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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Leslie R. Farrell, 1 South 43 West

In 1899 Leadville, Colorado, Leslie R. Farrell is a miner for the Small Hopes Consolidated Mining Company, boarding at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Other Farrell residents - James on E. 5th, Patrick at 531 E. 5th, Robert on E. 5th, Thomas at 139 E. 3rd , all miners, and Richard, a cook at 220 Harrison.

Possibly the Lesley Farrell in 1870 Morgan County, Ohio, 12, a farm hand for Abraham 76 and Mary Griffeth 50. Myrta E. Farrell, 9 is a "boe - Sold Children"
Catherine Arment, 75, with them. (Levi 65, Catherine 64, and Mary 40 were in Muskingum County in 1860)

Abraham Griffith - married in 1850, no spouse listed in 1860, married Mary E. Arment in Muskingum County Ohio August 22, 1860.

In 1880 Licking County, Ohio, R.L. Farrell is 22, a student, boarding with the N.W. and Cornelia Stevens family. - Three other boarders are there.

Leslie cash-claimed a quarter in 4, 1S 43W in Yuma County in 1890. He had a record of a timber claim in 2S 44W, but it wasn't completed.

In 1900 Skagit County Washington, Leslie R. Farrell, born April 1858 Ohio, is a miner of ores, living in a boarding house.

In 1920 Ketchikan, Alaska, Leslie R. Farrell is 61, a watchman for the Granby Mining Company.

If anyone has more information on Leslie Farrell, we would appreciate it.

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