The Wray Gazette

Special Edition, May 12, 1904, Wray, Colorado

Index and Transcribers Notes

Transcribed by Lee Zion <>, October 2001.

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Transcribers Notes:

1) This "land promotion" edition of The Wray Gazette was widely distributed outside the county in an effort to attract settlers. In 1904 about two-thirds of the public lands in the county were still open for homestead claims.

2) 1904 prices - I didn't find a comparison to the 1900-1905 dollar but according to the US Labor Department's CPI a 1913 $1.00 purchase would cost about $18.00 in today's dollars. We wouldn't be far off the mark by assuming a 1904 dollar would be $20.00 today.

3) This edition was published two years after Wray wrested the county seat honors from Yuma after a thirteen year, sometimes bitter, campaign. You will note a bit of gloating and you will find some references to the town of Yuma, which incorporated two years prior to Wray, as: "Yuma station" and the "village of Yuma." The Wray and Yuma newspapers carried the grudge match into at least the 1940s.

4) The original publishing and distribution costs for this special edition were underwritten by the individuals and businesses whose "career sketches" appeared in the paper.

5) I don't have a useable copy of the photographs used to engrave the plates for this paper. The scanned copy of the paper I transcribed is at best a poor second generation copy and the illustrations are mostly "black and white blobs." A very few of the original prints survived the W.B. Coston studio/house fire of the 1920s.

6) The complete transcription is 480 kb and is broken into twelve parts (averaging 40 kb) for easy viewing.

