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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Josephus and Sarah Ann (Dell) Brown, Shields.

Per a nice story by Otto D. Clegg, Josephus was born March 12, 1840 at Cincinnati, was wounded three times in the battle of Shiloh. His father's mother was French, otherwise he was English.

Sarah Ann Dell was born December 23, 1848 in Pittsfield, Illinois.
In 1870 Hancock County, Illinois, Samuel Brown is 56, born in Pennsylvania, Anna 50 Ohio. They have Josephus 16 and Eugene 11, both born in Ohio.

In 1860 Joseph is 20, in Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois, with parents Samuel and Dorothy, both 47. Lethia is 18, Sarah 15, Easter 12, Dorothy 9, and Samuel six months.
Seward County, Nebraska "No further settlement was made in J. Precinct till the spring of 1866, when Samuel Brown settled on Section 35; Josephus Brown, on Section 26; William Hageman, on Section 10: and G.V. Hageman on Section 14 -- all in Township 10, Range 3. The following fall found Berry Davis settled on Section 14, John Graybill, on the same section; and Peter Graybill, on Section 22, same town and range. Henry Palmer arrived in the spring of 1867, and took up his claim on Section 14."

In 1870 Seward County, Nebraska, "Josephes" is 30, Sarah A. 20, Mary J. 3, and James A. five months.

In 1880 Seward County, Joseph is 40, Sarah 31, Mary J. 11, John A. 9, Charles S. 7, Hester 5, Nellie 3, and Matilda 1.
In 1885, Josephus is 45, Sarah 34, Mary 17, James 15, Hester 9, Della 7, Matilda 5, Gracie 4, Frank and Charles both 2, and Bessie six months.

Josephus is listed in the "early arrivals" as coming to Yuma County in March 1885.
In 1891 he cash-claimed a quarter in section 15, 1S 43W, a timber claim in 1896 in that section, and a cash claim of 80 acres in 27 and 28, in 1917.
Josephus was the commander of the Wray Post # 70 of the G.A.R. in 1891-1892. He was a private in Company K of the 2d Illinois Cavalry.
"Wray, Colo., Mch. 29, 1895. Roswell Allen, Jas. Connor, L. W. Breyfogle, and others, Lenexa, Kansas.

We, the undersigned, wish to return to you our sincere thanks for the aid so kindly extended to us, in this our time of dire distress, in helping us procure seed grain for our spring planting, and other necesaries of subsistence.
Hoping you may never be compelled to solicit aid from others as we have from you, but if you should be so unfortunate, we will cheerfully extend the helping hand.
Josephus Brown, Committee J. W. Weller, and S. A. Smith, and 47 Others

"SAMUEL BROWN, farmer, Section 35, Town 10, Range 3 east, P. O. Milford; was born in Greenbrier County, W. Va., March 30, 1813, and is the son of William and Sarah Brown, who were of English descent. They moved to Brown County, Ohio, when Samuel was only three years old, and here he lived until 1851, first farming with his father and afterward by himself. He then moved to Pike County, Illinois, where he followed his former occupation till the fall of 1864, that being the time of his removal to Nebraska. He first lived in Nebraska City, and, in the spring of 1866, moved on the place where he now lives, having homesteaded it in September of the year previous, and was among the very first settlers in J Precinct. He was married, in Brown County, Ohio, in 1832, to Miss Diantha Granger, who was born December 27, 1812, in New York State. Mr. B. has been connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church since 1842, his wife since 1832, and both are original members of the church of that denomination at Milford. Their children number eight--Esther A., Mary J., Susanna, Emily J., Josephus, Easter, Doratha E. and Samuel H."

