Following is a list of persons who settled within the limits of the present Yuma county prior to 1890, and who are still living here. Every effort has been made to get the names and dates correct. It is known that the list is not complete by any means, but the fact that so large a number have lived here so long a time speaks well for the farming and cattle interests of the country. The writer has taken pains to see nearly every one of the persons here named. Where he has not done so the information has been secured from reliable sources.

The postoffice address of all is Wray, Colorado, except where otherwise indicated.

Should any one desire further information than is given in this booklet regarding Yuma county, these persons, from their long residence here are well qualified to furnish it, and doubtless would answer cheerfully any inquiry which might be made. The date given here is in most cases the date of actual settlement:

P J Sullivan Residence1876.

Frank Reeck, August.
Chas. Reeck, August.


T. C. Jennings, April 15.
J. H. Rosencrans, June.


G. H. Baker, July 15.
C. M. Webster, August.


Josephus Brown, March.
Allen Smith, March.
T. W. Smith, March.
Joseph Keenan, August.
L. L. Corwin, September 29
W. J. Dorman, October,
F. M. Sisson, October 1.
Charley Briggs, November.
Judge J. S. Hendrie, November 9.
Isaac R. Hendrie, November 9.
Mrs. Byron Groves, November 9.
D. A. Murdock, Laird, Col., November 20.
A. D. Murdock November 20.
Byron Groves, November 25.
O. G. Bolander, December 6.
Charley Bolander, December 6.


Dr. E. J. Bales, February 15.
Samuel Parker, March 1.
W. C. Grigsby, March 1. W C Grigsby Residence
J. W. Smith, March 10
W. C. Conway, March 12.
S. Carlson, March, 12.
J. H. Shumaker March 13.
J. L. Shumaker, March 13.
C. A. Schafer, March 16.
A. S. Smith, March 18.
J. D. Jordan, March 16.
Mrs. J. H. Shumaker, March 20.
Mrs. Howard Klugh, March 20.
J. A. Hildreth, March 27.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Coston, March 29.
W. B. Coston, March 29.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Osmus, March 29.
Urias Morton, March.
Mrs. L. B. Dorman, March.
A. F. Grier, March.
Lillian A. Kester, March.
John Parker, April 1.
Ben Shire, April 2.
W. S. Callaway, April 8.
J. A. Kimber, April 9.
Thos. Loyd, April 14.
Mrs. Mary Courtney, April 16.
Charley Courtney, April 16.
Ray Courtney, April 16.
Wm. Courtney, April 16.
Otis H. Courtney, April 16.
W. F. Wolfe, April 17.
A. E. Tabor, April 19.
Mrs. Wellman Grigsby, April 19.Wallace Grant Residence
C. L. Long, April 20.
D. H. Cumley, April 22.
Chas. Glaser, Sr., April 25.
Harvey Zion, Vernon, Col., April 20
Fred Bireley, April.
Will Sisson, April.
S. D. Karns, April.
Jeff Cox, May 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cox, May 5.
E. L. Ambler, May 10.
John Heaston, May 25.
W. T. Fair, May.
Henry Wells, May.
R. M. Reed, May.
F. D. Johnson, June 1.
Manuel Boyes, June 17.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Moore, Armel, June.
J. P. Coston, June.
Alfred S. Kester, June.
C. B. Hoppin, July 6.
J. J. Grigsby, July 11.
Howard Klugh, August 1.
C. G. Galbreath, September 12.
J. W. Ellis, September 19.
Ed Ellis, September 19.
Mrs. Lemon Brown, September 19. Dr Howe Residence
Mrs. Chas. Briggs. September 19.
J. F. Wales, Vernon, Col., September.
Amos Carl, September.
C. V. Nordahl, September.
Mrs. S. B. Wolfe, September.
W. D. Johnson, September.
Chas. Bullard, September.
Robt. F. Brady, Vernon, Col., October 9.
Alvin Parker, Vernon, Col., October 11.
Miss Critendon Parker, October 11.
Charley Kellar, October 22.
M.D. Funk, October 23.
Mrs. Eliza Loyd, September 29.
Edger Loyd, September 29.
C. D. Pickett, September.
C.F. Hendrie, October 26.
C. C. McGinnis, October 27.
F. A. Greatsinger, Armel, Col.,
October. G. W. Lamb, October.
Mrs. Chas. Glaser, October.
Chas. Glaser, Jr., October.
Henry Glaser, October.
Miss Clara Glaser, October.
Mrs. Lydia Garten, October.
Daniel Jackson, November 9,
Ben Daniels, November 9.
John Toner, November 18.
Geo. Akey, December 10.
C. N. Moore, December 22.
Warren Bowen, December.