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Index to Names Mentioned

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Name Link to Articles
Alexander, Miss
(Mrs. Robert G. Tippin)
R.G. Tippin
American Cattle Co. Early ranches
Andrews, Sylvester Town of Friend
Arnold, Clara A.
(Mrs. Myron W. Haver)
Myron Haver
Ashton, Thomas Early ranches,
Yuma County Bank
Aten, R.F. Sketch - Valley Stables,
Valley Stable Ad
Auld, W.T. Yuma County Bank
Bales, Anna Oxley Dr. Bales
Bales, Elisha J. Dr. Sketch
Bank of Wray Bank of Wray
Bar Eleven (-11) Ranch Mentioned in Henry Vogel
Bar T (-T) Ranch Early ranches
Barr, Allie F. Kincaid Dr. Barr
Barr, Thomas Dr. Sketch
Beatrice Creamery Co. Dairy business
Beaver, Grace Stickley N.D. Beaver
Beaver, N.D. Sketch - Wray Mills,
Beecher Island Assoc.,
Wray Telephone Co.
Beecher Island Battle Account of battle
Beecher, Fred H. Wray G.A.R.,
Account of death
Benkelman Ranch Early ranches
Bermingham McGavoch & Co Early ranches
Beuchler, Eliza
(Mrs. H.A. Schafer)
Henry A. Schafer
Bird, Benjamin Town of Idalia
Blust, Lou C. Sketch - Emigrant Barn
Emigrant Barn Ad.,
Wray Telephone Co.
Blust, Mortimer C. Sketch
Blust, Rosa A. Fox M.C. Blust
Boggs, May Quinn W.C. Boggs
Boggs, W.C. Sketch
Bohrer, Elijah Sketch
Boles, J.W. Early ranches
Bond, E.M. Mason J.J. Bond
Bond, James J. Sketch
Bond, Sarah
(Mrs. Charles P. Reeck)
Charles Reeck
Bonynge, Hon. Beecher Island Memorial
Bowen, Anna Shumaker Warren Bowen
Bowen, Warren Sketch
Boyd, R.C. Reed's barber shop
Brayton, Ann
(Mrs. J.J. Eastin)
John J. Eastin
Briggs, Laura B.
(Mrs. W.W. Johnston)
Dr. Johnston
Brower, Adelia Moore Joseph Brower
Brower, Joseph Sketch,
Yuma Co. stock farming
Brown, A.N. Editor's introduction
Brown, Josephus Wray G.A.R.
Brown, Lizzie
(Mrs. F.M. Sisson)
F.M. Sisson
Bullard, Albert M. William E. Wolfe
Bullard, Fenner D. Wray L.D.S. church
Bullard, Sadie
(Mrs. W.E. Wolfe)
William E. Wolfe
Burkett, Mary Yost William Burkett
Burkett, William Sketch
Butts, Lafayette M. Wray Mills
Byers, Rosa B.
(Mrs. J.O. Graham)
James O. Graham
C-C Land and Cattle Co.
(aka C-C Ranch, and
   See-Bar-See Ranch)
Early ranches,
Wray (platting),
John Hultquist
Carl, Amos Sketch,
Wray Opera House
Chamberlain, Adah
(Mrs. C.W. Shroyer)
C.W. Shroyer
Chapin, Grace Wray public schools
City Meat Market Sketch,
Business ad
Clark, Emma
(Mrs. Galveston Leaman)
Galveston Leaman
Cloyd, John W. "Jack" Wray newspapers,
Wray Gazette,
Wray Telephone Co.
Cochrane, John Sketch,
Yuma co. stock farming
Collins, Mary Wray public schools
Condon, Barney E. Wray Rattler
Conley & Hatcher Yuma co. stock farming,
Conley, Emma A. Wilder John Conley
Conley, John A. Sketch
County Commissioner
Conrad, James Q. Sketch
Conrad, Luella G. Flora J.Q. Conrad
Coston, Grace Mason W.B. Coston
Coston, William B. Sketch
Courtney, Otis A. Sketch - Courtney barber shop
Cox, Elvira Hickerson Jacob Cox
Cox, H.J. Sketch,
City Meat Market,
City Meat Market Ad
Cox, Jacob Sketch,
Wray G.A.R.
Cox, Maggie McDonald H.J. Cox
Crosby, J. Wray Telephone Co.
