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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Elizabeth Kennedy, sister Louise M. (Kennedy) Zepp , 1 South 43 West

Elizabeth cash-claimed a 200-acre tract in 5, 1S 43W in 1891.
Elizabeth Kennedy is in 1870 Mason County, West Virginia, 19, with parents James 50 and Margaret 49. Louisa is 21, Margaret 14, Nellie 12, and Mary J. 6.

In 1880 Mason County, Elizabeth V. is a school teacher, 28, with parents, sisters Malvina L. 31, also a school teacher, "Antornette" 22, Mary J. 16. Eddie 7 is an adopted son of James and Mary.
A family portrait includes PARENTS James Kennedy and Marie Marguerite Palia Vonschriltz Kennedy, Murl Josephine Willis Kennedy, Elizabeth VonSchriltz Kennedy, Charles Welton (in the photo, but not in the Ancestry tree), Melvinia Louise Kennedy, Antoinette Osborne Kennedy. Esther Jane Kennedy, and Phoebe Almeda Kennedy.
1900 Mason County, West Virginia, born Sept 1850 in Ohio, no occupation, living with parents James and Mary Kennedy. Sister Mabel L. Shrewsbury, age 36 and her son Harry Aug 1899 are with them. So is Eoline Hearne, born Sept 1882 in West Virginia.


1907 "Mrs. Faulkner, a sister of Jas. Kimber, arrived in Wray yesterday for a visit.  Mrs. Faulkner is the mother of Mrs. J.W. Zepp, who formerly resided in Wray. So there was some relationship, although one article says Mrs. J.W. Zepp was a Faulkner, and the other says she was a Kennedy. (but the articles could have mistaken John W. Zepp for John J. Zepp).

Elizabeth V. Kennedy 1850-1908 is buried in Denver # 29634798, on the same stone as Murl W. Shrewsbury 1864-1928.
James 1822-1901 # 101354023 and Mary Margaret 1821-1903 # 101354039 are buried in Mason County,

In 1920 New Orleans Murl Shrewsbury is widowed, 55, born in Ohio, with son Willis 20, born in West Virgina. Eoline is 35, a clerk for the port, married to M. L. Davis 51, a state accountant.
Murl is in Denver in 1926, (Wid J.Harry), also living at 1060 S. Clarkson.
Miles L. Davis and Eoline are in San Antonio in 1930 and in Las Vegas in 1957. Miles is a credit manager for electric City Appliances.
Eoline 1886-1960 is buried in Las Vegas # 73805245 as is Miles 1886-1959 # 73805357.

1886 The article was a reprint in 1901, so they included the "Mrs. Zepp" for clarification.
Louise cash-claimed a quarter in 32, 1N 43W in 1890 - only a mile away from Elizabeth's.

1892 Wray "Mrs. Kennedy had the lot surrounding the dining hall terraced and leveled this week."

In 1900 Wray, John W. Zepp is a dry goods merchant, born October 1855, married ten years to Louisa born May 1848 in Virginia.
1900 Wray "Mrs. J.W. Zepp is contemplating a visit to her Virginia home and will probably leave next week.
1901 Wray "Word was received from Mrs. J. W. Zepp that her father, Mr. James Kennedy, died last Saturday. There is no change in her mother's condition."
1904 "Mrs. W.J. Kennedy is assisting in the Zepp Store."
1910 "Mrs. W. J. Kennedy, of Armel, was in Wray Saturday, the guest of Miss Olive Rightsell."

In 1910 John 56 and Louise M. 61 are in Merino, Colorado, running a general store.
They're in Denver in 1925, living at 1060 S. Clarkson. SAME ADDRESS AS MURL SHREWSBURY.
John 1854-1926 # 29635013 and Louise 1843-1939 are buried in Denver.

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