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John Sample

, Laird
John Samples married Rachel Start on March 10, 1842 in Scott County Indiana.

In 1860 Jackson County, Missouri, John is 39, Rachel 37, Christian 17, Alexander q15, Samuel 13, Sarah F. 7, John W. 5, and George three months.

In 1870 Van Buren County, Iowa, John Sample is 49, Mary 30, John W. 14 George W. 11, Joel O. 8, Charles F. 4, Emma M.2, and Mary six months.

In 1880 Van Buren County, Iowa, John Sample is 54, Mary 49, Frank 14, Emma 12, Alfretta 10, and Frederick 7.
John and Mary Sample came to Yuma County in 1887, with Emma 17, Alfretta 16, and Fred 14., and filed on their homestad.
John died in 1898 , and Mary in 1900.
John Sample proved up 120 acres in 8, 1S 42W in 1894.
John Sample 1822-1898 is buried in Wray # 63080657.
When Samuel Sample 1847-1904 died in Beatrice Nebraska, his obituary said he had one brother and two sisters in Colorado.

Charles F. Sample proved up 160 acres in 18, 1S 42W in 1895.
Thomas H. Sample cash-claimed 40 acres in 4, 1N 43W in 1895.

Joel O. Sample proved up 80 acres in 7, 1S 42W in 1896.
Raymond D. Sample proved up 320 acres in sections 29 and 32, 2N 42W in 1922.
Reuben H. Sample proved up 323 acres in sections 19 and 24, 4N 45 W. in 1921.

In 1870 Van Buren County, Iowa, John Sample is 49, Mary 30, John W. 14, George W. 11, Joel O. 8, Charles F. 4, Emma W. 2, and Mary six months.

In 1880 Van Buren County, John Sample is 54, born in Indiana, Mary 49 Pennsylvania. Frank 14, Emma 12, Alfretta 10 and Frederick 7 were born in Iowa.

When George married Hattie A. Miller in Decatur County, Iowa on November 4, 1888, he said his parents were John Sample and Rachel Stock.

John proved up 120 acres in 8, 1S 42W in 1894.

John Sample 1822-1898 is buried in Wray # 63080657.


Maude Sample Murdock was born October 20, 1884 at Milton Iowa to Joel Ol Sample and Jennetta Bowlen.
Clara Sample was born at Laird, Colorado to Joel Oliver Sample and Jeanetta Bolen (per her marriage to Albert Nelson in Skamania County, Washington on May 27, 1939. Clara was 46, and this was her second marriage.

J.O. Sample proved up 80 acres in 7, 1S 42W in 1895, and Charles F. Sample a quarter in 18, 1S 42W in 1895.

In 1900 Cheyenne County, Nebraska, Joel Sample is a carpenter, born January 1863 in Indiana, with Jennie Dec 1861 Ohio. Maude October 1884 Iowa, Clara Dec 1892 and Frederick May 1897 were born in Colorado.

March 28, 1902 Laird items "Joe Sample moved into the Murdock house Monday."

April 15, 1904 "A number from this part attended the sale at J. O. Sample' s last Wednesday."

May 19, 1905 Wray "Invitations were received in the city Saturday, to the wedding of Mr. Francis Murdock and Miss Maude Sample, which occurred in Newberg, Oregon, yesterday. These young people were former residents of the vicinity of Laird, and have a host of Yuma county friends who will join with the Gazette in extending congratulations."

September 16, 1910 "Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Murdock of Laird were host and hostess for a surprise dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sample, of Medford, Oregon, who are here visiting. There were all manner of good things to eat as all who were there can testify, especially Mr. Sample. After dinner Mr. Sample was wishing for a picture of those present to the number of 40 and soon G. H. Renzelman completed tho surprise by driving down from Wray to photograph the group."

Joel 1863-1939 is buried in Marion County, Oregon # 62275696, with Jenneta T. L. (Bolen) Sample 1860-1924.

Fred M. Sample, born in Yuma County, died in 1920 in Portland, buried there

May 30, 1918 Wray "Mrs. V. A. Nelson of Galesburg, Illinois, is visiting relatives here. She will be better remembered as Clara Sample, and is a niece of Mrs. D. A. Murdock."

Clara Nelson is in Marion County, Oregon in 1920, 25, born in Colorado, married to Vern 29 born in Nebraska. Eugene 7, Evelyn 5, and Dorothy 3 were born in Oregon.

