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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John and Sarah (Foreman) Long , Beecher.

Abner Nelson Long (1807 - 1869) and Martha Jane Gale Long (1807 - 1896) were John's parents.

In 1870 Pike County, Illinois, John Long and Sarah Long are both 28, with Lincoln 10, Jane 8, Dora 6, and Martha 4.
In 1880 Pike County, John is 41, Sarah 38, Charles 17, Josephine 15, Dora J. 14, Martha A. 11.
John proved up a quarter in 20, 1S 43W, Yuma County - about equidistant from Wray - Vernon - Beecher Island.

June 23, 1900
In 1900 Glendale precinct, on the same page as James Brown's family, Charles L. Long born Sept 1862 in Illinois is farming, with mary J. Feb 1868 Nebraska, married 14 years. She's had seven kids, six living. Martha D. Dec 1886, Josephus E. Oct 1888, Harry N. Mary 1890, Sarah E. Aug 1891, Charles F. Dec 1895, and John A. Feb 1900, all kis born in COlorado.

In 1920 Yuma County, Lincoln C. Long is a section hand on the Burlington Railway, 56 born in Illinois. Jennie M. is 52 Nebraska, with Martha D. 33, Josephus E. 31, Harry N. 29, Frank C. 24, John A. 20, Bertha J. 16, Harold 12, and Mary M. 6. All the kids were born in Colorado. The four oldest boys are laborers.
Mary J. 1868-1943 # 41623201 and Charles Lincoln Long 1862-1944 are buried in Wray.
In 1930, C. Lincoln Long is a railroad yard man in Wray, with Mary J. 63 and Martha D. 43 a servant for a family.
In 1940 Wray, Charles and Mary still have "Antha" 53, and grandson Ronnie J. 11, Colorado.
In 1900 Laird precinct, Dolley J. Long is a servant for the Burton Prentice family She's 34, born in Illinois.
Sarah Long is in Glendale precinct in 1900, born Mary 1842 Oho, widowed, with Martha A. March 1869 Illinois, Vetah M. April 1886 Nebraska, Velma F. Nov 1889 Colorado, and Ada D. Nov 1892 Colorado.

Thanks to Bill Hahn for the nice biography:

John Everett Long is the fourth child and second son of Abner Nelson Long (b.12/8/1807 Maury Co, TN, d.5/10/1869 Pike Co,IL) and Martha Jane Gale (b.3/17/1807 Harrison Co, KY, d.8/6/1896 Pike Co, IL. Both parents are buried at the Greenpond Cem, just north of Pearl, Pike Co, IL.
John married on 10/13/1861 in Pike Co, IL to Sarah A. Foreman(b.5/13/1842 Buford, Highland Co, OH, d.6/16/1900 Wray, CO. They were married at the residence of the bride by Rev Andrew Manes. These are my great great grandparents on my mother's side. Then the Homestead act was passed on 5/20/1862, and put into effect on 1/1/1863. They may have tried settling in Wray, Colorado sometime but the Indian hostilities in Colorado would have been way too dangerous to stay there so they stayed in Seward Co, NE around the Ruby and Milford area. By the time their second child was born (my great grandmother Dolly Josephine Long)in 1864 they were back in Green Pond, Pike Co, IL.

In the fall of 1883 John Everitt Long (45), wife Sarah A.(41), son Charles Lincoln (21), daughter Josephine (18), daughter Dora Jane (17)(Dora may have originally been 'Dora Drake', a sister of John Drake, Martha Ann (14), and adopted son John E.(Drake) Long (16) all left Green Pond, Pike Co, IL for Seward County, NE, leaving mother Martha "Mary" Jane Gale Long (76 yrs old) in the care of John's sister Sarah Emily Long French and her family. This is the second time John and wife Sarah left Illinois for Seward, NE. The first time being about 1860, for they were married on October 13, 1861 in Seward County, NE. They lived in either Ruby, Milford, or Seward. Between 1862 and 1865 They even could have tried homesteading in Wray, Colorado, then, but would not have stayed long with Chief Roman Nose on the warpath in the Wray area. The last major Indian hostilities on the Colorado plains ended with the defeat of the Cheyenne Chief Roman Nose on 9/17/1868, at Beecher Island.

