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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Vincent Fronk, 1 South 43 West

Mary W. McCane was born December 9, 1856 in Bracken County, Kentucky to Joseph McCane and Mary A. Redden>}

In 1860 Bracken County, Kentucky, Henry Fronk is 42, Malvina 35, with Silas 13, Amanda 11, Marcus L. 8, Vincent T. 6, William H. 3, and Francis M. six months.
He's still in Bracken County in 1870, and in 1885 is in Topeka Kansas, 32, a laborer, married to Mary 28, with Clarence 6, Gertie 3, Hurley 1, and Ivy one month.

1899 legal notice "Vincent Fronk of Boulder Colorado" filed for a timber culture, witnesses Louis Beltzer, James Heaston, Carl V. Nortahl, and Charles L. Long, all of Vernon, Colorado.

1900 legal notice "Vincent Fronk of LaFayette ??" has filed notice for a timber culture, witnesses Louis Belz?? Heaston, Carl N. Norcal, and Charles Long, all of Vernon, Colorado."

Bruce Benskin had moved from Ohio with his parents to Boulder County, where Bruce worked in a coal mine. He met Iva Fronk at dancing school. Iva's parents, Mary Eunice McCane and Vincent Taylor Fronk, had come by covered wagon from Kentucky to Topeka, Kansas. The Fronks moved to Nebraska and then to Colorado. But early in 1904, the Fronks and five other families made up a wagon train that crossed the Rocky Mountains with plans to homestead on the western slope. The oxen the family owned weighed a ton each and were named Paddy and Rock. Iva returned to Lafayette and married Bruce on August 3, 1905 in Denver, Colorado. They purchased a 40-foot x 240-foot lot in town for $40, and built a four room house for $500. Most of their furnishings were purchased from Davis and Shaw department store in Denver. They paid $1.50 for one rocking chair, $1.25 for another, $9 for a lounge, $30 for an Axminster rug, $4 for a square oak table and $75 each for 4 kitchen chairs. Bruce bought a used kitchen cabinet which he carried home on his back. When he reached home, he was covered with flour which had fallen out of the flour bin .
On February 24, 1907 a son, Bruce Theadore (Ted) was born, weighing in at 12 pounds. Bruce continued working in the mine until the following year. They rented their home to Iva's uncle and moved to Bowie, Colorado on the western slope. Bruce worked as a ditch walker during irrigation season. In the fall of 1909 they returned to Lafayette where Bruce resumed work at the mine and served as a volunteer fireman.

In 1900 Boulder County, Vincent "Frank" 47, a coal miner, and Mary E. 43, have Hurley 17, a farmer - all three born in Kentucky. Iva 15 was born in Kansas, Eugenia i12 in Nebraska, and Fred 10 in Colorado.

Vincent timber-claimed a quarter in 31, 1S 43W in 1901.

Vincent Taylor Fronk 1852-1912 is buried in Lafayette, Colorado # 66307624.
In 1920 Weld County, Colorado, Mary A. Fronk is 63, widowed, born in Ohio, living with daughter Iva Benskin and her husband Bruce. The Benskins have Bruce 12, Verna 8, and Lawrence W. 5.
She's with them in Weld County in 1930, too. Mary Eunice (McCane) Fronk 1854-1933 is buried in Lafayette, Colorado # 66307619.

"Heailey" Fronk married Jennie Aitken April 12, 1905 in Idaho - his residence was Lafayette, COlorado.
But Jennie is with her widowed mother Marion Aitken in Bingham County, Idaho, with Vincent 4, and Daniel 3.
In 1920 Lincoln County, Wyoming, "Henley" Fronk is 36, Jennie 33, born in Wyoming, Vincent T. 13 born in Idaho, Daniel A. 12 Idaho, Dorothy M. 5, Colorado, and Lillian L. 1 Wyoming.
Bondurant, Wyoming "Hearley and Jennie Fronk arrived in 1919."
In 1930 Sublette County, Wyoming, "Hearly" Fronk is 46, Jennie 43, Vincent 24, Daniel 23, Dorothy 15, Lilyly L. 11, and Eileen M. 8, Wyoming.
The Church of St. Hubert the Hunter in Bondurant, Wyoming was built by ranchers in 1940-1941. "The rustic altar was built by two brothers, Vincent and Daniel Fronk, who lived on a ranch far up the valley and were snowbound much of the year."

In 1910 Sweetwater County, Wyoming, Clarence Fronk is 31, married to Nellie 21, with brother Fred 21 and Hurley 27.

