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Robert and Elizabeth McPherson, son John and Mattie McPherson , 1 South 42 West

In 1870 Colfax County, Nebraska, Robert is 36, Elizabeth 33, with John 9, Mary 7, and Isabelle 2.
Columbus Era, May 22, 1875
McPHERSON--The saddest event it has ever been our lot to chronicle occurred nine miles west of Schuyler on last Sunday night by the burning of the residence of Robert McPherson, in which was burned to death three of his children. Mr. and Mrs. McPherson had gone to Mr. McAllisters' (Mrs. McPherson's father) to spend the night, being only one-fourth mile distant, having left at home John McPherson, aged 14 years; Mary, aged 12, Belle, aged 6; and Maggie, aged 2 years. They had all retired to bed in the chamber, when, about 10 o'clock, it was discovered that the house was on fire and that escape through the stairway was already cut off. John jumped from the window to the ground thinking to place a ladder to the window and thus afford means of escape for the three victims, but, oh horrors, the ladder was not to be found. He attempted to reach them through the stairway [missing text]. He then advised her to throw the two younger sisters from the window, which she seemed unable to do. She refused to jump, herself and leave the other two. Mr. McPherson arrived on the scene too late to save his children, and their 'spirits' had escaped and the angry element __ mocking his heart-rending anguish __d transforming to ashes their earthly remains. The position of the bones indicate that they died in one another's embrace, Mary having drawn the two younger together and then laid herself over them, trying, as it were, to shield them from the fire-fiend.--[Schuyler Register.]

His brother Anson McPherson had claimed land in Kit Carson County.

Friday, March 22d, 1895, Columbus, Nebraska: " Mrs. Mary McAllister, wife of James McAllister, after an illness of only a few weeks, at the advanced age of 77 years and 5 months. The deceased had been failing rapidly for several weeks from no apparent cause but old age, and last Friday peacefully passed away. Mrs. McAllister was born in Antrim county, Ireland, October 1817, was married to James McAllister in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1834, at the age of 17 years. They left Scotland in January 1849, and after living two years in St. Louis, moved to Council Bluffs and from there came to Columbus in April, 1857, casting their lot with the colony known as Latter Day Saints, enduring and sharing all the privations and anxieties of pioneer life. She was the mother of ten children, five of whom survive her. They are Wm. A., James and Stephen S., and Mrs. R. McPherson and Mrs. W.N. Hensley. In all the sixty-one years of married life she was a true, faithful wife and mother. The funeral services were held at the opera house Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Elder Hudson delivering the funeral sermon and Elder G.W. Galley offering the prayer. The choir was composed of Mesdames Geer and Whitmoyer and Misses Grace Taylor and Florence Gleason, and Messrs. Hickok and Garlow. The pall bearers were C.A. Speice, Jonas Welch, J.H. Galley, C.E. Morse, H.P. Coolidge and L.H. North. "

1900 Haigler Nebraska, Robert McPherson born May 1832, married 41 years to Elizabeth Dec 1835, both Scotland. He is a merchant. On the same page are John McPherson, a merchant, January 1860 Iowa, married ten years to Mattie M. May 1868 Ohio. James Sept 1893, John June 1895, and Elizabeth E. Oct 1898 were all born in Nebraska.
1902 "Mrs. Robert McPherson has been very sick but is improving."
1904 Mesdames Robert and J.C. McPherson came up from Haigler on No. 5 Tuesday night and remained for No. 2 Wednesday morning when they departed for St. Louis. They were the guestes of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. WOlfe while in town.
1904 "Mr. J. C. McPherson of Haigler was in this part of the county this week looking after the telephone interests."
1904 Columbus, Nebraska "John McPherson and his two sons Lawrence and Kenneth of Haigler, Nebraska, visited in the city from Friday to Sunday on their way home from Omaha. Mr. McPherson is a nephew of Mrs. W.N. Hensley and W.A. McAllister and is well known to many people here. He is a successful merchant in his home town. "
In 1906 "J.C. McPherson, a well-known merchant of Haigler, was a Wray visitor last Saturday. He informed us that he would leave shortly on an extended visit west."

Robert cash-claimed a quarter in 34, 1S 42W in 1909.

1911 "Grandma McPherson of Haigler, was guest of Mrs. W.E. Wolfe at Olive Lake over Sunday, she returning home Monday evening."
May 1912 "Information received that Mrs. Robert McPherson, formerly a resident of Haigler, and somewhat extensively known to the people of Wray, died at her home in the Isle of Pines, April 5, where she moved to a short time ago. Interment took place at Columbus, Nebr., her old home to which the remains were brought."

W. A. McAllister was born in Glascow, Scotland, June 7, 1847 and with his father and mother and other members of the family came to the United States in the year of 1851 and located first in St. Louis, Missouri, and in a year or so thereafter the father, James McAllister, and family, moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa where they resided for about 8 years and then moved to Genoa, Nebraska in 1858, for the purpose of trading with the Indians and after that became unprofitable the family moved to the southwest part of Colfax County about 8 miles from Columbus and located on a homestead near a small body of back water from the Platte River, which still exists, known as McAllister's Lake. William McAllister received his early education in the schools of Council Bluffs and in 1862, at the age of fifteen years, enlisted for nine months service as a private in Company B. 2nd Nebraska Vonunteer [sic] Cavalry and for about ten months or a little less than a year, was engaged in active duty between Omaha and Fort Kearney, in Indian Warfare.
In 1872 he entered the University of Nebraska and graduated therefrom in 1877, in what we believe, the first graduating class from the University. After graduation he then went to Munich, Germany, and there took a two and a half year course in language and law and learned to speak, very fluently, the German language, which, at that time, was very valuable to a lawyer in this county.
After returning from Germany he continued the study of law and was admitted to the Bar in 1882 and was admitted to practice in the supreme court shortly thereafter. Mr. McAllister was very successful in his litigation and was a most careful advisor and careful in the trial of his cases and choice in the selection of the kind of business he took. He was aggressive and successful in practically everything he undertook.
He was a very ardent republican and was elected to the state legislature in 1882 and served to 1884. He was also appointed postmaster by President Taft and served during his administration.
In a spirit of public service to his country, he was a member of Company K. First Regiment of Nebraska National Guards and during his connection therewith there were many strikes and riots in Omaha in which he helped to quell.
Mr. McAllister was a member of and past commander of Baker Post Number 9 G.A.R. and was a member of the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company. Fraternally, he was a member of the Knights of Pythies and was one of the stockholders and officers of the West End Sewer Company.
Mr. McAllister was a man of high literary accomplishments and was always a student and kept well in touch with public matters.

Some time about 1914 or 1915 he became interested with other parties in a tract of land in the Isle of Pines and on behalf of those interested he established headquarters on the Island to look after their property and remained about one year, then moved back to Columbus and resumed the practice of law.
Mr. McAllister passed away on Jan. 9, 1923, while on a visit to his daughter in Salt Lake City, Utah. William McAllister 1847-1923, Second Nebraska Cavalry, is buried in Columbus # 57730551.

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