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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Sarah Jones , Vernon

In 1880 Pulaski County, Kentucky, J.M. Jones is 33, Sarah F. 30, Lloyd W. 4, and Samuel W. 2.
In 1900 Pulaski County, Kentucky, John M. Jones, born April 1848 in Kentucky is farming, married 29 years to Sara F. Aug 1849 Kentucky. Sam W. born Nov 1877 is a day laborer, and Lela M. July 1886.

August 1917 "Mrs. Sarah Jones and son Sam, and Mrs. Leila Lynam, left last Tuesday evening for an extended visit at their former home in Kentucky."

Sarah F. Jones 1849-1937 is buried in Glendale # 79970204.

George W. Jones cash-claimed a tract in sections 5 and 6, 1S 43W in 1892.

Frank was born August 10, 1863 at Elihu, Kentucky, came to Colorado in 1888, married Mary Franklin Parker February 2, 1893. Allen Jones 1815-1897 and Elizabeth 1825-1910 are buried in Somerset, Kentucky.

Frank W. Jones proved up a quarter in 29, 1S 43W in 1894.

In 1880 Pulaski County, Kentucky, Allen Jones is 65, Elizabeth 55, Desdamona 24, John Bell Jones 19, Frank Wolfan Jones 16, Alice Johnson Jones 14, and Eba Parker Jones 12.

" Allen Jones born 1815 in Patrick or Grayson Co. Va. or NC.m. bef.1839, (1) Zerelda Fitzpatrick b. 22, Oct 1818, d. 11, Apr 1847, Somerset, Ky. m.(2) Elizabeth Frances Zachary b.15, Feb 1825, Pulaski Co. Ky, d. 7 Sept 1910. Allen d. 17 Dec, 1897, Pulaski Co. Ky. Zerelda and Allen had three children, and Elizabeth and Allen had nine children. Sometime after 1841 Allen moved to the Elihu area in Pulaski Co. where he purchased land south of Pitman Creek. He initially occupied a log cabin where his earlier children were born, and in 1861 his brothers in law built for him a two story home which still stands on the land. Note:( In the very early 1900?s it was still a very attractive home. The house remains standing in 2001, but in disrepair.) ddh. Allen transported coal by barge on the Cumberland River and served as State Representative for Pulaski Co. Ky in 1873-1874. After a barge accident which injured him, Allen deeded the farm, which by this time had grown in acreage to his son John Bell Jones, who acquired considerably more land.
Allen Jones 1815-1897 is buried in Somerset, # 12410894.
Elizabeth Jones "Wife of Allen Jones" 1825-1910 is also buried there # 12410892.
In 1898 C.D. Pickett purchased a team of mules from Wolford Jones for $130.
Frank, born Aug 1863 in Kentucky, is farming in Glendale precinct in 1900, married seven years to Mary F. born Nov 1868 Missouri. Lewis A. Feb 1893, Hubert V. June 1896, and Frank W. Nov 1899 were all born in Colorado.
Lewis Allen Jones died as a child.
1905 "Miss Pearl and Mr. Morris Hoffaker of 'Summerset' Kentucky are in the county visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wolford Jones out Vernon way, they having stopped here on their way home from the Epworth League convention at Denver."

1910 Wray "Frank and Hubert Jones are staying at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. L. R. Parker in order that they may take advantage of the school here. Frank entered the third grade and Hubert the seventh."

In 1910 Frank and Mary have Herbert, Frank, Morris 7, and Sarah E. 4. Niece Alice Newell, 4, is with them.
In 1920 Frank and Mary Francis Jones have Hubert Vincent, Frank Herald, Morris Belle, and Sarah Elizabeth, 10.

1908 Phoenix, Arizona "Dr. J. W. Rousseau from Somerset, Kentucky, is a guest of his brother L. V. Rousseau, of the Cartwright district."

Mary died in 1924, and on December 15, 1927 Frank married Lilian Dowlin.
Frank died February 26, 1947 in Wray.
Hubert Vincent Jones born June 21, 1896 moved to Inglewood, California, dying in Los Angeles County Nov 12, 1959 # 22950796
- Frank H. was farming in Fort Morgan in 1940, with Leora 35, Harold Lee 13, Virginia 12, and Darrel 9.
In 1947 he was in Colorado Springs, dying 1984, buried with Leora B. in Thornton, Colorado # 43126225 -
Morris B. was farming in 1940 Yuma County, 37, with Ethel M. 37, Robert 13, Mary L. 11.
Morris 1902-1989 is buried in Vernon # 79970081. So is Morris B. Jones Jr. 1925-1927.
and Elizabeth married a Starman and moved to Loveland.
(Mary Parker was born Nov 30, 1867, survived by sister Mrs. Fred Parshal of Wray)
Frank and Mary are buried in Wray. # 47590198. So is Mary's sisters Crittendon F. (Parker) Parshall # 6256163, and Capitola B. )Parker) Ware # 62388574.

February 23, 1901 "Lloyd Jones' folks arrived yesterday."
In 1905 Lloyd was a witness for Edward G. Lohman's claim in 3, 2S 43W.
In August 1910 Lloyd Jones was on the Yuma County Democratic committee on Resolutions.
In 1912 Lloyd was clerk for the Wray lodge of of the W.O. W.

Loyd W. Jones proved up 160 acres in section 28 and 33 in 1912.
1912 "Lloyd Jones sold his farm located on the south Willow to Mrs. Minnie Jacobson of Norford, Kansas. The deal was closed Monday."

March 1, 1917
April 4, 1918 "A bright baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Jones, south of town, the first of the week."
August 28, 1919 "Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Jones south of town, a bory. Baby and mother getting along nicely.

In 1920 Yuma County, Loyd is 43, born in Kentucky, with Pearl A. 30, Kansas, Juanita 1 and John two-months, both born in Colorado.
In 1930 they're on Clay Street in Wray, with "Lloyd" a deliveryman. They have Juanita E. 12, J. Malden 10, Marguerite M. 8, and Virginia F. 7.
Across the street is Earl G. Jones 30, with Francis 24 and Evelyn 3, all Colorado,. Earl is a garage proprietor.
Lloyd W. Jones 1876-1938 # 47590084 and Pearl Alice (Nicholson) Jones 1889-1950 # 47590536 are buried in Wray.
(Pearl's parents Jacob 1863-1942 and Annie Eliza (Bartels) Nicholson are also buried in Wray.)
John Malden Jones 1919-1990 is buried in Fort Logan # 851470 - Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army.

July 21, 1905
May 1917 "Master Royal Lynam is suffering with an attack of the measles this week. His grndmother, Mrs. Sarah Jones of nine miles southeast of Wray is in town taking care of him during his illness."
November 29, 1917
1909 Sam W. Jones of Wray filed for a tract in 5, 2S 43W, witnesses Uriah Morton, Charles Glasser Jr., Gideon Aspey and Fred Bierley.
In 1920 "Sarrah S." 70 and Samuel Jones 33 are in Yuma County.

In 1930 Laird, Samuel W. Jones is 53, no occupation, and his widowed mother Sarah F. 80 is with him.
Samuel Wiliam Jones 1878-1958 is buried in Glendale # 79970148.

1913 "Miss Lilian Jones arrived from Somerset Kentucky last Saturday. She will teach at the Glendale school house out near Vernon which position Miss Lottie Hitchcok recently resigned."
Lillian was the daughter of John Bell Jones - so she was Frank's niece.
She returned to Kentucky, not staying in Colorado.

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