell, Frank              T1S R46W Res
Campbell, H.B.               T1N R48W Res
Campbell, L.E.               T5N R48W
Campbell, L.G.               T1S R45W Res
Campbell, Robert & Minnie    T2S R47W
Campbell, W.C.               T3S R46W Res
Campbell, Wm.                T5S R48W
Canaday, Obe                 T5N R45W
Cannady, Obe                 T4N R45W
Cannon, M.L.                 T3N R48W
Cantral, Frank               T1S R43W Res
Cantrall, Mary               T1S R44W
Carlock Newton J.            T3N R44W Res
Carlock, J.J.                T3N R44W
Carlock, Wm. I.              T3N R44W Res
Carlson, Minnie              T3S R42W
Carlson, Minnie              T4S R42W
Carlson, Ross                T3S R42W Res
Carmichael, Martin           T2N R47W
Carney, J.E. Mrs.            T2N R47W
Carpenter & Hartwell         T5N R47W
Carpenter, F.O.              T3S R46W
Carpenter, J.S.              T3S R46W
Carpenter, W.B.              T4S R42W
Carr, Benj.                  T1N R44W
Carrigan, Edith              T2N R45W Res
Carrigan, Lawrence           T2N R45W
Carroll, B.F.                T4S R48W
Carruthers, Lewis            T5N R44W Res
Cars, Anna                   T1N R42W
Carson, Gail                 T3N R44W
Carson, J.W.                 T3N R44W
Carson, Rob't P.             T3N R44W
Carson, Rob't R.             T2N R44W
Carson, W.E.                 T3N R44W
Carter, A.                   T4N R48W
Carter, Wm.                  T4N R46W Res
Caruthers, J.R.              T4N R43W
Case, E.B.                   T1N R42W
Casey, C.H.                  T3N R47W Res
Cassens, C.H.                T2S R42W
Cassens, C.H.                T3S R42W
Cassin, J.J.                 T1N R44W Res
Cassin, J.J.                 T2N R44W
Castel, Lester D.            T3N R46W
Catchpole Land Co.           T2N R46W
Catchpole, C.E.              T3N R46W
Catchpole, C.L.              T1N R45W Res
Catchpole, C.L.              T1N R46W
Catchpole, D.J.              T2N R46W
Catchpole, F.                T1N R45W
Catchpole, Frank D.          T1N R46W Res
Catchpole, M.M.              T4N R46W
Cauble, R.G.                 T5N R43W
Cauble, Roy                  T4N R45W
Cayou, Neoma                 T2S R42W Res
Cecil, Ernest                T1S R48W
Cecil, Harry L.              T3S R48W
Celander, T.H.               T3S R43W
Chamberlain, A.W.            T2S R44W
Chamberlain, Arthur M.       T1N R43W Res
Chamberlain, Mason           T1S R44W Res
Chance, Clarence R.          T3S R48W
Chance, J.F.                 T2S R48W
Chandler, A.L.               T4N R48W
Chandler, Boyd               T4N R48W
Chandler, E.H.               T1N R48W
Chandler, H.L.               T4N R48W
Chandler, Jesse A.           T1N R48W
Chandler, O.B.               T1N R47W
Chapin, A.F.                 T5N R46W
Chapman, G.C.                T5N R46W
Chapman, Sellie              T5N R42W Res
Chapman, Truman              T5N R42W
Chappel, W.M.                T5N R43W
Chase, E.W.                  T2S R42W Res
Chase, F.B.                  T5S R44W Res
Chase, Herman                T2S R43W
Chase, Herman                T3S R43W Res
Chase, Howard                T2S R43W
Chase, J.A.                  T2S R42W Res
Chase, Malinda               T2S R42W
Chase, Viola                 T2S R43W
Cheney, Cloyd                T4N R44W Res
Cheney, Grace                T3S R43W
Cheney, H.E. Est.            T4N R43W
Cheney, W.F.                 T3S R43W Res
Childers, Ezra               T4N R45W
Chittendon, Ralph            T2N R47W
Chrisman, Roy Mrs. Heirs     T5S R48W
Chrismer, Chas. C.           T2N R48W
Chrismer, Harold             T2N R48W
Chrismer, Jennie M.          T2N R48W
Chrismer, Rob't              T2N R48W
Chrismer, W.J.               T2N R48W
Christiansen, Hans           T1N R43W
Christie, J.L.               T2N R46W
Christy, J.C.                T1S R45W
Chryst, S.E.                 T5N R47W
Chumley, ?                   T1N R48W
Churchill & Rice             T1S R45W
Churchill, A.C.              T4N R46W
Churchill, Blaine            T1N R45W
Clanin, L.J.                 T3N R48W
Clapp & Reynolds             T2N R47W
Claridge, P.S.               T4S R43W Res
Clark, A.E.                  T2S R48W
Clark, Daniel                T3N R43W
Clark, G.W.                  T1N R47W
Clark, H.J.                  T5S R46W
Clark, J.E.                  T5S R46W
Clark, J.L.                  T4S R44W
Clark, J.W.                  T5N R47W Res
Clark, John C.               T1N R45W
Clark, Lillian               T3N R48W
Clark, M.E.                  T3N R47W
Clark, M.N.                  T5N R47W Res
Clark, Miles                 T5N R45W
Clark, O.M.                  T2N R48W
Clark, U.S.                  T5S R46W Res
Clarke Bros.                 T3S R46W
Clarke Bros.                 T4S R46W
Clarke, A.W.                 T5S R46W
Clarke, B.L.                 T4S R47W
Clarke, B.L.                 T5S R46W Res
Clarke, Lucy                 T4S R46W Res
Clarke, O.C.                 T4S R46W
Clarke, Orville C.           T3S R46W
Clarke, T.W.                 T4S R46W Res
Clarkson, David              T5N R45W
Clausen, Geo.                T1N R48W
Clauson, Benj. J.            T1S R48W
Clauson, Geo.                T1S R48W
Clawson, B.J.                T2S R48W Res
Clawson, Benj. H.            T3S R47W
Clawson, Benj. J.            T1S R47W
Clawson, Benj. J.            T2S R47W
Clawson, Bettie A.           T2S R47W
Clawson, Bettie A.           T2S R48W
Clawson, James H.            T2S R47W
Clawson, S.H.                T2N R47W
Clawson, W.F.                T2N R47W
Clay, Etta E.                T4S R45W
Cleavenger, Geo.             T3N R42W
Clem, H.C.                   T3N R43W
Clemens, Hugh                T1N R44W
Clements, Mary A.            T4S R48W
Clendenin, J.W.              T4N R47W
Clevenger, Fred              T4N R45W
Clevenger, Fred              T4N R46W Res
Clevenger, Geo.              T3N R43W
Click, E.H.                  T1S R44W
Clinger, C.C.                T4S R45W Res
Clinger, O.A.                T1S R43W Res
Clowers, Chas. J.            T4S R47W
Clowers, G.W.                T3S R47W
Clowers, Geo. F.             T3S R47W
Clowers, Geo. F.             T4S R45W Res
Cloyd, J.W. Mrs.             T1S R44W
Cloyd, J.W. Mrs.             T2N R44W
Cloyd, J.W. Mrs.             T4S R44W
Coast, J.H.                  T5N R44W Res
Coates, F.M.                 T1N R46W
Cochran, Earl                T5N R48W
Cochran, Wm.                 T1N R48W
Cochrane, Anna               T1N R48W
Cochrane, F.J.               T5S R48W
Cocrane, J.N.                T5N R48W
Cody, Archie                 T5S R42W
Cody, J.W.                   T5S R42W Res
Cody, J.W. & Archie          T5S R43W
Coe, M.P.                    T5N R47W
Coffman, L.E.                T4N R46W
Coffman, W.F.                T4N R44W
Colburn, Etta                T4S R43W
Colby, Elmer                 T1N R48W Res
Colby, Elmer                 T1S R47W
Cole, B.M.                   T4N R45W
Cole, Edward M.              T2S R46W
Cole, Hattie M.              T5S R43W
Cole, John                   T1S R45W
Cole, Thos.                  T1N R48W
Coleman, E.H.                T5S R48W Res
Coleman, Eben M.             T5S R48W Res
Coleman, Geo. W.             T5N R48W
Coleman, Ivan L.             T5S R48W Res
Coleman, L.L.                T5S R48W
Collette, C.E.               T4S R46W
Collette, Carl & Ralph       T4S R46W
Collette, J.E.               T4S R46W
Collette, John B.            T4S R46W Res
Collins, L.L.                T4S R45W Res
Collins, Walter              T4N R45W
Colo Farm Land Co.           T1N R47W
Colo Farm Land Co.           T2N R47W
Colo Farm Land Co.           T4S R42W
Colpitts, J.O.               T4S R46W Res
Colpitts, J.O.               T5S R46W
Colpitts, Nora L.            T4S R47W
Colson, James                T4N R42W Res
Colson, James                T4N R43W
Colston, A.V.                T1N R44W
Colston, James               T1S R44W
Colston, James               T2N R43W
Colston, Jas.                T1N R44W
Comfort, E.J.                T3N R44W
Commack, C.E.                T3N R43W
Commons, Chas.               T4N R48W
Commons, F.E. & Son          T4N R46W
Conley & Hatcher             T3N R46W