In the Spring of 1887 John took his family (now extended) and moved from Milford, Seward Co, NE to Wray, CO and settle by Beecher's Island, homesteading just 10 miles south of Wray, and next to Josephus Brown. This was in the part of Arapahoe County which now is Yuma County. By the time John Everett and family made it to Wray, Colorado in 1887 his son Charles Lincoln Long was married and had one son; duaghter Josephine 'Dolly' Long was married to Joe Long; daughter Dora J. Long is 23 and married, had a son and daughter, and pregnant with another baby girl; and John's youngest daughter Martha Jane is not married but has a one year old baby girl named Maude E.(Vetah).

On 9/3/1887 John Everitt Long and his wife Sarah A. Foreman Long went back to Illinois and sold 150 acres of land in Pike County, Il to a farmer named James Marlow for $1950. On the sale contract they said they were from Arapohoe Co, Colorado. The Homestead Act of 1862 gave an individual freehold title to 160 acres (one quarter section or about 65 hectares) of undeveloped land outside of the original 13 colonies, so this was probably the size of John Everett's homestead in Wray, CO. Before selling all his land in Illinois, John Everett Long donated 10 acres of land for the Green Pond Church fathers to build a church building and cemetery.

John Everett Long was killed on June 21, 1896, by a team of runaway mules while out plowing his fields, on a Monday. One of his daughters (either Dolly or Martha)came running out to where he laid and held him in her arms till he expired. I am not sure which daughter this was.

Children of John Everett Long and Sarah A. Foreman: six known MARTHA
1. Martha Diantha (went by 'Antha') Long was born ?/?/1886 Wray, CO, died 6/5/1969, buried in Grandview Cem, Wray, CO. She never married, but had two known children and lived on the Long homestead with her parents. The ‘Diantha' name is from her maternal great grandmother Diantha Granger who married Samuel Brown. Her mother, also, had a sister named Della Diantha Brown.
Children of Martha Diantha Long and ______ _______: two known
1. Harold Long was born 7/5/1907 Wray, CO, d.6/30/1992 Levenworth, KS, buried at Leavenworth National Cem. He married Jesse _______. They had a son named Ronald Long.
2. Mary M. Long was born ?/?/1915, died ?/?/1925 of Diptheria in Wray CO, buried at Grandview Cem, Wray, CO.