Clarence and Ellen Fronk divorced in Boulder County May 2, 1906.
Clarence Fronk 1879-1921 is buried in Longmont, Colorado # 63480821.
From The Lafayette Leader, Friday, October 21, 1921:

Clarence Fronk Dies Of Injuries
Lafayette Man Hurt At State Mine Passes Away Wednesday

Clarence Fronk, who was injured while at work as a machine operator at the State mine on Tuesday, October 11, died at the Longmont hospital last Wednesday afternoon. Fronk was caught under a fall of rock while seated on the machine which he was operating. Fellow workmen at once rushed to his assistance and took him to the mine top. Dr. Bixler of Erie gave prompt medical attention and he was rushed to the Longmont hospital. Here it was found that his spine had been fractured. Heroic efforts were made to save his life but they were all in vain and he passed away. At his bedside when the end came were his wife and daughter , who had been in almost constant attendance since the accident. Clarence Fronk was born in Bracken county, Kentucky, September 21, 1878. When 18 years of age he came with his parents to Lafayette, which has since been his home and where he has been employed in mining. In 1879 he was united in marriage to Miss Helen Taylor of Lafayette. To this union were born two children, both of whom survive, Mrs. Floroetta Thompson of Boulder, and Robert of Canfield. In 1915 he was united in marriage to Miss Nellie Benskin, who survives him. Beside his wife he is survived by his mother, who makes her home with her daughter in Lafayette, two sisters, Mrs. Arthur Hurd of Lafayette and Mrs. Bruce Benskin of Grover, and three brothers, Hurley of Wyoming, Eugene of Paonia and Fred of California. The body was brought to Lafayette Wednesday evening and funeral services were held at the home yesterday after which the remains were taken to Longmont for burial in the cemetery at that place.

(Nellie Fronk married Zophar C. Foster August 11, 1923, recorded in Boulder County.)

Iva (Fronk) Benskin 1885-1972 is buried in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming # 42187759 -------------------------------------
Gertie Fronk married Arthur Hurd July 3, 1898, recorded in Boulder County.

Gertrude is married to Arthur Hurd, a coal miner, and they're in Boulder County in 1900. Arthur Feb 18879 Iowa, Gertrude April 1881 Kentucky have been married two years. Amelia May 1900 was born in Colorado.

“The unique feature of Bowie was an innovation used by coal miners when the whistle blew at the end of their shifts. The “boat” became the vehicle of choice for descending the steep railroad track from the mine portal. Devised by an ingenious miner, Eugene Fronk in 1908, the boat was a grooved piece of wood that fit of the rail. The miners sat on the boat, tucked their legs beneath them, clasped their lunch pails between their legs, and slid down the rail. They used one arm as an outrigger to the other rail, while the other arm controlled a brake fashioned from rubber hose. By applying the brake against the rail, the boat allowed them to cruise downhill at a steady and exciting 15 miles per hour.

The boat was not without risk. In rain or snow the tracks would become slippery, rendering the brake ineffective. When a new miner finally warmed up to the idea, he found great pleasure in leaving his shift, not only because it was the end of the work day, but for a rip-roaring ride down the tracks.”

From Elk Mountain Odyssey by Anderson and Johnson.
Taken from "Cabin and a Clothesline--A Saga of the North Fork High Country and Its People" by Laura S. Clock (2002).

"Charley Ewing, working one summer on the Sunset Trail that skirts the base of Mt. Gunnison, discovered gold bearing ore. That spring he had gone to the Gene Fronk - Fuzzy Graham grocery store in Paonia and asked if they would be willing to grubstake him for a prospecting trip he was contemplating in exchange for a portion of the gold he discovered (if and when).

"Mr. Ewing came back that fall and emptying a sack of ore on the counter said, "Boys, we've got it made!" Fuzzy Graham had the specimens assayed and it ran four to five thousand dollars to the ton. Unfortunately, Mr. Ewing sickened and died a short time later without revealing the whereabouts of the ore body.

In 1910 Delta County, Colorado, Eugene Fronk is a coal miner, 22, farming, married three years to Virgie, 23 Colorado. Earl, 1 was born in Colorado.
(VIRGINIA AMY OSBORN was born November 1885 in Colorado, and died February 23, 1925. She married GENE FRONK.

i. EARL FRONK, b. February 7, 1909.

Eugene Fronks registered for WWI in Bowie, Colorado, born Sept 7, 1888 in McCook Nebraska, married, wife and three children, farming.

Eugene Fronk, born Sept 7, 1887 at Scotts Bluff, Nebraska to Vincent Fronk and Mary McCain, died March 5, 1961 at Corpus Christi, Texas, a retired groceryman. Informant was his wife. Burial at Rose Hill.
FindaGrave # 83668043. Funeral arrangements for Eugene Fronk. 73, of 533 Hampshire, are incomplete announced by Maxwell P. Dunne Funeral Service. Fronk died yesterday at his home. A resident here 18 months, he was a retired groceryman and a native of Paonia, Colo. He was a member of the Elks Lodge of Paonia. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Hazel Fronk; one daughter, Mrs. Ethel Whetscl of Paonia; two sons, Earl of Paonia and Glen of Uravan, Colo., and one sister, Mrs. Iva Benskin of Pine Bluff, Wyo. "
Earl E. Fronk married Bertha V. Spiess April 25, 1935, recorded in Ouray County.

Earl Eugene Fronk 1909-1991 is buried in Delta County, # 26844775.

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