Conley & Hatcher             T4N R46W
Conley, Geo.                 T2S R47W
Connell, Chas.               T3N R45W Res
Conner, I.I.                 T2S R42W
Conner, Samuel S.            T2N R43W Res
Connerley, Fred              T2S R48W
Conover & Crowley            T1N R48W
Conover, John A.             T4N R43W
Conrad & McKinney            T5N R48W
Conrad, C.U.                 T3S R43W
Conrad, Geo.                 T4S R44W
Conrad, Geo. F.              T5S R44W
Conrad, Geo. F.              T5S R45W
Conrad, George               T4S R43W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T1N R44W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T2S R45W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T3S R42W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T3S R43W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T4N R48W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T4S R43W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T4S R44W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T4S R45W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T4S R46W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T5S R44W
Conrad, J.Q.                 T5S R45W
Conrad, L.                   T1N R43W
Conrad, L.                   T5N R48W
Conrad, Luella G.            T4S R46W
Conway, C.H.                 T1N R43W
Conway, L.N.                 T1S R43W
Cook, C.H.                   T2S R44W
Cook, Chas. H.               T2S R43W Res
Cook, E.E.                   T4N R48W
Cook, E.M.                   T2S R43W
Cook, Geo. S.                T4N R47W Res
Cook, James E.               T5S R44W
Cook, Merl K.                T2S R44W
Cook, Orval                  T4N R47W
Cook, W.C.                   T2N R48W
Coolidge, C.H.               T1N R42W
Coontz, Wm. H.               T3N R44W
Cooper, C.                   T4N R48W
Cope, B.C.                   T4S R46W
Cope, B.C.                   T4S R47W
Corcoran, John               T3S R48W
Cordes, H.                   T1N R45W
Cornell, E.V.                T1N R48W
Cornett, Chas.               T2S R45W
Cornish, Lew                 T4N R42W
Cornish, Lew                 T4N R43W Res
Cornwell, W.E.               T2S R48W
Corwin, Lewis & Nora         T3N R44W Res
Coston, W.B.                 Wray     Res
Coulter, L.C.                T4N R46W
Courtney, Emma               T4S R48W
Courtney, Gertrude           T3N R42W
Courtney, W.H.               T3N R44W
Courtney, W.H.               T4N R44W
Cowan, A.L.                  T4S R45W
Cowan, J.R.                  T2N R46W Res
Cowan, Sarah                 T2N R46W
Cox, A.E.                    T1S R43W Res
Cox, Alice                   T1S R43W
Cox, C.A. Heirs              T1N R46W
Cox, Carrie                  T2S R43W
Cox, Clyde                   T1S R43W
Cox, D.A.                    T1S R43W
Cox, David                   T5N R42W
Cox, Elvira                  T1N R43W
Cox, Everett, T.             T3S R44W Res
Cox, Geo. B.                 T1S R43W
Cox, J.A.                    T4N R46W
Cox, Jeff                    T1S R43W
Cox, John                    T2S R46W
Cox, John H.                 T1S R46W
Cox, L.D.                    T5N R46W
Cox, Mary C.                 T1S R47W
Cox, Otis E.                 T1S R43W Res
Cox, T.B.                    T1S R46W
Cox, T.F.                    T1S R46W
Cox, T.F.                    T1S R47W
Cox, Thos.                   T4N R43W
Cox, W.A.                    T4N R44W
Cox, W.A.                    T4N R45W
Cozy Valley Farm             T3N R43W
Crabtree, Allen              T2N R46W
Crabtree, Elmer              T1N R46W
Crabtree, J.O.               T1N R46W
Cracraft, John               T2N R46W
Cracraft, Wm.                T1N R46W
Cramer Bros.                 T1N R45W Res
Cramer, J.C.                 T5N R47W
Cramer, S.E.                 T1N R45W
Cramer, S.E.                 T2N R45W
Crandall, J.C. Mrs.          T1S R45W
Crandell, Joseph             T1S R45W Res
Cranmer, W.S.                T5S R42W Res
Crawford, A.H.               T2S R43W Res
Crawford, A.H.               T2S R44W
Crawford, J.H.               T5S R47W
Crawford, Scott W.           T5S R47W Res
Crews & Briggs               T1N R42W
Crews, Chas.                 T5S R42W
Crews, Chas. E.              T5S R43W Res
Crews, L.R.                  T5S R42W Res
Crews, L.R.                  T5S R43W
Crews, W.T.                  T5S R42W
Crider, V.B.                 T1N R43W Res
Crisp, D.M.                  T5N R45W
Criss, G.W.                  T1S R47W
Crisswell, Len               T5N R42W
Criswell, A.D.               T3N R48W
Criswell, A.F.               T3N R48W Res
Criswell, S.C.               T1S R44W
Criswell, S.C.               T1S R45W
Critchfield, C.K.            T2N R46W
Critchfield, C.K.            T2S R46W
Critchfield, Owen            T1S R46W
Critchfield, Owen            T2S R46W
Critchfield, V.R.            T1S R46W
Critchfield, V.R.            T2S R46W
Critchfield, W.L.            T2S R46W
Critchlow, E.E. Mrs.         T1S R48W
Crosby, Sarah A.             T1N R44W
Cross, C.A.                  T4S R48W Res
Cross, E.W.                  T4S R48W
Cross, Fred                  T4S R48W
Cross, Geo.                  T4S R48W
Cross, James W.              T2N R43W
Cross, Walter R.             T4S R48W Res
Crossland, Edgar             T4N R45W
Crosthwait, M.C.             T4S R47W
Crothers, W.F.               T3S R43W
Crouse, Harve                T3S R45W
Crouse, Orville              T1S R44W
Crowley & Conover            T1N R48W
Crowley, John A.             T4N R47W
Crowley, John A.             T4N R48W
Crozier Bros.                T2S R48W
Cruse, L.L.                  T5S R48W
Cruse, M.M.                  T1N R45W
Culbertson, Chas. H.         T4S R46W
Culbertson, J.G.             T4S R46W Res
Culbertson, T.H.             T4S R46W Res
Cullen, Anna                 T1N R47W
Culp, W.E.                   T4N R48W Res
Culverwell, E.P.             T5S R48W
Cumley, D.C.                 T1S R44W
Cumley, D.H.                 T1S R43W
Cumley, H.                   T4N R44W
Cummings, G.M.               T5S R43W
Cummings, Geo. W.            T4S R43W
Cummings, Gertrude           T5S R43W
Cummings, P.                 T5N R48W
Cuney, A.A.                  T1N R43W Res
Cuney, Peter F.              T1N R43W
Cuney, Peter Mrs.            T1N R43W
Cuney, Ross                  T1N R43W
Cuney, Roy                   T1S R43W
Cunningham, Anna             T3N R45W
Cunningham, J.B.             T1N R44W
Cunningham, J.B.             T1N R45W Res
Cunningham, Murray           T1N R44W
Cupp, H.W.                   T3S R45W
Currence, A.A.               T4N R43W
Currence, Leroy              T5N R44W
Currene, H.H.                T4N R43W Res
Curry, L.Z.                  T3N R47W
Curtis, C.E.                 T5N R44W
Curtis, C.E. & Sarah         T4N R43W
Curtis, C.E. & Sarah F.      T5N R43W
Curtis, Grace                T5N R44W
Curtis, Henry                T5N R44W Res
Curtis, R.A.                 T5N R48W
Curtis, Sarah                T4N R46W
Custer, Geo.                 T3S R45W
Custer, I.S. Est.            T3S R44W
Custer-Keir, Delia           T2S R44W Res

  NAME                          MAP  
Daggett, G.W.                T3N R44W
Damewood, Chas.              T5N R43W
Danford, G.S.                T5S R45W
Daniels, Viola M.            T2S R47W
Darling, Marion L.           Kirk
Davidson, M.R.               T4S R47W
Davis, C.B.                  T3S R47W Res
Davis, D.E.                  T5S R47W
Davis, E.A.                  T1S R46W
Davis, E.G.                  T5S R46W
Davis, Hosea                 T3S R42W Res
Davis, Ida                   T5N R45W
Davis, J.J.                  T5S R46W
Davis, J.S.                  T1S R47W Res
Davis, John                  T5S R45W
Davis, King S.               T5S R45W Res
Davis, Lina D.               T2S R45W
Davis, Milton F.             T1N R46W Res
Davis, Myra L.               T3S R42W
Davis, Ralph E.              T1S R47W
Davis, S.A.                  T5N R48W
Davis, W.F.                  T3S R48W
Davis, W.O.                  T1S R44W
Davis, Wilson                T1S R42W
Davison, Margaret            T4S R45W
Davison, W.E.                T3N R43W