A. M. Dorman, January 1. Prof F B Williams Residence
Frank Lewis, January 1.
Timothy Burns, January 16.
Mrs. Cordelia Hoppin, February 16.
P. M. Cuney, February 17.
John Heindel, February 15.
D. S. Thomas, February 19.
Frank Akey, February.
Robt. Tippin, March 1
John Tuomey, March 4.
Mrs. J. A. Kimber, March 4.
Mrs. P. M. Cuney, March 13.
Mrs. Nanny Roberts, March 13.
W. W. Cunningham, March 15.
Clyde Cunningham, March 15.
Cash C. Cunningham, March 15.
J. T. Rightsell, March 20.
Wm. Heindel, March 27.
W. E. Jordan, March.
Mrs. Henry Wells, March.
Mrs. C. F. Hendrie, March.
Mrs. Robert Tippin, April 1.
Enos H. Vaughn, April 7.
R. S. Pike, Laird, Col., April 19.
H. S. Leonard, Vernon, Col., April.
John Tippin, May 13.
William Pyle, June 1.
Mrs. C. D. Pickett, June 5.
W. J. Weller, June 26.
Rev. David Foreman, Vernon, Col., June.
Mrs. W. T. Fair, July.
Chas. H. Moore, August 2.
Geo. Weaver, September 13.
L. C. Blust, September.
M. C. Blust, September.
C. J. Barber, Armel, Col., September
J. H. Dickson, Vernon, Col., October 7
Mrs. John Tippin, October 24.
Mrs. Wm. Pyle, November 25.


O. P. Dyar, February 15.
W. L. Willis, February 16.
D. B. McGinnis, March.11.
Mrs. Sarah McGinnis, March 11.
W. D. McGinnis, March 11.
H. D. Boyes, March 11.
A. W. Lawrence, March 13.
Galveston Leaman, March 24.
Mrs. H. D. Boyes, March 27.
C. W. Hudgel, April 1.
Henry Hitchcock, April 1.
Mr. and Mrs. John Byers, April 26.
Percy Byers, April 26.
Harvey Byers, April 26.
J. B. Beckwith, May 1.
Mrs. M. R. Fisk, June 17.
Will Fisk, June 17.
Harry Fisk, June 17.
Myron Fisk, June 17.
Arthur Fisk, June 17.
Walter Fisk, June 17.
Peter Campbell, November 3.
John Spiers, November 16.
Harvey Spiers, November 15.
Ed Porter, November.
John J. Smith, December 22.


R. D. Hadlock, Vernon, Col., February 20.
J. O. Graham, February 24.
J. E. Graham, February 24.
O. E. Graham, February 24.
Milt. Briggs, February.
Joe Prickett, Vernon, Col., March 1.
J. A. Miller, Vernon, Col., March 19.
Arch J. Miller, Vernon, Col., March 19
Asa J. Miller, Vernon, Col., March 19.
C. C. Chadwick, Vernon, Col., March 20.
F. H. Furneaux, October 4.
Conrad Renzelman, October.
Garrad Renzelman, October.
Wm. Renzelman, October.

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