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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Hans and June (Jackson) Christeanson , 1 South 42 West

In 1880 Saline County, Nebraska, June B. Jackson is 3, with parents Daniel 31 Indiana and Alice E. 24, Ohio. Harry D. is 1, and Daniel's brother Andrew 18 is with them. Next is Philip 57, a blacksmith, "father" and Anna C. 60, "mother ", both born in Pennsylvania. Next is
Hans Christiansen immigrated from Denmark in 1880, according to his 1930 census record.

Hans cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 1S 42W in 1891. This was at the same time that Charles Arthur cash-claimed. Hans' was on the Arikaree, so it could have been speculation, or connected to the Rosencrans ranch acquisitions.

Hans proved up a quarter in 24, 5S 46W in 1897 - near Tuttle, and next to him, also in 1897, Daniel Jackson proved up 80 acres. Daniel cash-claimed a quarter in 23 in 1892, and timber-claimed another in 1895. Harry O. Jackson proved up a quarter in 14, 5S 46W in 1909.

Hans J. Christiansen married June B. Jackson November 20, 1892, recorded in Kit CarsonCounty.

In an oral interview, Mrs. Hans Christiansen, newly married and settled on a claim near Wray in 1892, described how her eleen-by-thirteen-foot frame home was set on a foundation of four rocks, and when a high wind belw (which was often in this, the windiest part of the country), it shifted around and had to be recentered.

In 1900, Daniel Jackson born Aug 1846 in Indiana, married 29 years to Allice Dec 1883 Ohio, have Pearl Jan 1882 Nebraska, Philip L. Aug 1892 Colorado, and Charles F. April 1894 Colorado.

In 1902 "At the Republican convention at Wray today, Daniel Jackson was nominated for county commisioner from the middle district."
1903 "Clyde Owens and Miss Pearl Jackson were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson, Wednesday afternoon, Reve D.C. Cowan officiating."

1906 "Harry Jackson and family of near Kirk, spent the latter part of last week in the city visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jackson, in the west part of town."

Daniel and Alice Jackson are in Yuma County in 1910, 61 and 54. Philip, 16 and Leroy F. 15 are with them.
1913 "Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Cox and two daughters, the Misses Bessie and Ruby and son Alfred, came down last evening from their hom in Elbert, this state, and are attending the family reunion of the Jacob Cox famiy being held today. Mr. and Mrs. Cox resided in Yuma COunty before their removal to Elbert about ten years ago. Mrs. Cox is a sister of Mrs. Daniel Jackson of West Wray.
1916 "Mrs. Daniel Jackson left Sunday evening for Friend, Neb., where she is spending this week with her daughter, Mrs. Pearl Owens and family.


Alice and Daniel are buried in Wray - 1922

In 1900 Yuma County, Hans born May 1868 in Denmark, married seven years. to June B. Nov 1876 Nebraska, have Dora R. Aug 1893, Alice M. March 1897, and Maud A. July 1899, all three born in Colorado.
1902 Friend items in the Wray Rattler "Miss Marie Seward of Denver is visiting her brother, Hans Christiansen."
1906 Wray

February 15, 1907

In 1910 Yuma County, "Henry" is 41, June 32, with Dora B. 16, Alice M. 13, Maude A. 10, Leroy J. 8, and Hearld G. 2.
December 23, 1910

1912 "Mrs. Hans Christiansen and mother, Mrs. Daniel Jackson, left Sunday for Denver and Colorado Springs. In Denver they will visit Phillip Jackson, the son of the latter, and in Steamboat Sprpings they will visit Mr. Christiansen the husband of former who is the proprietor of a store in that place."
1912 "Mrs. Dorothea Shur and her grandson, Will Berry of Upland, Nebraska, are expected the first of next week to visit in the home of the former's son, Hans Christiansen, of the west part of town.

1913 "Hans Christiansen, who has been visiting with his family for the past month returned to Steamboat Springs the first of the week. Mr. Christiansen is one of Steamboat's business men, and owns a half interest in a general merchansdise store there."
February 1914 - the firm of Penfold and Christiansen in Steamboat Springs dissolved their partnership.

1915 "Born - Friday, November 26, to Mr. and Mrs. Hans Christiansen, a baby girl.
Hans was the Wray City Marshal, resigning in 1919 to "take up farming."

In 1920 Yuma County, Hans and June are farming, with Alice M. 23 a housekeeper for others, Maude A. 20 a servant for others, Leroy J. 18, Herold G. 11, Erma L. 7, and Helen F. 4.
In 1930 Wray, Hans is farming, 61, June 53, Harold G. 23, Erma L. 18, and Hellen F. 14.

Hans and June are alone in 1940 Wray, at 535 Cedar - the same house as in 1930.
Hans J. Christiansen 1858-1956 is buried in Wray # 17083358, with June 1876-1965.

