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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Uriah Morton, brother Francis Morton , 1 South 43 West

In 1870 Green County, Wisconsin, Francis Morton is 36, Rosalette 34, with Lucinda 15, Mary 11, Catharine 13, Urias 9, Francis 6, Thomas 4, and Ada E. 1.
Urias Morton arrived in Yuma County in March 1886.

Urias Morton proved up a quarter in 3, 1S 43W in 1893.
Francis proved up a quarter in 3 and 10, 1S 43W in 1896.

Francis 'Frank' Morton 1833- 1908 is buried in Seward County Nebraska # 19317302.
"Son of Mary Montgomery and James McConnell Morton. Married Drucilla Divan August 28, 1853 in Monroe, Green, Wisconsin. Served in Co. D of the Wisconsin Volunteers during the Civil War and was a member of Seward Post No. 3, GAR. FRANCIS MORTON was born in Vermilion County, Ill., in 1833. His parents moved to Green county, Wisconsin, when Frank was but ten years old. Here he became a playmate of the author of this book. Was raised a farmer boy until he was seventeen years old, when he was taken violently with the gold fever, and in company with many of the neighbors made an overland trip to Calif ornia, where he remained three years. Saved and brought home some money . Married Miss Drucilla Divan in 1854. Lived in the old neighborhood until their removal to Seward county in 1872, when they settled on a homestead about five miles south-east of Seward. Mr. and Mrs. Morton helped organize the Seventh Day Advent church at Seward. Mr. Morton enlisted in Company D, Wis. Vol., and served until wounded at Cedar Mountain . Was in Banks' famous retreat from Winchester; and had several close calls. Is now a member of Seward post. To Mr. and Mrs. Morton were born ten children, nine now living, as follows: Lucinda, now Mrs. A. Skillman, of Seward; Catherine, now Mrs. Alex Hackworth; Mary, now Mrs. John Hand, of Seward; Urias, now of Wray; Col.; Francis, Jr., of Ruby, Neb.; Thomas, of Wray; Ada, now Mrs. M. Boyes, of Wray; and Charles and Ira, Of
The Mortons had ten children, six sons and 4 daughters: Lucinda (1854-1931) Mrs. Abe Skillman then Mrs. Ed Williams; Catherine (1856-1929) Mrs. Aleck Hackworth; Mary (1859-1924) Mrs. John Hand then Mrs. Peter Tester; Urias (1861-1946) married Lou Etta Strong; Francis (1863-1926) married Anna Kissinger; Thomas (1866-unknown) married Emma Scherer; Addie ( 1868-1941) Mrs. Manuel Boyes then married his brother Lowrey Boyes; Charles (1870-1950) married Nellie Thiebold; Ira (1872-1944) married May Lacker; and Johnney E. (1875-1881). Francis died Aug 8, 1908. Drucilla died Oct. 28, 1908 after a four week illness. They are buried at Mt. Pleasant in Ruby, Nebr. Johnney E. is also buried beside them."

Was the father of Lucinda, Catherine, Mary, Urias, Francis, Jr., Thomas, Addie, Charles, Ira and John. " br>
1899 Wray "Uriah Morton bought the James Johnston place in Arapahoe County." (Glendale Vernon were in Arapahoe County at the time)
In 1900 Glendale precinct, Urias Morton born May 1861 in Wisconsin, is married eight years to Louettie F. Mar 1873 Ohio. They have Elsie Oct 1896 and Lois P. Oct 1899, both born in Colorado.
In 1910, still farming, they have only the two daughters.
1912 Wray 'Rye' Morton, living twelve miles southeast of town on the Dry Willow, was in town yesterday on business."
1913 Elsie Morton attended the eighth grade examination held at South Willow school house last Thursday and Friday..

1914 "Mrs. Urias Morton and daughter, Miss Lois, of south of town, and Mrs. Belle Peterson of near Beecher left this morning for Denver to attend the conference of the Adventist church."
In 1920 "Murias" Morotn is 58, Lyrette 46, with Elsie 23 - a nurse in a sanitarium, and Lois 20.
In 1930, Urias and Laniettie are alone.
Urias Morton, Son of Drucilla Divan and Francis Morton. Settled in Wray Colorado in 1886 and married Louetta Strong in 1891. Father of Elsie Fredone Utsey, Lois Pauline Dorcas and Alice Mildred Morton , is buried in Glendale, Vernon 1861-1946

In 1900 Glendale precinct, Francis is 38, born in Wisconsin, Anna S. 26 Illinois, with "valney" C. born June 1899. Anna's sister Daisy M. Kessinger 19, Illinois, is living with them.
1894 Wrat

April 1, 1904
In 1910 Frank and Anna are in Larimer County, Colorado, with only Volney.

In 1920 all three are in Los Angeles.
Francis 'Frank" Morton 1863-1925 Son of Francis and Drucilla Divan Morton. Married Anna Kessinger March 10, 1892. Raised in Wisconsin and Nebraska, he lived in Colorado before settling in Glendale, California."
Per # 32735486, Anna Sophia (Kessinger) Morton 1874-1960 has no headsotone in Glendale California, but Francis does.
Volney Cloyd Morton, a native of Colorado, and Helen Rozella Ashbaugh, native of South Dakota, now a resident of San Fernanco, married Dec 1920 in Glendale California.

He was 21, a student, she was a nurse, also 21.
Volney, born June 22, 1899, died May 25, 1977 in Los Angeles County.
In 1900 Glendale precinct, Manuel Boyes born June 859 in Iowa, married 14 years to Addie E. Sept 1868 Wisconsin, have Mabel G. Nov 1888 and Frank G. Sept 1890 , both Colorado.

1901 Wray "Manuel Boyes and Urias Morton took a horseless ride."
1907 "Mrs. L. M. Skillman of Wellington, Colo., arrived here last Friday to visit a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. Manueel Boyes. She may remain here all summer."
Manuel Boyes 1859-1908 is buried in Wray # 17013962.

January 28, 1910

May 13, 1910 "Mrs Addie Boyes has purchased a new Reo auto and had it driven down from Denver the first of the week."

In 1910 Wray, Lowery Boyes is farming, , with Addie E. , and brother-in-law ( should be either stepson or nephew) Frank G. Boyes, 13, born in Colorado.
In 1920 Wray, Lowery H. is 49, a blacksmith, Addie 51 and his father George W. Boyes, 82 widowed, born in New York.
In 1930 Wray, Lowery Boyes, 58 is a blacksmith, with Addie E, 61 Wisconsin.
Lowery H. Boyes 1872-1961 is buried in Wray # 17013955. So is Addie 1868-1941 # 17013887.
George W. Boyes, 1837-1929 "2nd IA Cav, Co B. is buried in Wray # 17013928.

In 1920 Wray, Frank Boyes is a garage man, 28, with Mona 25, Cleon O. 4, and Stanley L. one month.

Frank G. Boyes 1890-1967 # 17013920 and Mona 1894-1978 are buried in Wray.
Mable G. (Boyes) Whyte 1888-1972 # 62678507 and J.C. Whyte 1888-1966 are buried in Wray.

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