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Surnames: Backus, Hampton, Duncan, Barberee, Zion 9/25/2002

BACKUS, Elmer Abram "Jumbo" (Departed Yuma County in 1935 for Frost Proof, Florida.)

Born 16 June 1872 near Bowling Green, Kentucky, migrated to Yuma County on July 8th, 1908. Settled in Township 2 North, Range 44 West, northwest of Wray. Later moved into Wray. He and Vallie left Yuma County in 1935 when his health began to fail, and went to live with Mattie in Frostproof, Florida, where Elmer died in 1938.

Remarks: Married Vallie HAMPTON about 1895 in Kentucky: She died in 1968 in Florida. They had eight children. Five; Matilda J. "Mattie" (DUNCAN), William H., Fred E., James F. "Frank", and Bertha M. "Maude" (BARBEREE), born in Kentucky and three; Lettie V. (ZION), Thomas A. and Richard, in Colorado.

Elmer was quite active in organizing the Farmer's Union in Yuma County, and served on the board of directors. He also served on the school board, the board of Colorado Wheat Growers and was deputy assessor in Yuma County.

Further information on the BACKUS family can be obtained from: Dick Backus: backus2@aol.com. Posted 9/25/2002.

Surnames: Coston, Hays, Barber, Farris, Girardot. 5/5/1999

COSTON, Alonzo Moore (Departed Yuma County about 1895 for Orchard, Morgan County, Colorado.)

Born: June 8, 1827, Yorkshire Township, Cattaraugus County, New York. Migrated before 1850 to Blandinsville, McDonough County, Illinois, before 1865 to Nodaway County, Missouri. Arrived Yuma County March 29,1886 and settled near Vernon. The drought years of the mid-1890s lead him to move to Morgan County where he set up a blacksmith shop. Died July 24, 1914, Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Remarks: Married Ann Marie HAYS, June 5, 1854 in Blandinsville, McDonough County, Illinois: She was born February 23, 1829 and died June 15, 1855 in Blandinsville, Illinois. Child: Ann Maria (BARBER). Alonzo married Ursala FARRIS in 1865 in Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri. She was born September 1, 1837 near Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky and died January 25, 1909 in Clarksville, Missouri (Buried in Fort Morgan, Colorado). Their children: Leona, Boyd, Viola Bell (GIRARDOT), William Buford and Semer Alonzo. Alonzo's brother, Harrison H. COSTON and his wife Martha J. HAYS followed Alonzo to Yuma County in 1893 (Black Wolf/Wray) and remained.

Submitted by: Lee Zion, email mdmonk2@tx.rr.com. Date: 5/5/1999.

Name: FASTNER, Wenzel
Born: Sept 2, 1841, Neugebäu, Kreis Winterberg, Bohemia

Migrated Thru:

1841-1844 Gurahumora, Kreis Gurahumora, Bukovina

bef 1860, Solka, Kreis Suczawa, Bukovina

June 18, 1887, New York, New York County, NY

1887-1891, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI

1892-1895, Yuma, Yuma County, CO

abt 1895-1897, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI

1897-1941, Johnson Township, Marathon County, W

  1. Left Yuma County:1895-1897, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI
  2. Died:  May 3, 1905, Johnson Township, Marathon County, WI

Remarks: Other information.


Submitted by: Debbie Blau <violetblue20@gmail.com>


Surnames: Moser, Gemar. 6/16/1999

MOSER, Adolph (Departed 1917 for Montana)

Born: May 10, 1878, Neu Freudental, Ukraine, immigrated to Yuma County, Colorado in 1899 and settled near Yuma. Left Yuma County and moved to Montana in 1917.

Remarks: Married Johanna GEMAR, also born Ukraine Dec, 1885. They had three sons born in Yuma County: William, born in 1906, and twins, Rudolph and Gustave, born July, 1907.

Submitted by Ron Moser rlm@montana.com. Date: 6/16/1999.

Surnames: Willoughby, Smith, Zion, Flowers, L'Hommedieu, Fields, Campbell, Mahew. 2/13/2000.

WILLOUGHBY, Leonard Stanley (Departed 1919 for Independence, Missouri)

Born: February 18, 1868, Buchanan, Henry County, Tennessee, Migrated in 1883 to Clearwater, Antelope County, Nebraska, in 1892 to Bonesteel, Gregory County, South Dakota, and in 1900 to Knob Noster, Johnson County, Missouri. Arrived Yuma County in 1909 and settled near Kirk. A few years later he moved to the Idalia-Vernon area. Moved to Independence, Jackson County, Missouri in 1919. Died January 8, 1944, Independence, Missouri.

Remarks: Married Hattie Marie SMITH, June 18, 1887, Clearwater, Nebraska. She was born August 10, 1868 near Deloit, Crawford County, Iowa and died November 15, 1932 in Independence, Missouri. Their children: Mary K. (ZION), James W.L., Melvin P, Roy L, Lily R. (ZION), Verna M. (ZION), Swen S, Harold M, Zella Melvina (FLOWERS), Esther E. (L'HOMMEDIEU, FIELDS, CAMPBELL), Ammon H, Venus Jewel and Vida L. (MAHEW).

Submitted by Lee and Linda Zion lzion@plains.net. Date: 5/5/1999

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