All five are in Oregon in 1930, and in 1940 Vern is a furnace installer in Pierce County, Washington, 49, Clara 47 is a home economist for a gas company. Dorothey is with them, married name McWilliams, also a home economist for the gas company.
Eugene is next door, 2, with wife Ollie , both 28 born in Oregon.

Vern is buried in Portland 1891-1964, with Clara E. 1892-1982 # 156566132.

In 1910 Medford, Oregon, Charles F. Murdock is working in a brick yard, 27, born in Nebraska, with Maude 25 born in Iowa. Bashford Murdock is a bartender, 32, born in Nebraska.

August 8, 1918 Laird items "Lon Murdock is in receipt of a letter from his son Frank, who is engaged in ship building at the Government ship yards at Portland, Oregon. Frank says there are 4 000 men employed there, and among them are Alex and Fred Sample, formerly of Laird. The writer likes the work very much."

Charles Murdock 1882-1942 is buried in Portland 1882-1942, with Maude D. 1884-1953 # 115067514 "Sister of Clara E. Nelson."


Alexander 1845-1922 is buried in Beatrice, Nebraska "8th Iowa Cavalry, Co. C."


Samuel 1847-1904 is buried in Beatrice Nebraska. "  born in Scott county, Ind., September 1, 1847. When two years old his parents located in Iowa. He served in the civil war as a member of the 51st Missouri infantry and was married in 1866. He located in Beatrice in 1885, where he has since resided. He worked at the carpenter's trade until a short time ago when he was forced to quit work on account of failing health. He was an industrious, hard working man and one whom everybody respected. He is survived by his wife and four children. They are Mrs. J. T. Shullanberger of Cortland, E. L. and Effiie Sample of this city, and Mrs. Mae Stern of Los Angeles, Cal. He also has one brother and sister living in Beatrice, one brother and two sisters in Colorado, one brother in Idaho and one in Oregon. "


Emma M. Sample, age 30, married Daniel A. Murdock on June 16, 1900.
June 23, 1910 "D. A. Murdock and Miss Emma Sample were married by Rev. Ellis last Sunday morning."


Charles F. Sample married Lillie M. Roberts on May 19, 1897 in Yuma County.

In 1900 Washington County, Kansas, Charles Sample is 33, born in Iowa, Lillie M. 27 in Kansas, with Bernice A. 2 and Charles six months in Kansas.

In 1910 Marion County, Oregon, Frank is a plumber, 41, with Lillie 36, Bernice 12, Charlie 10, and Walter 3.

Lillie M. Sample 1873-1911 is buried in Medford, Oregon # 36812864, with Sarah A. Roberts 1839-1927.
Sarah was in Washington County, Kansas in 1880, age 41, with Benj. L. Roberts 60. Charles S. is 8, Lilla 7, Horace L. 5, Lenora 3, ad Bernis 1.
This was the second marriage for Benjamin, who had adult children from his first marriage.

One tree said Benjamin L. Roberts died June 14, 1905 in Seattle, age 84-85, born in Virginia, son of John Roberts, buried in Seattle # 65511079.

In 1875 Washington County, Kansas, C.S. Roberts is 2, Lilly 1, Horace three Mmonths, with B. L. Roberts 49 and S.A. 36.

1898 Laird "Charles Roberts has finished husking corn."
July 1, 1899 "Miss Anna Brown was taken to her home on the Arickaree Monday . She is suffering with a severe attack of rheumatism . "

November 15, 1899, Charles S. Roberts and Anna Brown marriage was recorded in Yuma County.

Charles S. Roberts was in Yuma County, in 1900, born June 1873 in Kansas, with Anna October 1879 in Indiana (daughter of John and Ruhama Brown). Violet Roberts was born May 1900.
John Irwin Brown 1858-1911 and Ruhama Brown 1860-1949 are buried in Cheyenne County, Kansas.

So Annie had moved to Medford, Oregon by 1911.

May 11, 1916 Laird "Mrs. Charles Roberts entertained Mr. and Mrs. Martin and children and Rev. Montgomery at dinner Sunday."

April 1917 "Mrs. Chas. Roberts resigned her place as president of the Epworth League Sunday evening and Claude Prentice was elected in her stead . "

Charles might have married Olive (Reynolds) (Ellis), who's buried in Medford 1868-1952

In 1920 Jackson County, Oregon, Charles is 47, Olive 52, with her four sons, Chester, Charles, Bert and Hiram Ellis.