Davisson, August             T3S R44W
Davisson, Augusta            T3S R45W
Davisson, Auguste            T3S R44W
Davisson, Auguste            T3S R45W
Davisson, Geo. W.            T5S R45W
Dawdy, E.A.                  T1N R48W
Day, E.A.                    T5N R43W
Day, E.A.                    T5N R44W
Day, Stephen                 T1N R48W
Dean, A.F.                   T1S R42W Res
Decatur, L.V.                T5N R44W
Decatur, L.V.                T5N R45W
Decker, A.L.                 T4N R45W
Decker, Louis                T3N R46W
Deckman, Henry               T2N R48W
Dedering, Chas.              T1S R44W
Deering, John                T3N R48W
Defoe, A.                    T1S R44W
Delinger, Cora               T1S R47W
Delinger, D.A.               T1S R47W
Delps, C.B.                  T4N R42W
Delto, H.E.                  T5S R44W
Delto, Henry C.              T5S R44W Res
Dempsey, Patrick F.          T4N R43W Res
Denman, W.H. Est.            T1S R44W
Dennis, T.C.                 T3N R46W
Dermond, D.H.                T4N R46W
Dermond, L.S.                T4N R46W
Deschamps, Joseph J.         T2N R45W Res
Deselms, C.J.                T4N R42W
Deselms, C.J.                T4N R43W
DesLarges, Eliza             T5N R44W
Detamore, M.C.               T5N R46W
Detamore, W.C.               T5N R47W
Deterding, C.F.              T1S R44W
Deterding, Chris             T1S R44W
Deterding, W.F.              T1S R44W
Deterts, E.                  T1S R45W
Deuling, B.E.                T5S R43W
Dever, W.G.                  T2N R42W
Dever, W.G.                  T2N R43W Res
Dever, W.G.                  T3N R42W
Devlin, Ed.                  T4S R43W Res
Devlin, Nora                 T1N R43W Res
Devling, B.E.                T4S R43W Res
Devling, Mary A.             T4S R43W
Devore, D.W.                 T5S R48W
Dewey, C.E.                  T5S R45W Res
Dewey, E.E.                  T5S R45W
Dickenson, Ivan              T1S R46W
Dickinson, O.B.              T5S R48W
Dickson, E.                  T1N R45W
Dickson, Edgar               T1S R45W
Dickson, Edgar               T2N R44W
Dickson, J.H.                T1S R45W Res
Dieckmann, Cornelia          T3S R44W
Dieckmann, J.F.              T3S R44W
Dieckmann, J.F.              T4S R44W Res
Diercks, Herman              T3N R48W Res
Dietz, George                T5S R46W Res
Dietz, Jacob                 T5S R46W Res
Dilka, Hattie                T2S R45W
Dilka, Henry                 T4N R47W Res
Dilka, J.F.                  T2S R45W Res
Dilka, J.F.                  T2S R46W
Dilka, J.F.                  T2S R47W
Dilka, J.H.                  T2S R45W Res
Dilka, J.H.                  T3S R44W
Dilke, Jno.                  T2S R45W
Dillon, Clair E.             T1N R43W Res
Dillon, Edd. E.              T3N R44W
Dillon, Jasper E.            T1S R44W Res
Dimmick, Chas.               T1N R42W
Dimmick, Chas.               T2N R42W
Dimond, C.H.                 T5N R48W
Dinsmore, C.S.               T3S R47W Res
Dinsmore, Elsie              T3S R45W
Dinsmore, John S.            T3S R47W Res
Dinsmore, Scott              T3S R47W
Dinsmore, W.H.               T3S R47W Res
Divine, Riley E.             T1N R44W Res
Dix, L.F.                    T5N R48W
Dobe, Albert                 T5N R48W
Dodd, Geo.                   T2N R47W
Doddridge, C.M.              T5S R46W
Doddridge, Wm.               T5S R46W
Dodds, H.G.                  T4N R46W
Dodson, Chas. J.             T5N R43W Res
Dodson, Ira M.               T5N R43W
Doege, E.E.                  T4S R42W
Doehnert, Martin Est.        T2S R45W
Doehnett, Martin Est.        T3S R45W
Dogener, Geo. C.             T2N R48W
Doling, Frank Est.           T4S R45W
Doling, Jno. W.              T3S R45W
Doling, John W.              T4S R45W Res
Doling, Jos.                 T4S R45W
Doling, Wm.                  T4S R45W
Doman, C.F.                  T1S R48W Res
Donavan, David               T2S R45W
Donham, J.W.                 T4S R45W
Donmeyer, C.E.               T5S R48W
Donovan, D.H.                T1N R44W
Doty, Cora L.                T5S R47W
Douglass, A.C.               T3N R44W
Douglass, C.W.               T3N R44W
Douglass, Jas. W.            T1S R42W Res
Dowlin, E.J.                 Laird
Downey, Thomas J.            T4S R43W Res
Downing Bros.                T4S R45W
Downing, J.E.                T1S R44W Res
Downs, W.B.                  T1N R47W
Doyle, D.B. Mrs.             T4N R42W
Doyle, Wm. B.                T4N R42W Res
Draper, W.L.                 T4N R47W
Drees, Anton                 T2S R47W
Dresen, Andrew               T5N R48W Res
Dresse, Edger                T2S R46W
Droege, Geo.                 T5N R48W
Droege, George               T4N R47W Res
Drommond Bros.               T1N R43W
Drommond, A.H.               T1N R42W Res
Drommond, G.F.               T1N R42W
Drommond, Jas.               T1N R42W
Dudgeon, J.                  T3S R42W
Dudgeon, J.                  T3S R43W
Dudgeon, Wm.                 T4S R43W
Duff, C.C.                   T3S R46W Res
Dunafon, John W.             T2S R47W Res
Dunafon, P.A.                T2S R47W
Dunbar, Anna                 T2S R44W
Dunbar, Chas.                T2N R46W
Duncanson, D.D.              T5S R47W
Duncanson, G.W.              T5S R47W
Duncanson, J.E.              T5S R47W
Dunker, C.                   T2S R43W
Dunker, Henry                T3S R48W
Dunlap, J.B.                 T2S R45W Res
Dunlap, M.                   T1S R46W
Dunlap, W.L.                 T2S R47W Res
Dunn, Claud J.               T2S R46W
Dunn, Eva M.                 T3S R46W
Dunn, Nona E. Mrs.           T2S R46W
Dunn, W.C.                   T2N R45W
Dunn, Wm. C.                 T3N R45W
Durnil, S.C.                 T1S R48W
Dwyer, D.F.                  T5N R47W
Dykes, ?                     T4N R45W
Dykes, M.G.                  T5S R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Eagleburger, Edwin           T5S R45W
Earl, E.A.                   T5N R43W Res
Earl, Fred J.                T4N R43W
Earl, Orville                T4N R43W
Earnest, A.P.                T1N R46W
East, H.D.                   T2N R46W
Eastin Jno. A.               T3S R44W
Eastin, Ida                  T3S R46W
Eastin, J.C.                 T2S R45W
Eastin, J.J.                 T3S R44W
Eastin, Mary A.              T3S R46W
Eastin, N.H.                 T3S R46W
Eastin, Owen                 T1S R46W
Eastin, R.G.                 T3S R45W
Eatinger, Geo.               T2N R44W
Eatinger, M.D.               T3N R43W
Eatinger, Vernon W.          T2N R43W Res
Eaton, Henry                 T1S R43W
Eawart, Frank L.             T1N R48W
Ebeler, A.C.                 T4S R45W
Ebeler, A.H.                 T4S R44W Res
Ebeler, Fred H.              T4S R44W Res
Eberhart, J. Mrs.            T1S R47W
Eberhart, John E.            T1S R47W
Eckberg, Harry               T2S R43W
Eckberg, O.E.                T2S R43W
Eckelson, J.R.               T5S R46W
Eckland, Martha              T2S R42W
Eckley Oil & Land Co.        T2S R44W
Eckley Oil Co.               T2S R43W
Ecklund, Martha              T1S R42W
Eckman, B.F.                 T5N R46W
Eckwall, F.J.                T2N R46W
Eddy, Majestic               T1S R42W
Edmunds, Elizabeth           T1S R43W
Edmunds, P.S.                T1S R43W
Edwards, A.R.                T5N R46W Res
Edwards, B.A.                T5N R45W
Edwards, B.E.                T4S R47W
Edwards, Chas.               T5N R45W
Edwards, David               T4N R46W
Edwards, Ernest              T4N R46W
Edwards, Sharp               T2N R47W
Eggleston, W.L. Sr.          T5N R47W Res
Eggleston, Wray L. Jr.       T5N R47W
Ehlers, Louie                T4N R47W
Ehroman, Fred                T5N R47W
Einspahr, A.H.               T3N R45W
Ekberg, J.H.                 T4S R43W Res
Elgin, Geo. W.               T2N R48W
Elliott, Frank               T3S R44W
Elliott, H.M.                T3S R44W
Elliott, Ralph S.            T3S R44W Res
Ellis, E.M.                  T1N R43W Res
Ellis, E.M.                  T2N R44W
Elloitt E.                   T5N R45W
Ellsworth, Emery             T1S R48W
Elsey, J. Adam               T5S R48W
Elsey, Jesse                 T5S R48W
Elsey, Jos.                  T5S R47W