Cue, Elvira Jane
(Mrs. Simon Rife)
Simon Rife
Cunningham, C.W. Rev. Wray Methodist Church
Cunningham, Clyde E. Wray Gazette,
Wray reading room
Cunningham, Minnie Yuma Co. School Superintendent,
W.D. McGinnis
Cunningham, Rola Wray public schools
Cunningham, William W. Sketch,
Wray public schools,
Beacher Island Assoc.,
Wray Telephone Co.
Cutler, H.A.
(Mrs. A.A. McKean)
A.A. McKean
Dalrymple, John Wray Modern Woodmen of America
Dangberg, Charlotte
(Mrs. Wm. Langendoerfer)
Wm Langendoerfer
Decker, Reed R. Town of Friend
Dorman, A.M. Wray Seventh Day Adventist church,
Business Ad
Dorman, Lilly Wray Seventh Day Adventist church
Dorman, Minnie Wray Seventh Day Adventist church
Dow, Edna Sisson Prof. Simon Dow
Dow, Simon S. Prof Sketch,
Wray public schools,
F.M. Sisson & Son
Drummond, James W.K. Fisk
Drummond, Lena
(Mrs. W.K. Fisk)
W.K. Fisk
Dudgeon, James Town of Friend
Dunkle, Martha S.
(Mrs. A.L. Howe)
Dr. Howe
Eastin, Ann Brayton John J. Eastin
Eastin, John J. Sketch
Eckley Robb, Eckley, Schram & Yuma
Edmunds, Phillip T. City Meat Market
Edwards, Ira Sketch
Edwards, Lester M. Ira Edwards
Elliott, Frank Town of Friend
Elliott, H.M. Sketch
Elliott, Hanna Foldal H.M. Elliott
Ellis, Sylvester E. Rev. Wray Methodist Church
Emigrant Barn Business Ad,
L.C. Blust
Fargo, Emma
(Mrs. J.D. Jordan)
James Jordan
Finch, Madison Yuma County Bank
Finn, Flora Wray public schools
Fisher, Mary
(Mrs. C.H. Moellenberg)
Henry Moellenberg
Fisk, Lena Drummond W.K. Fisk
Fisk, W.K. Sketch,
Wray public schools,
W.K. Fisk ad
Flora, Luella G.
(Mrs. J.Q. Conrad)
James Q. Conrad
Foldal, Hanna
(Mrs. H.M. Elliott)
H.M. Elliott
Forsythe, Geo. A. Beecher Island battle
Fowler, Jo A. County Attorney
Fox, Rosa A.
(Mrs. Mortimer C. Blust)
M.C. Blust
Friend Town of Friend
Funk, Frances M. Jordan M.D. Funk
Funk, Martin D. Sketch
Gardner, Ada J.S. Gardner
Gardner, Burr J.S. Gardner
Gardner, Clara Penn J.S. Gardner
Gardner, John S. Sketch,
Yuma Co. stock farming,
County Commissioners
Gardner, Myrtle J.S. Gardner
Gardner, Pearl J.S. Gardner
Gerber, Elizabeth Kammermann John Gerber
Gerber, John G. Sketch
Graham, James O. Sketch,
Wray Woodman of the World
Graham, Rosa B. Byers J.O. Graham
Gramelio, E.B. Rev. Wray Presbyterian Church
Grant, Charles T. Sketch - Grant Saloon,
Wray business houses,
Business Ad.
Greer/Grier, A.F. Sketch,
Business Ad
Grigsby, Emma Miller W.C. Grigsby
Grigsby, J.J. & W.C.
Grigsby & Grigsby
Wray in 1886
Grigsby, Jessie J. W.C. Grigsby
Grigsby, William C. Sketch - Bank of Wray
Groff, George R. Wray Methodist Church
Groves, Elva Sisson T.B. Groves
Groves, Thomas B. Sketch,
Wray Telephone Co.
Haldon, Alexander Sketch
Harger & Harger W.K. Fisk
Harman, John H. Sketch
Hatcher, Goggin H. Sketch - Conley & Hatcher
Haver, Clara A. Arnold Myron Haver
Haver, Myron W. Sketch
Hawks, Frank T. Wray Macabees,
Wray Modern Woodmen of America
Hays, Lucy E. Kirk Wm. R. Hays
Hays, William R. Major Sketch,
Wray in 1886,
Wray G.A.R.,
Beecher Island Memorial
Hedrick, Ida Wray public schools