Next household is Sarah Roberts 80 widowed born in Indiana, and Horace 43 born in Kansas.
Also in Jackson County in 1920, Violet is 19, married to William Lewis 24, with Frances 1 born in Oregon.
Her sister Nellie Burrell 18 is a bookkeeper

In 1930 Jackson County, Charles is a laborer in an orchard, 58, married at age 24. Olive is 62 born in Michigan. Hiram E. is 24, born in Oregon.

February 28, 1952
"Services for Mrs. Olive Roberts, 83, who died Tuesday, will be held in Conger-Morris Chapel Friday at 1:30 p.m. with the Rev. Meredith Grovei officiating. Committal will be in Siskiyou Memorial park. Mrs. Roberts was born Aug. 22, 1868, in Michigan, and came from Nebraska to make her home iii southern Oregon in 1890. 'She is survived by six children, Mrs. Loretta Denney, Medford; OrinEllis, Hilt, Calif.; Nine Ellis, Medford; Mrs. Millie Lu-per, Sacramento, Calif.; Lester Ellis,' Butte Falls; and Charles Ellis, Butte Falls; two sisters in Kansas; 30 grandchildren; 33 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild."

Charles is in Klamath County, Oregon in 1940, 69, divorced, with daughter Violet A. Louis, 39 and her husband Robert M. Louis 50. Francis L. Louis is 22, born in Oregon.
Charles might be the Charles S. Roberts June 4, 1872 - November 18, 1946 buried in Medford # 59800754.
This one died November 18, 1946 in Siskiyou County, California, born June 4, 1872 in Kansas, mother's maiden name Hull.
Violet A. Lewis 1900-1965 is buried in Klamath # 32627781, with Robert Moore Lewis 1890-1961.

August 27, 1961 "Robert Moore (Bob) Lewis who died Saturday. Mr. Lewis had been in failing health since last June. Final rites and interment will be in Klamath Memorial Park. He had been a resident of Klamath County for 35 years and had retired in 19?4 from the Southern Pacific where he had been emplo yed as a blacksmith. Mr. Lewis was a native of Clay County, County, Illinois, born Feb. 28, 1890. He was a member of Klamath Falls Lodge. A.F. A.M. No. 77, and a charter member of the Lost River Grange No. 847. He leaves a widow, Mrs. Violet Lewis, Klamath Falls; a son, Robert H. Lewis of Alameda, Calif.: a daughter, Mrs. Oretha Hughlctt, San Raphael Calif.; a sister, Mrs. Katie Etchison, JMftngham, Illinois; also two grandsons. "

In 1920 Marion County, Frank is 49, born in Colorado, with Ollie L. 38 in Oregon. Bernice 21 and Charles E. 20 in Kansas, and Walter G. 15 in Oregon.

In 1930 Marion County, Frank 63 is a plumber, Olive 47 born in Oregon is a laundress.

Alfretta (Samples) Starnes 1869-1943 is buried in Wray


Fred took a job at age 15 on the Rosenkrans Ranch, then the Ashton Ranch east of Laird. He was married in 1897, by Reverend Steele, to Bertha Seward, eldest daughter of Samuel and Annie Seward. They moved to Bertha's homestead and later bought the Sam Seward place.
Bertha G. Sample - formerly Bertha Seward, proved up 120 acres in 32, 1N 42W in 1902.
In 1910 Laird precinct, Fred is farming, 37, Bertha G. 35, with Dewey R. 11, Agnes I 9, and newborn Fred M.
July 15, 1910 "Little Miss Louise Murdock spent a few days with her cousin, Irene Sample, the latter part of the week."

1914 Fred Sample and family returned from their former home at Montrose, and will take up residence on their farm on the flats, from which they have been absent three seasons. The oldest son, Dewey, will remain in Montrose to complete high school, living with Roy Roberts and family.
March 25, 1915 " Fred Sample and family were guests of Mamie Murdock's Sunday."

September 7, 1916 "Mrs. Roy Roberts and little daughter returned to their home in Montrose, Colorado last Friday. They were accompanied by Dewey Sample who will attend high school there this winter, and Mrs. A. V. Anderson and son, who will visit them for several weeks."

1917 "Dewey Sample who graduated from Montrose High School with honors May 18 came home Thursday and will farm with his Father Fred Sample this season."
July 18, 1918 "Dewey Sample left for Omaha Saturday. He expects to enlist in the service of the U. S., and do his all in the battle for right. This young man is not of draft age but answered the call of duty as he saw it. We are proud of his courage and hope for a safe return."
1919 Mesdames Fred Sample and G.P. Shafer visited their sister, Mrs. A.V. Anderson at Otis the latter part of last week. Little Paul Anderson returned with them for a few weeks' stay."
In 1920 Yuma County, Fred is 47, Bertha G. 45, with Ramond D. 21, Agnes I 19, Fred M. 10, and Edith F. 3.

