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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles H. and brother Clark Moore, Phillip T. and Elizabeth C. (Moore) Edmonds, 1 South 43 West

In 1850 Madison County, Illinois, Clark A. Moore is a merchant, 33, Illinois, Eliza C. 27, born in Kentucky, Charles H.7, Milton K. 5, Julia 2. Hannah Perryh is 14, M.T. Moore is 24, and O.T. Coon is 28, both clerks.

In 1870 Johnson County, Kansas, Eliza Moore is 46, Kentucky. Charles is 26, farming, Caroline 20, Alice 13, and Clark 11.
In 1880 Johnson County, Eliza has only Alice 23, Clark 20, and Ella Mathom 7, grandaughter (Ella Black is with Phillip in 1910 Wray).

In 1900 Glendale precinct, Clark Moore, Nov 1860 Illinois, is single. Brother Charles H. Moore, Jan 1845 Illinois is with them. So is sister Alice G. Hedrick Feb 1857 Illnois, married 19 years. She has Ida Aug 1883 Knasas, and Norma A. Nov 1890 Washington, and Ella G. Andrews sept 1872 Kansas, widowed, with Dorothy A. born March 1900. COlorado.

Elizabeth cash-claimed 160 acres in 13, 1S 43W in 1889.

Philip T. Edmunds cash-claimed a quarter in 10, 1S 45W in 1893.
Philip T. Edmonds, age 30, married Elisabeth C. Moore, 23, in Wray Colorado January 29, 1896.

There's a Philip Edmonds in 1900 Sterling, Colorado, a butcher, born Sept 1865 in New York, married four years to Catherine E. Nov 1871 Kansas. Charles D. Feb 1898 and Phillip C. July 1899 both were born in Colorado.
1904 Wray "Mr. O. M. Wimmer keeps the very best qualities of all kinds of meats, fish and game in season, and he treats customers with that courteous consideration which attracts trade. He is fortunate in having as an assistant in the market P.T. Edmunds, one of the best butchers and meat cutters in the state. At this shop the public is assured of first-class meats, cut right, sold right and with scrupulous cleanliness a reigning factor in the business. Wray is fortunate in having such an enterprising, up-to-date meat market."

In 1907 P.T. Edmunds and Ida L. Hedrick were running the Yuma County Abstract Company.

Marvin A. Edmunds 1908-1910 is buried in Wray, # 63624144."

In 1910 Wray, Philip T. is 46, Catharine E. 38, Charles D. 12, Philip C. 10, Clifford A. 8, John R. 6, and Marvin A. 1. Marie Tersey 15 is a servant, and Ella Black and her two infant sons are with the. So is Charles H. Moore, 65, born in Illinois.

In 1920 Wray, Philip T. is 54, Elizabeth C. 49, Kansas, with Philip C. 20, Clifford A. 18, Russell J. 15, and Henry E. 8.
Charles Moore, Elizabeth's father, 71, born in Illinois, is with them. (Charles H. Moore 1848--1920 is buried in Wray # 81596941.)

In 1930 Wray, Philip T. Edmunds is 64, born in New York. J Russell is 25, Henry E. 18, both born in Colorado. Nellie M. Starnes, 28, is a boarder.

East Fifth Stereet in Wray

Philip T. 1865-1937 # 63624160 and Elizabeth Catherine (Moore) Edmunds 1871-1929 are buried in Wray.

Clifford A. Edmunds 1901-1921 is buried in Wray # 63624047 - says he died in Independence, Missouri, a college student.
John Russell Edmunds 1904-1951 # 63624098 is buried in Wray, with spouse Lela Elaine (Funk) McCoy 1918-2012.
Charles graduated from Yuma County High School in 1915.
"Dixon" Edmunds was appointed by Representative Timberlake to the Naval Academy in 1915.
He resigned his postition in the Wray Telephone office in 1916, to depart for Boulder, returning to Wray Saturday. He will leave for aannapolis Sunday, May 28, where he will enter teh Naval Academy.

