This photo was from the family of Mary Fern (Salvador) Newbanks



It MIGHT be the July 1914 picnic that Ora Joslin described:

                                            Holyoke, Colo.

                                                        July 2, 1914


Dear Ora and Ross


        How are you.  We are all as well as usual.  It is quite cool today.  It is getting dreadful dry here and no sign of rain.  The garden and potatoes are needing rain more than anything else.  Pa said the corn leaves do not curl yet.  Some of our corn is waist high when straightened up, some only knee high.  The wind storm damaged the corn some but the cane more.  They are not going to replant though.  Haven’t time and as they have no grain to feed the horses, think it wouldn’t pay.  It is only covered up in spots anyway.


 Well we went to the childrens day picnic.  Had a fine time  but oh I was tired.  Royce & Rosa finaly went but George and Lucy staid at home.  Clarkson took a car load of hogs to town that night so George said he wanted to sleep all he could that day as he would have to be up all night.  There was a large crowd.  The large tent was about full.  They had a fine programe.  Kathryn was about tired out, so was Mrs. Ford, expect some others were too. 


Lucy has lost all but 3 of her last chickens, 78 of them in about 36 hours.  They would get blind then die in a short time.  She feels pretty blue. 


        Must try to tell you about the childrens day programe.  The first one to speak was Clarence Wages, he is about 15,  I think.  Of course it was about the day.  It was real good and he spoke like a preacher.  Then they had other recitations and songs all by the children.  Mrs. Ford played the organ.  They had 7 boys & the girls with large gilt letters on their breasts to spell the word “welcome” and each one had a little verse to speak.  That was nice.  They had a rose drill, about 16 I think in that.  They had half hoops, 6 of them, each held by two.  They marched around under the hoops in every way, each child not holding the hoops were carrying a bunch of roses.  They recited as they marched about Jesus’ love for children and knelt and laid their flowers at his feet.  It was so pretty as they were all real small.  Then they had a banner drill, for this they had made banners pennant shape about ¾ of a yard long.  Half were dark green with white letters and half were white with green letters spelling “into all the world.”  There must have been 20 anyway in this.  Wish you could have seen it.  It was a real drill, presenting arms, saluting, stacking arms, and all such things.  Don’t think with the exception of Clarence that any of the children were over 12 years old and from that down to 4 years old.  The young folks class sang a class song though but none of them had any recitations.  They had the infant class fixed up so cute.  Had made for each a big roll of building paper all trimed around the top with flowers and grass and stood them in that.  Their heads just coming above the flowers.  They each had a little verse about children’s day.  The first one was about their all coming out in their new dresses for the day.  They had two little girls in Japanese costumes, one telling how the girls and women were abused, she was a heathen.  Then another one came on the stage and told her how much happier their home was since her father & mother were Christians.  Mr. & Mrs. Wages, Mrs. Fox and Mr. O’Neal sang a song.  That was real good.  The preacher only talked a short time as the programe was so long.  I can’t tell you any more about it.  Guess you will think this is enough.  I tried writing with impression paper so I could send it to Muriel but it was so dim I thought she couldn’t read it so gave it up.  That is what makes the one sheet look so queer. 


Mrs. C., Gertie,& Alta Belle were here yesterday afternoon, staid to supper, had a nice visit.  We like Alta B real well.  Lucy likes her better than Gertie.  They are up to Rosa’s this afternoon, were at Lucy’s one other afternoon.  I knew they were coming so was prepared, didn’t try to make a splurge tho.  Had bread & butter, dried beef, lettuce, transcendant apple sauce, crackers, cake, and lemonade.  They acted as tho it tasted good.  The girls are going to start on a trip to Salt Lake via Denver, Colorado Springs and several other places Monday.  Then Alta goes on home.  Gertie comes back here for the rest of the summer.  Wouldn’t you like to go with them.  Gertie said to send Ora her love. 


Pa is going to town tomorrow.  Then the day after is the fourth.  I tried to get him to stay at home and make the organ box but he said Ora would not want him to do that.  Royce and Rosa say they are going to stay at home, say there won’t be any one but a lot of “sodtowners” there.  Warrens are going to Haxtun, that is what is the matter of them.  I think they will want to go tho when the time comes.  George & Lucy are going.  Lucy is going down tomorrow to help Mrs. Stocker and the girls make the ice cream.  Rosa said last night that she would go too but Royce said this morning they weren’t going.


                                          Must close, love from Pa & Ma.