Charles Lincoln Long (went by Lincoln) was born 9/24/1862 in Montezuma Township, Pike Co, IL, died 11/18/1944 Wray CO, buried at Grandview Cem, Wray CO. He married on 2/20/1888 in Milford, Seward Co, NE to Mary Jane "Jennie" Brown (b.2/20/1868 Milford, Seward Co, NE, d.3/26/1943 Wray CO, buried at Grandview Cem, Wray CO. In 1885 Mary Jane's father, Josephus Brown (b.3/12/1840 OH, d.6/29/1924 at homestead 10 miles south of Wray, CO) went to Wray, CO before Wray was a town (not incorporated until 1906). He homesteaded by Beecher Island as did Charles Lincoln Long's father did later. They were neighbors in 1887. Josephus Brown was on of the earliest pioneers in Yuma Co. In the Spring of 1886 Charles Lincoln Long, wife Mary Jane, and 3 yr old son move to her father's homestead just north of Beecher Island Monument by Wray, Co. Josephus Brown served in the Civil War, in Company K, 2nd Illinois Calvery. In 1913 he was county commissioner for Arapahoe Co, CO. Josephus Brown's parents were Samuel Brown of Virginia and Diantha Granger of New York. Josephus Brown's wife was Sarah Ann Dell, and they had seven known girls and four known boys: Mary Jane Brown, Della Diantha Brown (b.10/23/1877, d.5/24/1923), James Brown of Merrill, OR, Frank and Fred of Wray, CO, Hattie Brown married Sam Clegg residing at Haigler, NE, Tillie Brown married James Andrews residing in Mildred, CO, then moved to Washinton state, Grace Brown Mansfield of Bovey, MN, Elizabeth "Bessie" Brown Shuel of St. Francis, KS, Charles Brown of Manzanola, CO, and Lottie Brown of Wray. For years Charles Linclon Long took care of the grounds for the C B & O Railroad Station in Wray, CO. At one time he was given a free pass to anywhere in the country because of the way he kept the grounds and the flower plot at the CB&O station. The Wray Museum and Library has a history book about the east Yuma County families published in 1978, but there are no copies for sale. The historic society had published a Centennial book about Wray's first 100 years. There arIn 1890 Charles L. Long cash-claimed a quarter in section 9, 1S 43W.
He might be the Charles H. Long that proved up 160 acres in section 15 in 1892. adjoining Josephus Brown's claim.
Children of Charles Lincoln Long and Mary Jane Brown: nine known, order unknown' cont'd
2. Josephus E. Long was born 10/?/1888 CO.
3. Harry N. Long was born 5/?/1890 CO.
4. Elma Sarah Long was born 8/14/1891 CO, died 10/11/1979 CO, buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson Co, CO. She married Marion Ralph Heberlee(b.2/6/1876 or 79, d.11/?/1968, buried Westminster Memorial Park, Westminster, Orange Co, CA). They moved to Denver, CO, then California.
5. Ora E. Long was born 1/10/1893 Wray, Yuma Co, CO, died 4/2/1894,, buried at the Long Family Cem on John Everett Long's homestead 10 miles south of Wray, CO. She was a twin to Carlie.
6. Carlie Long was born 1/10/1893, died 4/?/1894, buried at the Long Family Cem on John Everett Long's homestead 10 miles south of Wray, CO. She was a twin to Ora.
7. Frank Charles Long was born?/?/1895 or 96. He married Nannie _____. They settled in Reno, NV. He served in WWI, and brought a German shepherd dog back from the war. It saved the life of Frank and his company. The museum in Wray has a picture of Frank's brother Harry and the dog.
8. John A. Long was born 2/?/1900. He moved to Lyman, NE.
9. Bertha J. Long was born ?/?/1904 . She married ____ Peterson and they moved to Lyman, NE.

Children of Elma Sarah Long and Marion Ralph Heberlee: ten known
1. Rose M. Heberlee was born ?/?/1915 CO
2. Ralph Marion Heberlee, Jr. was born 2/22/1916 CO, died 12/25/1990, buried at Steamboat Springs Cemetery, Steamboat Springs, Routt Co, CO.
3. Susie J. Heberlee was born ?/?/1917 CO
4. James H. Heberlee was born ?/?/1918 IA
5. Charles L. Heberlee was born ?/?/1921 WI
6. Katherine E. Heberlee was born ?/?/1922 WI
7. Edna E. Heberlee was born ?/?/1924 WI
8. Lena B. Heberlee was born ?/?/1927 NE
9. Levi L. Heberlee was born ?/?/1928 CO
10. June E. Heberlee was born ?/?/1930 CO DORA
Dora Jane Long was born 3/?/1864 IL. She married on ?/?/1885 (at the age of 21) in Seward Co, NE to Joseph G. Wamsley(b.2/?/1854 OH). This may have been his second marriage because there is a 10 year difference in ages. It is reported on the 1900 Fed Census that she had a total of eight children and that all were living, but only seven children were reported living in the household in the 1900 Fed Census, so she may have had a child before she got married to Joseph Wamsley. Dora was not reported in John Everett Long's family in the 1870 Fed Census, but was in the 1880 Fed Census. This leads me to think maybe she was the sister of the adopted son John Drake. He did have a sister named Dora who was born in about 1860. In the 1900 Fed Census Dora Jane and husband Joseph Wamsley were living in Pittsburgh City, Crawford Co, Kansas with seven children. all of whom were born in Colorado before they moved to California for a while and then finally settling in Kansas:
J. G. Wamlsey cash-claimed 120 acres in sections 10 and 15, 1S 43W in 1898, next to Charles Long and Josephus Brown.