"Captain Charles Dixon Edmunds, United States Navy, was awarded the Legion of Merit for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the United States as Commanding Officer, Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor, and Commander Submarine Squadron SIX, from 11 January 1943 to 8 September 1943."
Charles Dixon Edmunds 1898-1961, Captain U.S. Navy WWI and WWII, Kora is buried in Golden Gate # 107985189, with Mary B. Edmunds 1902-1972.

Henry Everett Edmunds, per the East Yuma History, graduated from high school in 1930, worked in a bank, was a Senate secretary, then the archivist for the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

July 1953
Henry E. Edmunds, born March 12, 1912, died July 22, 1982 in Detroit, Michigan.
Henry Edmunds, was director of the Ford Motor Co.'s archives for 26 years. Mr. Edmunds, who retired in 1977, died Thursday at Henry Ford Hospital after a long illness. A Dearborn resident, Mr. Edmunds was 70..

"MARK RUSSELL EDMUNDS Age 60, April 9, 2009. Beloved and devoted husband of Christine Plawecki Edmunds, preceded in death by loving parents Henry and Florence. Also brother of Everett (Sally), Peter T. (Kristi), Philip (Anne), and Kate Edmunds Thayer (Eric), Uncle to Brad (Kari), Jody, Rob (Margaret), Scott (Brenda), Sean (Jenelle). Retired supervisor Wayne County Roads in 1998. Memorial Mass to be celebrated on Saturday, May 2 at 9:30 a.m. at the Church of the Divine Child, 1055 N. Silvery Lane, Dearborn, Michigan. "


In 1870 Johnson County, Kansas, Marion Milnhoan is 26, Eliza 18, woth Dora 1 born in Kansas.
Eliza C. Milhoan 1852-1872 is buried in Olathe # 39164493.

In 1880 Johnson County, Marion is with his mother, widowed, handling lumber, and Nora E. 11 is with them.

Clifford Pearson Black was born April 28, 1905 at Lewis Washington to Sanford Black and Ella Milhoan.

Nora E. (Milhoan) Lipscomb is buried in Tacoma, Washington # 111159463, 1869-1947, daughter of Marion M. Milhoan and Katherine Moore.


In 1910 Wray, Earl M. Hedrick is a real estate salesman, 28 born in Kansas, with mother Alice 52 widowed. Ida is 26 a stenographer, Dorena 19.
September 11, 1913 " Mr.and Mrs. Marion Milhoam and daughter, Miss Cecil, arrived in Laird Tuesday evening for a short visit with the Ruff F. Roberts family and came up to Wray this morning to spend a few days as guests in the P. T. Edmunds and Mrs. Alice Hedrick homes, Mr. Milhoam being a brother-in-law of Mesdames Hedrick and Roberts and Messrs Chas. and Clark Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Milhoam and Miss Cecil are enroute from a visit in Kansas City and other places east to their home in Decoma, Washington."

Alice G. Hedrick 1857-1935 is buried in Wray # 63831789.

March 1907 "Earl Hedrick is here from Goldfield, Nevada, visiting relatives and friends."

E. M. Hedrick married Beryl Carl May 28, 1911, recorded in Yuma County.
June 2, 1911 "Mr. B. M. Hedrick and Miss Byrl Carl took snap judgement on the community last Sunday, and at 10:30 appeared at the M. E. parsonage where Dr. Imboden pronounced the words that made them man and wife. The ceremony was performed in the presence of the immediate family of Rev. Imboden. The newly married couple left on the early morning train for Denver where they are spending their honeymoon. They are expected home within a few days, and the Rattler predicts that their friends will show them a merry time for giving them tho slip and getting married and getting away without as much as a by-your-leave. Notwithstanding the sudden consummation of this long courtship, it cannot be said to have been a surprise, for this marriage has been freely predicted for several months. But none knew the day or hour thereof.
The groom in this instance is a young and prosperous business man of Wray, he being connected with the Yuma County Real Estate Co. and with the Yuma County Abstract Co. He has been a resident of Wray for years, practically having grown up in the town. He is a highly respected member of social and church circles, and numbers his friends by the scores. Miss Carl has been a resident of Wray about five years, coming here with her parents. She is the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Carl of tho east part of town, and is also a popular member of the social and church circles, and of the musical population, she being a singer of more than ordinary ability.
This is a splendid union, and one that will be congratulated from all sides, and with this congratulations the Rattler wishes to join. "

June 1917 "Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hodrick and little son, John Gordon, accompanied by Mrs. Alice Hedrick, will leave in the morning for a trip to La Grande and McMinville, Oregon. They will visit Mrs. Hedrick's daughter, Mrs. Harvey Graham and family in McMinville and Mrs. Alice Hedrick expects to remain three months in Oregon, but Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hedrick and little son expect to return in five or six weeks."

