Old Farming Photos

Cutting William S. Calloway's 62 bu/acre wheat 1906.
From the W.B. Coston Collection scanned by Lee Zion

The photograph shows a horse pushed binder heading and bundling wheat. One of the crew guides the team, another operates the binder, the rest collect the tied bundles into shocks to be later loaded on a wagon and stacked or loaded and feed from the wagon to a thresher.

This photograph shows the Joe Keenan 1910 wheat cutting crew using a horse pushed grain header to load the cut wheat stalks directly into a wagon that will be unloaded onto the stack awaiting threshing in the background.

This photograph shows W.B. Coston's horse drawn binder cutting Joe Keenan's 40 bu/acre wheat about 1905. That is W.B. on the binder.

We end early wheat cutting photographs from the Coston Collection with a photograph of James A. Kimber's 1922 harvest crew using two of the early tractor pulled "combines".

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