Samuel Brown, of Milford, Seward County, Nebraska "came and located on a homestead in -J- precinct in 1865, residing ont he same for many years and finally retiring a moving to Milford, died at his home in that village Sunday, October 25, 1896 aged 80 years."
Samuel 1813-1896 is buried in Milford, # 21503429, with his wife Diantha (Granger) Brown 1812-1902, # 41632112.
1889 Johnson County, Nebraska "Wilburn Morton was reared to manhood in the Prairie State, assisted in the development of the homestead and secured a somewhat limited education in the pioneer schools. After the death of his mother he assisted in the support of the family, remaining with his father until his marriage. This important event in his life occurred April 26, 1856, the maiden of his choice being Miss Susanna Brown-, and the wedding taking place in Pike County, Illinois Mrs. Morton was born in Brown County, Ohio, and is the daughter of Samuel and Diantha (Granger) Brown, who were natives of Ohio, and are now residents of Seward County, this State. Their family consisted of ten children, all residents of Nebraska except one who lives in Cheyenne County, Kansas. "
One daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, per an Ancestry tree, married James Langley, and in 1870 they're in Otoe County, Nebraska, James is 29, S.E. 25, with I.W 3 (probably John Wesley Langley), Eo (Edward) 2, R. (Roscoe) three months.
The tree said she died in 1877. Probably the Sarah E. Langley, wife of James Langley, 1845-1877 # 56815179 buried in Newton County Missouri.

In 1900 Glendale precinct (then Arapahoe County, now Yuma County) Josephus born March 1840 Ohio, Sarah A. Dec 1849 Illinois, Della D. Oct 1878, Tillie A. July 1879, Grace G. Jan 1872, Frank E. Nov 1882, Bessie R. Oct 1884, Lottie E. Nov 1886, and Fred E. April 1888, Colorado. Al the other kids were born in Nebraska.
1911 "Mrs. T. A. Dell and daughter, Jessie, from Carlton, Missouri, came to Wray yesterday and were met at the station by Josephus Brown and daughter, Lottie, in whose home they will visit for two weeks. Mrs. Dell is a sister-in-law of Mr. Brown's."

In 1880 Grundy County, Iowa, Elizabeth Brown is farming, widowed, 53 with Martha 25, Wallace 22, Cornelia 13, and Lewellyn 12.
1885 Iowa "Newspaper clipping. Mr. Wallace Brown, of Caly township, died out in Nebraska last week. Mr. Brown went out there sometime ago to locate a claim. Last week he attended a candy pulling and in some way while attempting to cut the candy the knife slipped and cut offf one of the artery's in his wrist. Before medical aid could be got he bled to death. His remains were brought back Monday for burial.." Tama County, Iowa, # 75106239.

In 1900 Grundy County, Iowa, Alonzo Brown born March 1864 in Iowa, his brother Charles August 1862 Iowa, sister Lottie Nov 1859 Iowa, Cornelia June 1806 Iowa, Olive May 1885 Iowa, and their mother Elizabeth January 1828 Pennsylvania, are farming.
Andrew Brown, father of Cornelia and Lottie, born about 1827 in Pennsylvania, died in 1867, and is buried in Clinton County Iowa. So the newspaper description of "sisters" probably is wrong - perhaps "cousins."
He had been in Clinton County, Iowa in 1850, age 23, a laborer for Sam'l Chitnter, 45, a millwright.
One tree said that Andrew and Samuel were both sons of James Brown 1783-1884 and Jenny /Jane Porter 1792-1890, who were in Mercer County, Pennsylvania in 1827.

In 1910 Yuma County, Josephus is farming, 70, with Sarah. Della 35, Bessie 25, and Lottie 23 have no occuption. Frank 27 and Fred 22 are farming.
In 1920 Yuma County, Joesphus is 79, no occupation, with Sarah. Frank E. is farming, and Della 40 and Lottie 32 have no occupation.

Josephus filed for an invalid veterans pension November 12, 1878, and then Sarah filed for a widow's pension July 22, 1924.

Sarah A. Brown 1848-1927 and Josephus 1840-1924 # 17036411 "Co K, 2nd Illinois Cavalry"

Mary married Charles L. Long.
In 1900 Glendale precinct, on the same page as James Brown's family, Charles L. Long born Sept 1862 in Illinois is farming, with Mary J. Feb 1868 Nebraska, married 14 years. She's had seven kids, six living. Martha D. Dec 1886, Josephus E. Oct 1888, Harry N. Mary 1890, Sarah E. Aug 1891, Charles F. Dec 1895, and John A. Feb 1900, all kis born in COlorado.