Buried in Wray are Earl Moore Hedrick 1881-1950 # 81626198 and Beryl (Carl) Hedrick.

July 21, 1911 " It is getting so in Wray of late, that it is the unexpected that happens. And the manner of its happening is also becoming out of the ordinary. The past two weddings of prominence previous to this one have taken a course out of the ordinary, and it seems to have become epidemic, for the one of which we now write was also out of the ordinary—and then some. It was the plan for Miss Ida Hedrick to accompany Miss Emma and Jessie Williams to the mountains, they to leave on the early morning train last Saturday. The evening before Miss Hedrick told them she could not go at that time, but would come on No. 9 Sunday. Saturday evening Mr. Thomas Calkins and Miss Ida Hedrick appeared at the Presbyterian Manse at a late hour, armed with the necessary document from the office of the county clerk, and persuaded Rev. G. W. Kaufman, the pastor, to say the words that made them man and wife. Then, according to the promise of Mrs. Calkins, Miss Hedrick. that was—they left on No. 9 Sunday morning for Denver and the mountains to take their honeymoon and join the balance of the party. That the wedding of this popular pair was a surprise is not telling any secret.
Had it taken place a year or more ago, as many expected, this would not have been true, but at this time many had missed the mark in guessing so often that they had entirely, quit thinking about it. Just the two had agreed it was time and they, in an unostentatious manner, quietly repaired to the Manse and had the job done in a quiet and unostentatious manner. That was all. The groom in this instance was formerly one of Wray's young business men, but having sold out some time ago he has been devoting himself to life insurance business. He is a sturdy, clean and popular young man, and number his friends by the scores.
The bride—well, everybody. knows Miss Ida. She is just a charming, popular, unostentatious lady of sterling character and high ideals. A lady whom everyone from the tiniest dirty boy of the street to the most-austere resident loves and respects. A church and Sunday schcol worker, she, having grown from childhood in Wray, has endeared herself to all by her queenly traits and pure life. She is just a charming, wholesome every-day Colorado girl.
The Rattler hastens to join their host of friends in extending congratulations. May they live long and prosper, and may their childrens children rise up and call them blessed. "

December 19, 1912 "Friends of Mrs. Thos. Calkins will be pleased to learn of her successful operation which occurred last Saturday in a Pueblo hospital. She was kept on the operating table for three hours but as yet, has suffered no serious after effects. Her mother, Mrs. Alice Hedrick, who is with her now, expects to bring her to Wray as soon as she is able to travel."

January 1914 "Thomas Calkins who, with his wife and little daughter, had been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Calkins returned to Denver yesterday. Mrs. Calkins and little daughter will remain here visiting relatives and friends for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Calkins had been residing in Pueblo, but after the first of the year, will make their home in Denver, which city will be Mr. Calkins' headquarters in his work as salesman."

October 1915 "Mrs. Tom Calkins received word this week from her husband stating that he had been transferred from Globe, Arizona, to El Paso, Texas, where he has been appointed assistant manager of his company in that city. Home friends will be quick to extend congratulations to Tom, as he is best known here, upon his good fortune, and we are glad to know that he is making such splendid progress in his business. This will enable him to be at home all of ihe time, rather than on the road. Mrs. Calkins and little daughter will remain here until Mr. Calkins is transferred to El Paso, which will probably be in a couple of weeks, at which time they will join him in that city."