Heindel, Sophie Renzelman William Heindel
Heindel, William Sketch,
Wray public schools
Helmich, J.C. Town of Idalia
Hendrie, Collier F. Wray Macabees,
Wray Telephone Co.
Henry, Collier First mayor of Wray
Hensley, Isabel
(Mrs. C.J. Shumaker)
C.J. Shumaker
Hick, Edward E. Rev. Wray Methodist Church
Hickerson, Elvira
(Mrs. Jacob Cox)
Jacob Cox
Hiser, Gust E. Sketch
Hiser, Lucy Smith Gust Hiser
Hitchock, Henry Wray G.A.R.
Holland, M.B. Yuma County Bank
Homm, Lena
(Mrs. Carl W. Zick)
Carl Zick
Hoppin, Chester B. Sketch
Houck, E.P. "Gene" Sketch - Lymans & Houck
Howe, A.L. Dr. Sketch
Howe, Martha S. Dunkle Dr. Howe
Hoy, A.D. Bank of Wray
Hudgel, Claude W. Sketch
Hudgel, Rose McLaughlin C.W. Hudgel
Hukill, Lincoln H. Sketch
Hultquist, Jennie Cecilia Swenson John Hultquist
Hultquist, John Sketch
Yuma Co. vegetable growers
Ickes, Addie V.
(Mrs. C.E. Kellar)
Charles Kellar
Idalia Town of Idalia
Idalia House Carl Zick
Ingram, Annie Lewis G.B. Ingram
Ingram, G.B. Sketch
Jameson, Carrie E.
(Mrs. Silas Moore)
Silas Moore
Johnson, Fred D. Sketch
Johnson, G.C. Rev. Wray Church of Christ
Johnston, Laura B. Briggs Dr. Johnston
Johnston, W.W. Dr. Sketch
Jordan, Emma Fargo James Jordan
Jordan, Frances M.
(Mrs. M.D. Funk)
Martin D. Funk
Jordan, James D. Sketch
Kammermann, Elizabeth
(Mrs. John Gerber)
John Gerber
Keircher Prof. Yuma Co. minerals
Kellar, Addie V. Ickes Charles Kellar
Kellar, Charles E. Sketch,
Yuma Co. minerals,
Wray Odd Fellows Lodge
Kennedy, Rozella Royce W.J. Kennedy
Kennedy, William J. Sketch
Kester, Alfred S. Sketch
Kester, Lillian A Pembleton Alfred Kester
Kicker, Minnie
(Mrs. Henry Niebrugge)
Henry Niebrugge
Kincaid, Allie F.
(Mrs. Thomas Barr)
Dr. Barr
Kirk, Lucy E.
(Mrs. William R. Hays)
Major Hays
Kirkland, Charles C. Sketch
Kirkland, Martha McCulloch Charles Kirkland
Klugh, Howard Sketch,
Wray businesses
Klugh, Viola Shumaker Howard Klugh
Knight, Ideliah
(Mrs. Burton D. Prentice)
B.D. Prentice
Kohlman, Dora Susan Wakefield O.W. Kohlman
Kohlman, Otto W. Sketch
Laird Town of Laird
Lamphere, Fayette Sketch
Langendoerfer, Charlotte Dangberg Wm. Langendoefer
Langendoerfer, William Sketch
LaSchelle, Frank E. Wray newspapers
Sketch - Editor Wray Rattler
Leaman, Emma Clark Galveston Leaman
Leaman, Galveston Sketch
Leonard, C.F. G.W. Leonard
Leonard, George W. Sketch
Leonard, H.S. G.W. Leonard
Leonard, Veva G.W. Leonard
Lepper, Henry Sketch,
Wray Odd Fellows Lodge,
Wray Telephone Co.
Lewis, Annie
(Mrs. G.B. Ingram)
G.B. Ingram
Lewis, B.E. Wray Seventh Day Adventist church
Lewis, Franklin Sketch
Lincoln Land Co. Wray 1886 (platting)
Loffel, Fred Sketch
Lucas, J.P. Wray Church of Christ
Lynam, N.M.
  aka Matthew and Matthew N.
Wray Woodman of the World
Lynams & Houck
Lynam, Robert Sketch - Lymans & Houck
Beecher Island Assoc.
Lynams & Houck Sketch,
Wray businesses
Mason, E.M.
(Mrs J.J. Bond)
James J. Bond
Mason, Grace
(Mrs. Wm. B. Coston)
W.B. Coston
McCulloch, Martha
(Mrs. Charles C. Kirkland)
Charles Kirkland
McDonald, Maggie
(Mrs. H.J. Cox)
H.J. Cox
McGill, Earl D. Dr. Sketch,
Dr. Barr