Elsey, Rhoda                 T5S R48W
Emel, W.H.                   T2S R45W
Emel, W.H.                   T3S R45W
Emily, R.K.                  T1N R43W
Empire R&C Co                T5N R46W
Empire R&C Co                T5N R47W
Empire R&C Co                T5N R48W
Empire R&C Co                T5S R46W
Empire R&C Co.               T2N R45W
Empire R&C Co.               T3N R48W
Empire R&C Co.               T4N R48W
Empire R&C Co.               T4S R46W
Endsley, J.B.                T1N R47W
Endsley, J.M.                T1S R47W Res
Enes, Chas.                  T5S R42W
Engel, Frank                 T2S R45W
Engel, Fred                  T2S R45W
Engel, John                  T1S R44W
Engel, John                  T2S R45W
Engle, Harold                T3S R42W
Engleburger, Guy             Kirk
English, H.A.                T5S R47W
Enos, G.W.                   T1N R48W
Enyeart, A.G.                T5N R44W
Enyeart, A.G.                T5N R45W
Enyeart, Wm.                 T5N R42W Res
Erickson, A.E.               T3S R48W
Erickson, Geo. V.            T5S R45W
Erickson, H.A.               T4S R46W
Erickson, Peter              T5N R47W Res
Erion, Henry                 T1N R47W
Ernst, John                  T3N R47W Res
Ernst, Mary                  T3N R46W
Errett, Ida                  T2S R45W
Errett, Z.T.                 T2S R45W
Erskine, C.E.                T3N R44W
Erskine, E.E.                T4N R44W
Essig, L.                    T2S R46W
Essig, L.                    T3S R46W
Estin, R.G.                  T3S R45W
Evans, Henry                 T1N R45W
Evans, J.E.                  T3N R43W
Evans, J.G.                  T1N R44W Res
Evans, S.C.                  T5N R42W
Evans, S.C.                  T5N R43W
Evans, Scott C.              T5N R42W
Everett, A.E.                T1S R46W
Ewart, Clyde                 T4N R48W
Ewart, Frank                 T2N R48W
Ewing, E.E.                  T4N R48W
Eyestone, H.A.               T3N R48W
Eyestone, R.G.               T4N R47W
Eyestone, Sadie              T1N R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Fadenrecht, Edw.             T4S R47W
Fadenrecht, Henry            T4S R47W
Fadenrecht, Rudolph E.       T5S R47W
Fadenricht, Bernhard         T4S R47W
Fadenricht, John             T4S R47W
Fagan, J.N.                  T3S R48W
Fagan, S.M.                  T3S R48W
Fagan, Wm.                   T3S R48W Res
Fail & Hoch                  T3N R48W
Fair, Sam'l                  T4S R46W
Fair, Victor                 T5N R44W
Fair, Victor Mrs.            T5N R44W
Fair, W.F.                   T4S R44W
Fair, W.T. & D.A.            T4S R46W
Fair, W.T. & D.A.            T5S R46W
Fairbanks, W.W.              T4S R43W
Falkner, M.E. Mrs.           T1N R47W
Falkner, Mary E.             T1N R43W
Falkner, Mary E.             T4N R48W
Fargo, Gail B.               T4S R46W
Farmer, Elizabeth            T1S R48W
Farmer, W.R.                 T1S R48W Res
Farrington, L.L.             T1S R42W Res
Fast, Anna                   T5S R47W Res
Fast, Cornelius              T5S R48W
Fast, J.G.                   T5S R47W
Fast, Jacob                  T5S R47W Res
Fasteman, Nellie             T5N R46W
Fasteneau, N.L.              T4S R48W
Faulkner, Mary E.            T3N R47W
Faupell, A.D.                T5N R48W
Felderman, Emma              T4N R47W
Felderman, J.                T5N R46W
Felderman, John              T5N R46W
Felderman, Mary              T5N R46W
Felker, John                 T1S R48W Res
Fellows, Marion              T4S R44W
Felt, Chas.                  T3N R43W
Felton, Anna                 T3N R48W
Ferguson, C.E.               T5N R45W
Ferguson, D.                 T5S R48W
Ferguson, E.L.               T1N R48W
Ferrel, C.L.                 T5N R42W
Ferrel, Grover A.            T5N R42W
Figg, Henry                  T5N R43W
Filber, Chris Est.           T1S R43W
Fincher, Geo. W.             T5N R43W
Finkbeiner, F.W.             T2N R47W Res
Finley, Elmer B.             T5S R48W
Finley, J.                   T4S R42W
Finley, W.S.                 T5S R47W
Fisher, Anna                 T2N R48W
Fisher, Anna E.              T2N R47W
Fisher, J.H.                 T1N R43W Res
Fisher, Jacob                T1S R43W
Fisher, L. Est.              T1S R43W
Fisher, L.R.                 Wray
Fisher, M.L.                 T1N R43W
Fisher, M.L.                 Wray
Fisher, Michael              T1S R43W
Fisher, Nettie               T1S R43W
Fisk Bros.                   T1N R44W
Fisk, M.M.                   T1S R44W
Fithian, H.E.                T2N R48W
Fix, W.H.                    T1N R44W Res
Flack, Edwin                 T2N R48W
Flack, Edwin                 T3N R48W
Flack, Edwin                 T4N R48W
Flack, Edwin                 T5N R48W
Flageolle, Clara F.          T5S R46W
Flageolle, Lucy B.           T5S R46W
Flageolle, W.H.              T5S R46W
Flech, Bertha                T3S R46W
Fleer, John G.               T5S R44W Res
Fleer, Louis                 T5S R44W
Fleer, Louis Jr.             T4S R45W
Fleer, Lydia                 T5S R44W
Fleer, Otto                  T4S R44W
Fleer, Otto                  T5S R44W
Fleming, Roy F.              T5N R45W
Fleschauer, H.F.             T4N R48W
Fletcher, D.C.               T3S R48W
Fletcher, E.M.               T3S R47W
Fletcher, F.F.               T4S R43W Res
Fletcher, Leon M.            T3S R48W
Fletcher, R.N.               T3S R48W
Flick, H.E.                  T3S R43W Res
Fliegel, Chas. R.            T2N R46W
Fliegel, Chas. R.            T3N R46W
Flinn, Clement               T1N R48W
Flinn, John                  T1S R46W
Flinn, Theo.                 T1S R46W
Floerke, Chas.               T4S R44W Res
Floerke, Chas. A.            T5S R44W
Floerke, F.C.                T4S R44W
Floerke, H.A.                T4S R44W
Floerke, H.A.                T5S R45W
Flowers, Dora                T3S R44W
Floyd, T.E.                  T4N R44W
Flury, Alice J.              T2S R48W Res
Flury, Arnold                T2S R48W
Foley, W.S.                  T1N R48W
Follon, H.M.                 T4S R48W
Foltmer, Adolph N.           T1S R45W Res
Foltmer, F.W.                T1S R45W Res
Foltmer, Henry               T1S R45W
Fonte, Major                 T1N R45W Res
Fonte, Major                 T3N R45W
Forbes, E.A.                 T3N R48W
Force, E.Z. Mrs.             T3S R47W Res
Force, R.                    T3S R47W
Ford, Albert                 T5N R45W Res
Ford, Alva                   T4N R46W Res
Ford, Alva                   T5N R45W
Ford, C.                     T5N R45W
Ford, C.J.                   T5N R47W
Ford, Candacy J.             T5N R45W
Ford, Chas.                  T5N R45W
Ford, Fred                   T4N R48W Res
Ford, L.E.                   T5N R46W
Ford, Leslie                 T5N R45W
Ford, Leslie E.              T5N R46W Res
Forshey, Earl                T1S R42W
Foster, Abe                  T1S R46W
Foster, Alvin                T5N R43W
Foster, Fred                 T3S R48W
Foster, Mattie B.            T4S R47W
Foster, Mattie B.            T4S R48W
Fox Bros.                    T3S R45W
Fox Bros.                    T3S R46W
Fox Bros.                    T4S R45W
Fox Bros.                    T4S R46W
Fox, Eva                     T3S R45W
Francis, J.D.                T1N R43W
Frank, Clayton C.            T4N R48W
Frantz, B.E.                 T3N R45W
Frantz, H.B.                 T3N R45W
Frantz, Kath. B.             T3N R45W
Frederick, W.R.              T1N R48W
Fredrick, W.H.               T1S R48W
French, Ella A.              T2N R46W
French, L.E.                 T2N R47W
Frerichs, Wm.                T2N R45W Res
Freytag, Frank               T1N R45W
Friedhofer, W.E.             T5S R47W
Friedhofer, W.F.             T5S R46W Res
Friedhofer, Wm.              T4S R46W
Friedhofer, Wm.              T4S R47W
Friedhofer, Wm.              T5S R46W
Friedhofer, Wm.              T5S R47W
Friend, H.L.                 T5N R47W
Frits, C.E.                  T2S R47W
Frits, C.E.                  T2S R48W
Fronobarger, Elizabeth       T1S R48W
Frost, R.W.                  T5S R48W
Frydendall, A.H.             T1N R47W
Funk, E.M.                   T1S R46W
