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From the Wray Rattler - September 22, 1911

Premium Awards

Look at This List and See If You are a Winner

Class A, Horses and Mules

  Best pure bred draft stallion, 1st, O.E. Peterson $10, Wm Bright, $5.00.

  Best grade draft mare, 1st, M.C. Briggs, $4; 2d, Pierce Miller, $2.00

  Best grade roadster mare, 1st, Pierce Miller, $3.00; 2d, Arthur Halquist, $2.

  Best span of mules, 2d Charles F. Briggs.

  Best carriage team, 1st, Pierce Miller, $5.00; 2d, T.B. Groves, $2.50.

  Best suckling colt, draft, 1st, Geo. Wiltfang, $5; 2d, G.P. Shafer, $3.00

  Best suckling colt, roadster, 1st, Chas. Mealey, $5; 2d, A.D. Murdock, $3.00.

  Best mule colt, 1st, Ed Ellis, $5.00; 2d, Chas Bell, $3.00

              Class B, Cattle

  Hereford bull, 2d, Grant Keenan,$2.50

  Durham bull calf, 2d, A. L. Parsons, 1.00

  Hereford cow, 2d, Grant Keenan, 1.00

  Bull, breeders young herd, 1st A.L. Parsons, 4.00

              Class C, Swine

  Boar any breed, 1st Joe Keenan, 5.00; 2d Jacob Cox, 2.50.

  Sow any breed, 1st Grant Keenan, 5.00; 2d Joe Keenan, 2.50.

  Litter of pigs, 2d Joe Keenan, 2.50.

             Class D, Poultry

  Buff Orphington chicks, 2d Mrs. S. A. Gray, 75c.

  Plymouth Rock fowls, 1st Mary McGinnis, 1.50; 2d Barr Groves, 75c.

  Plymouth Rock chicks, 1st Mary McGinnis, 1.50; 2d Barr Groves, 75c.

  Rhode Island chicks, 2d Barr Groves, 75c.

  Silver laced Wyndotte fowls, 2d Mrs. S. Mason, 75c.

  Silver laced Wyndotte chicks, 2d Mrs. S. Mason, 75c.

  White Wyndotte chicks, 2d Mrs. L.F. Sisson, 75c.

  Ducks, any distinct breed, 1st Barr Groves; 2d Ethel Groves, 75c

  White Wyndotte fowls, 2d Mrs. L.F. Sisson, 75c

                      Class E, Farm Products

  Red winter wheat, 1st Geo Shilling, 2.00; 2d Harvey Speicher, 1.00.

  White spring wheat, 2d Harvey Speicher, 1.00.

  Rye, 1st L.F. Sisson, 2.00; 2d Royal Speicher, 1.00.

  White oats, 1st Pierce Miller, 2.00 2d Elbert Miller, 1,00.

  Black oats, 1st Royal Speicher, 2.00; 2d Harvey Speicher, 1.00.

  Spring barley, 2d Royal Speicher,

  Sheaf of white spring wheat, 2d Pierce Miller, 50c

  Sheaf of winter wheat, 2d M.C. Briggs, 50c

  Sheaf of white oats, 1st Pierce Miller, 1.00; 2d Elbert Miller, 50c.

  25 ears white corn, 1st L.F. Sisson, 2.00; 2d M.M Cruse, 1.00.

  25 ears yellow corn, 1st A.W. Pavler, 2.00; 2d Barr Groves, 1.00

  25 years white mountain corn, 2d Geo Shilling, 1.00

  Peck millet seed, 2d Pierce Miller, 50c

  Sheaf of millet, 2d Pierce Miller, 50c.

  Brood corn seed 20 stalks with heads, 1st Pierce Miller, 1.0o0; 2d Elbert Miller, 50c *****

  Sorghum seed 20 stalks with heads, 1st Mrs. Lillie Bell, 1.00; 2d M.M. Cruse, 50c.

  Milo Maize, 1st, L.F. Sisson, 1.00; 2d C.P. Shroyer, 50c.

  Collection of tame and nativegrass, 2d John Reed, 1.50.

  Early Irish potatoes, half bushel, 1st, Chas. Rolender, 2.00; 2d Mrs. Lillie Bell

  Late Irish potatoes, 2d Carl Tinsley, 1.00

  Red onions, peck, 1st, E.B. Remington, 1.00; 2d J.P. Spiers, 50c.

  Yellow Onions, 1st F.B. Williams, 1.00; 2dn  E.B. Remington, 50c.

  White onions, 1st E.B. Remington, 1.00; 2d John Reed, 50c.

  Turnips, 1st C.S. Brady, 1.00; 2nd John Reed, 50c.

  Beets, table use, 1st E.B. Remington, 1.00; 2d O.S. Brady, 50c.

  Sugar beets, 2d , O.S. Brady, 50c.

  Parsnips, 1st Jas. Drummond, 1.00; 2d J.P. Spiers, 50c.

  Carrots, 2d Harold Tabor, 50c.