James is in Glendale precinct in 1900, born Dec 1869 in Nebraska, married ten years to Mabel October 1870 Ohio. They have Lee E. Feb 1891, Charles A. Sept 2891, Pheobe B. May 1894, Sarah P. B. Nov 1896, and Ethe l M. Jan 1899, all five born in Colorado.

James A. Brown had homesteaded 160 acres in 72 and 28, 1S 43W in 1899.
(One tree said Mable Irene Porter was the daughter of James Porter and Phoebe Meek - and that Mabel and James Brown married in 1890 Oregon, where Phoebe died in 1891._
James Brown and Mable are in Klamath County, Oregon in 1910, farming with Lee 19, Charles 17, Phoebe 15, Pearl 13, Ethel 11, and Helen 1 born in Oregon.
James and Mabel are farming in 1940 Siskiyou County, California, James, born Dec 16, 1870 in Nebraska died Dec 31, 1946 in Siskiyou County, California. He's buried iwth Mabel in Klamath County, Oregon. # 24097431. Mable 1871-1949 # 24097437. Maggie Ethel Brown 1898-1911 is in the same cemetery.

Charles S. Brown, born about 1873, married Lulu M. Martin , born about 1878 , in Rocky Ford, Colorado April 18, 1900.
In 1910 Otero County, Colorado, Lulu is 33, born in Wisconsin, Charles 37 Nebraska, with Lester 9, Otis 6, and Ida 1, all three born in Colorado.
Charles 1872-1946 # 40087545 and Lula M. 1876-1959 are buried in Manzanola, Otero County.
(Lulu's father Nathan Martin died in Manzanola in 1909, and her mother died in 1878 in Vernon County, Wisconsin)

Hester Barbara Brown was born in Seward County, Nebraska June 1, 1874, and died in Wray March 10, 1962.
She married Samuel James Clegg October 14, 1896, (recorded in Denver - the county seat at the time) and had five children - Edith of BEnkelman, Raleign of Cambridge, Ellen Osborne of Oakland, California, Otto (wife Ardath) of the original Clegg homestead, and Gertrude Allen of Phoenix.
In 1900 Dundy County, Nebraska, Samuel 35 and Hattie B. 25, have Edit M. 2 and raleigh 1.

Della Diantha Brown 1877-1923 is buried in Wray # 17035927.


Tillie A. Andrews nee Brown filed for a tract in 26, 2S 44W in 1908, witnesses Jerome Haskell, Charles Ssweazey, John Harmon, and Will S. Mansfield.

Tillie Agnes Andrews 1879-1954 # 66023578 and James Lewis Andrews 1880-1968 are buried in Snohomish County, Washington.


In 1910 Yuma County, Grace is 29, married to William Mansfield, 31, born in Kansas.. They have Guy, 3, born in Nebraska, and Richard 2, Colorado.
In 1920 they're farming in Itasca County, Minnesota - William 40, Grace 38, Guy 13, Richard 11, Harry 8, Colorado, Nina 5, Colorado, Genevieve 3 Colorado, and Rex 1 Minnesota.
Grace Gertrude Mansfield 1881-1971 is buried in Itasca County - although she died in Alameda County, California. # 124662738. William Simpson Mansfield 1879-1942 is also buried there.


In 1913 "M. Bessie Shuel of Exeter Nebraska came to Wray and will visit some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Josephus Brown."

In 1917 Hastings, Nebraska, Linn A. is a driver, and he and Bessie live at 624 S. Minnesoata AAvenue.
Abner proved up 320 acres in 1, 11, and 12, 2S 43W (just a few miles southeast of Josephus' claim) in 1919.

Bessie 33, and Linn A. Shuel 45, born are living on East Kiowa Street in Wray in 1920, wehre Linn is a blacksmith. They have Abner A. 5, Ross E. 3, and Lottie D. 2, all three born in Nebraska.

They're in Rawlins County, Kansas in 1925, Scottsbluff, Nebraska in 1928 and 1932,
Bessie Ruth Shuel 1884-1941 # 111205633 is buried in Scottsbluff, and Linn Abner 1876-1951 # 111205598 is also there.

Abner A. Shuel 1914-1990 WWII Navy LCDR is buried in Pensacola, Floraida # 1178682.
Ross Earl Shuel 1917-1975 , WWII Navy LT, is also buried there # 1178684.

