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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Diah Young, son Hale and Gertrude Young , 1 South 42 West

In 1850 Allegany County, New York, "Dire" is 38, Livona 34, Abby J. 12, Ebenezer 8, Dewart 5, John 3, and Hale newborn.
In 1855 he's 40, coopering, born in Vermont, with Livonia 38 New York, Abbie J. 17, Ebenezer 14, Dewardt 10, John 8, and Hale 4.

In 1860 Allegany County, New York, Dyah K. Young is a cooper, 50, with Livonia 44, Ebenezer 19, "Drvart" 15, John 13, Hale 9, and Viola seven months.

In 1870 Allegany County, New York "Dyer" Young, 59 born in New York, with Si?la 55, New Hampshire, have Dewert 25, Hoel 19 and Viola 10, all three kids born in New York.
In 1875 Allegany County, New York, Diah K. Young is 68, a cooper, born in Monroe, New York, with Elvira 58 Vermont. Dewert E., son is 30, and Viola J 15 daughter.
In 1875 Allegany County, Hale D. Young is 24, born in the county, a cheese maker, married to Gertrude 24, born in Pennsylvania.
(Spring Mills Cheese Factory was built by Hale Young, who after several years sold to William Cobb, Sr., who was succeeded in its ownership by his son William. It is operated by Chas. H. Austin, who uses the milk of 500 cows. From 150,000 to 175,000 lbs. of cheese is made each season. )

In 1880 Arapahoe County, H. D. Young is 29, a wool grower born in New York, father Vermont, married. He's probably working for L.J. Barron, 56, widowed, because there are a half-dozen young men there.

In 1880 Allegany County, Dyer is farming, 69, Livona 64 New Hampshre, with Ebenezer 34 and Viola 20.

Diah cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 1S 42W in 1885, where Horse Creek met the Arickaree River.

Diah also had a record of a homestead in that area, but it wasn't proved up. He also cash-claimed forty acres in 5S 62W, Arapahoe County, Colorado in 1886.

Gertrude E. Young, widow of Hale D. Young, deceased, cash-claimed, also in 1885, a tract in section 28, near where Dry Willow Creek met the Arickaree.

Diah K. Young 1810-1888 is buried in Denver # 73810975 - on the same stone as Clara Barnum County, 1850-1886.
Clara (Lord) (Barnum) Young, per # 73811031 "Clara's first husband was Henry Barnum. Her second husband was D.E. Young. Clara was from Pittsford, New York. She is memorialized on the "white bronze" monument in the Lord plot (top photo) at Pittsford Cemetery, although she died and is buried in Denver, Colorado. "
(Brother Daniel Lord 1852-1930 # 33130802 is buried in Denver.)
1895 Monroe County, New York History: Lord, Mrs. Huldah, widow of the late Anson Lord, of Pittsford, was born at Henrietta, Monroe county. Her family came from Vermont in an early day in the history of the county, and settled at Henrietta. Her father was Jonah D. Simonds, a well known physician of the regular school, who had a large and successful practice. December 10, 1832, she married Anson Lord, who was born at Ballston, Saratoga county, September 9, 1810. His father, Daniel Lord, was a hotel-keeper at Ballston, and it was because of his death in 1820 that Anson Lord came here to reside with his aunt, who had already settled here. For seven years he followed the trade of carpenter, later engaging in farming. The children of Anson and Huldah Lord are now widely scattered, and two daughters, Clara and Louise, are deceased. Mary J., the elder daughter, married Ichabod Benson, of Fisher's, N.Y. William is in Mendon, engaged in farming; James, a resident of Rochester, where Mathias, next younger, is a physician; and Daniel the youngest son, is on a ranch in Nebraska.

Hale Davis Young 1850-1885 # 35943496 and Gertrude (Ives) Young 1850-1901 are buried in Denver, on the same stone as Hale D. Young 1883-1904. (Hale Dewert Young married Emily G. Stimson in Colorado in 1903.)
In 1900 Allegany County, New York, Gertrude is a nurse, born Aug 1850 in New York, widowed, with DeWert H. Young, born June 1883 Colorado, a clerk in a grocery store.

Dewert E. Young married Carrie E. Swan in Colorado January 22, 1890.

In 1910 Denver, Dewert E. is a stock raiser, 65, born in New York, (second marriage for him) with Carrie S. 50 Michigan and her mother Sarah L. Swan 88, widowed, born in New York.
Dewert E. Young was a stockholder in the Denver Interurban Rail in 1911, Viola (Young) Hann 1860-1908 is buried in Allegany County # 125729629.

In 1919 as defendants in a case by Martin Peterson , were J.H. Rosenkrans, Guy C. Douglass, Charles Donnelly, Heirs of Diah K. Young, Deceased, Viola Hamm (has to be his daughter ), Abbie J. Nichols, Ebenezer Young, Deward E. Young, Livonia E. Young, and John V. Young.
John V. Young was a trial juror in 1880 in Allegany County, New York.

Victoria (Tucker) Young 1848-1931 is buried in Denver, with John Van Ellen Young 1847-1931, # 43406761.

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