In 1930 Yuma County, Fred is 57, Bertha 55, Marion 20, and Edith F. 13.

Fred, Bertha, and Edith, a teacher, are in Yuma County in 1940.
Fred 1872-1948 is buried in Wray, with Bertha G. Sample- formerly Bertha Seward, proved up 120 acres in 32, 1N 42W in 1902.
They had four children - Raymond Dewey, graduate of Colorado University, taught for many years, dying in 1969

Dewey was initiated into the fraternity in 1921 and has returned to school intermittently, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree as a geology major in 1929. He is now working for his master's degree which he will receive this coming summer. In 1929 he was made manager of the chapter and has served continually in that capacity ever since. Dewey was the first person to adopt the budget system here, and, in his first year, paid off $3000.00 indebtedness. Throughout his college life, Dewey has lived in three different Alphs Tau Omega 12 houses on the campus, and, since his entrance at the university, 166 initiates, approximately half the total number, have passed through the portals of Gamma Lambda.

Not only has Brother Sample rendered great service to the fraternity, but he has also been active in varsity athletics. Holding down the guard position on the varsity football team, he received his letter in 1922 and 23 and would have won a third in 1924 had it not been for an eligibility rule which prevented his playing. He was present at the Congress of 1930 held in Kansas City.

In 1940 Raymond is 41, teaching geology at the university in Boulder, living alone on Thirteenth Street, left Hawaii on an Air Force C-54 en route to California.

In 1947 Raymond, living at 985 Gilbert in Boulder. He's buried in Wray 1898-1969 # 63080711.
Irene married Wynn G. Richards April 4, 1928, recorded in Denver - worked at the Wray Courthouse and banks in Otis Yuma and Laird, dying in 1928 (FindAGrave # 63164994 has her dying 1929), buried in GWray).
- Edith Fern Rife went to DU, married Delbert Emery Rife 1920-1999 - had three children and lived in Denver - She's buried in Wray 1916-2010 "per her rquest her ashes were placed at the foot of her mother's grave."
December 13, 1999 "Delbert E. Rife of Golden, an auto body foreman, died Friday. He was 79. No services were held. There was cremation. He was born Jan. 10, 1920, in Laird. He served in the Army during World War II. On May 29, 1941, he married Edith Sample. He was a member of the VFW No. 1471 and the Elks in Central City. He attended Colorado State University. His interests included designing and building waterfalls, jewelry design and woodwork. He is survived by a son, Duane, Fort Collins; two daughters, Joyce Rife Treber, Aurora, and Valerie, Golden; two brothers, Alfred, Houston, and Bob, Los Angeles; a sister, Everna Rose, Salem, Ore.; seven grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. "
Emery Rife proved up 320 acres in sections 13 and 14, 2N 43W in 1913.
"Jessie Allen (bn 1887) married Emery Rife & raised her children in the Wray, Colorado area on a farm.My Mother (Billie) says her very best childhood memories were of her Aunt Jessie,the kidsand that farm. In 1948 when Frank died his obit states his sister Jessie Rife was living in Salem, OR.She died in 1983 in Salem, OR. "
1958 Oregon " Mr. and Mrs. Emery Rife, residents of Popcorn community since 1945, have sold their farm and moved to Salem. New owners of the Popcorn farm are Mr. and Mrs. Wilford H. Slinker." When Emery Rife died in 1962 in Salem, Oregon, his survivors were "three daughters, Mrs. Everna Rose, Salem, Mrs. Edward O. Robertson, 7502 Jordan St SW, Stella Kruse, Chatsworth, Calif.; and Mrs. Effie New, Greeley, Colo.; three sons, Delbert Rife, Aurora, Colo., Alfred W. Rife, Houston, Tex., and Robert E. Rife, Montebello, Calif.; one sister, Mrs. Mamie Bannister,"

Fred Samuel Kruse married Stella Lorraine Rife January 1, 1935, recorded in Weld County.