"Lottie “Charlotte” Mays, 92, of Milton, FL., formerly of Scottsbluff, passed from her earthly home, Wednesday, December 2, 2009. A Celebration of Life for Charlotte will be Monday, December 7 at 2:00 P.M. at the First Church of God in Scottsbluff with Pastors Guy Walton and Stanley Reiley officiating. Interment will be at Fairview Cemetery in Scottsbluff. A Memorial in Charlotte’s name has been established to the Church. Friends may call at the Jolliffe Funeral Home in Scottsbluff, Sunday, Dec. 6 from 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Charlotte was born July 22, 1917 in Hastings, NE., the daughter of Linn A. and Bessie R. (Brown) Shuel. She attended school in various locations and graduated with the Class of 1936 from the Scottsbluff High School. She was united in marriage to Leland H. Mays, September 29, 1946 in Scottsbluff. During World War II, she was a secretary for Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Los Angeles, CA. She was a graduate of the distinguished Dale Carnegie course, May 13, 1968.
Charlotte loved her Church and was secretary for the WCC lady’s organization for 30 years. She enjoyed sharing poems and readings for church family, friends, and relatives.
Survivors include her daughter Karen L. (Roy) Jones of Milton, FL., granddaughters Joslynn (Jason) McLaughlin, Shauna (Brett) Ralston, great grandchildren Steven Jones, Rayna Ralston, Nahum Ralston, sister-in-law Marilyn Shuel and special niece Kathy Peterson.
Charlotte was preceded in death by her parents, husband Lee Mays, son Steven L. Mays, brothers Abner A. and Ross E. Shuel. "
LOTTIE Lottie 1886-1967 # 17036462 and Frank 1882-1950 # 1117036084 share a tombstone in Wray.


In 1900 Chase County, Nebraska, Sidney J. Carr is January 1876 Iowa, Minnie M. 1874 Missouri, Annie B. October 1893 Nebraska, Albert A. March 1896 Nebraska, and Cressie M. March 1899 Nebraska are farming.

In 1906 Sidney Carr of Wray was a witness for the land claim of Charley C. Glaser for a tract in 10, 2S 43W.
1908 "Mrs. Bragg has moved out to the home of her sister, Mrs. Sid Carr, south of town."
"Sid Carr of the Dry Willow area was in Wray"
In 1910 Yuma County, Sidney is 40, Minnie 35, Anna 16, Albert 13, and Cressie 10.
Sidney is farming in Yuma County in 1920, with Minnie and Cressie
1913 "Mr. Carr of Denver and Mrs. Spears of Littleton are here visiting their son and daughter, Sid Carr and wife."

Albert Carr 1896-1973 is buried in Glendale # 80217780.

Fred E. Brown and Annie Carr married September 27, 1912, recorded in Yuma County.

"Mr. Fred Brown and Miss Carr were married at Uncle David Foreman's last Friday. Uncle David Foreman performed the ceremony."

1911 "Fred Brown of southeast of Vernon and Jerome S. Haskell of Beecher Island were witnesses for S. Mansfield in proving up his land yesterday."

In 1914 Jeff Cox bought the Sidney Carr half section, which is located between the Dry Willow and the Black Wolfe. This will give Mr. Cox a farm of 480 acres. He has 300 acres of level farming land and the balance is pasture land with running water.

In 1923 "Sheriff Wm. Bright went out to the NFred (sic) V. Brown home southeast of town Tuesday and located another complete still, several barrels that apparently had been used for mash, and such other equipment as is usually used in making hootch. Fred Brown was taken into custody for the second time and brought to the Yuma county jail. This being his second offense, he stands a good chance of drawing more than a fine and jail sentence." THIS IS NOT JOSEPHUS's SON, but another Fred Brown.

In 1930 Yuma County, Fred E. Brown is 41, farming, born in Colorado, with Anna 35, Nebraska.
They're in Yuma County in 1940, with a "nephew" Lester Lawrence, 16, born in Colorado, living with them. (He must be the Lester D. Lawrence in 1930 Baca County, son of Ray W. and Zolim A. Lawrence. Lester 1923-1938 is buried in Lamar, Colorado # 65960948.

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