January 23, 1919 "Word comes from Mrs. L. Calkins and Mrs. Alice Hedrick who are spending the winter in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. A. Calkins in Arizona, that the flu visited that home, making Mrs. Calkins, Mrs. Thos. Calkins and her little daughter, Miss Norma, its victims. All are reported well on the way to recovery at this time."

October 1922 "Mrs. Tom Calkins, who will be remembered as Miss Ida Hedrick, was brought to Wray last Sunday morning, critically ill. Mrs. Calkins was accompanied on the long journey from Phoenix, Arizona, by her husband and little daughter Norma. She stood the trip as well as could be expected. Mrs. Calkins' many friends in this city, her girlhood home, will deeply regret to learn that she is seriously ill."

November 2, 1922 "Mrs. Tom Calkins passed away at the home of her mother, Mrs. Alice Hedrick, in this city, Wednesday morning, Nov. 1 st, following a lingering illness that had covered a period of several years. Funeral services were held at the home Thursday morning, Nov. 2nd, conducted by the Rev. C. F. Lucas, pastor of the Methodist church of this city. Burial took place in Grandview cemetery.
Ida T. Hedrick was born in Ottawa, Kansas, August 31st, 1883. When a comparatively small girl she came with the family to reside in Wray. Her girlhood days were spent in this city. July 15, 1911, she was united in marriage to T. A. Calkins of Wray. One child, Norma, came to bless the home. Some years ago Mr. and Mrs. Calkins moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where they had continued to reside.

Complications resulting from a serious attack of the flu several years ago were contributing causes to the death of Mrs. Caliins. A few days ago, when it became apparent that life could not be prolonged, Mrs. Calkins was brought to Wray, where she was tenderly cared for until her death Wednesday morning. The entire community has been touched by the death of Mrs. Calkins. She was a beautiful christian character, beloved by old and young alike. The funeral service Thursday Morning was largely attended by friends of long ago, and the profuse and beautiful floral offerings were silent testimonials of the love that had been hers throughout the years. Besides the husband, the little daughter, the mother, a sister and a brother, there are many other relatives and a legion of friends who mourn the loss of a life that it had been good to know."

Ida T. (Hedrick) Calkins 1883-1922 is buried in Wray # 17076269.

In 1930 Phoenix, Thomas is a life insurance agent, 48, married to Eula 41, with Norma 18 born in COlorado -
In 1940 Los Angeles, Thomas is 54, married to Eula E. 52 born in Missouri, and Eula's mother Julia A. Dunn 85 is with them.

Thomas Alexander Calkins registered for WWII in Long Beach, California, born March 13, 1886 at Riverton, Iowa, working at Douglas Aircraft. His reference was Mrs. Norma Morris of Los Angeles.
He died May 7, 1967 in Los Angeles County, and is buried in Cypress, California # 94512656.
Long Beach California, May 1967 "CALKINS, Thomas A., 4035 E. Vernon. 60-year member of Masonic Lodge No. 71, FAM, Wray, Colorado and 50-year member of L.B. Lodge No. 888, B.P.O. Elks. Surviving, wife, Euta E.; daughters, Mrs. Norma Buford and Mrs. Opal M. Legarra; sisters, Miss Jeanetta Calkins and Mrs. Lillian Schelly. Service Wednesday, 10:30 a,m., Dilday Family Chapel. " "
Eula Ellen (Dunn) Calkins 1887-1969 is buried in Cypress # 94512649.
(Opal was Thomas' step-daughter, born in Texas to Eula E. (Dunn( Hunter. In 1910 Jefferson County, Oklahoma, Eula E. 22 and Opal 5 are with Eula's parents James W> Dunn54 and Julia A. 55.)
Opal is buried in Cypress - same cemetery as Thomas 1905-1988 # 94533225.

