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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Elbert E. and Addie (Lohman) Bowman , 1 South 42 West

In 1880 Pike County, Illinois, William J. Bowman is 28, Caroline 24, Louisa 5, Mary A. 3, and Elbert 1.

In 1900 Pike County, Illinois, William Bowman is 48, Caroline 43, Mary A. 23, Elbert E. 21, Harry L. 19, Charles A. 15, Clarance D. 11, Floyd A. 9, and Jennie P. 6.
(William 1852-1937 might be buried in Park Lawn, Barry, Pike County)
(Louisa Atwood 1875-1922 buried in Lamar, Colorado # 53246980 might be Elbert's sister)
1913 Wray "Floyd Bowman, who came from his home in Illinois a short time ago and has been employed in work on the flats, was taken ill at the Ruff Roberts home but is reported to be far on the road to recovery" - probably a brother o Elbert.
1908 "Ellis Bowman, who resides near the Rosenkrans ranch, is enjoying a visit with his parents, who arrived from Canton, Illinois the fore part of the week."
In 1909 E.E. Bowman was delinquent on taxes for the northeast quarter of 31, 1S 42W.
In 1910 Yuma County, Elbert, 31 married four years to Addie M. 28, born in Nebraka, have Delford 3 and Ralph three mnhths.

Elbert proved up 320 acres in 31, 1S 42W in 1913, witnesses Jefferson G. Cox, Sidney J. Carr, David T. Kellar, and Jasper J. Dillon, all of Wray.

1913 Dry Willow items "Urias Martin and family spent Sunday at the home of Burt Bowman."
"Bert Bowman's brother from Illinois is visiting in that family this week.

Elbert Ellis Bowman registered for WWI with a Wray address, farming , born January 31, 1878.

Henry A. Lohman 1851-1938 # 60544848 and Louise 1851-1940 are buried in Wray.

In 1930 Yuma County, Elbert and Addie have Delford 22, Ralph 20, Louise 17, and Harold 15.
In 1940 Elbert and Addie are alone. On the same page is Ralph 30 and Eva 29 Bowman, with Jean 8, Geraldine, 7 and Jack 5.
Also on that page are Henry C. 59 and Lottie 53 Lohman, both born in Nebraska.
In 1940 Idalia precinct, Yuma County, Louise, 27, is married to Dwight Brinkhoff, 25, and they have Ronald Dean 4 and Virgil Dale 2.
Elbert E. 1879-1968 # 17013826 and Addie (Lohman) Bowman 1881-1980 # 17013786 are buried in Wray.

Delford Bowman of Wray was elected president of the Colorady Flying Farmers in 1952.

Delford L. 1907-2003 is buried in Wray, with Delpha E 1909-2000, married July 23, 1936.
Per Madge (Peterson) Barber's obituary, her sister Eva married Ralph Bowman, Delphia married Delford Bowman.


Ralph attended the nearby East Beecher Island County School, but had to quit after the eighth grade in order to work on the farm.
Because he was not able to finish his education, Ralph felt it was very important for his children and his grandchildren to receive a good education. All three of the Bowman children graduated from Wray High School. The ten Bowman grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren all attend or have graduated from the schools within East Yuma County. By the time the Bowmans' youngest great granddaughter completes her schooling, their family will be celebrating well over 100 years of education within these wonderful educational institutions.
Ralph O. Bowman, 1910-2004 # 17013842 and Eva 1911-2005 are buried in Wray.
Daughter Delpha Jean Bowman married Des Brophy, and is buried in Wray 1932-2007.

Harold W. Bowman 1914-2010 is buried in Wray # 61968754, with Crystal Marie (Adams( Bowman - 1921-2012.
Son Barry A. Bowman 1941-2002 is also buried in Wray.

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