Funk, J.N.                   T2N R44W
Funk, Jesse                  T1S R46W
Funk, Walter H.              T2N R44W Res
Furrow, G.W.                 T2N R43W
Furrow, V.B.                 T5N R43W
Fyerstad, B.P.               T5N R47W

  NAME                          MAP  
Gain, J.I.                   T1S R47W Res
Gaines, A.G.                 T3N R46W
Gaines, Sylvia B.            T4S R45W
Galbreath, Chas. G.          T1N R43W Res
Galbreath, Chas. G. & James ET3S R44W
Galbreath, F.E.              T1N R44W Res
Galbreath, James E.          T3S R44W Res
Gant, S.W.                   T2N R48W
Garcia, Ethel M.             T4S R45W
Garcia, James                T4S R45W
Gardner & Tribett            T3N R48W
Gardner, C.                  T3N R48W
Gardner, Clara               T1N R47W
Gardner, Elmer               T1S R48W
Gardner, Jas. G.             T1N R47W
Gardner, John                T2N R47W
Gardner, Pearl               T2N R47W
Gardner, W.H.                T3N R46W
Garrity, F.H.                T1N R48W
Garrity, F.H.                T2N R48W
Garten, John L.              T2N R44W
Garten, Lydia                T2N R44W Res
Garton, ?                    T4N R47W
Garton, Dyson                T4N R47W
Garton, Evan                 T4N R45W Res
Garton, Harley               T4N R45W
Garton, Harley               T4N R46W Res
Garton, J.F.                 T3N R45W
Garton, J.F.                 T3N R46W
Garton, M.O.                 T4N R45W
Garton, Walker B.            T4N R45W Res
Gashau, H.S.                 T2N R48W
Gashaw, E.W.                 T3N R48W
Gaskill, W.F.                T2S R44W Res
Gass, Chas.                  T5N R42W
Gates, C.C.                  T1N R46W
Gatten, Walter               T2S R47W Res
Gatten, Walter               T3S R47W
Gay, F.A.                    T3S R48W
Gearhart, G.A.               T2S R48W
Gearhart, George             T1S R48W
Geer, Cora T.                T5N R48W
Geimer, Geo. H.              T5S R45W
Gelvin, A.R.                 T2N R45W
Gelvin, C.A.                 T1N R44W
Gelvin, C.A.                 T2N R44W
Gelvin, E.                   T2N R45W
Gelvin, G.A. Mrs.            T2N R45W
Gentry, Sadie                T2S R42W
Gentry, Sadie L.             T1N R45W
Geoglein, C.                 T2N R47W
George, L.E.                 T4N R48W
Gerber, Henry                T3S R44W
Gerber, Henry                T4S R44W
Gerber, Jno. G.              T3S R44W
Gerber, John G.              T4S R44W
Gerber, Pauline              T4S R44W
Gerber, Pauline J.           T3S R44W
Gerber, William              T3S R44W
Gerdes, A.C.                 T2S R43W Res
Gerdts, Fannie M.            T4S R47W
Geriken, Marie               T1N R48W
Getchell, Leonard            T1S R48W
Getman, E.E.                 T4S R46W
Giberson, Larner             T1N R48W
Giberson, Warren             T1N R48W
Gibson, C.L.                 T4S R47W
Gibson, G.W.                 T4S R47W
Gibson, H.H.                 T3S R45W
Gilbert, F.                  T1N R46W
Gilbert, Frank               T1N R46W
Gilbert, Hannah              T5S R46W Res
Giles, Curtis                T3S R42W Res
Giles, Mary                  T3S R42W
Giles, Mary                  T3S R43W
Gill, Martha                 T4N R46W
Gillette, N.W.               T4S R48W
Gilliland, Guendolen         T2N R44W
Gilmore, C.A.                T1S R46W
Gilmore, C.E.                T1S R46W
Gilmore, C.E.                T2S R47W
Gilmore, Clayton             T1S R47W
Gilmore, F.M.                T3S R44W Res
Gilmore, Fanny L.            T3S R44W
Gilmore, R.J.                T1S R46W
Gilpin, A.E.                 T1N R47W
Gilstrap, Ellen              T4S R42W
Gilstrap, W.F.               T4S R42W Res
Gimer, Lilly May             T5S R46W
Gipson, Wm.                  T1N R48W
Glanty, John                 T5N R48W
Glantz, Emmay                T2N R48W
Glantz, Wm. E.               T2N R48W Res
Glauser, Fred                T3S R45W
Gleason, L.W.                T3S R46W
Gleason, Sophia M.           T2N R45W
Gleason, V.M.                T3N R43W
Gleason, Wm.                 T4N R46W
Gleaves, Emiline             T5S R47W
Gleaves, I.N.                T5S R47W
Glen, John                   T2N R43W
Glenn, Burr                  T1N R46W
Glenn, David                 T1S R45W Res
Glenn, M.F.                  T1N R46W Res
Glenn, Millard F.            T1N R46W
Goddard, Chas.               T5N R46W
Godsey, Clyde                T3N R46W
Godsey, D.D.                 T1N R45W Res
Godsey, G.D. Mrs.            T1N R45W
Godsey, Gertrude D.          T1N R45W
Godsey, J. Beryl             T1N R45W
Godsey, L.S.                 T3N R46W
Godsey, O.T.                 T3N R46W
Godsey, W. Clyde             T2N R46W
Godsman, P.B.                T5S R43W
Godsman, P.B.                T5S R44W
Goldsberry, Jess             T5N R43W
Golgert, Wm                  T5N R46W
Good Valley Stock Farm       T1N R46W
Good, Wm.                    T1N R44W
Good, Wm.                    T4S R45W
Gooden, H.H.                 T5N R43W Res
Goodhue, Clarence            T3N R43W
Goodhue, Wm.                 T3N R43W
Goodhue, Wm.                 T4N R44W
Goodin, G.B.                 T3S R48W
Goodin, Nanna Est.           T3S R48W
Goodin, W.A.J.               T3S R47W
Goodman, C.H.                T1S R43W
Goodman, Chas. H.            T1S R42W
Goodman, Dewey               T1S R43W Res
Goodman, Nellie J.           T1S R42W
Gorden, R.E.                 T3S R47W
Gorden, R.R.                 T3S R47W Res
Gorden, R.R.                 T3S R48W
Gordon, G.E.                 T2N R48W
Gordon, Shedrick             T2N R43W
Gorman, Earl F.              T4N R48W Res
Gossard, Cecil               T4N R44W
Gossett, W.E.                T2N R47W
Gottard, Iva Heirs           T4N R45W
Gould, G.A.                  T5N R48W
Goulding, F.E.               T4S R48W
Goulding, Minnie             T4S R48W
Gowen, J.L.                  T3N R47W Res
Grabowski, Gus               T1N R48W
Graf, L.A. Sr.               T2S R47W
Graf, Louis A. Jr.           T2S R47W
Graf, Minnie E.              T2N R48W
Graham, A.                   T5N R46W
Graham, Albert               T4N R46W
Graham, H.M.                 T4N R48W
Graham, J.E.                 T1N R44W
Graham, W.H.                 T3N R46W
Gram, H.W.                   T4N R48W
Grand, Geo. E.               T4N R48W
Grant, J.A.                  Wray
Grauel, Paul E.              T3S R47W Res
Grauel, R.A.                 T3S R47W
Graves, E.C.                 T1S R44W
Graves, J.T.                 T2N R45W Res
Graves, R.L.                 T5S R47W
Gray, Ira                    T5N R46W
Green, Frank A.              T5N R48W
Green, Jos.                  T3N R43W
Green, Joseph                T2N R43W
Green, Peter                 T5S R45W
Green, Ralph & Frank         T5N R48W
Greenfield, E.L.             T4N R46W
Greenfield, Everett L.       T3N R46W Res
Greenfield, Leo              T3S R43W
Griffin, B.F.                T5N R42W
Griffin, B.F.                T5N R43W
Griffith, Samuel H.          T1S R48W
Griffith, Samuel H.          T2S R48W
Grigsby, Emma                T1N R43W
Grigsby, J.J. Est.           T1S R44W
Grigsby, Jennie B.           T2S R42W
Grigsby, John R.             T1S R44W
Grigsby, W.C.                T2S R44W
Grimm, Albert                T5N R45W
Grimsley, E.W.               T2N R46W
Groseclose, Arthur           T5N R43W Res
Groseman, F.E.               T4S R43W
Groshans, L.A.               T5N R44W
Gross, J.W.                  T5S R46W
Gross, Ross                  T1S R44W
Grosscup, I.E. Mrs.          T4N R46W
Grothaus, A.E.               T1N R48W
Grove, Dallas L.             T1N R48W
Groves, H.D. Mrs.            T1S R44W
Groves, T.B.                 T1N R44W
Groves, T.B.                 T1N R45W
Groves, T.B.                 T1S R44W
Groves, T.B.                 T2S R43W
Groves, T.B.                 T5N R44W
Guernsey, Griffin            T3S R44W
Guernsey, Griffin            T4N R45W
Gulley, John A.              T5S R47W Res
Gum, E.D.                    T5N R47W
Gumm, Anna                   T5N R48W
Gumm, C.E.                   T5N R48W
Gummer, Henry                T4N R48W
Guy Bros.                    T3S R47W
Guy Bros.                    T4S R46W