Norma May Buford, 94, was born May 28, 1912 in Pueblo, CO. She died July 27, 2006 in Oklahoma City, OK. She was a long time secretary and founding member of the Anglican Church of the Holy Cross. Norma is preceded in death by her husband of 30 years, John C. Buford. She is survived by a daughter Susan and husband Herb Dubberstein; sons John and wife Pat Buford and Tom Buford; 7 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren. Memorial gifts may be made to the Church of the Holy Cross. Viewing will be Sunday, July 30, 2006 from 9 to 5 at Smith and Kernke Funeral Home. A Mass of Christian Burial will be 10:30 AM Monday, July 31, 2006 at the Anglican Church of the Holy Cross, 10509 N. Council Road. Interment will follow at Chapel Hill Cemetery. Published in The Oklahoman on July 30, 2006

Norma is buried in Oklahoma City # 15089192

June 12, 1913 "Rev. F. W. Imboden was called from his slumber at an early hour last Sunday morning to officiate at the wedding of Mr. Harvey Graham and Miss Norma Hedrick at the home of the bride's mother in Wray. Only a few relatives were present to witness the ceremony and the bride and groom left for Denver on No. 9 the same morning. This young couple is well known in Wray and vicinity. Mr. Graham was born and raised in this community and Miss Hedrick was only a baby when her mother moved to Wray. The groom has been deputy county treasurer for the past four years and the bride has been engaged in teaching music since completing her work in the schools. They will spend a week or two in the mountains and then return to Wray where they will make their future home. The Rattler joins with the many friends of this young couple in wishing them a long, happy and prosperous life together."

April 1914 "Harvey Graham and wife left this morning for Tacoma, Washington, where they will make their future home."

December 28, 1916 "Talk about Santa playing the role of stork, he certainly made the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harve Graham, now of McMinville, Oregon, twice blessed last Saturday when he arrived and deposited twins —two baby girls in their—we were going to say stockings, but guess it better be amended to cradle, provided they took time by the forelock and had provided such an instrument. Anyway, this is the purport of a telegram received by Earl Hedrick, brother of the mother, last Saturday afternoon, but there still are a few who think, this is one of Brown Sisson's pranks. Brown now lives in McMinville also, and many of his friends here still believe he is up to some prank a considerable of the time. Be that as it may, the Rattler hopes the report is true, for well do we know they will have double added blessing to their home in the presence of these twins, the first-born to them. Mrs. Graham was formerly Norma Hedrick of this place, while the daddy is brother of Oliver and Elmer, and son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Graham, also of Wray. They have been residing in Oregon for more than three years."

October 1917 "Mrs. Alice Hedrick and daughter, Mrs. Harvey Graham, with the two Graham twins, Marjorie and Margaret, arrived in Wray last evening from McMinnville, Oregon. Mrs. Hedrick had spent the summer with the Grahams in their home in Oregon, and Norma is returning with her and will remain until Christmas visiting home folks. Harvey is intending to join his wife and babies at Christmas and they will return to Oregon together, at least that is their plans at the present time. We are glad to welcome them after their three years absence." "

In 1920 Wray, Harvey J. and Norma with twins Margaret and Marjorie are in Wray, living with her mother Alice Hedrick and uncle Clark Moore
In 1930 Wray, J. Harvey Graham is 40, working in the abstract office, Norma 30 born in Washington. Marjorie and Margaret are 13, born in Oregon, and A Roberta 8 born in Colorado.
In 1940 Wray, Joseph H. Graham is 51, divorced, an accountantt,
Harvey Joseph Graham, born at Wray March 8, 1889 to Joseph E. Graham and Nancy J. Bailey,
Norma (Hedrick) Graham 1891-1982 is buried in Wray # 62893667.
Margaret Elizabeth Osmus was born December 23, 1916 to Joseph Harvey and Norma Aline (Hedrick) Graham in McMinnville, Oregon. She passed away Friday, September 25, 2015 at the Glennwood Healthcare in Glenpool, Oklahoma. Cremation was requested. Services are pending at a later date.

Marjorie Graham married Cleon Boyes September 12, 1937, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1940 Wray, Cleon is a pool hall attendant, 25 born in Oregon and Marjorie K. 23 born in Colorado, have Robert S. 1. On the same page are Harris 76 and Mary Boyes, 63, Frank Boyes 49 and Mona 46.

Cleon O. Boyes 1915-1997 is buried in Wray # 17013908.
One tree said Marjorie died in 1998 in Colorado Springs.

Robert S. Booyes 1838-1999 is buried in Wray # 17013984.