LeRoy James Christiansen is also buried in Wray
# 138947635 has

In 1915 Dora 21, is married to Will Scott, 24 and they're living in Colby Kansas.
1919 "Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Scott came over from Kirk, Tuesday, and will be here about ten days. They are guests at the Hans Christianson home, a mile east of Wray. Bill came over to take treatments for a trouble of long standing and which he contracted in the print shop."
In 1920 Yuma County, Dora B. is married to Willard M. Scott, 29, and they have Laura J. 3, and Jacob W. 1.
Sister Maud Christianson, 20 is with them.
In 1930 Sterling, W.M. Scott 39 and Dora 36 have Lorna 14 and Jack 11.
In 1940 Sterling, Willard 49 and Dora 46 have Larna J. 24, Jack W. 21, and daughter Joe L. 3.


Mearl had proved up 320 acres in 15, 5N 44W in 1918.

Mearl Orrell registered for WWI with a mailing address of Holyoke, farming in Yuam County, with a wife, born June 18, 1886 at Marengo, Iowa.
Mearl and Alice Orrell divorced in 1919 in Yuma County.

Mearl Orrell, 32, married a Drabing, 18, in Wray October 22, 1919.
In 1920 "Mural Orrell" is in Phillips County, 32, married to Ethlyn 18, and they're with her parents John and Florence Dravins.

In 1930 Ovid, Colorado, Sam Eschleman is 39, running a garage,with Alice 33. In 1940 Ovid, Sam is driving a school bus, and Alice is doing housework for a private home.
Alice applied in 1961 for a veteran's stone, to be delivered to Robert D. Amy of 218 W. 5th St., Julesburg.
"The action was commenced by Robert D. Amy, guardian-trustee for Sam Eschliman during the lifetime of Eschliman, to recover assets allegedly held by Florence Woodhams and which she refused to deliver over to the guardian-trustee upon his appointment. The assets sought in the suit was a passbook and proceeds of a joint tenancy savings account standing in the name of Sam Eschliman and Florence Woodhams, or the survivor. The account in the amount of $5,000 was opened by Florence while she was acting as trustee for Sam. The funds placed in the savings account were transferred from a checking account of Sam's "for the purpose of obtaining interest." Florence, in refusing to deliver the passbook to the guardian-trustee, contended for ownership of half of the account. When Sam died during the pendency of the action, Robert Amy was appointed executor of his estate and substituted as party plaintiff. In the trial court Florence claimed the entire proceeds of the account as the survivor. It was admitted that the $5,000 at the time of the transfer to the savings account belonged to Sam, and that Florence never deposited any funds of her own in the joint account."

Alice E. Eschliman 1897-1990 is buried in Ovid, Colorado # 50320842, with Samuel 1891-1960-.


In 1940 Harold is a druggist in Denver, living on east 6th, 31, married to Mary 29, born in Iowa.
Harold Christiansen had married Mary L. Howes in Denver Oct 31, 1935.
In 1965 Harold and Mary A. are in Burlingame, California
1974 ---------------------------------------
In 1920 Charles Omer Amy is in Kirk precinct, 20, with parents Frank W. 55 and Elizabeth 52.
Charles Amy married Maude Christensen Jun 7, 1920 - recorded in Yuma County.
In 1930 Charles is in Wray, lodging with the John H. Kearns family, widowed, managing a newspaper.
His two sons, James L. 7 and Robert D. 5 are "grandsons" living with the Paul and Maggie Daar family - but they're in their 20's and have a son Jesseie 4.

In 1937 James and Robert are living with grandparents Hans and June at 535 South Cedar in WSray.
Charles and Robert are in Julesburg, Colorado in 1940, where Charles is operating a printing company.
FindaGrave # 137293304 has Charles 1899-1983 buried in Eugene, Oregon, with Irene Jane (Inman) Amy
James Leroy Amy 1922-1989 is buried in Fort Logan # 279988.
Robert D. Amy 1924-1984 is buried in Julesburg # 67772492.

Erma Robinson, born March 16, 1912, died September 1984, last residence in Olympia, Washington.


Helen Frances Christiansen married Lawrence Vural Johnson in Denver September 28, 1935.
In 1940 Larimer County, Colorado Vural L. works in a sugar processing warehouse, 25, born in Iowa, Helen 25, with Vurleen 3 and Patricia L. 1. His father Charles L. 53 and brother CWesley C. 11 are with them.
In 1951 Denver, Duane W. Morsch (Helen F.) is a switchman for the D & RGW, living at 4931 Tejon. Helen is a waiter at the Union Station Restaurant.
He's still a switchman in 1959, and Helen is a waitress at the Tiffin Inn.

FindaGrave # 19136007 says Helen Francis (Christiansen) Morsch born Nov 16, 1916, died June 8, 1989.

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