  Rhubarb, not less than 10 stalks, 1st C.S. Brady, 1.00; 2d Jas. Drummond, 50c.

  Tomatoes, half peck, 2d Mrs. S.W. Seward, 50c.

  Cabbage, 2d L.F. Sisson, 50c.

  Watermelon, 1st Homer Hampton, 3.00; 2d Mrs. E. Schaefer, 1.00.

  Large pumpkins, 1st Harr Groves, 1.00; 2d C.P Shroyer, 50c.

  Small pumpkinds, 1st Florence Bullard, 1.00; 2d C.P. Shroyer, 50c.

  Hops, 2d F.D. Bullard, 50c.

  Japanese pie pumpkins, 1st, Florence Bullard, 1.00; 2d Elmer Bullard, 50c.

  Cushaw squash, 2d C.P. Shroyer, 50c. *

  Muskmelons, 1st Pierce Miller, 2.00; 2d F.B. Williams, 1.00.

  Peppers, 1st Mrs. L.F. Sisson, 1.00; 2d Mrs. T.B. Groves, 50c.

  Pie melons, 2d C.P. Shroyer, 50c.  **

  Large squash, 1st F.B. Williams, 1.00; 2d C.P. Shroyer, 50c.

  Citrons, 1st C.P. Shroyer, 50c.

  Display of honey, 1st Jas. Drummond, 2.00; 2d T.B. Groves, 1.00.

  Nutmeg Melons, 2d Jas. Drummond, 50c.  ***

  Speciman (sic) of apples, 1st Elmer Bullard, 2.00; 2d F.D. Bullard, 1.00.

  Pears, 2d M.M. Cruse, 1.00.

  Plums, green gage, 1st Jas. Drummond, 2.00

  Plums, minor, 2d. Jas Drummond, 1.00.

  Crab apples, 2d M.M. Cruse, 1.00.

  Grapes, 2d F.D. Bullard, 50c.

             Class G, Kitchen and Pantry

  Homemade bread, 1st Mrs. D. E. Sisson, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Hattie Keenan, 50c.

  Corn bread, 2d Mrs. Lillie Bell, 50c.

  Light rolls, 1st Mrs. Hattie Keenan, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Coral Willis, 50c.

  Cake, 1st Mrs. Wm. Pyle, 2.00; 2d Vena Ford, 1.00.

  Cake, by girl under 14 years, 1st Myrtle Cruse, 2.00; 2d Ruth Groves, 1.00.

  Butter, 1st Mrs. E. Schaefer, 3.00; 2d Mrs. W. A. Sisson, 1.50

  Display of jellies, 1st Mrs. R. M. Reed, 1.00; 2d Mrs. S.W. Seward, 75c.

  Fruit Butter, 2d Mrs. L.F. Sisson, 50c.

  Spiced fruit, 2d Mrs. S.W. Seward, 50c.

  Pickles, 1st Mrs. L.F..Sisson, 1.00; 2d Mrs. S. W. Seward, 50c.

         Class H, Needle and Fancy Work

  Knitted lace, 1st Mrs. Geo. Long, 1.00; 2d Mrs. R.M. Reed, 50c.

  Crocheted article, 1st Mrs. C. Blanchard, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Geo. Long, 5oc. (sic)

  Crocheted article 3 pieces, 1st Mrs. S. Mason, 2.0; 2d Mrs. R.M. Reed 50c.

  Calico quilt, 1st Clara Glasser, 1.00; 2d Mrs. N.B. Peters, 50c.

  Worsted quilt, 2d Mrs. Margaret Clem, 50c.

  Display of drawnwork, 1st Mrs. Logan Brown, 2.00; 2d Dessie Ford, 1.00.

  Piece of drawnwork, 2d Mrs. C. Blanchard, 1.00.

  Fancy sofa pillow, 1st Mrs. Henry Mealey, 1.00; 2d Mary Groves, 50c.

  Pincushion, 1st. Mrs. Geo. Long, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Jas. Carwin, 50c.

  Apron, 1st Mrs. Geo. Long, 1.00; 2d Miss Anna Reed, 50c.

  Sideboard cover, 1st Mrs. John Crenshaw, 1.00; 2d Mrs. E. W. Lambert, 50c.

  Display of plain sewing, 1st Mrs. Geo. Long, 2.00; 2d Mrs. L.F. Sisson, 1.00.

  Ladies shirt waist, 2d Lila Sisson, 50c.

  Sewing by girl under 16 years, 1st Myra Sisson, 2.00; 2d Mildred Cruse, 1.00.

  Embroided waist, 1st Mrs. S.A. Gray, 1.00; 2d Vena Ford, 50c.

  Braided waist, 2d Mrs. M. Finch, 50c.

  Display of Battenburg, 1st Lura Ambler, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Henry Mealey, 50c

  French embroidery, 2d Mrs. John Crenshaw, 50c.