Marilyn Joyce (Mekelburg) Boyes Sunsdahl passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by her loved ones on Saturday, April 25, 2015 in Wray, Colorado. She was born to Theodore (Ted) and Loretta (Oman) Mekelburg in Sterling, Colorado, October 4, 1938.
Marilyn grew up on the family farm and attended school at Lone Star and Yuma. She met and married Robert (Bob) Boyes March 28, 1970, and they made their home in Wray.
They were blessed with the birth of their daughter Melissa on September 4, 1971. Marilyn and Bob managed the Elks Club, owned the Sears catalog store, had a carpet cleaning business and their last team endeavor was Bob’s Pizza Plus restaurant in Wray before Bob passed away on November 24, 1999.
Marilyn married Marvin Sunsdahl in Wray, Colorado on November 16, 2007. They enjoyed traveling as they engaged in seasonal work on our highways. Marilyn’s favorite job was driving the steam roller, but some bosses were prejudice against a woman running the steam roller. Her least favorite job was as a flagger, but she brought her positive attitude to every job she was given. She will be remembered for the kindness in her eyes and her smile that could make anyone feel at peace. Marilyn is survived by her husband, Marvin; daughter, Melissa Boyes and fiance’, Trevor; step-children, Stan and Valerie; seven grandchildren, six great-grandchildren; sister, Donna (Mekelburg) Applequist; and two brothers Charles (Chuck) Mekelburg and Howard Mekelburg; Bob’s mother, Marjorie Boyes; brother-in-law, Gary and sister-in-law, Mary and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her late husband Bob Boyes; brother-in-law, Wayne Applequist; sister-in-laws, Cheryl Mekelburg and Cora Mekelburg; and her parents, Ted and Loretta Mekelburg.
A Memorial service was held Saturday, May 9, 2015, 2:00 p.m. at the Schmidt-Jones Funeral Home in Wray, Colorado with Norman Stott officiating. Schmidt-Jones Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

February 15, 1923
Mrs. Nancy Jane Graham, beloved wife of J. E, Graham, respected pioneer citizen of Yuma county, and mother of several of Wray's successful business men, closed her eyes in peaceful sleep Tuesday, Feb. 13, at the age of 72 years and 24 days. The death messenger had hovered over the Graham home for several days, so that her death was not entirely unexpected to relatives, neighbors and close friends. Nancy Jane Bailey was born Jan. 20, 1851, in eastern Tennessee. When but a child she moved with her parents to southern Illinois, where she spent her girlhood days. Here it was that she met and married Mr. Joseph E. Graham, her companion for more than half a century, the wedding having taken place April 9, 1870.
This union was blessed with five children, all of whom, with the husband, survive, The children arc J. 0. Graham, Mrs. Julius Schafer, Elmer Graham, Mrs. Walter Hadlock and Harvey Graham, all residents of Yuma county.
Mr. and Mrs. Graham moved from Illinois to Iowa in 1874, and in 1886 moved from Iowa to Butler county, Nebraska, After a residence there of approximately three years, they came to Yuma county, Colorado, settling on a, homestead about seven miles southwest of Wray, where they resided for a number of years. They moved to Wray some 20 years ago and had continued their residence here since that time. Mrs. Graham had been a faithful member of the Methodist church for than 50 years. She was a beautiful christian character, a loving and dutiful wife, a fond and considerate mother, a neighbor worthy of the name, and a real friend in the time of need.
Her death, which was duo to the ravages of advancing age, marks tho first break in tho family circle.
Mrs. Graham was particularly fortunate in having the close association of all her children, all through the years after they had reached the age of maturity and had established homes of their own. Few if any, days ever passed when some one of the five did not get back to the old home roof for a time.
Funeral services were held at the Methodist church in this city today at 11 oclock, conducted by Rev. Lucas. Burial took place in Grandview cemetery. Besides the husband and children, Mrs. Graham is survived by a sister, Mrs. L. D. Smith, of this city, and also by many other relatives and a legion of friends. The sincere sympathy of many friends is extended the husband, ohildren and other relatives in their bereavement."

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