Wray Primary Department

The statistics for the schools were furnished through the kindness of Prof. F. B. Williams, county superintendent. The number of schools in Yuma county for 1906 was 81; school districts, 62; and pupils, 1,688. The amount paid out for school purposes was $24,233.58 and the average wages for teachers was $40 per month. Within the past two years uniformity in the use of text-books in all the schools of the county has been practically secured.

Teachers Instute

The schools of Wray employed in 1907 seven teachers, enrolling 244 pupils. There is a four-year high school course in connection with the grades. The term is for nine months.

High School

In the fall of 1906 the county voted for the establishment of a county high school. On April 27, 1907, the county high school committee met in Wray to consider bids for the site for the school. After a careful survey of all places, the committee decided on a tract 300 feet square just west of the residence of Daniel Jackson in Wray. This is a fine location with a splendid view, and accessible to the town and railroad. It is expected that the high school will open in the fall of 1907.

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