  Eyelet embroidery, 1st Mrs. John Crenshaw, 1.00; 2d Mrs. H.D. Colhouer, 50c.

  Shadow embroidery, Mrs. S. A. Gray, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Henry Mealey, 50c.

  Coronation work, 1st Mrs. M. Finch, 1.00; 2d Mrs. John Crenshaw, 50c.

  Embroided hat, 1st Marie Groves, 1.00; 2d Dessie Ford, 50c.

  Display of doilies, 2d Mrs. George Long, 1.00.

  Display of fancy work, 1st Mrs. John Crenshaw, 2.00; 2d Mrs. Mary Groves, 1.00.

  Mount Mellick, 2d Mrs. C. Blanchard, 50c. ****

  Display of stencil work, 1st. Mrs. C. D. Pickett, 1.00; 2d Mrs. M. Finch, 50c.

  Embroided child's dress, 1st Mrs. H.D. Colhouer, 1.00; 2d Vena Ford, 50c.

  Cross stitch, 1st Mrs. Harry Cohn, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Martha Spiers, 50c.

                  Class I, Fine Arts

  Best Art Collection, 2d  Marion Speicher, 1.00.

  Ornamental brass work, 1st Mrs. William Pyle, 1.00; 2d Mrs. M. Finch, 50c.

                    Class J, Floral

  Best collection aloe and cacti, 2d Mrs. S. A. Gray, 50c.

  Hanging basket, 2d Mrs. Harry Cohn, 50c.

  Flower seed collection, 1st. Mrs. Martha Speirs, 1.00; 2d Mrs. Lillie Bell

                  Special Premiums

  E.E. Richard's premium, Mrs. E. Schaeffer.

  Record Abstract Co's premium, L.F. Sisson.

  City Bakery's premium, Elmer Bullard.

  Pyle & Pyle's premium, Gladys Leninger.

  First National Bank's premium, A.L. Parsons.

  Amos Carl's premium, Pierce Miler,

  J.Q. Conrad's premium, C.F. Shroyer.

  J.W. Wellar's premium, E. Schaefer.

  Crenshaw Motor Co's premium. E. Schaefer.

W.B. Coston's premium, Hazel Keenan.

H.A. Klingner's premium, Harvey Speicher.

  T.B. Groves's premium, George Schilling

 T.B. Groves's premium, L.F. SIsson.

  Wray Mercantile Co's premium, Lora Miller.

  Wray Mercantile Co's premium, 2d Mrs. Tillie Bell (maybe should be Lillie)

  J.L. Shumaker's premium, Violet Long

  Harve Armstrong's premium, A.D. Murdock

  Carl & Boyes's premium, George Schilling.

  T.C. Jennings's premium, L.F. Sisson

  G.E. Williamson's premium, Ruth Groves.

  W.H. Penton & Sons' premium, Pierce Miller.

  Louis Henke's premium, Mrs. M. Finch.

  J.O. Graham's premium, Ethel Pyle.

  Pickett's Cash Grocery's premium, Joe Keenan

  M.H. English's premium, Mrs. S. A. Gray.

  Wray Rattler's premiums, 1st Lura Amble; 2d Josephine Keenan.

  Yuma County Abstract Co's. premium, T.B. Groves.

  Sisson Clothing Co's. premium, Mrs. M.C. Briggs.

  Wray Chamber of Commerce's premiums, 1st C.P Shroyer; 2d Pierce Miller, 3d John Hitchcock.

  Peoples State Bank's premiums, 1st Mrs. R.M Reed; 2d Mrs Sarah Cruse.

  W.G. Ramsey's premium, Mrs. Tillie Bell.

  The Miles Co's. premium, Josephine Keenan.

  Wray Music Co's. premium, L.F. Sisson

  National Bank of Wray's premium, Mrs. John Crenshaw.

  A.H. Borland's premium, Myrtle Cruse.

  Wm. Heindel's premium, Mrs Mary McGinnis.

  Wm. Brights's premium, E.Peters.






* While the green-striped cushaw is not endangered per se, it tends to be grown in small batches, often for private use, and is not widely available in retail markets. It is a prized foodstuff in various culinary cultures, including to some southwest Native Americans, to the southern Appalachians, and to the Louisiana Creoles and Italians

**  Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus. Heirloom used as a base for making jams and preserves. The fruit grows and outwardly looks like a watermelon. However the flesh is white, non sweet and once the pips are removed makes an excellent medium for preserving jams, fruits, pickles etc. Kept whole the fruit will last up to six months if stored cool and dry

*** Fearing Burr said in 1863, “The Nutmeg Melon has long been in cultivation, and is almost everywhere to be found in the vegetable garden... It is of most delicious excellence... one of the best.” It is a medium-size green-fleshed melon that has a heavily netted skin and rich, sweet, delicious flesh with heavy aroma

**** Mountmellick embroidery/Irish White Embroidery is a form of whitework embroidery which originated in the town of Mountmellick, Ireland

***** This might be a misprint of broom corn, although there is a brood corn borer

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