        Can’t stop after all.  I saw Retta Letts at the picnic.  She sent you her love.  She told me that Golda was going with Gomer Curtis, that is Charley’s oldest boy.  He is about Ed’s age.  Have heard he was a pretty tough fellow and I can easily believe it.  Don’t like his looks or actions at all.  Have only seen him a few times tho.  He was here to dinner once with Ed when Royce had his leg broken.  Retta had her Kodak with her.  Don’t know whether she took any pictures or not.  The photographer from Holyoke was there tho and took several.  It wasn’t Van Horn.  He has left.  Don’t know whether this fellow is any good or not. 


Chautauqua next week in town.  Mr. Rank Loveland is to lecture Sunday night.  Mr. Parker gave it out and he made a great ado about Dr. Loveland’s lecture.  He was surprised when we told him he used to be our pastor in Iowa.  Wanted us to be sure and come up and hear him, but of course we can’t go.  The kids tried to get us to but it is to far.   They want to go a part of the time but I don’t know as Pa can make up his mind to try milking 18 cows, doing the separating and feeding the calves alone or not.  Am  afraid it would be too much for him.


                                                Love from Ma.


        Say Ora, won’t you send this to Muriel as I can’t write so much to her too, and I think she would like to read it.



Mrs. Nell Larson - who ran the Wages Store in the 1940's, wrote a list of families who were associated with the school across the road.  This was in the smaller "Action On The Plains" book.

John Felderman, Shrud  Patterson, William Spelts, Annie Sutherland, Mid Wages, Jim Lamar, Charles Schmidt, Louis Marcellus, Sam Yates, John Gursterschlager, John Newbanks, Stackhouse, Clevenger, Mary Bacon, William Maurer, Tilton, Fox, Louis Carl, Welty, John McKelvey, Harry Robinson, Eichel Henry, Herman Abrens, O'Neal, Walter Tipton, Ferguson Frank, Ed Schaley, Folk, Salvador, Jim Josh, and Henry Josh.


The Eichel Henry might be :

Marriage: 6 MAY 1941 in Benkelman, Dundy, NE
to a Bertha Belle Miner?
Eichel, Henry N.
Birth : 6 NOV 1893
Death : 16 SEP 1965 Holyoke, Phillips, CO


42. Maria Theresa Johnke was born on November 27, 1865 in Rueckers, Huenfeld, Kurhessen, Hessen and died on July 1, 1932 in Holyoke, Colorado at age 66.

Maria married Henry Eichel, son of George Eichel and Mary Schwartz, on April 2, 1888 in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Henry was born on September 21, 1854 in Saxon Meinige, Germany and died on March 29, 1938 in Morton, Wyoming at age 83.

Children from this marriage were:

   105 M    i. George Martin Eichel was born on July 9, 1888 in Nehawka, Cass, Nebraska and died on November 19, 1975 in Seattle, Washington at age 87.
George married Willa Eichel.

George next married Minerva Sprott Taylor on October 29, 1925 in Los Angeles, California. Minerva was born on July 22, 1898 in Tacoma, Washington and died on October 28, 1984 in Seattle, Washington at age 86.

+ 106 F    ii. Mary Kathryn Eichel was born on March 24, 1890 in Avoca, Cass, Nebraska and died on January 10, 1949 in Denver, Colorado at age 58.

   107 M    iii. Twin Eichel was born on February 22, 1892 in Avoca, Cass, Nebraska and died on February 22, 1892.

   108 M    iv. Henry Nicholas Eichel was born on November 6, 1893 in Avoca, Cass, Nebraska and died on September 16, 1965 in Holyoke, Colorado at age 71.
Henry married Bertha Bell Miner on May 6, 1941 in St. Francis, Kansas. Bertha was born on October 5, 1892 in Cambridge, Nebraska and died on November 23, 1969 in Rifle, Colorado at age 77.

   109 M    v. Carl Ernest Eichel was born on June 19, 1896 in Avoca, Cass, Nebraska and died on June 11, 1967 in Compton, California at age 70.
Carl married Kathryn Jackson.

   110 M    vi. Infant Eichel was born on June 9, 1899 in Avoca, Cass, Nebraska and died on June 9, 1899.
+ 111 M    vii. Earl Harold Eichel was born on April 10, 1901 in Avoca, Cass, Nebraska and died on June 21, 1945 in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho at age 44.
+ 112 F    viii. Pearl Louisa Eichel
+ 113 F    ix. Anna Marguerite Eichel was born on June 18, 1906 in Avoca, Cass, Nebraska and died on September 26, 1971 in College Place, Washington at age 65.
+ 114 F    x. Eileen Dorothea Eichel