Guy Bros.                    T4S R47W
Guy Brothers                 T3S R46W

  NAME                          MAP  
Haagensen, O.M.              T3S R48W Res
Hackman, H.J.                T3N R48W
Hadley, Lua.                 T1N R47W
Hadlock Est.                 Wray
Hadlock, Anna                T1S R44W
Hadlock, C.A.                T2S R45W Res
Hadlock, Geo.                T2S R45W Res
Hadlock, J.M. Mrs.           T2S R45W
Hadlock, L.H.                T2S R45W
Hadlock, R.D. Est.           T1S R44W
Hadlock, Ross                T3S R45W
Hadlock, W.L.                T1N R44W Res
Hadlock, Wm.                 T1S R44W
Haeberle, F.S.               T4S R45W
Hagan, J.N.                  T2S R47W
Hagan, Samuel                T2S R47W
Hagen, R.M.                  T5S R47W Res
Hahn, Anna                   T2N R44W
Hahn, David                  T2N R44W
Hahn, Edw. E.                T2N R44W Res
Hahn, Elizabeth              T2N R44W
Haislett, Almira D.          T2N R48W
Halderson, H.                T5N R46W
Hale, C.E.                   T2N R47W
Hale, C.H.                   T2N R43W Res
Haley, Blaine                T4N R45W
Hall, A.S.                   T3S R42W
Hall, Albert G.              T1N R47W
Hall, Chas.                  T5N R42W
Hall, Eunice L.              T4S R46W
Hall, F.K.                   T2N R46W Res
Hall, G.W.                   T1S R48W
Hall, Nelson E. Est.         T2N R46W
Halley, H.H.                 T1N R43W
Halstead, Edgar              T1S R46W
Hamilton, Fred C.            T4N R43W Res
Hamilton, J.F.               T2N R48W
Hammel, C.B.                 T1N R43W Res
Hammond, F.H.                T3N R47W
Hammond, F.H.                T3N R48W Res
Hampton, Homer               T2N R43W
Hancock, Herman M.           T1N R48W
Hanna, J.C.                  T1N R48W
Hansen, Alfred               T1S R48W
Hansen, F.L.                 T5N R46W
Hansen, J.C.                 T4S R45W
Hanshaw, E.                  T1N R42W
Hanshaw, Edw.                T2N R42W
Hanson, A. Mrs.              T5N R48W
Hanson, A.J.                 T1S R47W
Hanson, Anna                 T5N R48W
Hanson, Lars                 T4N R46W
Hanson, Lars                 T5N R48W
Hanson, W.E.                 T5N R48W Res
Harder, J.E.                 T3S R43W Res
Hardesty, Bella              T1S R47W
Hardy, D.E.                  T5N R47W
Hardy, E.S.                  T1N R42W
Hardy, Tracy                 T5N R47W
Harless, C.C.                T1N R42W
Harmon, Harvy                T5S R46W
Harmon, Jno.                 T2S R44W
Harmon, John                 T2S R44W
Harmon, Wm.                  T5S R46W
Harms, Geo.                  T4N R47W
Haroff, Chas. A.             T2S R47W
Harouff, C.A.                T1S R47W
Harr, Mathew                 T2N R48W
Harris, A.S.                 T3N R48W
Harris, E.W. Mrs.            T1S R46W
Harris, G.N.                 T3N R48W
Harris, Geo. B.              T3N R45W
Harris, S.W.                 T5S R42W
Harrison, F.F.               T2N R42W
Harrison, J.T.               T2N R43W
Hartley, Jas. B.             T5S R42W Res
Hartman, Henry               T4S R44W
Hartman, William             T4S R44W Res
Hartman, Wm.                 T4S R43W
Hartwell & Carpenter         T5N R47W
Hartwell, F.D.               T5N R48W
Harvey, Samuel Heirs         T4S R47W
Harvey, W.D.                 T3S R44W
Haskell, G.A.                T2S R43W Res
Haskell, G.A.                T2S R44W
Haskell, J.S.                T2S R43W
Haskins & Larson             T5N R46W
Hastings, Henry              T2S R47W
Hatch, Louis                 T5N R47W
Hatch, Wm. Mrs.              T3N R42W
Hatcher & Conley             T3N R46W
Hathaway, E.E.               T5N R46W
Hatheway, E.E.               T4N R46W Res
Haun, Claud                  T3N R43W Res
Haun, J.D.                   T3N R43W
Haver & Weeks                T3N R46W
Haver, Geo.                  T2N R47W
Haverland, Geo.              T4N R47W
Haworth, Henry M.            T4S R46W Res
Hawthorne, Maude E.          T5S R46W
Hayes, Alfretta              T1N R43W
Hayes, Earl F.               Laird
Hayes, L.J.                  T5N R42W
Hayes, L.J.                  T5N R43W
Hayes, Lucy F.               T4N R43W
Hayes, W.E.                  T5S R48W
Haymart, A.N.                T3S R43W
Hays, Katherine S.           T1N R48W
Hays, May Est.               T1N R44W
Hays, May, Ada & Madge       T1N R43W
Hays, May, Ada & Madge       T1N R44W
Hays, O.M.                   T2N R46W
Hays, R.K.                   T1N R46W
Hays, R.K.                   T4N R43W
Hays, Richard K.             T2S R43W
Hayward, A.B.                T5S R42W Res
Hazlett, C.W.                T2N R42W
Hazlett, C.W.                T2N R43W Res
Headly Est.                  Laird
Headly, Benj.                T1N R42W
Heaston, Grace               T2S R45W
Hebel, Jacob                 T3N R47W
Heberlein, Henry             T5S R46W
Heberlein, J.C.              T5S R46W
Hedrick, Edmunds             T2N R48W
Heffener, Chris              T4S R45W
Heider, Wm.                  T2N R47W
Heilig, E.G.                 T3N R47W
Hein, Rev. A.                T5S R44W
Heinrich, Abraham A.         T5S R47W
Heinrichs, Aron. R.          T4S R47W Res
Heinrichs, C.P.              T4S R47W
Heinrichs, J.A.              T4S R47W
Heinrichs, J.A.              T4S R48W
Heinrichs, Jacob A.          T4S R47W
Heinrichs, John P.           T4S R47W
Heiserman, Hattie            T2N R47W
Heiserman, J.F.              T1N R47W
Heiserman, J.F.              T2N R48W
Heiserman, J.H.              T2N R48W
Heller, Edith                T5S R47W
Helling, Carl                T4S R44W Res
Helling, Franz & Wm. H.      T4S R44W
Helling, Wm. H.              T5S R43W Res
Helmann, W.A.                T5N R47W
Helsel, Chas. M.             T4S R46W
Helton, Enos                 T2S R47W Res
Helton, John                 T1S R47W
Henak, Chas.                 T3N R48W
Henderson, B.L.              T1S R46W
Henderson, Bert L.           T1S R46W
Henderson, E.R.              T4N R43W Res
Henderson, J.D.              T1S R46W
Henderson, Jas. D.           T1S R46W
Hendrex, S.J.                T1S R47W
Hendrie, D.A.                T2N R44W
Hendrie, D.A.                T2N R45W Res
Hendrie, Dan                 T1S R45W
Henke, Louis                 T1N R43W
Henke, Louis                 T1N R45W
Henkle, Laura J.             T5S R46W Res
Henkle, Laura J.             T5S R47W
Henry, C.M.                  T4S R48W
Henry, F.M.                  T4S R48W
Henry, J.L.                  T4S R48W
Henry, Jennie                T4S R48W
Henry, Mary                  T4S R47W
Hensel, Otto                 T3N R47W
Hensley, J.L.                T3S R46W
Herbaugh, Elmer              T4N R46W
Herbaugh, Elmer              T5N R45W
Herbaugh, G.F.               T4N R46W
Herbaugh, Orville            T4N R46W
Herbert, D.O.                T3N R48W
Herbert, Geo. A.             T4N R43W
Herford Ranch, The           T3S R43W
Herlin, M.H.                 T5N R48W
Herman, Andreas              T2N R46W
Herman, Martin               T1N R46W
Herron, J.A.                 T3N R48W
Hersey, L.J. & L.R.          T1S R43W Res
Hesp, Earl                   T4N R47W Res
Hesp, Ralph O.               T4N R47W Res
Hess, Chas.                  T1N R47W
Hess, L.B.                   T4S R46W Res
Hesse, A.W.                  T1N R45W Res
Hesse, Henry                 T1N R45W
Hesse, Lena                  T1N R45W
Hester, F.L.                 T4N R44W
Heyer, T.J.                  T2N R42W
Hicks, G.P.                  T1S R43W
Hicks, R(ussell) E.          T1N R45W
Hicks, Russell               T3N R46W
Hicks, Sarah E.              T3S R44W Res
Higbee, S.P.                 T1N R48W
Higbee, W.D. & R.G.          T1N R48W
Higenbotham, W.E.            T4S R43W
Higgins, A.A.                T1S R45W
Higgins, A.A.                T1S R46W
Higgins, Dora B.             T2N R46W
Higgins, Fred Mrs.           T1N R44W
Higgins, H.C.                T1N R47W
Higgins, H.F.                T2S R48W
Higgins, M.A.                T2S R47W
Higgins, M.A.                T2S R48W
Highland, R.T.               T2S R47W
Hilbert, A.                  T5N R47W
Hilbert, F.                  T5N R48W
Hilbert, Fred                T5N R47W