Children of Dora Jane Long and Joseph Wamsley: seven known
1. Samuel Wamsley was born 3/?/1885 KS
2. Sarah Wamsley was born 4/?/1886 IL
3. Nellie Wamsley was born 12/?/1887 CO
4. Joseph Alvin Wamsley was born 1/18/1889 CO, died 6/10/ 1970 in Los Angeles Co, CA. He married twice. He first married on 10/3/1910 in Des Moines, Polk Co, IA to Sadie M. Horn (b.3/?/1896 Hiteman, Monroe Co, IA). He married secondly on 5/24/1915 in Shelby Co, IA to Sylva A. Hammerly (b.?/?/1888).
5. Ruth Wamsley was born 12/?/1991 CO
6. Evret Wamsley was born 10/?/1994 CO
7. Benjamin Wamsley was born 11/?/1996 CO
Dolly Josephine Long was born 11/30/1865 IL, died 3/9/1923 Benton Street, Granite city, IL, buried at St. John's Cem, 2901 Nameoki Road, Granite City, Madison Co, IL. She married twice. For more info please see her findagrave site. She Dollie J. Long proved up a quarter in 9, 1S 43W in 1892, between Charles Long and J. G. Wamsley.

David J. Long was born ?/?/1866. He was named after his uncle, (mother's brother)David Foreman. Probably died sometime before the 1880 Fed Census, which he was not included in John Everett Long's family.
Martha Ann Long was born 3/9/1869 IL, died 5/3/1935 in Fort Morgan, CO, buried 5/5/1935 in the Long Family Cem, Wray, Yuma Co, CO. Martha Ann Long never married, though she did have one child at the age of 17 named Maude E. (or Vetha).
Children of Martha Ann Long and ____ _____: one known
1. Maude E.(or Vetha) Long was born ?/?/1886 Milford, NE, died ?/?/?. She married Jerome S. Haskell. They had four known children, names unknown. JOHN

John Drake, adopted son, was born ?/?/1867. His parents were probably John Drake (b.1828) and Amelia (or Arminda) Woods (b.1835).He appeared on the census of 5 August 1870 at Dwelling 31; Page 5, Pearl, Pike Co, IL, with his family, which included his sister Dora. (bio by: Bill Hahn)

Children: Josephine Jane Long Butler (1865 - 1923)*
Siblings of John Everett Long:
Elizabeth Caroline Long (1833 - 1845)*
Phebie Ann Long Foreman (1835 - 1901)*
William Franklin Long (1837 - 1915)*
John Everett Long (1838 - 1898)
Sarah Emily Long French (1841 - 1919)*
Martha Jane Long (1854 - 1865)* Burial: Long Family Cemetery Yuma County

The Henry Long who proved up 40 acres in section 27, 1S 43W in 1916 doesn't appear to be related - father James D. Long born in Virginia 1824.
In 1900 Yuma County, Henry A. born March 1866 in Missouri, married nine years to Della J. May 1874 Iowa, have Pearl A. July 1876, Iowa, Golie E. June 1892 Nebraska, Bertha V. Sept 1874 Colorado, George W. May 1896 Kansas, Ina M. March 1897 Kansas, and Gladis April 1900 Colorado.
Henry Allen Long 1868-1931 is buried in Haigler, with Della Jane (Fowler) Long 1874-1941 # 71354259.

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