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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Daniel J. Flaherty, Kate L. Flaherty , 1 South 42 West

Daniel cash-claimed 160 acres in sections 15 and 22, 1S 42W in 1891.

Kate cash-claimed 160 acres in 14 and 15, 1S 42W in 1890. She also cash-claimed 169 acres in sections 8 and 9, 1S 42W (KANSAS)

They might be the ones in 1870 Golden, Colorado. John Flaherty is 36, farming, Ann 35, both born in Ireland, with Charles 12 Kansas, John 8, Kansas, Daniel 3 Colorado, Catherine 10 Kansas, Mary 8 Kansas, Theresa 5 Colorado, and Elizabeth 1 Colorado.
John and Ann are in Leadville, Colorado in 1880 with Mary 16, Teresa 14, and John 16.
In 1885 Denver, John is a farmer, Anne rents rooms, with Kate 22, Theresa 18, Lizzie 14, Josephine 12, and Dan'l 17 - a student.
One possible scenario - the young brother and sister were sent to Yuma County to claim land, by their parents or an acquaintence in Denver.

John Flaherty 1828-1898 and Anne 1831-1914 are buried in Wheat Ridge # 125370501.
Thanks to the Denver Public Library

In 1900 Denver, Anne Flaherty born July 1830 in Ireland, immigrating in 1852, is widowed. One daughter Mary A. Murphy born March 1862 in Kansas is a sales lady, widowed, . Kate L. Flaherty born April 1864 in Colorado has no occupation, and Daniel April 1869 in Colorado is a steam fitter.
(Mary A. Flaherty married Martin J. Murphy May 6, 1885, recorded in Denver.)
When he was admitted to Leavenworth hospital in 1927, he was a poultryman, living at Denver, single, nearest relative Mrs. J.M. Burton, 628 Euclid Avenue, Los Angeles, California.
He's in the Monte Vista, Colorado veterans home in 1930, single.
Daniel J. Flaherty, Co. I, 2 V. engineers, Sp Am War is buried in Wheat Ridge, # 119434392.


In 1910 Denver, Anne Flaherty is 80, and Katherine L. 48, Ermit C. Burton 45 and Josephine M. 36, with their two kids.
In 1940 Los Angeles, California, Catherine L. Hope is widowed, 80 born in Kansas. She's with her sister Elizabeth A. Burns, 71 widowed, born in Colorado. Sons Willard G. 41 divorced salesman, and Harold F. Burns, a film editor, 36, single California, are with them. Elizabeth's daughter Anne K. 38, Colorado and her daughter Dorothy A. Montgomery 2, California, are also with them.

In 1914 Denver, Miss Catherine L. Flaherty lives at 2656 Chamapa, and so does Miss Josephine M. Flaherty. John Flaherty (Flaherty Bros) is at 2326 Clarkson.
Flaherty Bros (J and M) operate a saloon at 1529 Larimer.
Daniel J. Flaherty, a farmer, is at 2656 Champa.
In 1916 Denver, Miss Catherine Flaherty and Miss Margaret Flaherty are nurses at St. Joseph's Hospital. Josephine Flaherty lives at 2326 Clarkson.

Katherine Louise Hope, born April 21, 1860 in Kansas to father Flaherty and mother McDermott, died May 21, 1942 in Los Angeles County.

Daniel and Kate's sister Elizabeth was in Denver in 1910, married to grocery merchant George J. Burns, 37, New York. Elizabeth is 37, Colorado. They have Willard 11, Anne 8, both born in Colorado, and Harold F. 5. California.
Josephine and Everett Burton, with Ruth 12 and Virginia 9, are living with her sister Mary A. Lendahl, 57, in San Diego California.
Josephine is widowed in 1930 Santa Monica, California. She said her father was born in Massachusetts.


1909 Wray "R.M. Welch and sister Elizabeth Flaherty, who have been visiting Dr. A.C. Welch and family of this city for some time left Thursday night for their home at Darien, Wisconsin."
1924 - Kiowa County, Colorado - a suit was filed against Kate Flaherty, Libby Flaherty, Leo Flaherty, Eugene Flaherty.

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