Hildreck, J.M.               Wray
Hildreth, R.D.               T1N R44W
Hildreth, Ray                T3N R43W
Hilfiker, Otto               T4N R44W
Hill, A.L.                   T5S R45W
Hill, Arthur J.              T5S R45W Res
Hill, E.E. Est.              T3N R43W
Hill, H.J.                   T2S R46W
Hill, John                   T5S R47W
Hill, John                   T5S R48W Res
Hill, L.L.                   T5N R46W
Hill, Mary C.                T5S R45W
Hill, Samuel                 T1N R44W
Hill, Samuel                 T2N R44W
Hill, Wm.                    T3N R46W
Hillside Stock Farm          T3S R43W
Hillyer, Geo.                T5N R48W
Hilt, Gustave                T2S R42W
Hilton, Enos                 T4N R48W
Himes Bros.                  T3S R46W
Himes, Albert                T3S R46W
Himes, Edw. A.               T3S R46W
Himes, I.G.                  T3S R46W
Himes, J.E.                  T3S R46W
Himes, Mary E.               T3S R46W
Hines, C.N.                  T4N R46W Res
Hines, E.                    T2S R45W
Hinkle, Laura J.             T5S R46W
Hiser, G.E.                  T1N R43W
Hiser, G.E.                  T1N R44W
Hiser, Lucy V.               T1N R44W
Hissog, Mable                T4S R47W
Hitchcock, A.B.              T2N R44W Res
Hitchcock, C.A.              T2N R44W
Hitchcock, C.A.              T2N R45W Res
Hitchcock, Ethel             T1N R45W
Hitchcock, F.M.              Kirk     Res
Hitchcock, F.M.              T5S R46W
Hitchcock, J.C.              T2N R44W Res
Hitchcock, John              T1N R45W
Hitchcock, Martha E.         T2N R44W
Hitchcock, Nellie E.         T2N R44W
Hitchcock, W.H.              T3N R44W
Hix, Geo. P.                 T1S R45W
Hoag, R.J.                   T5S R44W
Hoar, F.C.                   T1S R48W
Hoatson, A.W.                T4S R42W
Hobbs, Frank M.              T4S R48W Res
Hobson, Ernest               T1N R47W
Hoch & Fail                  T3N R48W
Hoch, C.M. Mrs.              T2N R48W
Hoch, H.C.                   T1N R48W
Hoch, H.C.                   T2N R47W
Hoch, H.C.                   T2N R48W
Hoch, Henry                  T3N R47W
Hoch, W.D.                   T4N R47W
Hoch, W.D. Mrs.              T4N R47W
Hoch, W.D. Mrs.              T4N R48W
Hoch, W.F.                   T1N R48W
Hodges, C.L.                 T5N R43W
Hoffman, Silas E.            T2S R48W
Hogan, R.M.                  T3S R47W
Hogsen, Blanche              T5N R43W
Hogsett, F.W.                T2N R47W
Hogue, A.C.                  T2N R45W
Hollingsworth & Stevens      T1S R47W
Hollingsworth, C.E.          T1N R46W
Hollingsworth, F.W.          T2N R44W
Hollowell, Wm.               T5S R43W
Holyman, W.F.                T5N R48W
Holyoke Land Co.             T3N R48W
Homm, Anna                   T5S R44W
Homm, Geo.                   T4S R45W
Homrighaus, Chas.            T5S R45W
Homrighaus, Louie            T5S R45W Res
Homrighaus, Minnie           T5S R45W
Homrighaus, Minnie           T5S R46W
Honey, A.L.                  T5N R47W Res
Hooper, S.H.                 T2S R46W
Hooper, T.H.                 T2S R46W
Hooper, T.M.                 T2S R47W
Hoot, Alvin                  T2N R46W
Hootan, A.G.                 T3N R47W
Hopkins, Francis             T3N R44W
Hoppin, C.B.                 T1S R44W
Hoppin, C.B.                 T2S R43W
Hoppin, Louisa               T1S R44W
Horn, P.B.                   T4S R46W Res
Horney, Lucy J.              T5S R45W
Horstman, C.W.               T2S R45W Res
Horstman, H.C.               T1S R45W
Horstman, Mary               T2S R45W
Horstman, Mary S.            T1S R45W
Hoschauer, G.D.              T2N R46W
Houck, J.W.                  T5N R43W
House, H.E.                  T5N R46W
House, J.E.                  T1N R46W
House, W.H.                  T5N R46W
Houtchens, G.F.              T1S R44W
Houtman, Paul                T2N R42W Res
Houtz, J.W.                  T5S R46W
Howard, W.W.                 T4S R45W
Howell, Samuel               T1N R48W
Howell, Samuel C.            T1S R47W Res
Howell, Wm.                  T1S R47W
Howtchens, G.E.              T2S R44W
Hubbard, Daisy               T3N R47W
Hubbard, Geo.                T2S R45W
Huey, Geo. E.                T1N R47W
Huey, Geo. E.                T2N R48W
Huff, H.G.                   T4N R45W
Huffaker, M.B.               T1S R44W
Huffman, Frank               T1N R44W
Huffman, Henry               T1N R48W
Huges, W.D.                  T2S R48W
Hugh, Victor                 T4N R42W
Hughes Mattie S.             T2S R48W
Hughes, Edward               T4N R43W
Hughes, G.                   T4N R42W
Hughey, John C.              T5S R44W Res
Hughey, Minnie               T5S R45W
Hukill, L.H.                 T4S R44W Res
Hulquist, Walter             T4N R45W
Hultquist, John O.           T1N R42W Res
Hultquist, Jonas             T1N R42W
Humphrey, Ella W.            T2S R43W
Hunt, J.C.                   T2N R45W
Hunt, Walter                 T5S R42W
Hutchins, Kate               T4S R47W
Hutt, John                   T2N R47W
Hutton, G.A.                 T4S R46W
Hutton, G.A.                 T4S R47W
Hutton, J.                   T5S R46W
Hutton, Jeremiah             T5S R47W
Hutton, Orville              T5S R47W
Hyatt, Perry                 T5S R47W
Hyatt, Perry                 T5S R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Idler, G.I.                  T4S R47W
Idler, Geo.                  T5S R47W
Ingalls, Chas.               T3S R45W
Ingalls, Chas. E.            T4S R45W Res
Ingalls, Clarence E.         T4S R45W
Ingalls, D.M.                T4S R45W
Ingalls, Fred.               T4S R45W
Ingalls, Walter E.           T5S R45W Res
Ingmire, Frank               T2N R42W
Ingram, C.B.                 T4S R47W Res
Ingram, M.                   Wray
Intermill, Grover            T2N R46W
Ireland & Johnston           T1S R46W
Irwin, A. Mrs.               T1N R47W
Irwin, W.L.                  T5N R45W
Irwine, Leona                T5N R42W
Irwine, W.L.                 T5N R42W Res
Ishmael, R.T.                T4N R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Jackman, J.H.                T5S R48W
Jackson & Sturm              T3N R45W
Jackson, A.                  T1N R44W
Jackson, Alfred              T5S R45W Res
Jackson, Chas. F.            T2N R44W Res
Jackson, Daniel              T1N R44W
Jackson, Daniel              T2N R44W
Jackson, Daniel              T5S R46W
Jackson, Ella L.             T3N R44W
Jackson, Geo. R.             T2N R43W
Jackson, H.O.                T1N R44W
Jackson, H.R.                T5S R44W Res
Jackson, H.R.                T5S R45W
Jackson, H.W.                T1N R48W
Jackson, Harry O.            T2N R44W
Jackson, L.B.                T5N R47W
Jackson, Rosa                T4S R48W
Jackson, Ross                T2S R48W
Jackson, Wm. B.              T5S R44W
Jackson, Wm. B.              T5S R45W
Jacobs, M.N.                 T5S R45W
Jacobs, Roy P.               T2S R42W
Jacobson, James              T1N R48W
Jacobson, James              T3S R46W Res
Jacobson, Lewis              T1N R42W
James, Chas.                 T2S R48W
Jeffries, Fred               T5N R44W
Jeffries, Wm.                T3N R42W
Jennings, May F.             T2S R43W
Jennings, T.C.               T1S R43W
Jensen, Jacob                T5N R44W
Jesse, Gustave               T1N R45W
Jessop, James                T1S R48W
Jessup, James                T1S R47W
Jewell, Lillian              T1N R48W
Jewell, R.E.                 T1S R47W
Jewrink, H.E.                T2N R43W
Jewrink, H.R.                T2N R44W
Jobes, J.L.                  T1N R45W
Jobes, J.L.                  T1N R46W
Johnson, Anton               T5S R43W Res
Johnson, C.H.                T4N R43W
Johnson, C.W.                T4S R45W Res
Johnson, Chas. Est.          T4N R43W
Johnson, F.D.                T1N R43W Res
Johnson, F.D.                T1N R44W
Johnson, F.D.                T2N R43W
Johnson, Frank               T2N R43W
Johnson, Fred                T2S R44W
Johnson, J.                  T2N R47W
Johnson, Martin              T5S R43W
Johnson, Maude F.            T2S R43W
Johnson, N.Z.                T4S R43W
Johnson, Oscar               T5N R45W
