Old Farming Photos

Yuma County Poultry Assn - Tattooing Poultry August 1929.
Scanned by Marion Monk.
Photo taken on 2nd Ave just west of Main.
Handwriting reads "W. Pyburn", "J.A. Abbott" and "Dr. Hendrickson"

It's likely the Earl Smiley on the banner was the one graduating from Hastings, Nebraska high school in 1915, and a judge at the Omaha show of the Nebraska Poultry Association in 1922.  John Skinner of Wisconsin said "I idolized him.- I thought he knew everything there was to know about chickens."  The Milwaukee Journal also called Smiley "A distinguished judge and former editor of the American Standard of Perfection, the bible of chicken type."

The W. Pyburn is probably Walter Pyburn, brother of the widowed Lucetta Dakan.  He was living with her in Yuma in 1920, working as a "Stationary Engineer" for the railroad.   He was still living with her in 1930, without an occupation.

John G. Abbott was a long-time Yuma attorney, and long-time state senator.  And the photo looks like John G., so my bet is on John G.

Dr. Hendrickson is probably the Yuma veterinarian.  C,E. Hendrickson was in the 1934 directory but not 1937.


Detail of faces and sign below:

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