McGill, I.V. Nay Dr. McGill
McGinnis, Alena May Shumaker Wm. D. McGinnis
McGinnis, B.M. Daniel B. McGinnis
McGinnis, D.B. & W.D. Wray businesses
McGinnis, Daniel B. Sketch,
Wm. D. McGinnis
McGinnis, Sarah J. McLaughlin Daniel B. McGinnis
McGinnis, William D. Sketch,
Daniel B. McGinnis
McKean, A.A. Sketch
McKean, H.A. Cutler A.A. McKean
McLaughlin, Ida
(Mrs. J.A. Rolow)
Joseph A. Rolow
McLaughlin, Rose
(Mrs. Claude W. Hudgel)
C.W. Hudgel
McLaughlin, Sarah J.
(Mrs. D.B. McGinnis)
Daniel B. McGinnis
McMurry, Harriet A.
(Mrs. J.W. Smith)
J.W. Smith
McPherson, J.C. Wray Telephone Co.
Metts, B. Sketch
Middy Cattle Co. Early ranches
Miller, Emma
(Mrs. W.C. Grigsby)
Wm. C. Grisby
Miller, Emma Whitenack Joseph Miller Sketch
Miller, Joseph A. Sketch,
Town of Vernon,
Beecher Island Assoc.
Mitchell, Maud
(Mrs. A.F. Peck)
A.F. Peck
Mitten, Oliver L. Wray busineses,
Wray Masons,
Beatrice Creamery Co.
Moellenberg, C. Henry Sketch
Moellenberg, Mary Fisher Henry Moellenberg
Moers, J.H. Beecher Island battle
Moore, Adelia
(Mrs. Joseph Brower)
Joseph Brower
Moore, Carrie, E. Jameson Silas Moore
Moore, Clarke Sketch
Moore, Silas Sketch
Morton, Anna Mrs. Wray Seventh Day Adventist church
Nash, Wesley F. V.S. Dr. Nash
Nay, I.V.
(Mrs. Earl D. McGill)
Dr. McGill
Newell, Wickliff Wray 1886 plat,
Wray Masons,
Wray G.A.R.
Niebrugge, Henry Sketch
Niebrugge, Minnie Kicker Henry Niebrugge
Nutter, F.J. Yuma Barber Shop Ad
Oxley, Anna
(Mrs. Elijah J. Bales)
Dr. Bales
Parkins, B.E. Wray Seventh Day Advantist church
Payne Bro. & Vogel Business,
Henry Vogel
Payne, Norton J. Sketch
Payne, W. Benjamin Sketch
Peck, A.F. Sketch,
Peck, Maud Mitchell A.F. Peck
Pembleton, Lillian A.
(Mrs. A.S. Kester)
Alfred Kester
Pembleton, M.L. Alfred Kester
Penn, Clara
(Mrs. John S. Gardner)
John Gardner
Pickett, Charles D. Sketch,
Wray businesses
Pickett, Ella Pearl C.D. Pickett
Pickett, Jessie Merle C.D. Pickett
Pickett, Marion D. C.D. Pickett
Pickett, Nellie May Pratt C.D. Pickett
Pickle, John W. Wray Mills
Pierson, Oscar Wray Gazette
Potter, Isaac Newton Sketch
Pratt, Nellie May
(Mrs. Charles D. Pickett)
C.D. Pickett
Prentice, Burton D. Sketch
Prentice, Ideliah Knight B.D. Prentice
Pyle, William Advertisement
Quinn, May
(Mrs. W.C. Boggs)
W.C. Boggs
Reeck Brothers Early ranches
Reeck, Charles P. Sketch
Reeck, Sarah Bond Charles Reeck
Reed, Isaac Sketch,
Wray free reading room
Renzelman, Sophie
(Mrs. William Heindel)
William Heindel
Ridgeway, Oliver Wray G.A.R.
Riedesel, Lizzie
(Mrs. Charles Shields)
Charles Shields
Rife, Elvira Jane Cue Simon Rife
Rife, Simon Sketch
Robb Robb, Eckley, Schram & Yuma
Robertson, Father Wray Catholic Church
Rolow, Ida McLaughlin Joseph Rolow
Rolow, Joseph A. Sketch
Roman Nose Beecher Island battle
Roush, John B. Wray Latter Day Saint Chruch
Royce, Rozella
(Mrs. W.J. Kennedy)
Wm. J. Kennedy
Ruck Bros. Early ranches
Schafer, Eliza Beuchler Henry A. Schafer
Schafer, Henry A. Sketch
Schauff, Eli Beecher Island Assoc.
Schram Robb, Eckley, Schram & Yuma
Scott, Letita Wray public schools