Johnson, P.J.                T4S R45W
Johnson, P.L.                T4S R46W
Johnson, Pat                 T3N R46W
Johnson, Perry O.            T4N R44W Res
Johnson, R.L.                T5S R44W
Johnson, Ruth                T2N R48W
Johnson, Sherman             T4S R46W Res
Johnson, Sophie              T5N R48W
Johnson, W.D.                T1S R43W
Johnson, W.F.                T3N R47W
Johnson, Warner              T5S R43W Res
Johnston & Ireland           T1S R46W
Johnston, Frank              T1S R45W
Johnston, John               T1S R45W
Johnston, Thomas             T1S R45W Res
Johnston, Wm. H.             T4N R47W Res
Jones, A.B.                  T2S R47W
Jones, Alice B.              T3N R47W
Jones, C.W.                  T1S R47W Res
Jones, Chas.                 T3N R47W
Jones, F.W.                  T1S R44W
Jones, J.C.                  T2N R45W Res
Jones, J.G.                  T1N R43W Res
Jones, J.M.                  T4S R48W
Jones, J.W.                  T2N R44W
Jones, James R.              T2S R47W
Jones, Laura M. Mrs.         T2N R43W Res
Jones, M.J.                  T2S R42W
Jones, Martha A.             T2S R47W
Jones, Minor A.              T2S R47W
Jones, Robert                T5S R46W
Jones, Robert                T5S R47W
Jones, Sherman W.            T1N R43W Res
Jones, W.M.                  T2S R42W
Jordan, C.J.                 T2N R44W Res
Jordan, Chas. W.             T2N R47W Res
Jordan, Chas. W.             T2S R47W
Jordan, J.D.                 T1N R43W
Jordon, Chas. W.             T3S R47W
Josh, A.L.                   T4N R46W
Josh, A.L.                   T5N R46W
Josh, James                  T5N R46W
Josh, W. Henry               T5N R46W Res
Josh, W.H.                   T5N R45W
Josh, Wm                     T5N R46W
Joslin, Geo. H.              T5N R45W
Joslin, Geo. I.              T5N R45W
Joslin, Royce                T5N R45W
Joslin, S.N.                 T5N R45W
Junker, H.                   T2S R47W
Justice, Frank               T1S R46W
Justice, L.R.                T3N R45W

  NAME                          MAP  
Kapson, Louis                T5N R44W Res
Karns, James A.              T1S R43W
Karns, Mary                  T1N R43W
Karns, S.D.                  T1N R43W
Karr, C.A.                   T1N R46W
Karrick, H.E.                T1S R43W Res
Kasal, V.                    T2N R46W Res
Kaufman, Fred                T2S R44W
Kaur, Anton                  T2S R43W
Kaur, James                  T2S R43W
Kavan, W.J.                  T4N R48W
Kebel, John                  T3S R45W
Kechter, Jacob               T5S R46W
Kechter, Jacob               T5S R47W
Keck, E.E.                   T4S R44W
Keech, Charley W.            T4N R44W
Keech, L.J.                  T4N R43W Res
Keech, L.J.                  T4N R44W
Keeler, C.B.                 T4S R42W
Keeler, H.E.                 T4S R42W Res
Keenan, Grant V.             T1N R43W Res
Keenan, Joseph               T1N R43W Res
Keenan, Joseph               T4N R44W
Keeney, A.H.                 T3N R48W
Keever, A.H.                 T4S R42W
Keith, Allen T.              T3S R45W Res
Kellar, Elva                 T2S R43W
Keller, James A.             T2S R48W
Keller, R.C.                 T1S R48W
Kelley, Thos.                T4S R43W
Kelly, Lee                   T5N R44W
Kelso, F.S.                  T1S R48W
Kendle, Mabel                T3N R48W
Kendle, Mabel                T4N R48W
Kennedy, W.J.                T4S R46W
Kepner, Sarah                T2S R42W
Kerley, Geo.                 T1S R42W
Kern, C.B.                   T4S R47W
Kern, Chas. B.               T5S R47W
Kerner, Chas.                T1S R45W
Kerns, J.F.                  T1S R44W
Kerr, H.B.                   T2S R48W
Kersey, Ora                  T2N R44W Res
Kessler, J.W.                T2N R46W
Kester, Bertha               T3S R44W
Kester, Carrie J.            T3S R45W
Kester, W.E.                 T3S R44W
Kester, W.E.                 T3S R45W Res
Kettley, Aestel              T5N R44W
Kettley, Aestral             T5N R43W
Kettley, J.H.                T5N R43W
Kettley, Jesse P.            T5N R43W Res
Kettley, John H.             T5N R44W
Khueler, Frank               T5N R48W
Kibel, C.C.                  T1N R44W
Kiddoo, W.N.                 T1N R47W
Kidney, W.C.                 T4N R46W
Kidney, W.C.                 T5N R46W Res
Kiem, W.C.                   T1S R46W
Kiem, W.G.                   T1S R47W
Kier, Delia                  T2S R44W
Kier, John M.                T2S R45W Res
Kier, L.W.                   T2S R44W Res
Kilgore, T.S.                T1S R43W
Kilgore, T.S.                T1S R44W
Kilgore, T.S.                T3N R45W
Kilgore, T.S.                T3S R42W
Kilgore, T.S.                T3S R43W
Kilmam, M.I.                 T2S R43W
Kimball, C.W.                T5N R48W
Kimber, J.A. & Maggie        T1N R43W
Kimber, M.E.                 T3N R45W
Kimber, Morris E.            T4N R45W
Kimberlin, Joann             T4N R45W
Kimberlin, R.C.              T4N R44W
Kimminar, Frank              T5N R45W
Kindred, J.A. Est.           T2S R46W
Kindred, J.A. Est.           T3S R46W
Kindred, J.W.                T2S R47W Res
Kindred, W.S.                T2S R47W
King, H.N. Mrs.              T1S R46W
King, J.R.                   T2S R42W
King, S.J. Mrs.              T3S R46W
Kinkade, J.T.                T4S R46W
Kirby, John E.               T1S R44W Res
Kirby, R.F.                  T1S R44W
Kirk, Albia L.               T1N R44W
Kirk, Merritt                T2N R48W
Kirk, O.L.                   T3N R48W
Kirk, O.L.                   T4N R48W
Kirk, Town of                T5S R47W
Kirkland, C.C.               T4S R42W
Kirkland, C.C.               T4S R43W
Kirkland, R.E.               T3S R42W
Kissinger, Sadie             T3N R47W
Kite, Lee                    T3S R47W
Kite, R.F.                   T3S R47W
Kite, W.H.                   T3S R47W
Kitzmiller, H.V.             T3N R45W
Kitzmiller, Lillian          T4N R45W
Klassen, A.W.                Kirk     Res
Klassen, Henry               T5S R47W
Klassen, Katherine           T5S R47W
Klein, Jacob                 T3N R44W
Klie, Geo.                   T4S R42W
Klie, Geo. F.                T3S R42W Res
Kline, John W.               T1S R45W Res
Kness, J.D. Mrs.             T5S R46W
Knopf, Clyde                 T4N R48W
Knox, A.L.                   T1N R47W
Knox, Albia                  T1N R43W
Knox, L.L.                   T1N R47W
Knox, L.L. Mrs.              T2S R46W
Knox, W.T.                   T2N R47W
Knudsen, James               T5S R47W Res
Koch, Casper                 T5N R46W
Kohl, Bert                   T3N R45W
Kohlman, Glen G.             T2S R45W
Kohlman, O.W.                T2S R45W
Kohlman, O.W.                T2S R46W
Kohlman, O.W.                T3S R45W
Kohlman, S.D. Mrs.           T2S R45W
Konegsbrugger, Auguste       T4N R47W
Koons, L.H. Mrs.             T1S R48W
Korf, Edwin                  T5N R47W
Korf, Fred                   T4N R47W
Korf, Henry F.               T4N R48W
Korf, Lee                    T4N R47W
Korf, Lee                    T4N R48W
Korf, Lee                    T5N R47W
Korf, Lee                    T5N R48W
Korf, Louis                  T4N R48W Res
Kortz, H.L.                  T4S R45W
Kory, H.F.                   T4N R48W
Kouba, Emil                  T2N R45W
Kouba, T.D.                  T2N R45W
Kouba, T.D.                  T3N R45W Res
Krantz, A.L.                 T2N R45W Res
Kraut, E.L.                  T1N R46W
Krautschun, Otto             T5N R42W Res
Kroeger, Louis               T5S R42W
Krout, J.L.                  T1S R47W
Krout, J.L.                  T1S R48W
Krueger, W.C.                T5N R46W
Kuffler, C.W.                T3S R48W
Kuffler, Wm.                 T2S R48W
Kuffler, Wm.                 T3S R48W Res
Kugler, Gottfried            T2N R44W
Kugler, Jacob                T2N R44W Res
Kugler, Karl                 T2N R44W Res
Kuk, Emil G.                 T5S R44W Res
Kuk, Paul                    T5S R44W
Kulbring, Myrtle             T3S R47W
Kummer, A.N.                 T2N R44W
Kunz, John                   T3N R47W
Kurst, Wm. F.                T1S R48W

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