Greeley Colorado 1960
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kruse, well known here, recently celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in California with a buffet supper at their home at Chalsworth. Fourteen couples, all relatives were their guests. Kruse was born in Greeley and is the son of Ernest Kruse, now a resident of Boncll home. He attended Pleasant Valley school and was graduated from Greeley High school where he played football. Mrs. Kruse was born at Wray, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Rife, now of Oregon. She attended Colorado State College before her marriage. She is a sister of Mrs. Oscar New of Lucerne, who, with her husband, flew to California for the anniversary observance. Other relatives of the celebrants present at the anniversary supper included Kruse's three sisters, Mrs. Arthur Krulson of Pallcrson, Calif., Mrs. Floyd Moody of Englewood, Calif., and Mrs. Jose Long of Reseda, Calif., and their husbands; his brother, Ernest Krusc and family , of Long Beach; and Mrs Kruse's brother, Robert Rife, and family of Monterey Park, Calif. The many gifts received by the Kruses included a money tree from their nieces and nephew and a silver tea and coffee set, with a tray, from their sisters and brothers. Kruse and the former Stella Rife were married in Greeley on Jan 1, 1935. They went to VanN uys Calif., in 1941. and lived there until recently when they moved to Chatsworth. They have one son, Allen who has just completed three years duty in the marines. He is now attending Pierce College in California. Kruse has worked for Lockheed Aircraft since 1941. Mrs Kruse teaches in the elementary grades at Reseda, this being her twelfth year there. They are members of the First Methodist church of VanNuys.
Laura Evelyn Cruzen Stone Kruse, age 95, was born August 6, 1919 in Oskaloosa, Iowa, a small mid-western town and died September 2, 2014. She lived in Iowa until age 18 when she left to attend college and later graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa. It was there she met and married her first husband, Edward Stone, who was listed as missing in action three years later as a B17 Fortress pilot in WWII.

Laura then moved to Greeley, Colorado with her year old daughter and met her second husband, Ernest Kruse, a widower with an eight year old daughter. Together the new family moved to Southern California, added a son and lived in Long Beach and surrounding areas for 34 years. During that time she was a homemaker, substitute teacher, medical office assistant and traveler to Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico.
After her second husband died in 1982 while living in Reno, Nevada, she moved to Sacramento, California for 12 years before moving to Linus Oaks Retirement Village in Roseburg, Oregon where her new writing career began at age 88 as a columnist for The News Review. At age 93 she self-published her book, Memory Moments, and shortly thereafter retired from writing. Survivors include her son John Kruse (Eileen) of Long Beach, California; granddaughter Heather Kruse Peterson (Ryan); great grandchildren Bailey and Owen Peterson; daughter Janice Stone Franklin of Roseburg, Oregon. A memorial service will be held at Linus Oaks Retirement Village, 2665 NW Van Pelt Blvd in Roseburg on Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Edith F. "Bunny" Rife 94, of Aurora. Passed away 11/30. Widow of Delbert Rife. Graduate of DU and was a teacher in Aurora. Survived by her children, Duane Rife, Joyce Traeber and Valerie Rife; grandchildren, Lori, Jill, Dustin, Jeremy, Tara, Tim, and Tammy; 3 great grandchildren. Private Memorial Services. Memorials suggested to Donors Choice. Published on Dec. 5, 2010"

Fred Marion Sample, born June 13, 1909, going to Union Ridge grade school and Laird High School, DVM degree from A&M in 1935. He wroked for the Burearu of Animal Industry in Red Cloud, Nebraska, thhen in Wichita Falls, Texas as a meat inspector the the CCC camp, moving to Tyler, Texas and Nebraska, then in 1945 to the farm, working the Wray sales for thir ty years, dying Sept 25, 1981.
He married Carol Myers Jun 27, 1931, recorded in Weld County. Fred # 63080565 and Carol 1907-1995 are buried in Wray.
Fred, age 24, married Bertha Seward at Sam Seward's residence on June 27, 1897.

January 7, 1910 "Miss Phebe Seward returned to her school in the Sample District, Monday morning."

Edith Rife 1916-2010 - ashes scattered with parents, with Delbert Emery Rife 1920-1999 cremated, too.

Irene is a bank clerk in Washington County Colorado in 1920, niece of Albert J. and Phoebe Anderson, boh 32.
(Phoebe E. (Seward) Anderson 1887-1956 is buried in Greeley # 27285106, with Albert 1888-1956.)
1923 Wray "Miss Irene Sample and Wynn Richards motored to Trenton, Neb., Sunday, and visited Mr. and Mrs. Earl Richards."

Wynn G. Richards and Irene Sample married April 4, 1928, recorded in Denver.
Wynn 1898-1953 is buried in Fort Logan.

Agnes Irene Richards 1900-1929 is buried in Wray # 63164994.

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