See-Bar-See Ranch
aka C-C Ranch
C-C Land & Cattle Co.
Shields, Charles D. Sketch
Shields, Daniel Early ranches
Shields, Lizzie Riedesel Charles Shields
Showalter, Sarah
(Mrs. J.H. Slick)
James H. Slick
Shroyer House C.W. Shroyer
Shroyer, Adah Chamberlain C.W. Shroyer
Shroyer, C.W. Sketch
Shumaker's Drug Store Business Ad
Shumaker, Alena May
(Mrs. W.D. McGinnis)
J.H. Shumaker,
Wm. D. McGinnis
Shumaker, Anna
(Mrs. Warren Bowen)
Warren Bowen,
J.H. Shumaker
Shumaker, Christian J. Sketch
Shumaker, Isabel Hensley C.J. Shumaker
Shumaker, John H. Sketch
Shumaker, Jacob L. J.H. Shumaker,
Shumaker Drug Ad
Shumaker, Viola
(Mrs. Howard Klugh)
J.H. Shumaker,
Howard Klugh
Sisson, Brown F. Sketch - F.M. Sisson & Son,
Wray reading room
Sisson, David Wray G.A.R.
Sisson, Edna
(Mrs. Simon Dow)
Prof. Simon Dow
Sisson, Elva
(Mrs. Thomas B. Groves)
T.B. Groves
Sisson, F.M. Sketch-F.M. Sisson & Son
Sisson, F.M. & Son Business Ad
Sketch-F.M. Sisson & Son
Sisson, Lizzie Brown F.M. Sisson
Slick, James H. Sketch
Slick, Sarah Showalter J.H. Slick
Smith Hotel J.W. Smith
Smith, Harriet A. McMurry J.W. Smith
Smith, J.W. Sketch
Smith, Jessie B. J.W. Smith
Smith, Lucy
(Mrs. Gust E. Hiser)
Gust Hiser
Smith, Rankin Wray G.A.R.
Soehner, Fritz Sketch
Spere, M.H. Wray Telephone Co.
States, George O. Wray Seventh Day Adventist church
Stickley, B.R. Wray Mills
Stickley, Grace
(Mrs. N.D. Beaver)
N.D. Beaver
Stillwell, Jack Beecher Island battle
Strangways, Harry Sketch
Strangways, Mildred Thompson Harry Strangways
Stutheit, M.J. Sketch
Sullivan, P.J. Yuma County Bank
Swenson, Jennie Cecilia
(Mrs. John Hultquist)
John Hultquist
Tabor, Adelmond E. Wray Latter Day Saint Church
Thompson, Leonard G. Wray Christian Church
Thompson, Mildred
(Mrs. Harry Strangways)
Harry Strangways
Tipton, Robert G. Sketch,
Wray G.A.R.
Trudeau, Pierre Beecher Island battle
Tuomey, John G. Bank of Wray
Valley Stables R.F. Aten,
Valley Stable Ad
Vernon Town of Vernon
Vogel, Acie Norton Payne
(Mrs. Henry Vogel)
Payne Bros & Vogel
Vogel, Henry Sketch,
Payne Bros & Vogel
Wakefield, Dora Susan
(Mrs. Otto W. Kohlman)
O.W. Kohlman
Walsh, William N. Sketch
Weaver, Katie Wray reading room
Wells, Henry J. Sketch,
County Commissioners
Whitenach, Emma
(Mrs. Joseph Miller)
Joseph Miller
Wilder, Emma A.
(Mrs. John Conley)
John Conley
Will, C.L. Wray newspapers,
Wray Rattler
Wilson, Billy Early ranches
Wimmer, Otis M. City Meat Market
Wolfe, Sadie Bullard W.E. Wolf
Wolfe, William E. Sketch,
Business Ad,
Beecher Island Assoc.
Wray Sketch
Wray Churches Sketches
Wray Gazette Wray newspapers, Sketch
Wray Mills Sketch
Wray Rattler Wray newspapers, Sketch
Wray Schools Sketch
Wray Telephone Co. Wray businesses, Sketch
Yost, Mary
(Mrs. William Burkett)
Wm. Burkett
Yuma Robb, Eckley, Schram & Yuma
Yuma Barber Shop Business Ad
Yuma County Sketch
Yuma County Bank Sketch
Yuma County Schools Sketch
Zepp, C.W. Wray Masons
Zepp, J.W. Wray Telephone Co.
Zick, Carl W. Sketch - Idalia House
Zick, Lena Homm Carl Zick

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